The Pope and Rhetorical Affirmation

President_Barack_Obama_with_Pope_Francis_at_the_Vatican,_March_27,_2014 - CopyA person seeking rhetorical affirmation asks a question, usually in a sarcastic manner, to which the obvious answer must be yes. Familiar examples abound:

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

Is the sun hot?

Is the ocean salty?

There’s a similar question that concerns the leader of the Catholic Church. No particular pope, just any one. You’ve probably heard it many times over your lifetime, snidely retorted by some smart ass or another (if you know what I mean. And I think you do.)

Pope Francis has been in the news ever since he became pope. Quite a controversial figure, if beloved by many, yet seemingly most beloved by folks who are not Catholic but who are progressive and/or globalists. Odd, isn’t it?

Those who are Catholic are often left scratching their heads after hearing some of the teachings and pronouncements of this particular pope. Confusing, to say the least, in that much of what he is purported to have said or proposed doesn’t align at all with what most Catholics have been taught all their lives.

You don’t have to be Catholic, however, to be confused by this guy.

The Pope made a big splash with his encyclical on climate change, singling out “the intensive use of fossil fuels” as a big part of the problem. Yet he himself is seen, jetting around the world, burning God only knows how much fossil fuel, spewing God only knows how much pollution into the atmosphere of “Our Common Home”.

Then there’s the Pope’s unusual attitude–for a Catholic leader–towards gay relationships and transgenderism. “Who am I to judge,” he famously said.

The obvious answer is: He’s the Pope!

Doesn’t he know that by now? It’s his job to judge, in the sense that he’s supposed to lead people on the right path, which entails recognizing and pointing out the wrong path. It was reported that Pope Francis recently

met with, and hugged, Diego Neria Lejarraga, a transgender Catholic man from Plasencia, Spain, after Lejarraga wrote Francis a letter. Though a local priest had called Lejarraga “the devil’s daughter,” at the meeting, Francis told him, “You are a son of God, and the church loves you and accepts you as you are.”

Apparently Pope Francis, being politically correct, accepted this “transgender man” as she is not, given that “he” is a she, made so by God, and so therefore is a daughter of the church, if anything. Head spinning yet?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for compassion, but not for acquiescing to delusions, even if Facebook declares it against “community standards” to believe the science behind the factual biological concept of two sexes.

Heretofore, Catholic doctrine stated that a transsexual/transgender person, even after a sex change operation, remains the sex–the canonical condition-originally assigned by God. Indeed, there was a time that the Church discouraged even ear piercing, as mutilation of the temple of the soul. How much more mutilating is the oxymoronic “sex change” operation?

Now consider the fact that this “transgender man” met with the Pope and brought along “his fiancée,” which begs several questions:

What sex is the fiancée, Macarena? Apparently female.

Where do they plan to marry, meaning in which church? Not disclosed.

Is  it possible to be a “Catholic man” who was born female and who now has a female fiancée?

Did the Pope advise them to be abstinent or did he give them a dispensation for a “marriage” in which the marital act will be lesbian in nature?

How can the church possibly accept them as they are, as the Pope claimed it does?

One has to wonder how donors to the Catholic Church would feel if they knew that the Church paid the expenses for this couple to travel to the Vatican to meet the Pope.

This isn’t the first time the Pope welcomed homosexuals with open arms.  Pope Francis met

with an old friend in Washington, D.C. during his visit, who is now “married” to another man. His embrace of these men and his kisses for them, could be taken as a sign of compassion. After the meeting, his old friend related that the Holy Father did not communicate to him the Church’s teaching on homosexuality or same sex unions so clearly expressed by the previous two Popes. He related that he had felt affirmed by the Holy Father. Loving a person as a child of God is one thing; implicitly approving of a life-style through silence is another matter, one that leaves open the questioning of truth.

The list of confusing, seemingly “non-Catholic” statements made by and behaviors exhibited by Pope Francis is long and growing longer by the day. The list is so long that a person might be forgiven for asking:

Is the Pope Catholic?

