What Is True Social Justice?

BrookingsFromJanuary - CopyIn an article entitled Why Trump frightens the GOP Illuminati, author Lee Cary quoted Robert Kagan, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution–a political think tank that claims to be independent and non-partisan. Here’s a sample of their non-partisanship, in which Trump supporters are analyzed in the most arrogant, insulting way, adding selfishness and a dearth of empathy (i.e., sociopathy) to the usual descriptors applied by the elite to Trump supporters:

racism and nativism and xenophobia and misogyny and homophobia and anti-Semitism.

And they wonder why folks in flyover country support Trump.
It follows, then, that Kagan’s opinion of Trump’s candidacy is that Trump represents

how fascism comes to America.

According to one definition, fascism

stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition …

Kagan, who was once a Republican and who is married to Victoria Nuland, must not have been paying attention for the last 7 1/2 years during which Barack Hussein Obama II has placed the U.S. well down the path towards fascism.

We currently have a president who refuses to enforce immigration laws, and other laws as well; who thumbs his nose at Congress, the courts, and the Constitution; whose wife dictates what school children must and must not eat; who uses the power of his office to menace the media; who, as a candidate, formed a “truth squad” that used prosecutors and sheriffs to police what people said about him; who threatens banks and businesses to make them to bend to his will; whose “justice department” warns states that they’d better not try to keep people from using a bathroom (or dormitory, or gym locker room, or shower room) that doesn’t conform with their birth sex, and which threatens citizens that they’d better not say anything on social media that criticizes Islam … Well, you’ve got the picture.

In the American Thinker article, Cary quoted the founder of the Brookings Institution, Robert Somers Brookings (1850-1932), millionaire entrepreneur and businessman, philanthropist, erstwhile President Emeritus of Washington University in St. Louis, and author, who wrote three books about politics and economics. The building at the top of the post is on the Washington University campus and is named for Brookings. The Brookings Institution is in Washington DC. In 1932, Brookings wrote,

… our present system for the distribution of wealth is unjust to those who mainly produce it and whose needs would easily absorb all of its products, could there be brought about some modification in our system of compensation providing a more equitable distribution and so increasing the consumption power of workers. This – distribution based on social justice is the main problem of the world today.

I believe that Cary’s point in citing Brookings was to signal that he was a typical progressive redistributionist, which is likely, given that Brookings worked in the administration of Woodrow Wilson, the “progressive’s progressive.”

A book by Antony C. Sutton, Wall Street and FDR: The True Story of how Franklin D. Roosevelt Colluded with  Corporate America, identifies Brookings as a “quasi-Marxist” and a “good socialist,” who had admiring words for  communism as well as fascism, with regard to their collectivist economic systems. Following are my thoughts about the above quote from Brookings:

Who knew that we even have a “present system” for distribution of wealth? Mind you, Brookings was writing in 1932. Freedom, capitalism, individual autonomy. These are what individuals like Brookings, Wilson, Obama, and Clinton desire to abolish. Brookings admired fascism because of its efficient collectivist economic system. Since Trump is a renowned capitalist, isn’t it more likely that an avowed progressive like Clinton, rather than Trump, would usher fascism into our country? Her supporter Obama has made a fine beginning.

I can’t help but agree, as most conservatives would agree but most progressives probably would not agree, that our system is unjust to those who produce the wealth, if you’re talking about the wealth that progressives in the government want to redistribute, and I am, even if Brookings was not.

When you have a large portion of the population (to each) sitting back and too easily collecting money taken by the government from the producers (from each), then of course the system is unjust.

Brookings, a progressive, nailed what’s currently wrong with big government as overseen by the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom resemble (and admire) Brookings’s patron, Woodrow Wilson.

But of course that’s not what Brookings meant. He was talking about the wealth created by capitalists, not wealth stolen from them by the government.

Progressives today seem to disbelieve that CEOs, managers, owners, entrepreneurs, and investors create and therefore own the wealth they create. In the typical progressive’s mind, wealth is created and owned by the workers, such as those who sit in cubicles at Microsoft, not Bill Gates, who pays the workers, or those who invested in his businesses.

