Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial_Day_at_Arlington_National_Cemetery - Copy

Over this long holiday weekend, all Americans should pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. As you know, Monday is Memorial Day in these United States.

On Memorial Day, we honor all who gave their lives in the service of our country.

Aisne-Marne_American_Cemetery_and_Memorial - Copy

While you’re picnicking, barbecuing, attending parades, golfing, camping or enjoying whatever it is you do over a long holiday weekend, please don’t forget to take time to remember and honor the fallen.

May they rest in peace.

May God hold them in the Palm of His Hand.

May their families be comforted.


May God continue to bless the United States of America with PATRIOTS such as these.

Cemetery in the Pacific WWII - Copy



86 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend 2016

    • It’s a strange, strange story. I’m wavering back and forth. I can understand that it’s hard enough to read human minds, much less trying to read a gorilla’s mind. Especially a male. Don’t recall how much male gorillas nurture babies, but do know that they will kill the infants of rival males, so … Even if just playing with the child, he could injure him. Male gorillas in the St. Louis zoo fought among themselves. You ought to have seen the horrid wound on the loser’s leg. Because there is a plethora of male gorillas, that zoo tried to create a stable “bachelor” group. Don’t know if they’re changing their tactics now, but it was horrible to see that wound. A huge gash on the gorilla’s thigh. Needed stitches but maybe they don’t like to tranquilize them. Who knows? I remember another case where a baby chimp’s hand was bitten off by another adult (not the Mom). That was horrible, too, especially because there was no news later on about what happened to the baby. It was there for a while and then suddenly just gone. Maybe they put it down but didn’t want to tell people. Animals in captivity don’t behave the same as animals in the wild, so somebody who’s an “expert” like Goodall may not know what she’s talking about. The way he was dragging the kid did make it seem as if he considered the child more of a toy than a fellow creature. It’s sad. Somebody yesterday asked how they knew (1) that they’d miss the child when they shot and (2) that the gorilla wouldn’t land on the kid and hurt or smother him when shot. Good questions. I wonder if Mom had to give them permission to shoot. Just now reading the comments on one of those stories and somebody pointed out that as with the tranquilizer dart, wouldn’t a bullet have made him just as enraged and put the child at risk? What if they missed? What if they only wounded him? Who the hell took the shot? Somebody from the Secret Service, for goodness sakes? A Navy SEAL? Such a marksman. That child was RIGHT THERE.

  1. CHILD …. NEGLIGENCE ???? …. 4 SURE… What if he ran…
    into the STREET? …. JUST STUPID …. if you can’t watch them …

  2. Aborting …babies??? vs. a child that will TURN OUT just like the
    PARENTS? …”NO” means whatever? … BRING BACK HARAMBE

  3. O’s …legacy Lies & deconstruction …. TELL me IT’S OVER SOON!

  4. Factually, the legacy ?? ^^^^ ha ha ha….. B H O’ will leave beHind will be one of Wasted Promise & that O’ was the “First Color”??? yeah sure to hold the highest office in America. And that O’ did M O R E to Destroy What America stood for than ANY … USURPER’ … in USA’s History.

    • Legalizing that crap, or even prescribing it, is such a YUGE mistake. Already driving under the influence of drugs offenses have drastically increased in states where it’s legal. It’s damaging to the brain and lungs, even more so than tobacco. It’s a “gateway” drug. It causes feminization of the male body, but I guess that’s a plus to gender fluid progressives. People are being killed because of this (in accidents). It’s NOT SAFE for the developing brain. Will they keep it from children and teens who, the liberals tell us, don’t have completely formed brains until their mid-20s (to be adjusted as the definition of “child” changes to let more and more people off the hook for their irresponsibility. Already “child” can be 26 per Obamacare.)

  5. REMOVED ? why just a teaser … or a scare … or A SLIP of the
    computer …. keys?


    Top Hillary aide suffers ……. Memory Loss in Deposition
    222 instances of ‘I don’t know’ OR ….. ‘I don’t recall’ in email lawsuit


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