War Comes to Europe Again

suspects - Copy

What will it take for European countries, our country, and all of their assorted leaders to realize, once and for all, that we are at war with “radical Islam”?

Way back in the ’90s, Osama bin Laden declared war on us. Nothing could have been more clear, and yet our government ignored the threat. Then came terror attack after terror attack, and finally 9/11/01. Since then, what have we got?

More restrictions on our freedoms (TSA, NSA) and more lectures on the threat of a non-existent “backlash” against Muslims, more political correctness, more whining about non-existent “Islamophobia”. Blaming the victims instead of the perpetrators. It’s time to call a spade a spade.

Islam is not a “religion of peace”, as recently well argued by Andrew C. McCarthy in the publication Imprimis.  They were at war with us, but we were not at war with them. They’re still at war with us. Are we at war with them yet?

Most Western and Christian nations are still asleep at the wheel.

Those Middle Eastern “refugees” that are flooding into Europe? How long before we learn that these most recent Muslim murderers in Belgium got into that country through the misguided “compassion” and “mercy” of stupid, politically correct European leaders like Angela Merkel, among others?

What will it take for us to collectively stand up and shout

Enough is ENOUGH!!

Progressives like Hillary Clinton and even some Republicans, such as the “compassionate conservatives”, wonder why so many of us shout “right on” when presidential candidate Donald Trump talks about closing our borders and stopping the admission of Muslim “immigrants” or “refugees” into our country. The answer is obvious: Islam and our way of life are incompatible. Sharia and our system of laws are incompatible. Something has to give. Someone has to stand up and speak the TRUTH.

If Obama and other willfully blind progressives are allowed to continue to import Muslims into the USA, then what happened in Belgium and Paris will be happening here before long. It’s inevitable, unless we stop the stupidity NOW.

Close the borders. Stop immigration. Build the wall. And take the war to them.

Sounds like a plan.


101 responses to “War Comes to Europe Again

  1. The photo above is of two of the alleged suspects; those two are believed to be dead, having been killed in their suicide attack, and are now looking IN VAIN for their 144 virgins. Notice the black gloves on one hand? It’s been reported that somehow the circuit was completed, causing detonation, when their gloved hands were removed from the carts. This is how they ensured that even if detected by authorities, their mission would still be completed. That’s how cleverly evil these guys are.

  2. So very ironic: http://dailycaller.com/2016/03/22/flashback-brussels-ridiculed-idea-of-islamic-violence-in-ad-video/

    An ad from a few months back designed to show that Brussels is safe and those who say otherwise are (implied) probably racists.

  3. May the souls of the murdered rest in peace. May God give comfort to their families and may they find healing. May there be justice, in this world or the next. Pray for the injured that they will be made whole again.

  4. Saw this today and thought of our dearest foxilady14.


    RIP Glenn Foden

  5. Bill Still – Belgium Party Leader endorses Trump !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnjx58S0Oc0

    • They’ll listen for 5 minutes and then go back to their kneejerk crap about islamophobia, racism, and bigotry. They already have, going by Shrillary’s and Barry’s statements. Oooooh. The biggest threat is losing our values. Right. What use are values to dead people and cultures?

  6. BHO’S ….8 YEARS of HELL …in the USA & MORE! 4 S U R E !!!!


  7. Gail Combs says:
    March 20, 2016 at 8:19 am
    Dawn, show him what a Canadian neighbor, Elisa Sluijs has said.

    ” And as a neighbor to Elanor I know more that I am sure Cruz does not want told but the Consulate in Calgary Alberta has no problem in stating she could not and did not record his birth with them as she was not American at the time of his birth. She could not have been for as many years as she lived in Canada with out visas being issued, All records previously stated are public records you however must send in a written request to obtain copies, Unlike the Us this is all public record for a fee.

    I lived next door to Elanor Elizabeth Wilson for many years I was present when she went to Canada Immigration in 1968 and denounced her US Citizenship and surrendered her US Passport. she at that time was given Canadian Citizenship she went directly from there to the Canada Manpower Office and obtained a Canadian Social Insurance number, she then went to Alberta Health and obtained Alberta Health care, she also registered to Vote in the Canadian elections and did so as a Canadian citizen no Americans can vote in Canadian elections, nor can they hold Alberta Health coverage nor reside in Canada that long with out being deported for over staying her visa, she was American at the time of his birth I know I was there, I know too she went to the American Consulate in Calgary she was told she had given up her citizenship and her children had no status in the United States.