For Brookings, an ideal system was a collectivist one wherein (Kumbaya!) everybody shared equally in the wealth created by a business. So during WWI, Brookings promoted price controls and regulation of the profits owners and investors could accrue.

Collectivism. Pie in the sky. That always works, doesn’t it?

Can one truly “increase the consumption power” of people by taking from them their own hard-earned wealth to give it to those who do not produce (by their own choice)? All that redistributive welfare programs accomplish is to redistribute consumption power, as well as wealth (and the choice of what to consume).

But again, Brookings wasn’t talking about money the government takes to redistribute. More likely he was talking about wealth tied up in savings or other assets and controlled by the people who created the wealth in the first place.

This is never a situation that progressive elites like Brookings, Clinton, or Obama prefer. No, they prefer to put that wealth to work, instead of allowing it to be “hoarded” by those who created it and so own it.

Progressive elites prefer to have all wealth controlled by the elites themselves and redistributed to those whom the elites decide are more in “need” of it. In their ideal world, a global government, run by themselves, would institute a system that would take wealth from its owners and see to it that this wealth is redistributed and used for consumption by those in “need”, so that wealth doesn’t just sit “idle.”

Brookings was probably not  talking about his own wealth or the wealth sitting idle in university endowments instead of being utilized for “consumption power.” Of course not!

I do completely agree with Brookings that

distribution based on social justice is the main problem of the world today.

Because through this concept of social justice, communists, socialists, fascists, liberals, and progressives have incrementally instituted our “present system” that features producers from whom wealth is taken and recipients to whom other people’s wealth is given.

There are as many definitions of social justice as there are fish in the sea, but the definition doesn’t really matter. What matters is how progressives use that phrase as code words for Marxist redistribution of wealth.

So, yeah. I do agree. “Distribution based on social justice IS the main problem of the world today.”  The problem being:

How do we stop progressive elites from creating a system of global fascism, collectivism, progressivism, communism–whatever ism you want to call it, in the name of social justice?

Whatever ism they end up calling it, it’s not the ism that made America great:


Free enterprise, coupled with autonomy and freedom from government intrusion, which meant that individuals could enjoy the fruits of their labor (private property) and pursue happiness.

Trump knows this, and that’s exactly why progressives hate him.

Of course, what Brookings meant to say was that, in his opinion, the main problem of the world (of 1932) was how to bring about a system of wealth (re)distribution–or collectivism-based on what today’s progressives call social justice.

As it is so often with progressives, what they say means the exact opposite. They speak in euphemism. When they talk about social justice, they mean the opposite: injustice. An excuse to be unjust to some and to unjustly reward others, especially if those others provide them with a means to power, and more power, and ever more power. (Voters!)

Hardly anyone is against the concept of charity, but charity is an act freely engaged in by the giver. Charity is not theft disguised by the euphemism of social justice.

So what really is social justice? Here’s my definition:

Bill of Rights - Copy

Not so fun facts: The book written by Robert S. Brookings that called for “more equal” distribution of wealth was entitled The Way Forward. That just happens to also be the name of a book by Senator Paul Ryan. Coincidence?

Forward, of course, was a slogan used by Obama in his 2012 campaign. That slogan has a long history in socialism, Marxism, and communism:


No, let’s not go forward. Let’s go back. Let’s renew. Let’s return to the values of our Founders, before it’s too late for our Republic. Let’s

Make America Great Again!


159 responses to “What Is True Social Justice?

  1. ~ vExtremeRC 7447 •
    So true. I’ve never in my life seen so many GOVernment Officials take
    the 5th amendment like the Obama administration. Liars all.

    ~ LEE5155 •
    Except for the White House, ….the Justice Dept. is the most Racist organization in America, ahead of Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter,
    & other hate groups.

