America First! Right On, Mr. Trump.

Donald_Trump_Marines_April_2015 - CopyRecently Donald Trump sat for an interview with reporters from the New York Times. The entire interview is well worth reading, for those who are not yet familiar with Trump’s foreign policy positions. It’s recommended that you read the transcript rather than the interpretation of “journalists”.

What’s especially notable is Trump’s insistence  upon putting THIS COUNTRY first. It’s about time that we had a candidate for the presidency who loves his country above all others and wants what’s best for the United States before considering what’s good for other nations.

America first!

Here’s an excerpt from what Donald Trump said during the long interview: [emphasis added]

I’m “America First.” We have been disrespected, mocked, and ripped off for many many years by people that were smarter, shrewder, tougher. We were the big bully, but we were not smartly led. And we were the big bully who was — the big stupid bully and we were systematically ripped off by everybody.

From China to Japan to South Korea to the Middle East, many states in the Middle East, for instance, protecting Saudi Arabia and not being properly reimbursed for every penny that we spend, when they’re sitting with trillions of dollars, I mean they were making a billion dollars a day before the oil went down, now they’re still making a fortune, you know, their oil is very high and very easy to get it, very inexpensive, but they’re still making a lot of money, but they were making a billion dollars a day and we were paying leases for bases?

We’re paying leases, we’re paying rent? O.K.? To have bases over there? The whole thing is preposterous.

So we had, so America first, yes, we will not be ripped off anymore. We’re going to be friendly with everybody, but we’re not going to be taken advantage of by anybody. We won’t be isolationists — I don’t want to go there because I don’t believe in that. I think we’ll be very worldview, but we’re not going to be ripped off anymore by all of these countries.

I mean think of it.We have $21 trillion, essentially, very shortly, we’ll be up to $21 trillion in debt. O.K.? A lot of that is just all of these horrible, horrible decisions. You know, I’ll give you another one, I talked about NATO and we fund disproportionately, the United Nations, we get nothing out of the United Nations other than good real estate prices. We get nothing out of the United Nations.

They don’t respect us, they don’t do what we want, and yet we fund them disproportionately again. Why are we always the ones that funds everybody disproportionately, you know? So everything is like that. There’s nothing that’s not like that.

That philosophy alone should win the presidency for Donald Trump. We the People of the United States are sick and tired of being “ripped off” and played for suckers by the global elites and the so-called “poor” nations of the world.

If we must be the world’s policemen, then the world should pay us for the protection they receive.

TAX THEM, Mr. Trump. Or let them pay for their own protection and watch their infrastructure crumble (like ours) and watch their social programs go belly up (like ours).

America First!!!


48 responses to “America First! Right On, Mr. Trump.

  1. Here we go again. All you need to know about the latest on “Grabgate”:

    Most of that information is NOT being reported on the nightly news, although Lewandowski’s arrest is being cheerfully reported by Lester Holt. Apparently, the guy did grab her arm, but there was a reason for it. WHAT IS THAT in her hand and WHY did she have the gall to keep touching Trump? I’d be afraid to do that, considering the agents protecting him.

    • ~ The-Monk – Mar. 29, 2016 at 5:11pm

      Trump can file charges against her LOL …..ha!!

      The crime of Simple Battery or Misdemeanor Battery is defined under Section 784.03, Florida Statutes. In Florida, the term battery means:

      Any actual and intentional touching or striking of another person against that person’s will (non-consensual), or
      The intentional causing of bodily harm to another person.
      Where there are no aggravating factors or enhancements at play
      (such as use of a weapon, serious bodily injury, or domestic violence)
      the offense is known as “simple battery” or “misdemeanor battery.”

      To commit the crime of misdemeanor battery, an accused does not have to injure the alleged victim. The intentional touching against another person’s will is sufficient. In fact, where the allegation is that the touching was against the alleged victim’s will, the existence or extent of injury becomes irrelevant. See D.C. v. State, 436 So. 2d 203, 206 (Fla. 1st DCA 1983)

  2. Patriotic Bikers for Trump thunder into Wisconsin !!!!

  3. Bill Still – Terminally-ill Mom thanks Mr. Trump at Wisconsin Rally !!!!

    • A story you WON’T see on nightly news as they try to make it look as if Trump and his people are violent and anti-woman. What a load of sh**.

    • 🙂 Too funny! They need to use that method at the Capitol, too, I see. Move the security checks to the reflecting ponds, I suppose. Have you noticed how fast they dropped THAT hot potato of a story? Black leftist preacher with a pellet gun does NOT fit the narrative.

  4. That one is almost unbelievable. Like Kabuki Theater or something. The kid who was assaulted actually said (like a good, guilt-tripped person of white privilege) that he doesn’t want to press charges but only wants to sit down and have a conversation with her and APOLOGIZE, presumably for having the gall to take umbrage at being the victim of a racist hate crime (assault). Earth to the “young lady”: Many cultures wore dreadlocks. Ancient Greeks (white), ancient Indians (white), Vikings (white), hippies (mostly white), Egyptians (mostly white), and yes, SOME African tribes.

  5. Now we know. 😆

  6. Quite a record for our little abused reporter:

    List of those she’s accused so far:

    “Allen West
    the NYPD
    Matt Damon
    Robert Kennedy
    Chuck Johnson
    Seth MacFarlande
    a former professor
    Students for Liberty organization
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    These are all men she has claimed have molested or physically handled. Do we see a pattern here?”

    • Now we need a corresponding list of real women who say Ms. Fields should be run out of “journalism” and sent back to Remedial Maturity 101.

  7. last night Carley on BECK ..ha blows a cruz horn ..loud

  8. 97% Obama & John Kerry threw in the AIR? …. AL G O R E ?

    Click to access 2010_Senate_Minority_Report.pdf

  9. V.A. revokes Veterans gun-rights !!!! No trial. no jury, no hearing, “no right” !!!!

  10. HEAVY FOOT….O’ just JOKING??? WORDS mean something
    CRUZ is NOT FUNNY … just the face!!! O’! so sorry…. u foolish dick

  11. Spiritual Warfare ….^^^^

    It’s time to pray, put on the armor of God, and do battle with the principality that is spreading this wickedness. Regardless of whether Donald Trump would be our best choice, the demon of murder that is stalking our land needs to be cast out.

    Army of the Spirit, you know who you are.
    Let’s bind this beast and cast it out.

  12. ~ Dr. Eowyn … ^^^^
    It’s not just the Left. Republicans, too, have threatened to assassinate Trump. And now Ted Cruz “jokes” about running over Trump with his car.
    …. If Trump had “joked” about that, it’d be all Over the Media. !!!!!!!

    ~ marblenecltr
    Ted Cruz said that? And I always thought that Canadians were calm, rational people. Except for hockey players. …..ha

  13. Miri, came across this natural remedy today, that helps to clear arteries and much more !!!!

    • What a clown that guy is. SUDDENLY, ISIS is NOT the JV team but an “existential threat” to everybody? Talk about a flip/flop.

  14. you’ll like this,…..finally tell it like it is!!!

  15. just a bit of off the path portrayal of the Donald. It’s worth remembering how this goes.

  16. This guy is a blowhard. I admit I don’t follow the elections to close but every time I see this guy on Fox News, which is a lot, I don’t hear him say one thing that’s policy related. It’s all about how many votes he has and how terrible everyone else is doing. He’s an attention whore and just wants to be popular. His big message is about making America great again but gives no details into what that means. He panders to the very selfish and bigoted population who thinks we are better and deserve more than the rest of the world. This is the modern age and I want a president who will unite not only our country but create new and long lasting relationships with other countries.

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