What Would Be the Progressive Solution to Single Motherhood?

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In an editorial published today,  typically progressive numbnuts opined about what Dallas Chief of Police David Brown said recently, when he complained about how all of society’s problems are placed in the laps of the cops to solve.

This particular editorial did, for a change, include what Chief Brown said about how 70% of black kids are being raised by single mothers. Obviously, Chief Brown believes that’s a problem in and of itself–not having a father, that is. Of course he would believe that. He sees the fallout every single day.

The editorial went on to explain that this situation–expecting too much of the police–occurs because “these and other problems are neglected by society.”

Which leads one who is not progressive to wonder what the hell society can possibly do about the rising number of children of all races who are being raised without fathers.

Can anybody out there think of any solution to the problem of fatherless children that a progressive would accept?

“Society” currently provides most of these mothers and their fatherless children with health care, food, housing, phones, cash, and education, among other social benefits.

The situation today is far different from how society used to solve the problem of single mothers who could not afford to support the children they produced or who could not, for whatever reason, raise them up to be upstanding citizens.

In the past, such children were taken away from their mothers and placed in homes, where they were, in essence, raised by society. In those homes, they did learn discipline and morals and they were adequately fed, housed, and educated.

Such a system, of course, would never fly in today’s world. So what, pray tell, would progressives today suggest as a solution to the problem of fatherless children?

Would they even accept that being raised by a single mother is a problem? Unlikely, but suppose they did. How would they solve the problem?

It’s hard to get inside the heads of progressives, but without a doubt they would shoot down any solution proposed by a conservative. Certainly they would shoot down any solution that required responsibility on the part of the mother or the absent father.

Would progressives support a solution that required single mothers in need of social benefits to name the fathers? Certainly society, which foots the bill, has a stake in knowing whether a father is financially able to support his children. Society also has an interest in knowing, in the case of a mother who is a minor, whether the father is an adult who should be prosecuted for statutory rape.  If that happened, then surely the number of births to teen-aged single mothers would drop.

Would progressives support a solution that made social benefits contingent upon not having more children when a mother has already proven that she cannot support the child she has? In the age of free birth control, there’s no excuse left for irresponsible reproduction.

The only solutions that progressives would probably support would require throwing more taxpayer money at the problem.

While it’s hard to get inside the head of a progressive, it’s getting easier as each year of the Obama administration slides ever so slowly past. (Will 2017 never come?)

Imagine this solution that progressives would probably love:

Either (1) pay men (at least $15 per hour, of course) to serve as substitute fathers for fatherless children; or, better yet to the progressive mind, (2) pay the actual fathers to father to their own children. For a progressive, what’s not to like? We already pay the mothers, so why not pay the fathers, too?

We the People already pay people to care for their own elderly relatives–something that used to be done out of love for Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa–so why not take it a step further and pay a potential deadbeat, absent dad to stay in the “family” and act as a “father” to his own children?

This imaginary progressive solution was presented tongue in cheek. However, I fully expect that a search of the Internet will find some progressive, somewhere, suggesting that We the People do exactly that–pay men to father their own children.





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  1. Great Article Great Comments; Great Links


  2. If I see military gearing up for convention night or after, I’ll remember what they’ve said here.
    Then of course…..here you get some explicit details on Erdogan’s coup attempt. I really like the fact they tried to trace down the propaganda about the coup via twitter. The sources of information!https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IXiBvdvyr2E#t=555

    • Good video, alfy. Excellent points. I confess I did not know before this that the attack in Nice came COINCIDENTALLY just in time to “force” Hollande to extend the “state of emergency.”

      • Oh , the information on the issues with Turkey are available in many places if you scour the internet. Here is an excellent one that should get you familiar and in touch with at least a close to very accurate analysis of Turkey. Sibel predicted this coup and that there will be another of some type. She says in this video showing that last year she predicted there would be some terrorist scenarios (think istanbul’s bombing). And near the end she speaks of Gulan , his NGO’s and ties to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.
        I just wonder if a lot of this crap is going on before Hill or Trump comes to power. Then we’ll see how aware Trump is with the CIA’s activities.