    ~ Dixie • …A short story tells What many blacks in America think like:
    Socialism and Racism:

    A young black kid asks his mother,
    “Mama, what is Socialism and what is Racism?” 
”Well, child ….Socialism is when white folks work harder every day so we 
can get all our stuff free like cell phones for each family member, 
rent subsidy, food stamps, EBT, WIC, school lunch, healthcare, utility 
subsidy, and on and on . . . you know. That’s Socialism “.

    “But mama, don’t the white people get Mad about that?” 

    “Sure they DO honey . . . that’s called Racism.” 

Never more simply explained.

    • Attacks on police: Inspired or directed by militant groups?
      Agencies on edge…
      Black Lives Matter supporter killed after breaking into cop’s home over FACEBOOK argument…


      • Barry came home to help community organize? This is truly unbelievable. Black police chiefs are crying out for help and one even says BLM is a terrorist organization. Right on, sir. Right on. If only the FBI were allowed to treat it as such. The usual suspects are out there, flying all over, ramping things up, not down. The same guy who claimed to have his messages hacked and whose messages allegedly implied coordination with Loretta. The Dallas chief says the police cannot be expected to raise the children of “single” mothers, which, of course, IS one of the root causes of all this crap. But nobody’s going to listen to him, are they? He’s an “Uncle Tom”, in their opinion, without a doubt. Ya think this isn’t organized? Why did Twitter give the BLM’s their own RACIST EMOJI? No white hand, just “hands of color.” So white lives don’t matter to Twitter. BOYCOTT them and all their advertisers.

        Another cop shot dead: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/police-officer-shot-2-court-officials-dead-michigan-courthouse/

        The cop in MO still in critical condition. Cops in TN and GA killed, too. These thugs are OPENLY calling out for cops to be killed and what the hell is Barry doing? Flying around the world. Isn’t it too coincidental that he seems ALWAYS to be out of the country when the plug is pulled? People are bragging that the “peaceful protest” in Memphis was peaceful. Well, I suppose so, only if you consider they were ALLOWED TO SHUT DOWN THE INTERSTATE. How is it peaceful to VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF OTHER AMERICANS? We all have a right to freely travel without having the roads deliberately shut down by “protesters”. The National Guard needs to keep the roads open. But, of course, these tactics were amazingly enough just hit upon by all the “peaceful protesters” across the country. Shutting down roads. Then what? Then, of course, if enough economic damage is done then Barry will have no choice but to take control and put in effect “emergency” policies. The hacked email, if it’s truly the BLM leader’s email, said that Lynch was coordinating with the BLM people to disrupt and shut down the conventions so that martial law can happen and Barry will stay in office. Nothing would surprise me at this point. The cops in Dallas are apparently leaking information so that We the People will know the truth. I was impressed with their chief but then he got that personal call from Barry and suddenly narratives changed. Multiple shooters to lone shooter. He was in custody and then he wasn’t. They would take him alive and then they didn’t. He hated white people and wanted to kill them and white cops and suddenly nobody’s saying that much anymore. His racist motives, I mean. No, suddenly, as Barry said in Poland, he’s “demented”, iow, mentally ill. They’re scraping around, looking for anything but the TRUTH, just as they’re still looking for the motive in Orlando, even thought it’s as clear as the nose on Barry’s face. Dylann Roof, however–nobody’s saying he’s mentally ill. Or had some other motive besides racism. Still waiting for them to ban the pan-African flag. Photo of the dead killer here: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/breaking-photo-released-dead-black-power-killer-micah-johnson/ Had to be leaked. The chief says he WILL release the audio of the negotiations with the guy. Good for him, but I’ll bet you Barry tries to stop him and perhaps succeeds. Ya think, btw, that they’re going to call for the mayors and police chiefs in Baton Rouge and Minnesota to be fired, as in Ferguson?

        Former black Miss Alabama says the KILLER was a “martyr”. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/first-black-miss-alabama-cant-help-think-dallas-shooter-martyr-video/

        This is the thanks people got for voting for her for Miss Alabama and this is the thanks we all got for “electing” (twice) the “first African-American president” who LIED and said he would bring the country together.

    • Sounds about right.

