A Case That Makes Trump’s Case For Him

Georgia Army National Guard eyes in the sky over Texas' Rio Grande Valley sector

There was a manhunt going on in rural Missouri yesterday. Schools were locked down. Residents were advised to stay inside, doors locked, until the alledged fugitive “spree killer” was captured. He was captured, finally, hiding in a ditch along Interstate 70.

The fugitive went on the lam after allegedly gunning down four neighbors in cold blood in Kansas City. Driving east, he eventually abandoned his pickup truck along the highway and proceeded to a nearby house, where he allegedly then murdered in cold blood its unfortunate resident. The ditch where the alleged killer was finally captured is not far from the dead man’s home.

Here’s the kicker: The fugitive is an illegal alien who’d been deported at least once already but who “somehow” found his way back into our country:

... Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino was arrested without incident near New Florence, Missouri. Troopers said he had a rifle on him. …

Serrano-Vitorino, a Mexican national who authorities said was in the country illegally, is accused of fatally shooting four men late Monday night at his neighbor’s home in Kansas City, Kansas. He was also wanted in connection with the shooting death of 49-year-old Randy Nordman in New Florence. …

[According to the] New York Daily News:
[T]he suspect had been deported 12 years ago, but somehow ended up back in the country illegally and was fingerprinted last September in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park for driving without a license.

ICE said that it mistakenly sent a retainer for Serrano-Vitorino to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, where the suspect was not in custody.

It added that it “regrets the error” that allowed him to walk free rather than sending him into the immigration legal system and likely back to his native Mexico.

ICE “regrets the error.” Great. Tell that to the families of the deceased men. Several of the dead had small children who will now grow up without their fathers, thanks to this ICE “error.”

Was it, in fact, an “error,” or was it just business as usual under Obama’s lax policies regarding illegal aliens, even those who “somehow” find their way back into our country after having been deported at least once already?

Serrrano-Vitorino was released back into the community after being caught driving without a license. Even so, he still possessed a pickup truck that he drove while on the lam, so he obviously didn’t let the lack of a driver’s license hinder him in the least. One has to wonder whether the car itself was licensed properly. So much for laws. So much for justice.

Serrano-Vitorino had also been arrested last year for “domestic battery,” but again somehow still found himself free in our country to wreak havoc, to allegedly murder and terrorize communities, unhindered by Obama’s administration.

On the presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump has admirably been discussing the sad case of Kate Steinle, who was also murdered, allegedly, by an illegal alien.

Trump now has five more names to add to the illegal-alien-created dead pool:

Clint Harter

Austin Harter

Mike Capps

Jake Waters

Randy Nordman

Our condolences to their families.

May their souls rest in peace.

I wonder– Will Obama attend their funerals?

So here is yet another case that helps Donald Trump build his case for a WALL across the border.

Stop illegal immigration NOW!

Save American lives.


90 responses to “A Case That Makes Trump’s Case For Him

  1. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/03/08/representative-david-vitter-accidentally-introduces-house-bill-to-pay-for-trumps-border-wall/

    “As far as we can tell only our analysis of the potential Mexican remittance fees have outlined the very plausible way to pay for the Mexican border wall. However, Louisiana Senator David Vitter has now presented a bill targeting the transfer of U.S. funds out of the country by illegal aliens. …

    Representative Vitter explains his proposal thusly:

    […] My bill is simple: The business providing the service would simply require documentation of legal status. If the person wiring money is here legally, great. If he can’t prove legal status, then he gets slapped with a fee which goes directly to border security and enforcement. This would cause two separate effects, both very positive. On one side of the coin, GAO estimates that my bill could bring in up to $1 billion from illegal immigrants that would go directly towards border security and enforcement. On the flip side, the report shows it may discourage illegal immigrants from sending the money in the first place. If that dynamic occurs, it would likely lower the amount of revenue raised for border security, but illegal immigration would be strongly discouraged and the money would stay in the U.S. economy. …”

    His proposal or “president” Trump’s?

