Did Obama Suggest Letting the “Whitest of the White” Run the Whole World?

Hans_Heyerdahl_(1857-1913)_The_Girl_with_Linen_Hair - Copy

Does Barack Obama truly believe that white people do a better job of running things? Seems like it. Consider Obama’s words recently about “Nordic” countries:

Obama said that Nordic countries would make the world “more secure and more prosperous” if “we” would just let them run things.

Welcoming the leaders of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland to the White House on Friday, Obama said that, if “we” let Nordic countries control the world, that “they could clean things up”:

“So I really do believe that the world would be more secure and more prosperous … “

Whoops! Does that mean Obama supports “centralized whiteness“?

Let’s take him at his word. We’ll soon have a chance to let this towhead try to “clean things up”  and make the world a “more secure and more prosperous” place:

Donald_Trump_Marines_April_2015 - Copy


130 responses to “Did Obama Suggest Letting the “Whitest of the White” Run the Whole World?

  1. Conservative American
    Let’s be clear here: Trump is not the one making the accusation. He is reiterating the accusation that has already been made. He is doing what he is phenomenal at. He is giving the exposure to the issues that people try to ignore because it is unpleasant, but needs to be talked about. I have to say, I was pissed last night when I happened to see the O’Reilly Factor and Bill flat out said in response to an email that he would not discuss it because it was gossip, unfounded and irrelevant. It is absolutely relevant, because it goes to the character of Hillary Clinton, as well as a policy point she is attempting to stand on as a “champion of women”. When you harrass the victims of your spouse into silence, when you publicly smear them and ruin their lives a second time (the first being the actions perpetrated by your husband), you are absolutely NOT a champion of women. That is not a leg you can stand on. So whether or not Bill O’Reilly wants to talk about it, he cannot try to say it is irrelevant. It 100% is. Trying to take a pass on issues like this only go to further show why the mainstream media has a 6% trust rating by the public.
    We are not all that stupid. ……..
    Americans are waking up. ………

  2. Indeed Zenway, And it sure took a long time. 😦

  3. BREAKTHROUGH! 9/11 truth sneaks past gatekeepers into Left Forum
    By Kevin Barrett on May 20, 2016 ….
    Entire “Deep State” track to be simulcast and archived by NoLiesRadio.org
    The best Left that money can buy …….. ^^^^ can’t bring over?

  4. ~ Alfred Winterbottom …. ^^^^^
    Love to hear Trump’s exasperation at SMUG…. Western journalists telling him they don’t like the “feel” of his tone, all the while supporting hawks like Clinton, who will continue to pursue an interventionist foreign policy that has turned relatively safe people into refugees and corpses. Go get ’em, Donald. 

    ~ Douglas O’Connor
    president trump is so far ahead of the game, let’s make america great again.

  5. RE-VOKE!!! USURPER BHO’s …. nobel peace-LESS prize!!!
    Means nothing THEN …Means NOTHING EVER…a joke gift!





    • Video removed for nudity?

      • Miri | May 21, 2016 at 8:23 pm | Reply ….^^^^

        Video removed for nudity? ^^^^ NOPE NONE!!!!

        NOT one hair of NUDITY ha…. no DICK’S NOTHING… BUTT’
        youtube policy ~ WON’T SWALLOW the TRUTH … NOPE!
        they call it ‘Sexual Content’ …. O’ nasty nasty….
        WTPOTUS need this VIDEO!
        IT’s NOT a 10 ….IT’s a TRILLION PLUS …. MUST be SEEN!!!

        • Oh, you’re right. It’s nudity OR sexual content. But what the heck is in that other than a frank discussion (I’m assuming) of demon behavior, with regard to sexuality. It’s EDUCATIONAL, right? They just don’t like the message so are using the “rules” to suppress it. It’s TYPICAL LIBERAL CRAP. Oh, wait. I see from the index you gave why they probably banned it: The part about homosexuality being ABERRANT, AS IF IT’S NOT.

