Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our dear friends!

We’ve been together now for, lo, these many years.

A “marriage” made in heaven.

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Sweets for the sweet. Love to you all!



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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day ~ with thanks and appreciation.

    Does anyone know why this information is hidden in plain sight?


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Stanley Ann Dunham, redux.

      Am upset about Scalia as I am certain everyone is. We are so screwed. If ANYONE believes this isn’t Obama’s last act of destruction by permanently stacking SCOTUS (lifetime appointment as no one here needs reminding of) which will pass amnesty and gun grabs, there are multiple bridges which may just be available for sale at some point in our lifetime.


      • We are in such sad times when we must question/ doubt anything we hear as a news report. Nothing can be taken at face value.

        Happy Valentine’s Day!

        • Same to you, dear Papoose. Love you. Pray for our nation and our people.

          • Yes, I am praying. Thanks for all you do, dear Miri. Love you, too.

            • I know you’re praying. That was kind of a blanket admonition for everyone reading. I’ve recently seen the power of prayer in a personal way, when someone made a miraculous recovery after several hundred people prayed hard for her (it was the child of a friend). So there’s lots of hope if we all pray, and hard. RIP, Justice Scalia. Condolences to his family. He has a lot of children and probably a lot of grandchildren, too. A saintly man. Maybe he can put in a good word for our country. We can ask St. John Paul, too. He has a personal stake in defeating commies and Marxists, after all.

              • Learning once again, myself, there is much comfort in prayer. There’s a place to turn when things seem impossible to bear.

      • I am sick to my stomach about Scalia. Not just for the loss of a good man and jurist, but also because of HOW this went down. No autopsy. The looooooong delay in announcing it. The decision by a JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (not a doctor, not a coroner, not a COP, and OVER THE PHONE) that he died of “natural causes” and a “heart attack”, and then his body is sent in the dead of night to a funeral home where it’s EMBALMED and the DEMOCRAT, first Mexican-American female justice decides NO AUTOPSY necessary. Assuming, too, not one investigative cop at the scene to do an investigation? The same Democrat justice decides “no foul play” without seeing the scene, just on the say-so of the also Democrat alleged sheriff who was called in?

        This is one of the highest ranking people in our government and NOT FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE they decide it’s not necessary to investigate his very SUDDEN and unexpected DEATH and to rush to embalm him without an AUTOPSY that will explain to the people what happened? They autopsied Kennedy for goodness sake and it was rather obvious the cause of death.

      • Happy Valentine’s Day, RW.

    • Same reason Barry’s associations were hidden in plain sight. It doesn’t seem to matter because, it seems, it doesn’t matter what We the People know or WANT because we’re going to get what THEY want, no matter what we know.

      And here’s something I don’t know: Why my comments double and triple post. If you see more than one, it’s because SOMETHING is screwed up either with WordPress or my computer. I delete the duplicates and triplicates as I notice them. Sorry. I don’t know why it’s happening.

      • Well, the the next time Cruz brings up Donald Trump’s past stances maybe he should respond with a question about Ted’s poor, pitiful,young father who slithered into America to organize pro-Castro communist demonstrations and rallies on his college campus.

        • His dad really does make a person think twice and three times and more.

          • Always the cynic, I can’t help but wonder how coincidental it is that sanctions are lifted and Business is open in Cuba now. Probably want to drag the the little Island into the North American Union. Nice little vacation spot for the “national” elites.

            And, yes, last night Cruz said, regarding Trump, opinions may change but one’s core beliefs do not. Something to that effect.

  2. A Valentine for American Patriots ~

  3. Now its no wonder why they live in the Momager’s compound and want people to dress in colorless rags.


    • Kanye explained that his new album is not named after Pablo Picasso or Pablo Escobar, but rather Paul the Apostle.

      Paul was not an Apostle, dumbass. He was an eventual disciple. He never even met Jesus. He took over the Church of Jerusalem and gave Jesus a Greek surname, Christ.

    • Is he setting up a Go Fund Me so we peons can bail him out? That’s his wife? I thought THAT was Caitlyn Jenner.

  4. I’m thinking about Breitbart tonight. He died of sudden heart failure,
    a condition with no tell tale clues in an autopsy.