  2. Megyn Kelly confronted DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for ripping the “vulgar” tone of the GOP race, pointing out that none of the Republican candidates are “facing the threat of indictment.”

    Wasserman Schultz insisted that’s not the case on their side either, but Kelly brought up how there’s an investigation into Hillary Clinton going on right now. Wasserman Schultz said, “Let’s not be melodramatic.”

    Kelly retorted, “Those are the facts.” …. 4 ….S U R E !!!!

  3. YIKES … DEBBIE … have U NOT heard .. of BILL CLINTON’S


    • Yeah, really. What’s worse? Talking vulgar or acting and being vulgar? Pigs. Let’s not forget who brought “vulgar” into the WH. Condoms on the Christmas tree. BJs in the Oval Office. The epitome of class? Hardly. Let’s also not forget who began all the name-calling. Remember the judge who was “Borked”?

    • ~ Wladyslaw Warnenczyk ….^^^^ 4 SURE!!! OUR MEN R DEAD!!!
      One more time …. For the stupid or frightened …. Perhaps frighteningly stupid: Benghazi is the reason for wiping the server clean: Why would Hillary Clinton ergo Obama administration send a gay man, as our ambassador, to one of 75 countries where a homosexual life style/same sex sexual preference is illegal!! Soooo once again for the dull and ignorant, frightened & stupid or perhaps the frighteningly stupid: In 75 countries of the world homosexuality is illegal (in some cases punishable by death), one of which is Libya!!! Is it merely more American arrogance? Is something more sinister involved? Did the Obama Administration … and more specifically Hillary Clinton want Chris Stevens dead ?? Dead men tell no tales …… 16 men on a dead man’s chest …… Only the chest in this instance was “weapons to Al-Qaeda’s associated rebels to overthrow Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi commonly known as Colonel Gaddafi.” Chris Stevens’ homosexuality was to be blamed for his death Until the Anti Allah Islam video seemed a more reasonable/appropriate Excuse. Clinton is a minion of the Obama Administration ….. ergo Clinton wanted Stevens dead ( since Dead men tell NO tales ) to avoid another weapons transfer/sale embarrassment as with Fast & Furious. Do not wonder if Stevens was homosexual …. do your research …. he was from Chicago as is Obama, & well known in the Gay Community!!! There are many capable ambassadors without sending a homosexual to LIBYA where homosexuality is a ….BIG …… Crime !!

  4. Bing Primary results & predictions has Cruz winning DC on Saturday, & Trump winning the other Wyoming on Saturday & all 5 states on Tuesday.

    It’s shaping up to be another

    Trumpmazing Tuesday!!! …..GO TRUMP!!!

  5. Carly Fiorina Endorses Ted Cruz …that face keeps talking ….ha

  6. This is ripe, Dem debate question, “Who gave you permission to setup a private email server ?” http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/dem-debate-question-hillary-clinton-will-drop-out-if-indicted-video/

    • Good question. AS IF anything happens in his administration without him knowing and/or directing it.

      Is Jorge suddenly changing his spots and perhaps supporting a “Latino” for POTUS. OR will he be for Fauxcahontas? The B team?

  7. HEY ..RUBY’.. guess you SHOULD do a .. “Coitus Interruptus”
    2 save Face & Future .. Were hangin’ with small hands …
    if that’s OK with U!!! a “VERY SMALL” TURN OUT Dude … WOW


    • Did you hear that NOW he’s sorry he “went there” with the small jokes because his kids were disappointed and embarrassed by it. Ya think? Clueless, therefore unqualified. Simple as that.

  8. MORE … WHEN dear LORD ….when?? will U CLEAN HOUSE???

  9. ~ gregzotta •
    Melania is beautiful & was a model, so what is wrong with that?

    Killary Clinton is a Closet lesbian & her Spouse is a Serial Rapist.

