Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016

St. Patricks Day

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

And may there be a pot of gold at the end of your personal rainbow. On St. Patrick’s Day, everybody is Irish, so let’s hope that the luck of the Irish is with us all this election year. We’re going to need all the luck we can get.

Hope you find time to enjoy some delicious Irish food and drink today. Be careful out there, however you celebrate, if you celebrate, which I do!

Have a great day, all you lads and lassies.leprechaun-irish-source_ser



106 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016

  1. 😀

    • You can see her turn and walk away. She’s just obscured totally by the woman in the foreground. It is pretty funny, though.

  2. Trump Protesters Dog Campaign From City to City…
    Supporters confront…
    Sheriff Joe makes arrests…
    ‘They Think They’re Going To Intimidate’…
    New clashes in Manhattan…
    Schwarzenegger Walks Out of Interview Over Trump Question…


  3. Re – Membering Hillary Clinton … O’ how can WE forget HER????


  4. oldy ,but not too old, but goody!!!!

  5. Interesting )

  6. A commenter said.
    Are you, are you, coming to the train,
    Led by a man, who wants to break the chains,
    Establishment is terrified, they can’t control his reign,
    Let’s meet, this year, on the Trump Train,

  7. Lee Daniels
    “Let’s do the right thing and make sure Clinton is in that f—ing office & taking care of us,” …..?????? O’ REALLY!!!
    said the show’s co-creator at the Human Rights Campaign Gala.

    Empire co-creator Lee Daniels appears to think it’s time for people to start taking Donald Trump seriously.

    “I’m not afraid of anything,” Daniels said. “I’ve dodged bullets — Real bullets before — but now I’m afraid because these motherf—ers are coming for us, y’all.” …. 2 MAKE your LIFE a LIFE??? GET IT?

    Speaking at the Human Rights Campaign Gala in L.A. on Saturday night, Daniels pressed the audience “to do the right thing” and vote for Hillary Clinton. While he never mentioned Trump by Name, he said during his remarks: “He’s taking over — he’s coming in to take us down, y’all, &
    this is Serious business. Let’s do the Right Thing & make sure Clinton
    is in that ……. HA!!! f—ing office an …… “Taking Care of US .”

    “I don’t think you realize how much they’re coming for us,” Daniels added. “And this is not a Joke. I’ve watched everyone make light of what is going on. They are coming for every one of YOU. ????? White people are NOT excluded — they’re coming for us.” ….the MOUTH DANIELS! ha

  8. more stories …R WE getting any CLOSER 2 the LIES?????


  9. We need those jobs here. 😡

    Obama needs Cuba to commit to more reforms in order to make more progress on the domestic front, where bipartisan congressional action will be needed for the United States to lift the embargo and allow unrestricted investment in the Cuban economy. “If we don’t end the embargo soon, five million American tourists are going to be coming to Cuba, but they’re going to be staying in Spanish hotels and eating Chinese food.”

    The day’s biggest wild card may be what happens after the Obama-Castro meeting. Obama is accustomed to conducting a news conference after a meeting with a foreign head of state. Castro is not.


    • Yes. And the 100% care the illegals get is paid for by the working poor in this country who now have $6000/year/person deductibles, thanks to Obama.

  10. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/mar/21/border-agents-dhs-no-intention-deporting-illegals/

    Nothing we didn’t know already, but check this out:

    “A top Homeland Security official told Border Patrol agents the Obama administration has “no intention of deporting” many of the illegal immigrants caught trying to sneak into the country, ordering instead that they be released so they don’t clog up the courts, a leading advocate for agents testified to Congress.

    Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said the orders are a new “catch and release” policy, which he said “amounts to amnesty” because it means many illegal immigrants are never asked to leave the country.

    It also suggests the Border Patrol is being ordered to break President Obama’s own enforcement priorities, which say new illegal immigrants — defined as those who came after Dec. 31, 2013 — are priorities for deportation, and are supposed to be arrested and processed.

    Mr. Judd provided his testimony in written answers released Monday by the House Judiciary Committee, saying that even in some criminal cases, agents are ordered to let illegal immigrants go without ever issuing them a Notice to Appear, or NTA, which is what puts them into deportation proceedings. …”

    Sure. And as a result, there are 5 people dead in MO and KS. And others all over the country. Thanks to whom? We know.



    • Well, then, Barry is linked to Hitler. No?

      What a joke. The headline focuses on Trump and yet the story ADMITS that BARRY is more closely linked to HITLER. Caveat: Who the hell knows WHO his ancestors were, absent any proof even of his parentage or his birth? Not to let him “off the hook”. If you go back far enough, you can link any two individuals. In any case, we know the connection to Beelzebub, given the “lord of the flies” proof we’ve SEEN many, many times. As for Trump–read closely and the link is by MARRIAGE, not genes.