    • Exactly. And just to be sure–no autopsy. Not the last time I checked the stories, although there’s supposedly a Texas LAW requiring one. Apparently, however, the “coroner” can waive it. But WHAT coroner? It was a justice of the peace from another area. Supposedly another justice, the one who had authority, said she would have ordered one but didn’t get there “in time”. But even if an autopsy, there are things that disappear from the body within minutes or hours and there was that pesky delay even announcing his death. WTF took so long? He didn’t show up for breakfast, but they didn’t tell the country until evening! Just another typical day in the Obamanation. I suppose it’s also a coincidence that they recently took his questions out of context and branded him as a racist, maybe just so people won’t be inclined to wonder how and why he died so suddenly and speak out about the need to know for sure what happened?

      Wait! I’ve got it. The reason for the delay in announcing it. They had to wait until Barry’s golf game was over. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/02/obamas-slouching-casual-demeanor-an-insult-that-marred-sppech-on-scalia-death/

      • He was found with a pillow over his head.

            • OMG. Unbelievable. But “no foul play” and no need for an autopsy. If it were an infant, they’d do an autopsy to rule out SIDS, child abuse, suffocation versus “natural causes” even if accidental suffocation. But there was no need for an autopsy, according to the Democrat sheriff. Unbelievable.

          • PILLOW ?.. just HIT ME .. was THIS his SIGN …THAT “he KNEW”
            SOME 1 PLAYED a TRICKED HIM? & he could NOT MOVE? BUTT’
            that he was dying … dying … alone … so weird so sad mysterious?


              • “We discovered the Judge in bed, …. a Pillow OVER his HEAD. ???
                His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter.

                “He was lying very restfully. It looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap,” he said.

                “His hands were sort of almost folded on top of the sheets,” Poindexter
                told the New York Times. “The sheets weren’t rumpled up at all.”

                • I’m trying to imagine how one’s hands can be folded on top of the sheets. Was he on his back? Then wouldn’t they be folded on his stomach?

                • ~ rodguy911 • @ wnd…^^^^
                  What is Strange is if IT … were a HIT … why would they Leave the
                  pillow on his head??? …… !!!! unless they are Sending a Message.

                  COULD ….BE JUST THAT!

                  Also wreaks of bin laden all over again with NO body to Examine.

                  • ~ Dontbegullible
                    Right. Just like Loretta Fuddy ……”SUBUD QUEEN” ….the only person who died out of an entire plane full of people who Verified Barrack Obama,
                    Barry Soetoro, or is it Barack Huessin Obama’s birth certificate. Yeah. Perfectly normal.

                    Or check out the Clinton Body Count…Yeah. Perfectly normal.
                    And they call Mexico corrupt.

                    ~ Nevadasmith74
                    I just hope Clarence Thomas hires himself …. some bodyguards. !!!

                    • At the ranch, Poindexter said, Scalia “was very congenial. He spoke to anyone who would address him.”

                      HE SAT NEXT?????? to Scalia at a Dinner of “typical ranch fare.”
                      He didn’t recall what the justice ate, except that it wasn’t steak.

                      “I spent quite a bit of time talking to him — about nothing official, just pleasantries: Texas scenery, outdoors, what life is like in Washington,” Poindexter said. “He didn’t come to have a long conversation about jurisprudence.”

                      By dinner’s end at about 9 p.m., Poindexter said, “he seemed in good spirits.”

                      “He stood up & said he was TIRED, he had had a Long Week & he would see us in the morning,” he said.
                      I went over & ….. “FELT …. HIS H A N D” …. & it was Very COLD, NO Pulse. ….. ” the ….”HAND” … NOT THE HEAD!!! ????)
                      You could SEE he was NOT alive. –
                      John Poindexter, ….. Owner of the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas

                    • To: PghBaldy …@freerepublic
                      More on the upstanding Houston businessman who discovered the good Justice’s body, & who had invited him to this remote location alone in the first place:

                      THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH Despite the Reagan-Bush Justice Department’s strategic inaction in prosecuting Contra-connected drug operations, legal actions were taken against some disillusioned Contra supporters who spoke out against the drugs and corruption.

                      On June 28, 1988 a Federal grand jury in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, handed down indictments against 13 pro-Contra mercenaries for conspiring to violate the Neutrality Act, which prohibits U.S. citizens from direct, private involvement in foreign wars.