    She used her birth certificate to reenter the US under false pretenses as a US citizen in 1974 and did not let on she had denounced her citizenship I expect. But I can prove by consulate records, voters records, Alberta health care records, Immigration of Canada records, Social Insurance records{basically the same as social security in the states} that she was no longer American at the time of his birth but Canadian and had not reapplied to get her citizenship back either.
    Cruz whole claim to American Citizenship is false he is not American, and even by the American Immigration Laws he gave up being American when he turned 22 and had not denounced his Canadian status before then. by the Laws of immigration you must choose by the 21st birthday there is no holding duel citizenship in the US beyond 21 years of age. notarized copies of all these records are now filed with the Court of Queens bench in safe keeping so that no one can make them disappear as well as having been turned over to American Authorities whom we did not trust to investigate this matter as well, so we also sent to England copies of these notarized documents so they can not be destroyed or gotten rid of…..”

    I know my boy friend in high school 1967, US mother Canadian father born in Canada, was agonizing over which citizenship he would hold and which he would give up. We had many many discussions about it in 1967. He decided Canadian.

    That is why the whole Cruz, “I didn’t know’” excuse stinks. Texas requires a BIRTH CERTIFICATE to get your drivers licence. And Yes my Canadian boy friend did have a driver’s licence. For that matter I had a foreign drivers license when I lived in Europe.

    Cruz kept his Canadian citizenship until AFTER he ran for Senate and someone pointed it out.

    • alfy, not seeing the comment at the link. Would be interesting if it could be verified and should be. It’s been reported that his Mom had residency in Britain with the first husband. They divorced or separated, though she continued to reside in England, giving birth out of wedlock to a son who died of crib death. But, if she had British residency, Canadian Citizenship may have been allowed. The Dad was a Cuban refugee in ’68 and did become a Canadian citizen in that year. Odd, because its been stated some 4 or 5 years of residency had to be established to due so. I think the couple decided on Canada, intentionally. Remember, Vietnam !!!! Had they decided on U.S. citizenship, no doubt his Dad would have been entered into the draft and possibly off to Vietnam. So, the Mom was the way to Canadian citizenship for the new husband. If the records are there most likely why Ted Cruz has had to have his records sealed. “Lyen Ted”, “Strikes, again” !!!!

      • I suspect that they are/were very much like SAD. I believe her intention was to stay in Indonesia (which she mostly did for life) and become an Indonesian (which she probably did within a year of moving there, according to requirements of their laws) and that she didn’t have a clue that she would divorce Lolo. I believe she may not have renounced her U.S. citizenship but that she did assume Indonesian citizenship, which, like Canada, didn’t allow dual citizenship. I believe also that Barry either never had U.S. citizenship because he was adopted there by BOTH SAD and Lolo, or was claimed by Lolo as his biological son and so was Indonesian, or HE renounced it for himself at whatever age in order to have an Indonesian passport, which he used even into adulthood. That comment seems to have been deleted. Several were, for what reason I can’t say. Another comment seemed to indicate some problem with Cruz’s mom’s timeline. When she lived in England versus Canada, giving birth in England to the child who died after she supposedly lived in Canada. Don’t know if that’s true. I haven’t made a study of it. Cruz’s father might have gotten some exception to the residency rule on account of being a refugee fleeing communism, or maybe because of the industry he (and she) worked in–oil. Just another coincidence, that! Cruz’s dad and Barry’s “stepfather” (also Barry’s grandfather) all working in the oil business. But that’s a good theory about the mom’s Canadian/British CITIZENSHIP greasing the skids for the dad. So that makes perfect sense. Is it ordinary for a country, any country (but in this case England or Canada) to allow a woman to marry a citizen and become a citizen of that country WITHOUT surrendering her other citizenship? Something is being hidden. That’s for certain. I do believe that like SAD, this woman may have just used her birth certificate to return to this country, son in tow, and re-assumed U.S. citizenship (whether renounced or not) and then somehow managed to get credentials for her kid. In SAD’s case, given her State Dept. connections, it would be so easy.