    Melania is not running for president, she happens to be the wife of
    the one who is.

  10. Sarah Palin ….. post IT!

  11. Miri ….ha … HERE comes BEN !Gettin’ on the TRUMP TRAIN
    RIDE ON! …..LET’S R O L L …… USA ….USA!!!


  12. BLACK ….. ^^^^^ is BEAUTIFUL ……ha! ROCK & ROLL

  13. SUPER DICK “Anderson COOPER” MILKS IT! what a TURKEY!
    TRUTH is TRUTH …COOP knows NOTHING? go back 2 school!


  14. ~ Perhaps a better analogy for the Trump phenomenon is that he more resembles what is called a Liposome than any form of medicine.
    A liposome is a microscopic membrane shell that can be used to Encapsulate things such as antibiotics & Deliver them MORE Effectively
    to specifically Targeted areas of Infection
    (I only know this because I’m invested in a biotech that’s using liposomes
    to deliver a common antibiotic directly to serious lung infections).
    What’s the use in administering a known effective drug (even a superior one) if it has little chance of ever reaching its intended target?

  15. FILL the POOL ….with the MED’S …..NEEDED….2 CURE!


  16. Steven Nardizzi CEO ~ Al Giordano COO…. 2 SICK SOULS 4 Sure



  17. TRASH !….. DIAMOND & SILK need 2 ADD these 2 CON-MEN
    IN 2 the “BOWL of STUPID” ….. thinking they COULD SHINE ….
    on MONEYS $$$$$$ given ….FROM the HEART … JUST CONS


  18. ~ FatFreedom – Mar. 10, 2016

    Chuck Norris has been teaching Trump to roundhouse kick which he will use to defeat the Canadian with.

    Some other Trump Supporters:
    -Ann Coulter
    -Michael Savage
    -Lou Dobbs
    -Rush Limbaugh has not officially supported Trump but would be happy with him as our next President
    -Sean Hannity has not officially supported Trump but would be happy with him as our next President
    -Sarah Palin
    -Joe Arpaio the famous Sheriff
    -Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty
    -Ted Nugent
    -Alex Jones
    -Phyllis Schlafly
    – Mark Dice man on street interviewer
    -Mike Ditka Sports reporter who just left (fired?) his job after coming out in support of Trump
    -Jim Robinson, founder of Free Republic
    -Jerry Falwell Jr
    -Pat Robertson from the 700 Club to name a few.

    Ted Cruz’s New World Order connection “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

  19. As horrific a candidate as Donald Trump truly is,?????? NOT SO!!!! Clinton & Sanders are a greater threat to the survival of America as founded. Like Obama, they mean to further transform our country into something it was never meant to be.

    Thanks to the Democratic Party’s rigged system of superdelegates,
    Clinton is a glimpse into the….. “Heart of Darkness” !!!!!!

  20. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/so-called-low-information-voter/

    Sarah’s answer to Cruz’s insult to Trump’s supporters.

    I would add that we “low information” people would love to have the information that proves Cruz is eligible to even run for POTUS. Oh, yeah. That’s right. It may not exist. Just another way he’s like Barry.

  21. ~ bckhmlc123, new york, United States,
    Trump won the debate. Personally, & knowing people working very closely to him on this campaign, I know he is actually a very caring, humane and a beyond brilliant individual. I am glad he let that side shine tonight. He has constantly been on the defensive and I am glad he got some offensive time tonight. #Trump2016 …….GO TRUMP SHINE ON!!!!!! ha

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3486927/Trump-centric-fight-night-canceled-Republican-debate-candidates-stage-love-party-chairman-says-GOP-support-nominee-is.html#ixzz42Z7HwbkU
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  22. While Obama has illegally ordered the release of drug dealers, Muslim terrorists & illegal aliens from prison, when it comes to White Patriots the regime is determined to see to it that they go to prison- for a LONG time.