                      A key target of the indictment was former Contra-trainer, Jack Terrell. Months before the Iran-Contra scandal erupted, Terrell, a U.S. citizen, voluntarily provided the Miami U.S. Attorney, the FBI, Congress, and journalists with information about the grittier aspects of the illegal Contra network. As an investigator for the International Center for Development Policy, Terrell had prepared an exhaustive list of the major and minor players in the Contra secret war.

                      However, after Terrell appeared on a June, 1986, CBS news-magazine show, National Security Advisor John Poindexter wrote a memo to President Ronald Reagan terming Terrell a “terrorist threat” because of his public allegations about the Contra network’s alleged human-rights abuses, drug-running and arms smuggling.

                      Poindexter also suggested that Terrell might be a foreign agent for the Nicaraguan government, threatening to assassinate the President.

                      “This is the ultimate reward you get for talking,” Terrell said in an interview after he was indicted. “When you blow the whistle, when you talk against the policy and start exposing corruption… then the administration’s policy starts falling apart and people start falling off the wall like Humpty Dumpty. Then they go after you with everything they got.”

                      It turns out that Terrell had been attracting concern for a while. Eighteen months earlier, Robert Owen, a former aide to then-Senator Dan Quayle, wrote North a memo stating that Terrell “knows too much and it would do no one any good if he went to the press. He has to be finessed out.”
                      He was.

                    • Wasn’t that a different Poindexter?

                    • Story changes again. It was “above” his head, not on it.

                    • Ditto that last comment.

            • There is a fast acting paralyzing drug that is commonly used in general anaesthesia. I don’t remember the name of the drug. It’s purpose is to rapidly secure paralysis of the muscle system so that the anaesthetist can safely take over control of the body and insert a breathing tube etc. It does not paralyze the heart muscle. From what I understand one may have seconds during which some movement is still possible and before the effect of ceasing breathing takes over. So there is some possibility that Zenway’s theory has merit.

              • The other explanation is that the pillow is the horse’s head in your bed,
                no attempt at concealment,.

                • My thoughts exactly.

                • That occurred to me, too. Shot across the bow. I hope the other justices have better protection. If we never see a body? I’m just speculating.

                  • Its the US Marshal’s duty to protect SCOTUS. I guess since he was dead all they had a duty to was talk about it for hours.

                    Why did they not retrieve his body within the hour?


                    • Yeah. I just looked that up. So they’re supposed to be like Secret Service but protecting over 2200 federal judges AT ALL TIMES. In which case, then why weren’t they ON HAND but instead had to be called and then flown in? Good question. Why didn’t they retrieve his body and why weren’t they THERE already, guarding/protecting him, like the SS protects Barry?

                      Okay. So I read some more and there are supposed to be U.S. Marshal bodyguards with him AT ALL TIMES. So where were they and why weren’t THEY concerned when Poindexter tried hard to wake him up at 8:30 a.m. by banging on his door? Why didn’t THEY investigate his safety before Poindexter came back hours later to look in on him again?

                      I can think of a scenario where he might be found as they said:
                      He feels tired or even sick. Goes to his room. Changes into his pajamas. Sits up with the pillows propped behind him, maybe watching TV. His heart stops. He falls to the side. One of the pillows he was propped up with falls over on his head. His pajamas unwrinkled and the sheets unrumpled. It’s possible. Was the TV on?

                      Okay. So MORE BS: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/texas-tv-station-scalia-died-of-a-heart-attack/2016/02/14/938e2170-d332-11e5-9823-02b905009f99_story.html

                      “In a statement Sunday, the U.S. Marshals Service, which provides security for Supreme Court justices, said that Scalia had declined a security detail while at the ranch, so marshals were not present when he died. “Deputy U.S. Marshals from the Western District of Texas responded immediately upon notification of Justice Scalia’s passing,” the statement said.”

                      I read in comments on one of the other links where someone said his own son works for the U.S. Marshals. They protect all these judges and, like presidents, they CANNOT REFUSE the protection. They MUST be with the protected person at all times. This is BS. A set up. The person commenting said that his son said that possibly the marshals were undercover and the others at the ranch didn’t know who or what they were, but they were there. However, apparently not. Right? So WHERE WERE THEY and how were they compromised? This calls for a Congressional investigation. NOW.

                    • Remind me: Wasn’t Breitbart’s family besieged, too? Maybe afraid to contest anything? Children and all, you know.