      • I think there has to be some merit to this, only I’m sure not in the mood to go through trying to verify this stuff. I mean how could you if the mother hasn’t ever complied to any questions and looks like all is pretty sealed or hidden. I don’t trust Lyen Ted ,as you call him, either. I just wish Trump would bring it up over and over; it hasn’t bothered him much yet when he brings up controversial issues. He could mention this neighbor lady and ask where is she. I’d love to see him scare the bejeezus out of TEDDypootface. Trump has legal rights to ask for proof since it will hurt him personally in his losing votes to Ted. And Trump should couch it in the fact that it hurts all Real American Citizens to be LIED to.

        • Did you see that Cruz supporters (or maybe Cruz himself) ran an ad in Utah against Trump that showed Trump’s wife semi-nude? It was a photo shoot she did years ago for GQ. Nothing you don’t see every day on TV. Everything crucial was covered. She was a MODEL for heaven’s sake and that’s what models do. But he and/or his supporters had no problem trying to smear her now. Whatever happened to the families being “off limits”? As for Cruz’s mom, she’s as incommunicado and as invisible as SAD and MAD ever were. Looks like they have a script they all stick to. It really must be some kind of plan to break our government and Constitution down, piece by piece. Why else so many freaking INELIGIBLE candidates running? If Trump is as clever as I suspect, then he KNOWS but is being politic about it. No need to reveal the information unless and until it’s necessary to do so. If he wins the presidency and Ted’s still in the Senate, then a clever person would want to be able to “negotiate” with Ted. Right?

        • Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

          He is not a natural born Citizen, that’s certain. I cannot understand why they had to have a special declaration concerning McCain. Why is that point being ignored. We know why they did it then, but why does it not apply now.

          Cruz is a first class Usurper. He’s not even eligible as a candidate.

          Remember Lowell Weiker from Connecticut anyone?

          • Don’t you love how they attack Trump’s wife, then Cruz’s wife attacks Trump, then he responds and HE gets accused by Fauxcahontas of “attacking women?” No wonder everyone is flocking to Trump. They’re never going to wise up and that’s a good thing because the longer they continue their knee-jerk insulting behavior towards Trump and his supporters, the more support he gets!

            • I wish he would just “spill the beans” and stay out of the fray. But that’s the thing about Trump he doesn’t play boo hoo victim, “they’re picking on my wife”… no, he strikes back. Whack.

              Cruz is a fake.

              • They’re just doubling down on this “Trump attacked Heidi” meme. It’s beyond ridiculous and will NOT work because we know who are the liars. We’ve learned their tricks over the past eight years and more and they’re not fooling us anymore. We know how they roll.

                Heidi, supposedly an accomplished woman, is HEIDING behind her husband. How liberated is that? Any real woman worth her salt, having ATTACKED her husband’s opponent verbally, having deliberately INSERTED HERSELF into the campaign, would TAKE WHAT WAS COMING TO HER AND WHAT WAS GIVEN BACK TO HER, IN SPADES. She’s got the dog in this hunt. Nobody asked her to enter the fray, but having done so, she has no business now playing the “po lil me” card or the “woman” card and HIDING BEHIND HER HUSBAND’S JEANS.

                We WOMEN are supposed to suddenly reject Trump because he’s, in Lyin’ Ted’s lingo, a “coward” who attacks women? (I won’t even start on Fauxcahontas.)

                What is this, the Wild West? Get real. REAL WOMEN won’t fall for that crap. They think we will and that will damage Trump in the polls. (Unfortunately, seems the Mormons fell for the attack on Melania.) Heidi is GETTING WHAT SHE ASKED FOR.

                This is the woman who wrote the plan to give up our sovereignty to a “North American Union” so that we, too, can end up like the EU. But now we’re supposed to praise her husband for figuratively calling Trump out for a duel or something? As if she’s a little shrinking violet who needs a man to defend her “honor”.

