More on the Serrano-Vitorino Case

Long_border_fence - CopyAn update on the case of the criminal illegal alien who murdered five people recently in Kansas and Missouri:

It was revealed in subsequent stories that law enforcement had THREE SEPARATE OPPORTUNITIES to re-deport Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino. He was originally deported about 12 years ago after making a terroristic threat, but only after serving two years in prison for the felony. (Needless to say, Obama wasn’t president then.)

Therefore, Serrano-Vitorino was known as a potentially violent felon–just the kind of person that Obama claims is at the top of the list for apprehension and deportation.

Because of allegedly scarce resources, prioritizing the apprehension of criminal illegal aliens (an obvious oxymoron) serves as Obama’s excuse for why his administration doesn’t catch and deport your ordinary “good” illegal aliens.

This alleged murderer is no choir boy. Returning after being deported is yet another felony on Serrano-Vitorino’s rap sheet. Over the past two years, this criminal was on law enforcement radar three separate times (that we know of) and all three times he allegedly just “fell through the cracks”–three different “errors” for which ICE is allegedly very sorry.

Serrano-Vitorino drove without a license or insurance, and with a defective headlight. He was also convicted of driving under the influence. He was more recently detained for domestic violence. Despite all that, he was allowed to remain here to murder and wreak mayhem. The local law enforcement authorities in Kansas said that it’s not their job to enforce immigration laws. One can hardly blame them, considering the Obama DOJ sued Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona to stop him FROM enforcing immigration law.  Any questions?

Well, now the widow of one of the victims, Randy J. Nordman, is asking questions and demanding answers. She wants to know, like the family of Kate Steinle wants to know: WHY are these criminal illegal aliens allowed to be here, to come back here after being deported, to stay here, despite numerous opportunities to catch and punish them for breaking our laws?

Police in Kansas allegedly stated that when they stopped Serrano-Vitorino, they didn’t know his “immigration status.”  Could that be because it would have been “racial profiling” to CHECK on his immigration status, or even to suspect that he has an “immigration status”?

Reading between the lines, one can assume that because of Obama-instituted-and-enforced “political correctness”, now five people are DEAD in MO and KS.

How many more are dead across this nation? How many more will die before the borders are finally closed?

Not surprisingly, the progressive media are upset. Oh, not that five innocents have been slaughtered–crimes which could easily have been prevented–but because these murders provide “fodder” for Trump’s “anti-immigrant bashing,” allowing him to “use” the case to “whip up national anger,” as if those who hear about these murders need Trump to goad them into reacting the way any normal human being would react (exceptions being rabid progressives on editorial boards).

Read the quoted editorial, which contains not one word of sympathy for the families of those who did not have to die, but which is concerned only with the potential political damage done to pro-illegal-alien politicians.

No doubt, some on the left will also be upset that they can’t politicize the incident for gun control purposes. The AK-47 the alleged killer used was already illegal for him to possess, what with him being an illegal alien as well as a several-times-over felon.

Here’s the most ridiculous part of the editorial. Quote:

The driving force behind the immigration problem is employers’ lack of access to low-wage labor for jobs that Americans won’t do. Migrants have little or no realistic way to get work visas. Thus, the illegal system continues to thrive.

Is this progressive “editorial board” actually arguing FOR giving work visas to persons of color so they can come to this country to work at “low-wage jobs,” like some kind of modern-day slaves?

The editorial board argues for “immigration reform,” which would presumably include giving work visas to Mexican “migrants” so they can work the “low-wage jobs that Americans won’t do.”

Let’s have a thought experiment. Let’s imagine this is the 19th century, before the abolition of slavery. The economy of the South runs on slave labor–the lowest-wage labor you can get.

Some people are arguing for the abolition of slavery, no matter what it does to the economy, because it’s the right thing to do. But others feel the pain of the South and want a solution that won’t wreck their economy.

So let’s imagine a progressive editorial board arguing that we should abolish slavery but then give “work visas” to Africans to come here and work those low-wage jobs picking the cotton that Americans won’t pick.  Plantation owners can just pay the visa holders whatever amount they had previously spent on food, clothing, housing and presumably medical care for slaves. If that amounts to “low wages,” then so be it. Sound like a plan?