A question to which the answer is no longer obvious. What is obvious is that we’re going to have to ditch that question as a clever way to point out that something’s obvious.  We’ll have to use a different question, if we expect to receive rhetorical affirmation. How about:

Would you like another beer?


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  2. ~ ArmyAviator • ….@AT below
    Typical of a Liberal and a Socialist. Old Bernie KNOWS that he cannot defend the indefensible! He KNOWS that Socialism ALWAYS fails, no matter where it is tried! Marxist-Socialism (Communism) failed in the old Soviet Union. National Socialism failed in Nazi Germany and it failed in Marxist-Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina et al! In Venezuela, they finally ran out of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!! Complete collapse and revolution may well result! That means the DEATHS of countless people is on the radar scope! But Bernie has got to maintain the facade of Socialism in his quest to unseat Crooked Hillary as the Liberal Socialist standard bearer! There is no excuse for the failures of Socialism and Bernie is not so stupid to attempt any explanation, or statement in that regard. After all, is foolish, ignorant and moronic supporters might actually learn what the Old Bastard is all about! POWER! Raw and unmitigated POWER. The same goal for Crooked Hillary, but Bernie softens the tone and obfuscates the truth of the matter…something Crooked Hillary is unable to do..,

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    It was much smaller when I hauled it OVER! …ha
    STOP the GAMES & FILM the pro-test-detesters … NOW!!!
    JUST HOW HARD ….WOULD that B ?????

    • I was watching that LIVE on FOX that night. It was unbelievable, the abuse the cops just took and took and took. WHEN will they, if ever, make BLM, progressives, and DemoncRATS OBEY THE LAW? Conservatives and the Tea Party don’t get that much “standing down.” I noticed those extraordinarily beautiful horses. One, in particular, looked like a show horse. I didn’t know that a horse was knocked over. I was amazed, though, how well behaved the horses were (unlike the rioters).

  7. 22tula215 112p · …… Lizzy … is “WORN …OUT” !!!!
    “Elizabeth Warren: The Female Obama” + related article links below
    by David Yeagley ~ May 6, 2012


    • Interesting stuff. I’ve been looking into the number of celebrities who claim to be part Native-American but who, research shows, have nothing to back it up, INCLUDING BARRY OBAMA! Depp is in the news these days. He’s one of the ones who claims “Native” ancestry. One can presume that it’s a plus in Hollywood and to help get roles. Since these are actors in the first place, no surprise that THEY embellish their biographies. But we heretofore used to think that politicians were NOT actors. Barry’s “narrative” style has disabused us of that notion.

  8. ~ disqus_3sM5X0YFlK • @WND
    Obama is a avatar of Lucifer, being a star pupil of Saul Alinsky along
    with Hillary. Alinsky dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. Obama is PURE EVIL as are his minions. Hillary was a star pupil of Alinsky also but changed it to move the evil into the government. She wrote her thesis in college on Alinsky. One of this confirmed CON MAN’s rules was pit the
    have against the have not’s. Sound familiar.
    The dropping of the nuclear bombs was JUSTIFIED as AMERICAN lives are always first not the mention our sovereignty, YES, Obama presumed slickly to APOLOZED not to mention that he BOWED to Japan officials as he Bowed to the Saudi Arabia folks, which is a affirmative ACT of submission and support of them.. What is wrong with our People? HE is the ENEMY!!!

    • There’s a lesson from the history of Hiroshima in that today we face a very similar threat that may not be conquered without a similar drastic action.

    • As if the dude himself was an expert on foreign affairs when he was a candidate. You know, that guy with NO EXPERIENCE in anything. At least Trump is very experienced in business and how the world works.

    • It was a deliberate thumb in the eye to OUR VETS to go there on MEMORIAL DAY weekend. Deliberate. NOTHING HE DOES IS WITHOUT HIS SYMBOLIC SUBTEXT. In this case, “moral” equivalency or maybe even “what we did was worse than what you did.” Know what I mean? Their innocent civilians were less culpable than our heroes (who, in his mind, AREN’T heroes). That’s what I think he message is.


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  10. President Trump ‎
    If my Protesters enjoy Yelling behind a fence, …….
    then they’ll love it next year……..
    Yelling behind my Wall.

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