          • Speaking of, did you see this one? It’s freaking hilarious: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/05/21/tranny-thrown-out-of-d-c-store-looks-like-michelle-obama/

            Which is the tranny?

            btw, I’m still trying to figure out how it’s assault (leading to arrest of the security guard) for the guard to remove a person who doesn’t follow the rules of a PRIVATE ENTITY. The person, if not following the rules, is trespassing and so deserves to be kicked out if he won’t leave when asked to. There’s no LAW anywhere supporting the right to be somewhere you’re not wanted, no matter what the reason. The civil rights laws do NOT protect transgenders or any “right” to use any PRIVATE facility.

            btw, I believe this is another staged performance. I do not believe in any way that the guard called him “derogatory names.”

          • Consider this story. Not the first part, but the second part where the writer talks about how it’s not against FB “community standards” to post a graphic that is SCIENTIFICALLY TRUE. That there are two sexes and two only, determined by DNA. The person was banned for 30 days for the violation of posting this:

            Now tell me: What “community” does FB represent? Don’t use FB. It’s as simple as that. Boycott and tell their advertisers you’re doing it and why.

      • Nudity and sexual content ???????

        If a video is intended to be sexually provocative, it is less likely to be acceptable for YouTube.

        What is and isn’t allowed
        Sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted depending on the severity of the act in question. In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed to be shown on YouTube.

        A video that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t gratuitously graphic. For example, a documentary on breast cancer would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the same documentary might not be. Remember that providing context in the title and description will help us and your viewers determine the primary purpose of the video.

  7. Last Video? from ANN ~ you GET it Or You DON’T want 2


    • from ….above a tad…. HOW CAN WE GET HER VIDEO ????

      ANN B said in the video that once she realized the pernicious nature and extent of this real psychological disorder, she no longer needed to muddle around seeking explanations for the evil manifesting in so many ways in our ‘modern world’. Her explanation of alpha and beta caste of disordered minds is spot on, too! One of the greatest values in this lengthy video is Ann’s explanation of how so many become DN disordered, as in assaulted in childhood on many levels causing children to shut down the human ability to love.
      One of her illustrations from History regarding the way the Nazis inculcated troops being sent to guard at the death camps was unnervingly similar tot he way moose limbs destroy the ability to have empathy, to have love for fellow humans, in their children … shock and repetition, with sexual abuse and physical abuse of something the child would have affection for, like pets.

      27 posted on May 17, 2016 at 8:43:14 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Democrats bait then switch; their fishy voters buy it every time.)
      [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 11 | View Replies]

      • Topic-by-topic timestamps: UNTIL ANN Writes it OUT 4 US all

        General Introduction: 00:00:00
        Phenomena caused by DN: 00:03:11
        Defining DN: 00:08:10
        Mainstream psychology description of DN: 00:13:49
        Two types of DN – Somatic and Cerebral: SOMATIC: 00:16:25
        Two types of DN – Somatic and Cerebral: CEREBRAL: 00:19:47
        Key Traits of DNs: 00:25:01
        DNs are devoid of empathy: 00:37:40
        More Key Traits of DNs: 00:40:51
        Projection & Gaslighting: 00:45:46
        Adding the missing piece: THE SUPERNATURAL ASPECT: 00:53:01
        Psychology: making excuses for evil: 00:53:51
        The events of the fall of satan and the demons: 01:03:35
        DNs are analogues of demons – Hell’s Mercenaries: 01:07:04
        1 Corinthians 13: I AM NOTHING: 01:10:11
        DNs hunt souls – grooming phase and devaluation (attack) phase: 01:12:07
        SCANDAL: DN is contagious and Vampiric: 01:13:30
        Children as prime targets: 01:15:58
        DNs are NOT possesed: 01:16:41
        DNs need not believe in God, hell, or have any awareness of their soul-killing nature: 01:20:46
        3 things that make a person a target for a DN’s rage: 01:21:58
        Sexuality vis-a-vis the clergy and religious: 01:34:26
        Hag fags and their fag hags: 01:43:42
        AESTHETICS: DNs have no independent taste 01:45:36
        Youth, education and academia and DN: 01:54:14
        Marxism/Liberalism: Political DN: 01:58:34
        Feminism: Making women into DNs: 02:01:58
        ISLAM: Pure DN: 02:04:53
        Other DN paradigms of note: 02:08:40
        DN in MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 02:11:01
        DN in Finance & Big Pharma: 02:17:39
        DN in The Catholic Church: 02:18:40
        The vice of EFFEMINACY as “bush league” DN: 02:28:28
        So what do we do about DN? 02:31:47
        Is there hope for DNs? 02:41:58
        Conclusion: 02:47:55