  2. ~ SCATHERS Ratpaw •
    This is wake UP call for all to remember. The Hate crimes of America. What I have been hearing & seeing for the past eight years is, “the rhetoric hate of ALL nationalities against each Other”. I don’t remember this much hate before O’bama’s Presidency. The dancing in the streets? is telling us these people were raised with racism in their hearts & souls by their race & family members fueled by a racist President Obama….

    Or they Might have to WORK 4 something? …can’t GO there?

    • There was no way this much hatred B.O. (before Obama). Race relations were good and getting better all the time. Obama would NEVER have been elected without the votes of millions of white people. This is the thanks he’s giving them.

  3. SUMMER ’16… …..@DRUDGE
    Chicago Agitators To ‘Shut Down’ Food Festival… (SICK!!!)
    Lynch to protesters: ‘Do not Be Discouraged’… (WTF LYNCH???)
    Hillary calls on Whites to change Their ways…

    (this little piggy went 2 market ..this little lying piggy pulls a fast one!)


    • Is this, Fahed or Micah ???? Take a look at the guy with the head scarf !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPwGu0vabMM

      • Only thing missing is photos of Bill Ayers, Big Louie and Charles Manson.

        • The shooter was a member of or enamored of the same organizations which possibly Barry belonged to, way back when. So what a surprise. The media haven’t mentioned, of course, that he was MUSLIM. You do notice, don’t you, that his initials before he got his black muslim name were M.X. Wanna bet his real first name was Malcolm?

      • Looks like him to me, James. Good catch:

        Watch for that to get scrubbed.

        • Those out there who know guns, is that the same kind of gun allegedly used in the recent shooting? As usual, there are disagreements between what the reporters say and what the cops say.

    • What is being revealed in this broadcast, is that, as an unregistered charity the Clinton Foundation can be sued from all levels of the Judiciary by it’s donors for fraud. A lawsuit therefore can bypass the Federal Executive were a pardon can not effect the outcome. Lots of info !!!!!

  4. Barry the Winner!!!! 👿

  5. BLM Leader arrested in Baton Rogue !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieC4rFdm_38

    • He’s the one whose email was hacked and which email allegedly said that the BLM were conspiring with “Mrs. Lynch” to disrupt both conventions and hopefully, in the end, institute martial law and Barry’s third term. Been to the WH many times.

  6. the WINNER! ^^^^ OBAMA ^^ blast USA from the PAST ….. LIKE
    WTPOTUS WERE ثرثق ًٌ×آلأ؟؟؟؟؟ اشض


  7. Barry says,

    “Barack Obama from Europe: Now in a movement like Black Lives Matter there’s always going to be some folks who say things that, uh, are stupid or imprudent or, uh, overgeneralized or harsh. Uh, and I don’t think that you can hold well-meaning activists who are doing the right thing and peacefully protesting responsible for everything that is uttered at a protest.”


    HOWEVER, both he and his wannabe successor say that ALL white people are racists. Why else does Hillary say white people need to change? Cops need to change, too. They need to be, like our troops in the Middle East, SITTING DUCKS so they cannot wear flak jackets, armor, helmets. Nope. Gotta not look militarized. Because of this precedent set by the quisling governor Nixon of MO, the cops in Dallas were KILLED in cold blood because they were told to wear their “summer uniforms” without body armor in order to not look militarized while supposedly “protecting” the damned “peaceful protestors”.

    Not all muslims are terrorists, he tells us. Not all blacks are violent potential domestic terrorists like Johnson or whatever the hell his muslim name was. BUT all Tea Party people are potential domestic terrorists, even though NOT ONE ever was violent in any way, and ALL WHITE PEOPLE are racists who MUST BE REEDUCATED. BLM are out there on social media TODAY, this very day, calling for more violence. These racists have been in OUR WH. INVITED BY BARRY.

  8. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/conservative-activist-jailed-pulling-gun-gang-thugs-trying-kick/

    A conservative is attacked by thugs but HE is arrested for defending himself with his legal concealed weapon.

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