    Yeah, that’s who he is- a filthy scumbag. BHO BSO ?? just WHO R U ?

    – See more at: http://www.teaparty.org/obama-just-dealt-massive-blow-to-oregon-militia-members-life-in-prison-for-these-new-charges-148233/?promocode=tpo-2378698&utm_source=newsemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tpo-2378698#sthash.meFHpbfR.dpuf

    • I read a story recently that said that ORIGINALLY the FBI agents didn’t report firing ANY shots whatsoever at Mr. Finicum. Only after the investigation did they discover bullets in the car and, iirc, in a tree that did NOT belong to the state troopers. Then, the FBI fessed up. But only after getting caught. Isn’t it equally a CRIME to make a false report or to withhold evidence of something like this shooting? I saw an autopsy photo that showed the man WAS indeed shot in the left side and so it was very likely that he was grabbing at his wounded side INSTEAD of reaching for a gun, as claimed by the men who shot him down. They shot him in the back, according to the story at FOTM. I would suspect that they’re going to overcharge in order to force them to cop a plea so they WILL avoid a trial, which, of course, would come with discovery, cross-examination of the witnesses and shooters, and a forum for the “militia” members. It would only be justice IF THEY TREATED THE BLM PEOPLE EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Speaking of them, they’re promising to majorly disrupt and “shut down” Trump’s rally today in Missouri. I still cannot fathom why Trump, unlike the DemoncRATS like Obama and Hillary, doesn’t tightly control who attends his rallies. He allows these rabble-rousers in and then the media turns on TRUMP and calls him racist for having them thrown out which, in most cases, is done by the Secret Service in order to PROTECT TRUMP. I pray for his safety.

      Update: Supposedly 34 arrested in MO rally. “Protesters” that is. So the Breitbart reporter who alleges that Trump’s campaign manager “assaulted” her filed a complaint with the police. There’s video at Gateway Pundit, but she didn’t miss a beat in her attempt to interrogate Trump during the “assault”, so one has to seriously doubt that anybody even grabbed her arm. If someone had, and if it was strong enough to leave bruises, one would think her voice would have quavered. But it didn’t.

      First they said she was pulled to the ground, but there’s nothing like that on the second video that emerged. It appears that a “short-haired” Secret Service agent might have gotten between her and Trump when she reached toward him with something in her hand. That would assuredly be a “no no”.

      I see an agent moving up quickly to get in there, so I can understand why/how the Secret Service would assure Trump that NOTHING happened. It’s all a lie and this is a technique the left has perfected.

      Just because she allegedly “reports” for Breitbart (which is against Trump) doesn’t mean she’s NOT a leftist. It’s been said elsewhere that she (1) also accused someone falsely of hacking her LinkedIn account, (2) said Allen West sexually assaulted her (obviously false, because where are the charges?), (3) said police in NYC hit her with batons and knocked her to the ground (sound familiar?) during an Occupy “protest” she was allegedly covering, and (4), iirc, accused someone back in college of assaulting her. I haven’t researched any of this, so it’s all just “alleged” that she made these claims, but if so it certainly sounds like she has a track record of this kind of thing.

      As I said, the left perfected this. I’ve told you before how a minion of Dick Gephardt pulled a similar stunt when he was losing in the polls to a guy called Federer in a Senate contest. The Gephardt minion took a pratfall in front of Federer, who at the time was marching in a family-type parade. The minion said that Federer “assaulted” him and knocked him down. There was video and it was obvious that the guy staged the whole thing. Eventually it was proven false (after he also had the gall to try to press charges against Gephardt’s opponent) but not before the media had publicized the whole thing as TRUE and it cost Federer the election.