                If you jump into a fight, lady, you’re going to come out bloodied. If you don’t know that, then keep your trap shut. Attack Donald and he’s GOING TO ATTACK BACK.

                Of course, that’s their plan. They goad him into speaking and then they mis-characterize what he says and take what he says out of context and spin it as HIM attacking HER. They think it will work because it has before, but NO LONGER, LAMESTREAM. WE’RE ONTO YOU.

                • They’re a pack of fakes usurping the Constitution of the United States and trying to pull a fast one over the American People.

                  Heidi is a hack. A fake.

                  Her husband is a woman controller.


                  His own Mother is like “have a little respect.”

                  I can’t stand this man. He’s a poser. And a he is a son of a foreign opportunist.

                  Every time Donald Trump says ‘lyin’ Ted’ he is referring to his usurpation.

                  Miri, he makes me sick.

                  • Me, too. It’s really getting scary, isn’t it? This whole thing with the wives is crazy. Like the WH is the Kardashian home. What gets me is this: Are they ALL creepy corruptoids? Is it just politics in general that attracts people like this? SCUM, iow? Are any of them what we’d call normal? The odd thing is that Trump is about as close to normal as all of them, which is probably his appeal. Is it good? Who knows, but for sure the past 8 years have NOT been good so why not try something different?

    • If that stuff is true, then it’s likely that the DemoncRATS know it and have it and are simply waiting for him to get the nomination and maybe until even later, to drop it.

      • Probably, why also, she had to sign the birth certificate as Wilson, to maintain residency !!!! Wilson could be how they were able to become Canadians and probably had to be used for documentation purposes. The neighbor even calls her Wilson !!!! Hopefully someone will look into this, if the papers are open to the public !!!!

        • You might have a point James……I thought that was really weird that she would keep the name Wilson even now or after she supposedly divorces and has no children that need the first hubby’s last name.
          Can we request these public records if we aren’t citizens of CAnada?
          Someone see what they can find out about the neighbor. This is the first time I”ve come across her. Wonder where she’s blogging from?

        • Interesting. I did a search on that name of the alleged neighbor and found that comment on other blogs. There’s a person on Facebook by that name who lives, iirc, in either Wisconsin or Minnesota, so close to Canada.

  8. Bill Still – Utah voter shame !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRK1zPX6v3M

  9. “Keeping things at face value” !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKkuWX406q4

  10. Europe is at war. We are at war. And We the PEOPLE of the USA are at war, too: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/anti-trump-protesters-admit-answering-craigslist-ad-and-getting-paid-to-protest-trump/

    “The Establishment on both the left and the right, who want to disenfranchise the millions of Republican voters who support Donald Trump, have blamed the staged riots near Trump rallies on Trump or on Bernie Sanders. That’s like blaming the Russians for the Reichstag Fire. Bernie has little to do with these manufactured protests. This is a Clinton operation, a faux protest.

    False flag operations have long been common in politics, but these riots are poisonous to the electorate, intentionally designed to turn violent and stifle free speech.

    This free speech-busting goon squad operation is directed by supporters of Hillary Clinton. It is paid for mostly by George Soros and MoveOn.org and pushed by David Brock at Media Matters for America. It’s also funded by reclusive billionaire Jonathan Lewis, who was identified by the Miami New Times as a “mystery man.” He inherited roughly a billion dollars from his father Peter Lewis (founder of Progressive Insurance Company). …”

    Soros and his minions pay these scruffy thugs $16 per hour to “protest”. It sounds like a VAST left-wing conspiracy to INTERFERE WITH THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF TRUMP SUPPORTERS. AS SUCH, THE DOJ SHOULD INVESTIGATE PROMPTLY, JUST LIKE THEY INVESTIGATED FERGUSON. Violating the free speech and free assembly rights of U.S. citizens. A RICO crime.

  11. Here’s a story you WON’T SEE on your national TV news or in the lamestream media. A Hispanic restaurant owner harassed for having the gall to leave the reservation and support Trump. Heartwarmingly, Trump supporters flocked to her restaurant to lend her support. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/337427/

    However, watch the video and she says she didn’t vote in the primary and is still trying to decide on a candidate. She was at the Trump rally, though, with a sign supporting him. So there are several things one might conclude: She can’t vote; she is afraid to vote; she was threatened so much that she changed her tune and will go back onto the reservation, at least publicly, to prevent the haters from destroying her business (or worse).