  12. TRUMP ROCKS …. 4 SURE!!!

  13. Donald Trump, havuing been asked about the terror attack today in Belgium (35 dead) said:
    In phone calls to US television shows, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said Brussels was a once beautiful place that had become a “disaster city” and an “armed camp” before today’s attacks, writes Amanda Holpuch.

    He said such changes to the city, as in Paris, showed why the US should stop letting immigrants into the country.

    Trump told Fox & Friends that if he were president, “I would close up our borders to people until we figure out what’s going on.”

    Pressed by NBC’s Today Show, 15 minutes later, to explain who he would prevent from entering the country, Trump said he would exclude people from Syria and people who do not have “perfect documentation”.

    He did not say that he would prevent Muslims from entering the country, as he has done repeatedly in the past, but he did suggest that Muslims were responsible for terrorist attacks if they did not report neighbours’ suspicious behaviour to authorities.

    If Trump were president today, he said he would give US citizens a “pep talk”.

    The Today presenters asked Trump what he would do if, as in the case in Belgium, he had Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in last year’s Paris attacks, in custody.

    “If they could expand the laws, I would do a lot more than waterboarding,” Trump said. “You have to get the information from people.”

    British left wing opinion writer for the Guardian, Simon Jenkins says this:
    Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins calls for “patience and restraint” in response to the attacks.

    He writes:

    The blanket media coverage assured for any act of violence is reckless. The media must “report”, but it need not go berserk in revelling in the violence caused, as it manifestly has done to Islamic State brutality. More serious, the intention of the terrorist is clearly to shut down western society, to show liberal democracy to be a sham and to invoke the persecution of Muslims. Yet that is the invariable response of the security industry to these incidents. Convinced of its potency, it dare not admit there are some things against which it cannot protect us. So when incidents occur it jerks the knee and demands ever more money and ever more power. It must not be given them.

    Our response to the Brussels bombings requires patience and restraint |

    I am going to vote for Trump. I think he has the more correct approach.

  14. Fox News Headline
    WE ARE AT WAR !!!
    Yeah, like give me a break.
    We have been at war for the last 25 years.
    When are we going to start fighting?
    We can end this war in a month, only we don’t want to.
    We have one man running who can fight this war, and the entirety of
    Fox News seeks his destruction.
    Hey Fox, drop the x in your name, that would be more accurate.

  15. from debka:

    The capture of the ISIS Paris master planner Salah Abdelsalem by Belgian anti-terror police, after four months on the run, was initially hailed as an enormous stroke of luck – that is until Tuesday, March 22. The high-profile Islamic State terrorist, who planned the triple attacks on a Paris stadium, bistro and concert hall, that left 130 people dead last November, had instructed jihadist bombers under his command to carry out deadly explosions at Brussels airport and subway on that day, while he was in custody.

    He staged his capture as a trick to misdirect Belgian and French intelligence and anti-terror agencies and lull them into a state of false security.
    Abdelsalem, 26, a French citizen of Moroccan origin, was the only survivor of the Paris attack five months ago. The other seven terrorists were killed, including his brother. He was finally run to ground on March 18 at his safe house in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, a notorious hotbed of jihads ideology, and taken in after a shootout with the police. The master terrorist had evaded capture by skipping across European borders, which proves little challenge for ISIS operatives on the move.

    Three other suspects were also arrested in the Molenbeek raid.

    French President Francois Hollande and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel took turns congratulating each other at a joint press conference which they called immediately after the Abdelselam capture. They were certain that his interrogation would yield valuable information about the arcane workings of the ISIS web across Europe and bring to light future terror plots in good time.
    But debkafile’s counterterrorism sources believe that Abdelsalem let himself be nabbed as part of a larger plot. Before he was captured, he had left instructions with a team of bombers for the attacks on Brussels international airport and the Maelbeek subway station near the European Union’s headquarters, with possibly more to come, on lines similar lines to the multiple assaults in Paris.


    • That sounds entirely plausible. I haven’t even begun to read the coverage of this event yet, having been busy this morning with family stuff. My heart goes out to the people of Europe, especially those who’ve been duped by their willfully ignorant and stupid and blind and maybe even complicit “leaders” who got sucked into that CRAP about the “year of mercy” and behaving like Christians towards Muslim so-called “refugees” who in actuality are nothing more than invaders at best and terrorists at worst.

  16. another VACATION TRIP… ON the USA …. 4 WHAT??? O’!
    MORE U can $HARE as USURPER’$ RAKE in speaking $$$ TOUR$
    YEP! if you both don’t end … up behind BARS … with HILL FIRST!


    • Wow. That’s some statistic. Of course, the apologists and Barry/Mooch lovers will tell you that these are “donations” from designers. They’ll have to have an entire wing in the Smithsonian for Mooch’s outfits. Not about to let Jackie O out-do her. (Or is it him?) Sheesh! Is that an UGLY dress or what?

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