              • That’s so scary. God bless his soul.

            • Anything is possible (indeed, probable) in the Obamanation. So many questions still to be answered. Why didn’t his family request an autopsy? As with SH and other events, “answers” dribble out and the story changes as questions are asked. I’ve read two different versions of Poindexter’s comments. In one, there’s NO MENTION of any pillow or unwrinkled PJs. Why not? (That was in the lamestream, of course. Wouldn’t want to encourage the tinfoil-hat wearers.)

              Wouldn’t it be important to know time of death? A 12-plus-hour window between when he went to bed (9-10 p.m.) and when he was “found” dead in bed (11 a.m. next day, allegedly). Then there’s the delay in announcing it to the world (late afternoon). Well, understandable with so many children and grandchildren to notify first, but …

              Then there’s the weirdness of his being transported to the funeral home in the dead of night, by a cadre of MANY LEO automobiles, if one story I read is correct. Why a big-ass Obama-like motorcade? Was someone afraid the body would be snatched and a rogue autopsy performed or something? Or even that someone would SEE the body?

              NOW, today, comes a story that says his personal physician (UNNAMED, of course) examined his body. SAY WHAT? The justices of the peace couldn’t be bothered to go to the location but somehow his personal doctor allegedly flew to Texas and examined the body? This probably in response to questions about how they can declare a heart attack without any examination by a physician.

              Why no forensic exam in the room? btw, when he didn’t answer the door a 8:30 a.m., did anybody think to call him on the phone? Wouldn’t YOU worry if someone didn’t answer their door, especially if (as was likely) they had a date to meet that morning for some activity?

              If his PJs were unwrinkled, then doesn’t that sort of indicate that he didn’t sleep much at all that night, so might have died (or whatever happened) almost as soon as he changed clothes and got in bed? Could somebody have put him in his PJs after something was done to him? The pillow over the head is just additionally puzzling. The sheets “weren’t rumpled?” Yikes.

              Poindexter consulted with a doctor first? Over the phone? Why not immediately call for air ambulance? SOMETHING. Did they call 911?

              Now the woman who declared him dead and who yesterday say his DC will say “heart attack” is backing off that determination? What, then, will the DC say and will we EVER know? No toxicology is just INSANE.

              Here’s a thought: Could something have been administered to him in China, which took effect after he got back home? Wouldn’t you think our government, as a whole, would WANT TO KNOW? I mean, NATIONAL SECURITY, you know?

              Let’s think about all the cases that he would have been crucial in deciding and which now will probably go in favor of the obots. First up, UNIONS stood to LOSE BIG TIME. Now, we’ve never had any problem before with the possibility of unions being involved in organized crime and maybe even in assassinations, have we?

              Then there’s the ruling coming up on COAL. Nobody in the enviro-whacko or even the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY is interested in the outcome of that one, huh? The UN is all on board with the global warming redistribution of wealth and making the U.S. PAY reparations for “poisoning the atmosphere”, not to mention preventing us from becoming energy independent. The SCOTUS stood to throw a real monkey wrench into that plan. Now?

              It’s just too suspicious to rush him to the funeral home and embalm him before any questions start being asked. So freaking suspicious. One has to wonder if his family was even consulted first? (The WND story says they chose the second funeral home. Now there were two funeral homes!) Why would Democrat justices of the peace make decisions contrary to Texas law and the NATIONAL INTEREST?

              If it had played out as one would have expected (911 and cops called; scene investigated; autopsy), then there would be not so many suspicions. But now? Is there 911 tape?

              This is typical in the Obamanation. Like Fuddy and Breitbart. More questions than answers and everybody just moves on.

              Will he lie in state?

              • One story that reports his unnamed personal doctor examined his body: http://www.ijreview.com/2016/02/537723-the-official-cause-of-justice-antonin-scalias-death-has-just-been-revealed/

                The other story, which I read in print, has been changed online to remove the part about the doctor actually examining his body. No indication, however, that the change was made. There are multiple lamestream stories that quote Poindexter but OMIT the part about the pillow, the unwrinkled pajamas, and the unrumpled sheets.

