President George Washington’s Birthday 2016

It was cold. It was wet. Yet George Washington was leading, and not from behind. He was a brave man. Ever in the thick of it. Seemingly unafraid.

A true leader.

In one battle early in his career, Washington had two horses shot out from under him. When the battle was done, he found no less than four bullet holes in his coat. Thanks be to God, he was unscathed.

At the Battle of Princeton, during the Revolutionary War, the Americans were being routed by the British until Washington rode out in front, calling out to the retreating troops,

Parade with us, my brave fellows! There is but a handful of the enemy, and we will have them directly.

Now there’s a MAN.

Though he could have been king, or at least remained president for life, Washington retired. Can anyone imagine our current president refusing a crown or an endless number of terms?

It’s long past time to make the USA great again, after nearly eight years in which the current president seemed more interested in diminishing our great nation than in ensuring that it remains that shining city on a hill.

Let us hope and pray that the upcoming presidential election leads to the fundamental restoration of our great Republic.

Thank you and happy birthday, President George Washington!

May God continue to bless the United States of America.


66 responses to “President George Washington’s Birthday 2016

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    tomorrow … you got lots of crunch & smack! ha …so WHAT !!!

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