      They also had accused Federer of being a KKK/Nazi/white supremacist (sound familiar?) because Federer had written a history book, iirc, about the CONSTITUTION, which was being sold on what was purported to be a white supremacist site, as if the man is responsible for the political beliefs of anyone who sells his books. It worked for Gephardt, though, years ago, so they’re doing it more and more, especially when polls are going against them. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/trump-reporter-made-up-story-of-being-grabbed-on-arm-by-campaign-manager/

        • Michelle Joann Fields… ….more TRASH…. ???????

          WORKIN’ IT …4 S U R E!!!! SURE.. “CASHIN’ IN” ~ another KELLY!

          Education Pepperdine University (B.A.)
          Occupation Political journalist ~Years active 2011–present
          Employer Fox News Channel ~ Breitbart News Network
          Website http://www.michellefields.com

          Michelle Joann Fields is an American political journalist who is a
          Breitbart News Network reporter & a former Fox News Channel contributor. Upon graduating from Pepperdine University in 2011,

          SHE Gained National attention after Having a Confrontation WITH
          actor ……..”Matt Damon” ….. over teacher tenure reform.

          ~ After the Altercation, ….. ha! ……..SHE GETS

          Hired as a Reporter at The Daily Caller.
          Fields left The Daily Caller in 2012, later becoming a Correspondent
          for PJ Media.
          Fields is a Regular panelist on the Fox News program Cashin’ In.

            • VIDEO of lies…… & it looks like HE had his HAND on her Upper
              ARM??? did SHE BRUISE ……her-Self??? LIES … sick folks


              • I have the same question, Zen, and a few more. Did she bruise herself? ARE THOSE EVEN BRUISES or are they makeup? Is she on anything or does she have an illness that makes her bruise easily? How do we know that’s even HER ARM? How do we know WHEN that photo was taken (not just tweeted)? There’s nothing identifying her in the photo. Nothing identifying the location of the photo. Who took the photo? How? Why? When? Nobody even questions HER but they accept at face value what she claims when the evidence of the truth is right there in front of us.

                She said he grabbed her so hard that it hurt and that he nearly PULLED HER TO THE GROUND. There’s nothing like that on the video. Her voice doesn’t skip a beat. Her face doesn’t register ANYTHING remotely resembling pain or even surprise, but perhaps aggravation. It’s the face of a person who’s accustomed to being in crowded media “scrums”. It’s obviously a set up, if only by the evidence of the “audio” they released to make it seem real.

                When was that audio recorded, btw? Could it have been dubbed over the background sounds of a crowded room? I would think so. In any case, WHY would her friend be so quick to suggest WRITING ABOUT IT in his next day’s story, which just happened to be about Trump’s faithful crew?

                She didn’t even know who it was who allegedly grabbed her, because she HAD TO ASK HIM, her friend. Which reminds me: Did anybody even watch that guy’s face to see if he was even looking her way when this allegedly happened?

                She’s obviously a drama queen who wants to be the story. How else do you explain a person who compares being jostled in a crowd, or even grabbed by the arm in a crowd, to losing one’s father at the tender age of 46? (Don’t know how old she was when he died, but probably young, seeing as how he wrote for In Living Color.)

                What’s as interesting is that the WaPo friend asked her what “threat” she was to Trump that this was allegedly done to her which, imho, probably means being shouldered away from Trump when she was too close to him and pointing that communication device at him, which could (let’s be real) hold a weapon. You don’t ask someone what “threat” they pose unless, perhaps, it just WAS THE SECRET SERVICE AGENT who pulled her or jostled her away. Ya think?

          • Her father is deceased. He was a writer named Greg Fields. I don’t know his ethnicity, but he was white. Her mother apparently is the Honduran. Her name is Xiomara or something like that. Michelle is/was a “libertarian”. Apparently at one time a Ron Paul supporter. http://www.c-span.org/video/transcript/?id=8306 Full of herself: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mckaycoppins/the-highs-and-lows-of-being-a-ris#.mf5OlAxey

          • ~ Bingo • an hour ago

            I just watched the video !! What an exaggerated pile of crap !! In no way was this women abused !! All of Trumps security were right behind him following !! She got schootched over in a very gentlemanly way !!! Less than a foot if that!!! She was in the pathway and they were doing their jobs !! The only bruise she got was to her ego!! Because she didn’t get to ask Donald a question while he exited !!!