                • http://wallstreetonparade.com/2016/02/details-in-flux-in-death-of-justice-scalia/

                  I find this rather amusing. The writers wonder WHY the story and its details are in constant FLUX. Where have these people been for the past 8 years? This is how EVERY story in the Obamanation is. It’s 1984. History changes as necessary. Two different funeral homes. Two different visits by hearses and which carried him? Some stories say the body wouldn’t fly home until Tuesday; others say it already flew back on SUNDAY, which means he was embalmed by then because the law says he must be in order to leave the state. This article reports that one hearse was allegedly a “decoy”. So WHY did they need a decoy? Think about it. Why?

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day Ya’ll ❤

    • So interesting. Much I did not know. X O X O 🙂

      OMG. I just noticed the author! Does anybody remember me telling about the dirty trick some minion of Gephardt played on a rival politician? The minion staged a pratfall in front of the opposition candidate while the guy was marching in a neighborhood parade. This was right before an election and the minion filed a lawsuit, claiming he fell because he was attacked by the rival candidate (rival to Gephardt). The victim of Gephardt’s minion was Bill Federer. iirc, they may have filed criminal charges against him, after the false allegation of assault. Or they tried to get him arrested. So long ago, I don’t remember all the details. But Federer lost the race and, of course, the minion lost his lawsuit because it was apparent that it was a staged pratfall designed to damage Federer. Unfortunately, it worked. They really didn’t want to win any suit; the goal was to damage him in order to make him lose the election. Mission accomplished. This was one of the first times I saw the DemoncRATS in action with these kinds of “false flag” dirty tricks. They’ve gone miles to perfect the method since then. Glad to see that Federer has bounced back and is still fighting the good fight.

    • Every day is God’s.

    • Wow. A great read. So Saul Alinsky was pal of Frank Nitti.

      Very interesting. Thanks for bringing it over. X

  6. NOT on TRUMP’s .. WATCH… but ON the BUSH WATCH .. YES! …
    I’M STILL MAD & SAD .. MY love was in 1 of those PLANES now “dead”
    IT sure was … NOT on WTPOTUS’s… watch … WHO’s ? WATCH?


    • Say what you will, it’s true that it happened on GWB’s watch. That’s just a FACT. AND another fact is that they could have stopped it HAD they been more observant. Remember how they trained at OUR flight schools? Even to this day, they’re lax in overseeing the increasing numbers of muslims and other aliens in our country. It’s another disaster waiting to happen. In addition, there have been multiple terror attacks on us ON BARRY’S WATCH. All Trump is saying, imho, is he will do better. Time will tell. As for the Bush lied thing, the truth of it is somewhere in the middle. They THOUGHT Iraq being pacified and democratized would be a good thing and probably it would have been had BARRY NOT THROWN IT ALL AWAY.

      • I’m on the same page, Miri. That is, as far as what Trump was saying has some truth, in a lot of ways. As for that making Trump a great choice for president, I just can’t jump in those waters. Unfortunately the only one of alllllll those Repub candidates I could get behind is gone now, so…..
        I wouldn’t mind Cruz, if I believed he were eligible. Like most of us here, I will NOT be a hypocrite on that issue! 🙂
        Don’t get me wrong, I like the things Trump says, I just am far from convinced he both means them and has any idea how to implement them within the constraints of the current political system. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching the Party leaders squirm :)))

        • I’m as skeptical of Trump as you seem to be. I’m “gun shy” after this past 8 years. Can we trust ANYONE? I know what you mean about Cruz, but even he has dicey stuff besides the born in Canada issue. His father, for one thing. I know we can’t blame a person for his relatives, but that man would be a formative person in his life and I hear very little from Cruz about his MOTHER. The American (allegedly). Jury still out on whether or not she gave up U.S. citizenship by the time he was born. Like Barry, we need to see the documents, which are sorely lacking. I have no idea how Trump will behave if he wins. He talks a good game, as does Cruz, as does Rubio. Rubio! What to make of HIM? The foam parties and the YMCA-like dancing. Yikes. Are there ANY normal people in DC? Who was it who said he’d feel better being ruled by the first names in the Boston (iirc) phone book? Me, too. Seriously. We could probably do worse. What a crop of LOSERS. Carson would have been okay. Kasich, I could probably stomach. He seems a bit saner than the others, at least. Don’t want Hillary, OBVIOUSLY. She almost makes Sanders look like a good choice. The thing about Trump is that I have no doubt the man knows how to run a YUGE organization. This country needs an AUDIT and a house cleaning and to be run like a business. I THINK (hope) he actually would put the USA and her interests FIRST in any deal. Being a businessman, however, will he really deport the illegals or be sympathetic to all the businesses (Hello! Hotels and restaurants) that use them for cheap labor? I was SO LOOKING FORWARD to a break from constant worry, fear, anxiety. Will the next 8 years be any better? Who the hell knows? One bright spot: The recent decisions by SCOTUS that looked to roll back some of Barry’s crap. And now? God help us.