  8. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/3430905/posts ^^^^^

    Last VIDEO ? what else CAN BE SAID …in a LARGE NUTSHELL

    • patriotusa2 •
      I keep abreast of what’s going on in my Church and I am well aware of all the exploits of Pope Francis. He was chosen for the specific purpose of changing the Church since many cardinals and bishops are liberal. Not all, but many! Pope Francis was an activist in Argentina and a man who championed marxism over capitalism, and liberalism over conservatism which is why he and Obama are so compatible. Like Obama, Pope Francis also believes in punishing those who do not agree with his policies as many conservative prelates have found out.

      ~jeanie6 •
      Francis has little or no experience of real world survival and never will. Much of what he espouses can be viewed in this context.

      ~Pattycakes •
      I never thought I would promote NOT supporting the Pope, but this one is NOT a pope I would consider following. While he is living in splendor safe behind his walls that were built to keep out muslims (lol) he tells everyone else to assimilate. YOU assimilate mr not so good pope, let your friends the muslims live with you at your house. Sell all the Catholic riches to support the poor. Hypocrite.

      • can …” ANN BARNHARDT” . B . MORE ON TARGET ? ^^^^^
        YES SHE IS …. Thanks Ann for all you have done 4 the USA!
        DEVIL .. in a W H I T E – DRESS & WORSE “PULL him? OUT!
        BY HIS Frigg’in EARS .. another ANTI-CHRISTIAN … 4 SURE!


        • This progressive drive to constantly make false moral equivalencies is getting on my very, very, very last nerve.

          • ^^^^^ is it some-thing ??? I SAID???

            • No, no, no! Ha, ha! Nope. I was referring to the Pope and his trying to make an equivalency between Christ’s disciples and ISIS jihadists. They just cannot help themselves in bending over backwards to try to make comparisons that don’t hold water. In so doing, he insults every Christian on the face of the Earth, including HIMSELF. What kind of lunatics do we have running things?

              • btw, I cannot figure out how or why my comments keep getting duplicated. Bear with me. I delete the duplicates whenever I spy them.

                • Dupes? ^^^ …I pondered that & thought U were like ME
                  … seeing spitting double M A D …. MOST DAYS !!!
                  So should I cut my fun … here in 1/2? I’m sure it’s better 2 do less
                  as they say less is MORE! ? I’m so over due 4 this message! sorry

                  • Zen, whatever you feel like doing is okay by me. I enjoy all your comments and the things you link us to. I think there’s something wrong with my mouse, which is why I end up with duplicate comments. Then again, it could be WordPress. I hit the clicker once, but the comment shows up twice. But I am spitting mad a lot of the time. I’m sorry I’ve not been around as much lately or posting as much. Still a lot going on in my life that takes up too much time. Guess it’s the same for everybody else, because they don’t seem to be with us as much as before. Everybody’s worn out, I think.