Back in the 21st century, the plan would be even more beneficial to the business owners, who could count on the U.S. taxpayers to feed, clothe, house, and give medical care, plus free educations, to “migrants” who work for low wages that  qualify them for welfare. What a deal!

Who is stupid enough to believe that the progressives who write such nonsense seriously want these “migrants” working “low-wage jobs?”

Who believes that once those visas are issued progressives won’t instantly pivot and begin arguing for full citizenship, unionization, voting rights, and a “living wage” for these second-class persons of color?

Here’s a real solution to the problem of low-wage jobs that Americans allegedly won’t do:

Stop illegal immigration. Then businesses will have no choice but to raise wages until Americans decide that the jobs are worth doing.

But wait! That’s letting the market decide. That’s freedom. That’s capitalism!

How well we know that progressives hate capitalism, and so they pretend to argue instead for what amounts to 21st century slavery, but this time subsidized by the taxpayers.

Let’s stop letting progressives pretend that they’re on the side of poor “undocumented migrants” who just want to feed their families. Let’s cry BS on all that nonsense.

All they want is power, power, and more power.

Build the wall. NOW!

Save American lives.


106 responses to “More on the Serrano-Vitorino Case

  1. From Dr. Kates View
    6his little snippette is so accurate,
    I hope it can be published here:

    Americans Directly over the Target(s)
    Published March 14, 2016 1776 , 2016 Election , 2016 primaries , Alinsky , America , Chicago politics , Chigago , Christians , Citizenship , Civic Action , common core , communism , constitution , courage , cultural marxism , Revolution , RINO , Voting Machines , we the people 43 Comments

    ©2016 drkate

    The miracle is unfolding before our eyes: through the likes of one man’s candidacy, ALL of the liars and traitors to liberty are being exposed one by one, and sometimes in whole groups. Presidential candidates Bush, Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich have been exposed unmercifully by their own hand as tools of the global elite and their minions running the U.S. government.

    The mask is completely off those who would “take advantage of our country”, Trump said in response to the “54 Planes” on a Georgia island meeting to destroy the Trump candidacy, exposing the lies for all to see. And those who choose not to see are willfully deceived and are willing targets of subversion.

    Right after this meeting began the aggressive disruption of Trump rallies, with the knife-wielding Glenn Becker attempting to hurt Trump in Dayton, Ohio. Reports regarding the Chicago rally were that there was a credible threat to Trump’s life as the crowd, from within, had planned to assault the stage from multiple directions.

    Bear in mind that their murderous, hateful rage directed at Mr. Trump is actually pointed directly at you and me, the Americans. This will be a fight to the finish!

    poster elites

    Thank you Mr. Trump for standing up for America! Pledging his life, fortune, and sacred honor for America. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.
    That’s the bit that got me, “I never thought it would happen in my lifetime”

    As far as I am concerned, he can skip all the rallies he needs to skip,
    I think his life is in grave danger.

    • Add Ryan to that list of exposed elites. It’s just beyond the pale. WTF is going on in our country? Do We the People rule or not? I fear for Trump, too. God protect him. There was audio at CTH of a bunch of elites sitting around, discussing how to gaslight Trump and how they’re not about to let their power be diminished. You know what REALLY freaked me out? Kasich and his first 100 days amnesty: What a panderer. All to get that “win” in Ohio, if he did win. Or was it your usual voter fraud? All the poison that lurks in the mud is now hatching out. WE SEE YOU CORRUPT HYPOCRITES.

    • That plan to rush the stage WAS truly frightening. More frightening is that nothing will happen to the CONSPIRATORS. What would have happened to Trump had they succeeded? The cops knew they’d be overwhelmed, so the event was canceled. ALL BECAUSE OF A CORRUPT CONSPIRACY TO ASSAULT A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. IF the cops knew they could not control the crowd and protect the candidate, then SOMETHING should be pursued against those who ILLEGALLY VIOLATED THE FREE SPEECH RIGHTS OF MR. TRUMP. THAT’S a “civil rights violation” and interference with the voting rights and free elections, so shouldn’t the DOJ investigate? Is this attempt on his life any different from what Wilkes-Booth did?

  2. I hope that if the nomination is stolen from Trump that he will run as an independant. He probably won’t win but I will vote for him.
    Because I won’t vote for evil
    in the form of some elite gop candidate,
    or for hillary clinton.
    If we want to vote for four more years of evil submission to hidden secret societies, a vote for either ryan or hillary would do that.
    I will vote for the only good man in the fight.