        • I think Trump knows far more how the government runs and how military/Nato/CIA goes about their business as well. I think because he knows he can’t just blurt out some of the underlying rEaL problems going on behind the scenes, but he is very aware. Just think about all the negative buffoonery talk about Trump (not that he hasn’t live up to some of it); it has come more from republicans than democrats. The blubbery coming from the right is what’s getting in the mind of unsure voters. Vote with common sense,not media driven frenzy. I’ve seen enough about Trump and his dealing with congress….I’ve listened to him for years in commentary situations. Congress and the different economic committees are delighted when he comes to speak with them and give them lessons on economics/housing/taxes/regulations,the poor and middle class….on and on. He speaks most eloquently , with clear understandable laymen’s terms and congress loves every word he had to say.
          I think Trump knows about the “deep state” and some of those inter workings. In the debate the other night….when he said Bush didn’t listen to his CIA when he went into Iraq.(It’s rare a candidate will mention CIA) I doubt anybody realized what that was insinuating. He knows the CIA has been all over the middle east and Obama takes his cues from these same dogs that they are……..I have a hunch Trump knows much more, but the neocons and typical republicans would literally take him out if he said too much, because he’s an anti-establishment republican.
          I think trump is much less a war monger than a Hillary or a Sanders. Yes, I’m skeptical but it’s about none of the things that any talking media heads are discussing.

    • some interesting comments by Lew Rockwell of Meese Institute on Bernie/ Trump/gov/ and paper money

  7. ~ Zoney Rank 0 …..^^^^
    @YarplyTwelve — Yo brainiac, you forgot to quote the part about the “pillow over his head.”

    He died of “natural causes” … with a “pillow over his head.” Nope, nothing to see here, nary an eyebrow to be raised.

    Wouldn’t expect anybody to ask any questions about something as “natural” as a pilow over the head, would we?

  8. lots 2 read .. as always.. Happy VD ~ L C & ALL here @ WTPOTUS!!!

  9. Mr. Poindexter called a hospital and, without identifying Justice Scalia, reported what had happened. A hospital official, Mr. Poindexter said, assessed that it would be impossible to resuscitate Justice Scalia, and ranch officials contacted the United States Marshals Service.

    That call set into motion hours of intense discussions about how to navigate the protocols associated with the death of a Supreme Court justice outside the Washington area.

    “No identity or clue was given that this was not another body found by hunters in the desert,” David Beebe, a justice of the peace, wrote in an email Saturday night.
    ~ ~

    Hours of intense discussions…but don’t rush

    Where were the U.S. Marshal’s helicopters that not one came to retrieve this Body that in my opinion should be lying In State?

    • Reading between the lines: Obama had his finger on all of it, meaning how it was handled after the discovery and including the delay in announcing until right before the Republican debate. I’m dense. Explain to me why the U.S. Marshals Service would take over and not, initially, the local police via a 911 call? Shouldn’t they first have called 911 and had paramedics flown in to decide whether to resuscitate and/or to NOT DISTURB A POTENTIAL CRIME SCENE? I guess we’re supposed to believe he left dinner, changed into his nice clean unwrinkled PJs, lay down, put a pillow over his own head, and then died “peacefully.” If he were any other 79-year-old man found dead in bed, one MIGHT overlook the no autopsy angle; but this guy was one of the most powerful men in our country. Why, instead of just calling 911, did Poindexter call a hospital and ask vaguely about the situation, without identifying the justice?

      What a weird thing to say: “not another body found by hunters in the desert.” WHAT? Did he die in bed or out in the desert. It’s a non sequitur.

  10. Trump’s PC 🙂

  11. http://pumabydesign001.com/2016/02/15/more-slaves-today-than-at-any-point-in-human-history-time-magazine-jan-18-2010/

    An interesting history lesson there and also the amazing fact that there are more slaves in the world TODAY than in all of human history. And guess what? MOST OF THEM are not black. Most are white, Asian, Hispanic. And in the muslim world. If not for white Christian European-Americans, there would still be black slavery in the USA, most likely.