        • Recent Articles @AmericanThinker …… ^^^^^^

          Does Obama’s Troubled Childhood …. ?????
          Explain His Bathroom Weirdness?
          4…SURE it DOES…. & SO MUCH WORSE!!! 4 US ALL…

  9. Sad but true. 🙄

  10. Rabbi Daniel Lapin ….BOARDS the ONLY TRAIN ….LEFT!!!
    TRUMP TRAIN …. or NO TRAIN …WHAT is so … F’in HARD ?
    LOVE the USA or think HILL-BILLY …is an OPTION?
    SICK people think sickly ….GET WELL PLEASE … WAKE UP!!!
    BECK & his ROLLY POLLY FAT FRIEND’S need 2 get off the SUGAR!


  11. OUR USURPER …”TRASH” man… O’ watch him PLAY

  12. 2 Responses to DID Obama Admit to Being an “Immigrant” Before Announcing His Candidacy? …..??????

    That’s a great job of investigative reporting Sharon. You make the MSM look Pathetic. But it also confirms to me that it was ALL a planned Scheme
    to “begin the Globalization of America”. …..YEP!!!!!
    How could so much evidence be ignored by so many for so long?!
    Unless it was intentional. ……. O”!!!!!
    We’ve ALL been HAD. Our country has been dismantled & it’s borders effectively removed to that end. It was a good ride but I don’t think the American Republic can be restored …… (with Trump or without him).
    You Fought a Helluva Fight Sharon & I think the Truth will still be exposed thanks to You & Others who Didn’t Quit. ……..
    God Bless You – God Bless Americ

    ~ Gail Evoy
    Excellent!!! ………………….. NAIL the BUGGER… USURPER!!!!!



    • Isn’t it a little late for this, or is he just trying to hand out as many life-time federal pensions as possible before he goes?

    • Just another in a long line of “don’ts” that now has caused us untold pain and aggravation. First it was no eggs; now eggs are good for you. Then it was no fat; now fat (the “right” kind) is good for you. Speaking of fat, did you see that, once again, Mooch has sent out an edict to change the labels on ALL food? Gone, now, is the “total calories from fat.” Supposedly, this change is supposed to make things EASIER for us. Yet, if you remove the “total calories from fat” information and replace it with just the number of grams of fat and/or the percentage of daily fat allowance, WHAT THE HELL GOOD IS THAT? Now we’ll have to do mental arithmetic to figure out the calories from fat per serving ourselves. However, in huge figures, they’re going to give us the total calories per serving. How is this an improvement?



    • Oh, wow. There’s a thought. But he was abused long before he was ten. We have the testimony of the servants in Lolo’s house to consider. And then, of course, there’s his first-hand, intimate knowledge of the transgender nanny he had when he was a young boy, before age 10, back in Indonesia. What an example that person set!

  15. hands R tied …start at 3rd on list … just maybe ANN B could use
    instagram?? ha …then look at the second one … then the 1st

    • If anybody out there has been on a jury lately, then he or she knows what I mean when I say that virtually EVERY inner city “justice involved individual” claims to be an aspiring rap artist who spends his days WORKING HARD in his “studio”. This is just another one. Similarly, they all are “engaged” to be married, and yet they never do marry the baby mama. Know why? Don’t want to lose the gummint benefits or have to pay the state back for the benefits paid to the children. Why bother to have the sham? It’s AS IF they know what’s expected to be a reputable individual (someone who works, someone who does right by children created) and yet they think the “narrative” is as good as the reality.

  16. tru dat 🙂

    • Long past time.

      It seems to me that Ms. Broaddrick may have grounds for a libel suit against her. KNOWING BETTER, Mitchell reported the opposite. If “reporters of fact” don’t know the FACTS then they cannot go around broadcasting LIES. There is nothing on the record discrediting the allegation of rape. If there was no trial and acquittal, then the allegation stands. NOTHING discredits it and plenty credits it.

      It occurs to me that by pronouncing on national TV that Broaddrick’s claim was “discredited,” she is, in effect, calling Broaddrick the liar and not the Clintons. It seems actionable to me. Broaddrick is NOT a public figure. Anything but. She was outed by Paula Jones’s trial. For Mitchell to go after a private citizen like that is despicable.

  17. I’m BETTING on this HORSE!

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