    Let’s get real, the elite probably don’t care a fig whether hillary or ryan wins. That’s their choice. I will not honor it by making it part of my consideration.

    But the country will probably be far more embarassed by hillary than by ryan, because he is a little bit smarter than her, so good, let hillary win.

    I watched the concluding fictional episode of X-files last night and I could not get over how much the writers were setting out modern conspracy theory. Basically the last episode brought on the final crash and burn of the type you hear from various elite sources. (Gates, Rockefeller, etc)

    Here’s the joke on the GOP. Most of them will not be spared.
    I will not vote for Ryan, whatever.

  3. merrick garland …. & more …interesting …?? 5 & 4 !! ha

    • If Republicans allow Garland to be confirmed, their core constituencies
      are likely to feel betrayed regardless of how reasonable & non-ideological the judge may be. ……

  4. One almost has to wonder if this is a hoax, but in the Obamanation, anything is possible:

    • Here’s the video, followed by some choice quotes by the black racists:

      “There is no ethical reason white people deserve to live.” …^^^^^^

      “Affirming black life means that white death has to occur . . . your life ain’t worth affirming.”

      In response to a white student asking if he should just kill himself, the black students says, “Sure. I don’t see why not. . . . It’s ethical . . . cuz you have white privilege . . . . Affirm your suicide . . . it’s one little step in the right direction.”

  5. Miri … ha then we have SOPHIA ^^^…. & the rest soon to arrive

      • more …. from the white privilege ^^^^^ ….. scum ….

        • “As part of that commitment, UWG will not tolerate or allow comments or behavior that incite prejudice or violence against any individual or group. Any student who engages in such behavior will be investigated under the university’s student code of conduct, resulting in appropriate sanctions.

          Comments made during debate training or debate events or theater rehearsals are rare exceptions to this policy. College debate programs operate in a manner similar to laboratories, where events like those depicted in the video are closely controlled and monitored. One team presents a position and the other responds, often using extreme arguments to show that a particular point is illogical.”

          That’s the school’s response. HOWEVER, imagine a student advocating, in a similar hateful way, the extermination of blacks or even Jews or Muslims. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine that, once the video was public, the media would ignore it (as they ignore this one) or that the school would actually put out a ridiculous statement like that, noting the “rare exception” to their policy and DEFENDING IT?

          • btw, it’s nice to hear from Mr. Lambert again. I haven’t been following his work for quite a while. Thanks for reminding us of him.

    • His mom being in hiding is just another parallel to Obama. His mother was conveniently dead (if so) and his grandmother was held in virtual house arrest in her condo in Honolulu, as was Granny Sarah in Kenya. Does Ms. Cruz not do interviews or is she also forbidden to and watched to ensure she doesn’t? Just curious.

  6. Hillary Clinton ‘loves’ the idea of appointing Obama to Supreme Court
    @washington times

  7. O’ PITS ^^^ O’ gone B gone never again … B FOOLED please

    • I hope. But then, again, maybe that’s why suddenly they’re asking Mooch if she plans to run for president. God forbid. PLEASE, Lord, NO WAY. The Faux Indian is bad enough.

      • ~ To: kaehurowing; Parley Baer
        Are African-Americans finally catching on?
        Christian? Considering Trump Yes/No? Watch this.
        – (pastor’s rally intro video)

        Is Donald Trump A Racist Or Is The Media Race Baiting? Blacks Guarantee Trump Can Win

        Victim’s father: ‘I trust Donald Trump’

        Jamiel Shaw: I Stand With Trump

        Trump Supporters Take On Insulting Leftists; Dr. Drew

        Trump Supporter Takes On Two Hysterical Leftists; Dr. Drew On Call


        African Americans for Donald Trump 2016

        African Americans for Donald Trump 2016 – Part 2

        African Americans for Donald Trump 2016 – Part 3

        Mississippi’s First Black Mayor Charles Evers Endorses Trump For President

        Black American stands up for Trump. (Not Group Endorsement)

        Black Woman Says Donald Trump Is Too Real For GOP

        Trump Is Black People’s Hero

        African Americans Are Voting Donald Trump While White Liberal Americans Vote For Suicide


        Harlem For Donald Trump

    not 2 B believed …… WHY???? HER?????

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