If You Need a Reason to Vote for Trump …

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you won’t find a better one than this.  Al Sharpton recently said:

If Donald Trump is the nominee … I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins.

Res ipsa loquitur!

Bye bye, Al. Sorry, but we won’t miss you.




82 responses to “If You Need a Reason to Vote for Trump …

  1. But the problem is two-fold……. First, Ms. Kelly appointed herSelf fact-checker here, exactly as Ms. Crowley had done Four years ago.
    By correcting Mr. Trump in saying, “That’s never been publicly available,” she is no longer simply refereeing but awarding points, as well. Second, she’s wrong. And she had to have known it. TRASH & a JOKE!!!

  2. TRUMP ….a NO SHOW!!! get used 2 IT!!! GO TRUMP!
    GLENN BECK ….is a SICKO…!!! I listen to him & his CREW ….
    YUK UP nightly … THEY …AREN’T WELL …. 4 sure!


  3. Religious ………
    Beck during his religiously-themed speech at the Restoring Honor rally on August 28, 2010.

    Beck has credited God for saving him from drug and alcohol abuse, professional obscurity, and friendlessness.[163] In 2006, Beck performed a short inspirational monologue in Salt Lake City, Utah,[164] detailing how he was transformed by the “healing power of Jesus Christ”, which was released as a CD two years later by Deseret Book, a publishing company owned by the LDS Church, entitled An Unlikely Mormon: The Conversion Story of Glenn Beck.[165]

  4. ~ Date: Sunday – March 6, 2016 … POWERFUL CURES!!!!
    Host: George Noory ~ Guests: Christian Wilde,

    Author and researcher Christian Wilde has devoted 17 years to researching and reporting on health modalities. He joined George Noory in the first half to share some of the latest medical information about Cancer. About 1 out of 2 people will get some form of Cancer in their life time, & contrary to what many believe, it is not a recent disease– skeletons from 3,000 to 7,000 years ago have been found riddled with it, he noted. Yet a single cure has been elusive, as there are so many different forms and complexities of the disease. According to research, one treatment has shown promise– the Curcumin found IN.. Turmeric can selectively Alter pathways linked to inflammation & the Metastasizing of Cancer Cells, he cited. …….YEP …..

    A new cancer approach known as immunotherapy has also recently gained attention, as it was used to successfully treat Jimmy Carter’s brain cancer– no signs of the disease showed up on his recent MRI. Working in a way that’s less damaging & toxic than chemotherapy, immunotherapy aims to get the body’s own immune cells to target & destroy specific cancer cells. Dr. Jim Allison is working on a project to trick the cancer cells into dropping their shield, so the body’s natural immune cells can spot them, Wilde detailed. It’s a whole new concept to treat the body’s immune system rather than treating the disease or tumor, he added.


    Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke
    Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair
    A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds
    Embracing Death
    Turning the Corner on Grief Street

    • He needs to make a bumper sticker of this line from the story:

      “He wasn’t a prick.”

      That’s high praise from one’s high school classmates, and it says it all.


  6. ~ cfkerchner 98p · ……. WOW WOW WOW??? not cool @ ALL!
    As said elsewhere in this thread, what Joe Farah has done by endorsing a foreign born triple citizen at birth is “beyond hypocrisy”. As to Joe Farah using us, I remember all the news that citizen researchers on their sites broke and/or tipped Joe Farah to, … & then Joe Farah and WND picked it up from one of our sites or via a tip from one of us. & then said news was reported or passed off on their site or on national TV as something that he & / or his reporters dug up & broke, without so much as a simple hat tip to the real person or site & research who broke that story. I have had first hand experience with that with Joe Farah as well as others have told me the same. Joe Farah has now openly for the whole world to see … shown us his true core and principles & belief as to steadfastly supporting Article II Section 1 Clause 5 the Constitution, despite personal political affinities to any particular candidate. Does the name Benedict Arnold come to anyone else’s mind?

    ~ JockPatriot 90p ·
    Roger that CDR.
    And when they had info, they didn’t help America by getting it out there, they sold the book just like they sell there email lists & who knows what else. They messed with Sheriff Joe’s investigation too……………………..
    The worst kind of traitors. …………………….

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2016/03/buck-birther-promoter-joseph-farah.html#VweOVL5X2jaUVzlQ.99

    • Well, WE’VE had that experience, too, haven’t we? The part about “without so much as a simple hat tip.” Did he seriously back Cruz?

    • Well, WE’VE had that experience, too, haven’t we? The part about “without so much as a simple hat tip.” Did he seriously back Cruz?

    • I’m waiting for the screeching harridan to lose her voice, so we have some well-earned silence. Bill’s on the way to losing his. She’s back to screaming again and I can’t get to the “mute” button fast enough. If only there were a mute button that worked in real life.

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