  12. I’m just sayin’. Check out the “security” of the presidential suite where Scalia was found dead:

    Got enough windows? Anybody check to see if any had been jimmied? Guess not. Nothing to see here folks, MOVE ON.

    From a slide show here: http://ww2.hdnux.com/photos/43/67/47/9402845/3/1024×1024.jpg

    And a former DC homicide commander basically says, WTF: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/02/15/conspiracy-theories-swirl-around-the-death-of-antonin-scalia/

    You know, even if toxicology is out now, they can still look for needle marks. Right?

    And check it out: His personal physician is named and NOW he claims he can’t talk about the justice’s health due to confidentiality. AND YET, he was allegedly yapping away to a woman justice of the peace over the phone about Scalia’s health records just days ago. What about confidentiality then? Do cops or “justices of the peace” have a pass on HIPAA laws? OR don’t they need a warrant or court order, huh? Why can he talk to some woman over the phone (who could be anyone, get real) and tell her all about the judge’s health?

  13. Sick, evil people: http://hotair.com/archives/2016/02/15/former-obama-defense-official-pens-poison-letter-to-antonin-scalia/

    A sample of the screed from a former Obama administration minion:

    “Prepare yourself for pious proclamations of sorrow. Justice Antonin Scalia, stalwart conservative voice on the U.S. Supreme Court since 1986, is dead! Flags will be at half-mast, and for a few days, at least, everyone will pretend to consider Scalia’s death a terrible loss to the Court, the country, and the global legal and judicial communities.

    The global legal and judicial communities, however, will mostly be indulging in joyful private choruses of “Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead.” Or maybe not so private. … ”

    Nice, huh? If true, however, that the INTERNATIONAL “legal and judicial communities” hated him, then we may have to look abroad, as well, for the possible culprits, if any.

  14. About Donald Trump using that leftist catchphrase Bush lied:
    I hated that catchphrase because I knew the final objective of the Left was
    the defeat and destruction of our country, and that any intermediate
    truths or falsehoods didn’t matter a dam to them.
    I have two opposing pieces of evidence.There are photos of massive
    truck convoys, 1000 trucks long, leaving Saddam’s military bases and heading for the Syrian border in the two week period during which the UN stalled the invasion. Debkafile also posted information that the actual Iraqi nuclear program was headquartered in Libya at Al-Kufra oasis.
    On the other side three military sites, two very reliable ones, Bill Roggio’s Long War Journal and Michael Yon’s online magazine and a military appreciation site by patdollard.com carried articles by some military officers stating that after 9-11, President Bush realized he could not afford to try to defeat al-qaeda in the mountains of Afghanistan so a plan evolved to lure them all into a “killing field” – namely Iraq, and the war buildup was for that purpose.
    If true this is a military lie.
    It has also been said in British documentaries that Churchill knew about twelve hours in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbour and that he delayed telling the Americans until it was too late to defend the naval base. He alledgedly did this to ensure that a reluctant USA entered WWII because if it hadn’t England would have fallen, Hitler would have owned all of Europe, and become a much bigger monster than he ever managed.
    If true this is a dreadful military lie.
    Donald Trump was not making things up when he said Bush lied.
    The more complex argument, one that could not have been debated on TV,
    was whether that lie had value.
    We now pretty much know that nation building in our western democratic image doesn’t work in islamic countries.
    We also know that Obama systematically set out to reverse any gains that we had made in Iraq and Afghanistan and not only lose but be seen to lose in the most painful way possible to demoralize our citizens into thinking that we can never win anything useful again.
    So, did Bush lie? I think yes.
    Was the lie worth it? Obama guaranteed the answer was no.
    Did Trump lie? No.
    The only chance that Bush had of proving his case would have been to bomb those thousand truck convoys leaving Iraq to prove what they were, but if they contained VX, Sarin, etc and they were hit with conventional munitions, thousands of tons of lethal nerve gas would have killed everybody in countries downwind. The only possible bombing method would have to have been nuclear so that the high temperatures of the explosion destroyed the chemicals completely, Bush didn’t do that.
    Catch-22 anyways, safe destruction of the deadly cargo would have meant identification post the attack was not possible.
    Faced with two motives for entering Iraq, one justifies the other.
    I think Trump told the truth.