  3. I was unable to see this press conference but did hear part of it on the car radio. It WAS “jaw dropping,” even if I couldn’t see what was being shown. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/07/18/stunning-press-conference-baton-rouge-police-ambush-a-meticulously-planned-specific-and-intentional-targeting-of-police-video/

    I heard that this same shooter was in Dallas on July 10. In light of alfy’s video, above, what say you? Is this an attempt to access our amygdalae? To terrorize the cops across the nation? Or is this a cop bound and determined to show us what really happened before the “narrative” is handed to him from DC?

    Is it striking to you that both these shooters were in the military and behaved as such, showing their training? That perhaps they both owned the guns “legally” and both happened to use what the media call “COMBAT-style assault rifles”?

    Is this a plan to get the police on the side of the administration with regard to taking away civil rights (note that the police union in Cleveland asked Kasich to suspend 2nd Amendment rights) in order to ram through gun control, since SH and the others events didn’t work?

    As is typical, the media say the gun was an AR-15. Jones used an “IWI Tavor SAR, 5.56 caliber rifle”, whatever that is. That weapon costs about $2000. The other rifle, a Stag Arms M4 variant 5.56, costs about a thousand dollars and he had a 9mm, too. Where’d he get the money?

    Was he employed? (After all, he allegedly was living in AFRIKA for the past two years. Doing what? http://heavy.com/news/2016/07/gavin-long-kansas-city-missouri-baton-rouge-police-officers-ambush-shot-shooting-shooter-gunman-suspect-name-identified-age-photos/ ) He stayed in a hotel in July while filming his video from Dallas. Who paid for the hotel?

    We already know that the BLM head activist lives in a house with Soros’s friends and was handed a cushy job in the Baltimore schools for which he likely is not qualified but which pays a cool $165,000 per year.

    Who paid for Jones’s rental car?

    The link above says “police found a membership card appearing to show he belonged to a black sovereign citizen group, the Washitaw Nation of Mu’urs” Inexplicably, the Wall Street Journal and others say he was a member of the “New Freedom Group”, which they claim is a radical anti-government sovereign citizen group. I can find NOTHING about any such group except there ARE some groups with that name that are SUBSTANCE ABUSE REHAB organizations, like 12-step for alcoholics.

    The media is deliberately obfuscating to associate him with white right-wing groups instead of BLACK supremacist and muslim groups, like NOI.

    He legally “corrected” his name to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra last year, so why do the media refer to him as Gavin Eugene Long?

    He was allegedly discharged for a medical reason from the Marines, which makes me wonder if he received some kind of government pension or disability, which means We the People funded his mayhem. He was in Africa on a spiritual pilgrimage to his ancestral homeland, that article says, but that must have been before he decided in 2015 that he’s really indigenous to this country, because he’s a Washitaw (Native American). There’s a tidbit in the story about him being stationed in San Diego while in the Marines. I wonder who he might have known there.

    • I always think…you can expect military people involved because…for one, who has access to personal files on them, knowing all their proclivities, what drugs they take, how they think. Same thing with the Orlando shooter dude…..Totally ,a complete security report on him thru his company (who by the way does covert work for the gov. and our CIA, FBI.
      These are always guys that have a journal, have papers on their person at the time of their dirty deeds (who really does that), They do movie type operations(writing in blood like The ZSarnev brother or the blown up dude writing in blood. We’re always fed some BS story on these people, almost too much information .Someone is creating these guys’ BS storyline for them, and then of course they die without us ever seeing them again.It’s a great scam.

  4. Busy today and I almost forgot:

    Sorry to give you Barry, but at about 3:30 into the video, does he not say that he has and Mooch has law enforcement people in their families? Since effing when? WHO are these officers in Barry’s family? He has no freaking family, certainly not any who are cops. WTF?

  5. Limbaugh Claims usurper’ Obama is “Lighting a “HOT” Match”
    When He Talks About Racism

    By Hrafnkell Haraldsson on Mon, Jul 18th, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Limbaugh claimed when Obama says the “criminal justice system is racist…he’s lighting a match…he’s encouraging the actions that follow.”



    • But look at the DEBT!!! Hard to believe that way back in 2008, the debt was a campaign issue and look how it’s grown under Barry.

  7. ~ Helen2016
    Ms Stahl. Regarding your “interview” ? with Donald Trump & Mike Pence
    on 07/17/16. Your Entire Conversation was Antagonistic & more like an Interrogation! .. Every question you asked Mike Pence was Designed to establish some sort of Divide between THEM or press Mike Pence into saying something Negative ABOUT Donald Trump. You made not ONE Positive comment. Shame on YOU!!!!! ….. I expected more from Y O U .