  12. IF this doesn’t make your head spin: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/belgian-police-visit-teachers-home-after-he-tweeted-about-students-cheering-isis-airport-attacks/

    “Belgian Police Visit Teacher’s Home After He Tweets about Students Cheering ISIS Attacks …”

    Ok. At first glance, that looks promising. I thought the cops visited the school to INVESTIGATE THE KIDS WHO WERE CHEERING THE TERROR ATTACKS.

    But NO!!!! The government thugs went there, apparently, to tell the teacher to STFU and be “careful” about what he puts on the Internet. Apparently, also, based on a crummy translation by Google of the RT story, the MAYOR of the town was upset about the teacher’s tweet and instigated the visit. It sounds as if he wanted to cover up the reason why (whatever it was) and later backtracked. Sounds as if the cops told the teacher that if they can find him then bad guys can and maybe they were pretending to be protecting HIM, the teacher. Supposedly the mayor later on apologized to the teacher, but there’re also some phrases in the story that make it sound as if they didn’t believe the teacher’s allegation and wanted the “truth” investigated, probably to please politically correct higher ups. Who knows? Whatever the truth is, these people are NUTS and THEY’RE the ones who are suicidal, not just the jihadists. Suicidal to their own people and their own culture. WTF is wrong with them? Just imagine CHILDREN cheering the destruction and murder we saw yesterday.They should have been visited. They should be removed from their families for their own mental health and put into environments that are NOT abusive. How else would you describe a home environment that leads to children cheering for CARNAGE and the murder of innocent people? This is clear evidence of child abuse. Am I wrong?

  13. Should Ted Cruz win the election and become the 45th POTUS where will his birth plaque be placed?

    Case closed.

    • Ha, ha! Did you see, btw, the sad story of the six-year-old “native American” child who was removed from her foster family of 4 years and sent to live with relatives of her father (who are NOT native Americans) under the rules of the specious law that is intended to keep native American kids in their own culture, when adopted or fostered? Of course the child is devastated, as is the only family she really knows. But get this: She’s a whopping 1/64th Choctaw. THAT’S what they call a “native American” these days. This is a crime beyond belief.

      I’m glad Trump called Warren out. She’s a phony. She only has to take a DNA test and PROVE her ancestry. Oh, it was part of her family history. Well, a fake part and anybody who looks at her knows she’s as much native American as that poor child who got stolen from her loving family. It certainly didn’t qualify Warren to take a scholarship away from a more-deserving candidate.

  14. ~ SirWilhelm ·
    Trump is right, Ted is a LIAR. Ted is committing Fraud by running even though he’s Ineligible. Any law enforcement agency should be able to file criminal charges of fraud against him, eliminating the need for “standing”
    in a civil suit. Criminal charges would force Ted to produce documentation demonstrating his eligibility. If he can’t he’ll be found guilty.

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2016/03/proof-positive-canadian-born-ted-cruz.html#TpKyMqIVv3Yr07Xz.99

  15. G O T ~ C H A L K ??? GO TRUMP !

    worse than S A D …. much WORSE!!!


    • Is there anything sillier? Talk about special snowflakes. The First Amendment exists for JUST THAT SORT OF SPEECH! This continues the typical lamestream and liberal academia memes. Whatever is conservative equals hate speech. Exactly WHY most right-thinking human beings opposed the very concept of “hate crimes” in the first place. Similarly, conservatism, amongst liberal academia, is a mental illness. They’ve been twisting the English language for as long as they’ve been in existence. It’s not going to stop now. The “children” are simply their latest victims. Will we ever get back to teaching kids to THINK and REASON? So the school is going to investigate and prosecute? There were also chalked images and words supporting Sanders, so will there be EQUAL INVESTIGATION AND PROSECUTION or are they only going to go after conservatives? (IF you can even make the leap that someone who supports Trump IS “conservative”.)

