And They Wonder Why So Many Americans Support Trump.

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The above photo, published in rare newspapers and hard to find on the Web now, says it all. This is an AP photo of (probably paid) anti-Trump agitators in Eugene, Oregon, a few days ago.

While mainstream media editorialists, en masse, decry presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lack of “good manners,” they seem to ignore and sometimes even celebrate the equally outrageous and even un-American lack of “good manners” shown by those who oppose Trump and his supporters.

Lack of respect for Trump as a presidential candidate, chosen by millions of Americans, is apparently approved by the media, at the same time that “journalists” criticize Obama-friendly comedians who, in their opinion, disrespect Obama and the office of the presidency by referring to Obama using a variation on the n-word, albeit as a joke.

In a display of amazing bias, the mainstream media accuse Trump of being “responsible” for the “incendiary” tone of the current campaign cycle, as if the vitriolic language directed at President George W. Bush by his political opponents (as well as liberal “protesters”) was never uttered. And let’s not forget the images.

How about the treatment that Governor Sarah Palin got in the media and by those who opposed her candidacy? Who can forget how reporters rushed to Alaska to pore through her trash or how they “crowd-sourced” examination of her email, looking for anything with which to smear her? Who can forget the ridicule that her children, including the child with Down Syndrome, received on social media and even in the “news”?

Let’s talk about disrespecting the office of the presidency. Remember this?

flippingbarry - Copy

It’s not a “one off.” Obama has been photographed “flipping off” John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Todd, among others.

How about Obama disrespecting the famous Resolute Desk? Hardly presidential.

obamadisssesResoluteDesk - Copy

But let’s get back to the photo at the top of this post–the photo that says it all.  In case you can’t read the signs carried by the anti-Trump agitators, here’s what some signs say:

America was never great.

Good night white pride.

Make America Aztlán again.

Make America Mexico again.

Protesters in California recently carried similar signs (specifically, asking some unnamed someone to “make America Mexico again”). They also waved Mexican flags as they burned an American flag, but only after taking it from Trump supporters.

So much for respecting your fellow citizens (?) and their equal right to free speech.

Yet it is Trump and his supporters who are called racist, bigoted, and un-American. Is it any wonder that so many ordinary people support Trump and oppose these bigoted, racist, and anti-American (paid) protesters?

For those who do not understand the widespread support for Trump, the photo at the top of this post should explain it all. We the People know that

America is the greatest nation this world has ever known. Only in the United States of America are the PEOPLE paramount. Only here are our God-given individual rights protected by the Constitution.

Only in America would these “protesters” be able to behave as they do, without repercussion. In fact, these protesters are being treated with kid gloves.

These are truths:

America was never Mexico.

America was never the mythical Aztlán.

If black and brown Americans can be proud of their heritage, then so can white Americans.

We are all “persons of color” and we are all Americans: black, white, brown, yellow, red, or any combination or shade in between (if we’re citizens, that is).

What we see displayed by these anti-Trump protesters is the result of decades of indoctrination by liberal academics who seek to divide us for political reasons. So far, their sneaky agenda has worked. And yet, the tide seems to be turning.

Those who always seek to divide us along lines of race, sex, color, and gender must face this inconvenient truth: We the People are the deciders.

We the People of the United States–the citizens, that is–are speaking.

Hear us roar.




148 responses to “And They Wonder Why So Many Americans Support Trump.

  1. Obama’s Transgender Obsession …. May 13, 2016

    RUSH: Could somebody explain to me why Transgender people have become so Important to Barack Hussein O? I’m Serious. From these edicts that transgender bathrooms now have to be built in public schools… How does it look now?

    • HE knows. Joan knew. We know.

      • miss – take ? cisgender ..transphobic ..make it GO AWAY!
        the SEED ….is PLANTED …. 4 sure !

        • Is this a new chapter in the faux hate incident “movement”? Note the careful use of “alleged” in the story. As in, “ALLEGED incident.” YUP. You know, the BLM people expect cops to have VIDEO of everything, so I say it’s time for us to have VIDEO DOCUMENTATION of all these alleged incidents they hype. Interesting that she DID NOT report the incident and that Wal-Mart, hated by progressives, was chosen as the location of the “alleged hate crime.”

          Here’s video that was apparently removed from the story.

          It’s interesting that the alleged evil person never said WHY she objected to Miss Aimee (obviously female, look at the chest) being in that restroom. Miss Aimee is ASSUMING the reason for the woman’s objection. Is she a mind reader (that is, if you believe her tale in the first place)? A regular Wal-Mart customer?

  2. Hillary Clinton supporters got treated the same way by these Bernie Sanders agitators at a recent appearance she made in East LA. Don’t be alarmed by the picture of Hillary, the article starts underneath the picture.

    • Since Bernie is an avowed socialist, it’s no surprise that “immigrants” from Mexico and Central and South America would support a SOCIALIST. It’s what they know. Other people’s money.

  3. this is a great listen when you get the time… OUT of the BOX !

  4. ^^^ Podcast 5/16/2016 .. LGBT .. lots 2 HASH About ..interesting ..

  5. ~ treeacoon1984 76p ·
    I believe that Donald Trump woke up one day and DECIDED that America needed a person to TRY and SAVE it & he saw there was no one running in the POTUS race worth a dump and said “he was going to do it unless there is another honest patriot who can do it better than him.” He is NOT your typical LYIN’ POLITICIAN & he has a lot of baggage, but he said “LET’S ROLL,” and TAKE this country back from all those COMMIE LYIN’ SOB’S and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

    Well, that’s the way I see how it came down. These LYIN’RINO’S are the worse scum ever & will give DT hell for the next 4-8 years; BUT just getting DT the WIN will be worth it all. I really think he is going to “open up a big can of whoop a….,” unless, between now & the swearing-in, they get very worried about their dangling & declare ML or total chaos.


  6. TARGET ….so ?? did they Really have a Choice? or were they forced
    2 PLAY ….along? …. ALL decisions R BAD .. ONES! as we know!
    they loose either way ???

  7. America use to be great but now its a complete hell hole with all these illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees Trump 2016

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