    ~ JCee1
    Before the Trump-Pence interview, Lesley Stahl was one of my faves. But I was embarrassed for her simplistic questions. Given the state of our world, you asked whether Pence would tell Trump that he took a step too far and ought to apologize for calling Hillary a liar (or any other name). Really? Is that your best journalistic probing? Sadly, that sounded like a stereotypical female question that one might ask stereotypical middle school girls. Wasted opportunity to let the men speak and let America learn more….
    Or …… was THAT ….. Your Plan?

    ~ JAnton826
    Durham-Pete, Did ANYONE ask OBAMA about his experience in Running a Country? Can anyone highlight his experience & accomplishments?
    Trump knows more about the business of domestic & foreign affairs BECAUSE of his business experience.
    Obama Knew (& knows) Nothing about the price & implications of health care.
    He has zero experience negotiating.
    He still has no clue about international relations.
    He is lost in his self-impressed, narcissistic arrogance. “Political experience” is precisely the problem with the US. Politicians are fat-cats who DO and ACCOMPLISH very little. That age-old practice would never
    fly in the business world.
    Time to get an outsider in DC to change the landscape…& make progress.

  8. http://www.city-journal.org/html/anti-cop-president-14653.html

    That article touches on the topic of this post.

    “[C]hanges in elite culture during the 1960s had a catastrophic effect on the most disadvantaged Americans in ghetto neighborhoods. That decade’s sexual revolution removed the stigma from out-of-wedlock pregnancy. An explosion of inner-city illegitimacy ensued, with between 70 and 90 percent of black children born to single mothers, depending on the city. … Elite culture’s wholly praiseworthy political push for black civil rights ended in a destructive turn, with intellectuals arguing that punishing black crime, as one bestseller’s title had it, was “blaming the victim.” In other words, centuries of slavery and Jim Crow, giving way to lingering racial discrimination, made young black men justifiably angry and rebellious, and their anger, along with the barriers the larger society placed between them and gainful employment, resulted in criminal behavior that was understandable and almost justifiable. …

    The same spirit of elite racial contrition made generous welfare payments, with virtually no questions asked, seem like appropriate reparations for the long mistreatment of African Americans. In this way, government ended up enabling the spread of out-of-wedlock childbearing, which the culture had legitimated. But those fatherless welfare families proved far from ideal for raising successful, law-abiding children. What came to be called the cycle of poverty—single parenthood, school dropout, drug use, crime, non-work, welfare dependency—went into overdrive.

    This was a cultural problem, a problem of beliefs, worldview, values, and attitudes. Elite culture had defined the ghetto underclass as victims and validated self-destructive attitudes and behavior. …”

    This explains the progressives’ “soft bigotry”, their patronizing attitudes towards blacks (the new “plantation”), as well as their justification for whatever blacks do because they’re “victims” who cannot be rightly held responsible for their own actions. So they’re not to be blamed for black-on-black crime, for black-on-white crime (or the knockout game), for taking all social benefits as “reparations” even if undeserved (via cheating), OR now, apparently, for attacking the police. That may also explain why progressive media doesn’t even REPORT black hate crimes or the disproportionate involvement of blacks in violent crime (there’s a disparity they don’t care about)!

    The “welfare as reparations” idea is prevalent among those who administer the programs. They have two systems. One for blacks, and another for whites, who, unlike blacks, are MADE TO JUMP THROUGH EVERY HOOP, DOT EVERY “I”, AND CROSS EVERY “T” before they’re approved for benefits. Similarly, the whites are the first to see their benefits cut off any time and every time they “break the rules,” which are stringent. The same holds true for people applying for government benefits for college. Workers actively help blacks evade the rules, such as advising them to lie about their income or where they live, so they pass muster and get the grants, aid, scholarships. Conversely, they act as if these programs are RESERVED for blacks and whites need not apply. Anecdotal, yes, but could be proven by any reporter who cared to really investigate. I’ve seen it in action with my own eyes.

    AILES LAWYER FIRES BACK… @DRUDGE …. 2 blonde bimbos?

  10. Very interesting!

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