    • Wise analysis, as usual. I’ve heard that about Churchill and, seriously, you certainly can understand his reasoning, if it’s true. It worked, for the Brits, didn’t it? And where would we be without Britain? Is anybody going to argue the world would be better off if they were goose-stepping to Springtime for Hitler? Let’s just hope that our sacrifice in saving the UK from the Nazis isn’t lost in the long run in the same way that Iraq was deliberately lost after all our hard-won victories. Islamification. God help us and the UK. I think they’re wising up, but is it too late?

  15. If we were going after terrorist after 9/11 we’d have gone straight to Saudi Arabia, not Iraq and where the heck do you think Saddam got his weapons, Walmart? We’d have gone to China if that had been the case. We sold him the yellow cake/sarin, whatever. There are many rumors of Bush’s comments before 9/11 of wanting to go to war with Saddam; why, I don’t remember. Bush knew exactly where Osama B was since he was likely already dead…….Trump even made reference to going after families of terrorist in reference likely to the fact that he mentioned in a debate that many families were flown out of this country after nine eleven. Who the heck do you think he was referring to? That would be the bin laden family, sisters, girlfriends,ect. Bush knew a whole lot of crap that and he gets to play like a hero now. He’s a dipshiite!!!!! A liar!!!! and not only that, but I remember words of his in one of his own debates that he was in no way interested in nation building……Another LIE !

  16. War 😀

    John Nolte @NolteNC

    Cruz and Rubio have a town hall on CNN tomorrow night at 8pm

    Trump and @JoeNBC just announced a townhall on MSNBC tomm at 8pm,

  17. Is this like the Dean scream? 🙂

    • Did you see how Woodward said that all she does is shriek? Suddenly, after that was reported, she TRIED to contain herself, so then she sounded like some kind of zombie. Not to worry, the big fight she relishes against those obstructionists who want to keep “President” Obama from doing his “constitutional duty” by appointing another SCOTUS judge has brought back her screaming. I cannot take 8 years of that shrewish hollering. Could you?

  18. the BERNIE BUM ….vs TRUMP what a real BASKET CASE!!!
    & they just EAT HIM UP!!! not 2 ponder much really .. FREE 4 ME!


  19. Sanders spent most of his life as an Angry Radical & Agitator who never accomplished much of anything. And yet now he thinks he deserves the power to Run your Life & Your finances — “We will raise taxes;” he confirmed Monday, “yes, we will.” …. ….what a silly space taker

  20. Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor,
    & she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment. Then he had a child out of Wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink
    a nail. “He was a shi**y carpenter,” a friend told Politico Magazine. “His carpentry was not going to support him, & didn’t.”

    Then he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about “M-asturbation ….& R-ape” & other crudities for $50 a story.

    He drove around in a rusted-out, Bondo-covered VW bug with no working windshield wipers. Friends said he was “always poor” & his “electricity was turned off a lot.” They described him as a Slob who kept a messy apartment — & this is what his Friends had to say about him. !!!

  21. years ago Judges live to age 50 or so ….the LAW may need
    2 updated .. since we can be cemented till your 90’s or more


  22. LITTLE….. DO …they KNOW!!!
    By Jen Froderman Election 2016, Humor, Politics, Videos Dec. 5, 2015
    Two Black Women Enthusiastically Endorse Trump In The Weirdest Display You May Ever See (VIDEO)

    Donald J. Trump’s campaign has left us with no shortage of WTF moments. The latest, in which Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, the “Stump for Trump Girls,” perform their “little routine” for DJ himself in front of the fascist-adoring crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina will seriously just blow your mind.

    Hardaway and Richards were introduced by an overly excited and ever combed-over Trump, as an “internet sensation” and have become pretty well-known for their xenophobic rants about building a wall to keep America safe in support of Trump.

    This “routine” consists of very little other than rhyming rambling allusions to safety, and building a “Tall Wall” — oh, and endorsing Trump, except for a minor jab that the “media” has been ignoring them.

    However, they did it with a lot of enthusiasm as Trump stood off to the side, possibly marveling that two people (who really should know better) are right there and pimping the hell out of him…for free.

    Here is the mind-boggling video of the “Stump For Trump Girls” doing their best to get America to question their intelligence, compassion, political savvy and even basic humanity:

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