      The babies are actually getting counseling to help them deal with it! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3506491/Emory-president-Students-scared-Trump-2016-chalk-signs.html

      As you see from the photos, others are “chalking” the campus with slogans they like. SO, will the president of the university EQUALLY track down those “vandals” and punish THEM for their “crime” of vandalizing the campus? What, btw, exactly are Emory’s “values”? A college actually has VALUES that it uses to take sides in political contests? WHO KNEW? Do the parents of these students, many of whom probably voted for Trump, know that Trump conflicts with the “values” of the school to which they send their kids and presumably also send thousands of their hard-earned dollars every year? Or is Emory, like so many other schools, dependent upon TAXPAYER DOLLARS, as provided in Pell grants and other grants courtesy of We the People? IF SO, then DIVERSITY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT IS A CONSTITUTIONAL NECESSITY.

  17. Michael Modrikamen ….. 11 days BEFORE… ISIL attacks AGAIN!!!!


  18. HILLARY helped CREATE … I S I L- I S I S …4 SURE!

  19. Sweet Sixteen, Georgia teen arrested by the Secret Service for death threats and more against Trump !!!! http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=54424

    • Yep. They DO want to hand it to Shrillary (who sounds now as if she took voice lessons to tone down her harridan shrieks). Michael Gerson, the guy in my lamestream newspaper op-ed section that’s SUPPOSED TO be the conservative diversity representative, actually in his latest column stated outright that Hillary and Ryan in the House Speakership would make a better team for the American people than Trump. So now the gloves are off and they’re actually admitting that they would VOTE for Shrillary over Trump. Unbelievable. At least they’re all exposed now and there’s no going back into the closet for ANY of those fake conservatives.

  20. The “MODEL” WIFE! YEP, Melania WORKED for that body & her
    OWN income .. NEVER did she “MOOCH” ..off the USA & she worked
    HARD 2 become a LEGAL model CITIZEN of the USA … get it?
    SO “GET OFF” HER! .. A CLASS ACT … with or With-OUT CLOTHES!
    O’ spill the “BEANS”… if we must …. can we still say that? yep!


    • You know what’s ridiculous? The lamestream glommed onto the ginned-up “cat fight” between Heidi (what a name! imagine that for First Lady) and Melania just so they could publicize the ad and the photos and do the most damage (if any) to Trump as possible. This is their little game. It’s “news” because they’re “reporting” about the ad and the controversy about the ad. But what’s really silly is that they blurred parts of her body to make it APPEAR as if it were pornographic and you could see something when, get real, you SEE MORE AND WORSE on their own network TV shows every night. With live “action”, too, if you get my drift. In addition, GAY sex. Just to be in our faces. Phonies and hypocrites.

  21. ~ Sunny Di Lando …..^^^^ comments
    Melania is modeling, this is not porn…. Give me a break…… He who has
    no sin, left him throw the first stone… Talk about glass houses…
    You get it…. Trump 2016……

    ~ Noela Espalter
    It doesn’t matter… She modeled before she met Donald, but so what ?
    It has no bearing on Donald as a President.

    ~ Noela Espalter
    Then there’s Hillary. Do you really want the Husband of a President to be known as the MAN……. who was really hands on……. with interns. +++++
    Those interns really got a mouth full didn’t they NOT????????
    Don’t judge.

    ~ Survival Heirlooms ·
    We Legalize G A Y …. Marriage BUT get up-set over a Beautiful Woman?

  22. freedom of speech, first amendment, Hillary……..Robert Spencer puts things very succinctly. This is educational….worth the time..58 minutes.

  23. Did y’all see that Turkey, a Muslim country, caught one of those Brussels bombers last July, sent him to the Netherlands and Belgium (as head of Europe), and instead of putting him somewhere the sun don’t shine (like Guantanamo), they TURNED HIM LOOSE, even though the Turks TOLD THEM HE WAS A JIHADIST? SO, 31 dead and 270 or so wounded because they have their heads up their politically correct behinds. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3506491/Emory-president-Students-scared-Trump-2016-chalk-signs.html

    • Probably. It’s destroyed so many nice places and events already. Urban shopping malls? Gone to the thugs and gone bankrupt. Spring break in Florida? Same result. I could go on, but you got the picture.

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