            • Liberals are saying that just to “put your hands on” someone else is assault. In which case, I get assaulted EVERY TIME I’m in a crowd, in a line at a restaurant, at a concert, etc. Let’s get serious. They are just so deranged.

        • ~ 4EverHis – Mar. 12, 2016 at 10:25am …O’ Michelle ??????

          Ya know, pictures say a thousand words 🙂 Here it proves It is a Secret Service Agent directly behind Trump, NOT his campaign manager. The guy in the plaid shirt, is the WP reporter, who just happened to be the ONLY witness to this fake story?

  23. ~Jan Corrigan · Boss at Retired …..^^^
    Let the Hammonds out of prison & replace them with some drug dealers, murders, child molesters or some other “criminals”.
    …… Admit that Lavoy Finicum was murdered. !!!!!!

    ~ Robert Chambers
    Obama is committing Treason everyday ignoring the Constitution & it’s time he Stands Trial for it. Now he is even trying to play Judge & Jury & makes up his own charges?????? WTF!

    ~ Douglas Rodrigues · Truckee Meadows Community College
    Obama is pushing for violence. He may have pushed too far. The next time there is a confrontation between citizens & government agents l’ll bet that blood will flow on both sides.

    • I’m still waiting for justice for LTC Lakin. What of HIS “free speech rights” and his right to stand up to authority? All he did was ask questions. Speaking of free speech, did you see that Mike Ditka lost his commentating job at ESPN simply for daring to call Obama what he really is–the WORST president ever?

  24. Who WON…… the CNN Florida Debate? ha’ @ the BLAZE!!!!!
    Donald Trump
    61 %
    Marco Rubio
    7 %
    Ted Cruz
    30 %
    John Kasich
    2 %
    27,549 Votes

    • I don’t really have an awful lot of respect for Breitbart, after that BS with the reporter who claimed that Trump’s campaign manager assaulted her.

  25. Ha
    I said this would happen:

    Obama Mocks Cruz: ‘Where Else Could a Boy Born in Calgary Run for President of the United States?’

    9:29 PM, Mar 10, 2016 | By Daniel Halper

    At tonight’s state dinner with Canada, President Obama took a swipe at Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada.

    He knows he got away with it!

    • Some gall, huh? He loves to stick his thumb in our eyes. Hmm. Interesting that he calls Cruz “boy”.

      This is what they do instead of mourning Nancy Reagan, a CLASSY First Lady who deserved the term LADY. Had to read a gag-worthy story in the “news” paper this morning telling us all about this fancy state dinner and the lovely and expensive DRESS MOOCH WORE. This, from the same media that excoriated Nancy Reagan, not to mention Sarah Palin, for spending money on clothes.

      btw, why is it that so few stories these days allow comments and allow everybody to see and read them? Some allow them, but one must sign in and be IDENTIFIED even just to READ the comments. Nazis.

  26. It’s always preferable to kick off the weekend with a good laugh, so here you go:

    Barack Obama said Thursday that he has “not contributed to” dividing the country. Blame for that, he said, lies at the feet of Republicans and Obama-critical media outlets.

    During a White House press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday, Obama said, “I’ve said at the State of the Union that one of my regrets is the degree to which polarization and the nasty tone of our politics has accelerated rather than waned over the course of the last 7 1/2 years.”

    He’s totally right, provided YOU Don’t remember things like
    “Get IN…….. their Faces”? …… SLIME BALL USURPER !!!!!!!!!!

  27. http://go.cnn.com/?stream=cnn …. if it works??? just NASTY

  28. Guess who was outside protesting Donald Trump?
    …Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

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