Identitarian Movement in Europe

A response to the threat of Islamization and the loss of cultural identity is brewing among the young people of Europe.  The “identitarian movement” began in France in 2002.  Subtitles in the video above explain the viewpoint of the German youth who are increasingly concerned about losing their ethnic identities, because of far-left ideology with its suicidal political correctness.

Below is a rough translation of the text posted along with the You Tube video:

Young people come together to reclaim their identity! #ZukunftEuropa

One generation, one destiny, one last chance!

This is not just a motto, but the every day goal of a movement that sees itself as a living covenant and as a community of destiny! We are a movement of young people who resist liberal leftist indoctrination!

We can no longer remain silent! We see how our values ​​and  our culture are in decline, as our home and our traditions are increasingly destroyed, and how freedom gives way to political correctness.

We are united by destiny to be the last generation that can turn things around again! What unites us is the self-knowledge to be the phalanx, which must take action against the self-destructive, ever-growing multicultural ideology that drives mass immigration and Islamization, and thus the ultimate disappearance of the thousands-of-years-old family of nations called Europe, and their cultural traditions.

We stand together in our quest to protect our homeland, to restore the freedom and sovereignty of our country, and to fight for the preservation of our ethno-cultural identity!

But with idealism alone this fight cannot be won! Courage, dedication, and sacrifice will not suffice …

Following comes a pitch for monetary support of their movement.

Not surprisingly, the usual suspects rush to label these young people as “far right,” although similar movements or groups, such as Black Lives Matter or La Raza, are never called far right (or even far left).

Indeed, here in the USA, “diversity” is celebrated, although it does seem that certain ethnic groups are not allowed (by political correctness) to be proud of or to seek to preserve their own cultural identities. Like Europe, however, we must be ever on guard against Islamization.

This story explains the recent growth of the identitarian movement across Europe:

Originally the youth wing of the far-right anti-immigrant policy, it has since developed into its own entity and spread throughout Europe.

Young people in Greece, Austria, Germany, and the UK have joined in protesting the leftward march of the European Union, particularly in the face of EU policies regarding the acceptance of and catering to migrant populations.

We here in the USA are accustomed to a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, racially diverse nation, although still (so far, by the grace of God) united under one system of government (a Constitutional Republic) with one system of justice.

Europe, however,  is comprised of many smaller nations. Each country has traditionally been relatively homogeneous–each typically with its own culture, ethnic identity, racial identity, and even language.

Is it wrong, racist, xenophobic, or Islamophobic for these young people to wish to preserve their traditions, their cultures, their countries? Is it fair to label them as bigots or compare them to Nazis? NO!

What next for the European Union?

There was a time when the entire world decried ethnic cleansing.

Whether it’s done outright by force, as in Nazi Germany, or incrementally by stealth (or civilizational) jihad, the result is the same.

Is it wrong for these European youths to take a stand against the ethnic cleansing of their own identities?

Imagine a world without Irish culture, Swedish culture, Italian culture, Greek culture, Spanish culture, French culture, et cetera.

It’s beyond imagining.


99 responses to “Identitarian Movement in Europe

  1. h/t Zenway, from the last thread:

    “What happens when America stops expecting its immigrants to assimilate to our culture and instead assimilates to theirs? Well, you begin by installing footbaths at universities so Muslims will stop washing their feet in the bathroom sinks and you take it from there. Eventually the rights and rituals of the minority Muslims take presedence over the rights and rituals of the country’s majority Christians.

    For a closer look at how the world’s most advanced civilization submits to the will of the world’s most retrograde civilization we need only look to Europe. …”

    • James that is such a tragedy

    • Just goes to show you that even video is open to interpretation. They say he wasn’t reaching for a weapon, as he was left-handed. More video (or at least excerpted video) at this link:

      Will be up to the investigators to decide. Bundy has said they plan to make liberal use of the discovery process during his trial (if there is one). Some of the commenters suggest that his arms came down because he grabbed his abdomen after being shot. If so, then the second man came up and shot him in the back. WHY in the heck did that man run out in front of the car? Just so they could claim that he was trying to hit a policeman?

  2. Just wondering. Wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall when Barry met with Bernie for his command performance at the WH. Saw a photo of Bernie coming out. He did not look like a happy camper. Made him an offer he can’t refuse … or what? Is good ole Joe revving up for a run? What say you?

    • Does that meeting have anything to do with this?

      “California Congressman Darrell Issa, who previously led an investigation into Benghazi as former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, says the FBI “would like to indict both Huma [Abedin] and Hillary Clinton” for conducting sensitive government business on an unsecure, private email server. …

      “I think he’s in a position where he’s being forced to triple-time make a case of what would otherwise be, what they call, a slam dunk,” Issa said, referring to FBI Director James Comey, who previously told the Senate Judiciary Committee he would conduct a “competent,” “honest” and “independent” probe into Clinton’s handling of classified information during her tenure as secretary of state.”

      • It’s all top secret crap so it’s doubtful we’ll ever see much of it. It’ll be just the latest cover up. Maybe……although it’s hard to see how she goes unscathed.

        • And besides, there needs to be no further probes, but just indict the hell out of her and go to court, period. No shenanigans , just prosecute her and put her in that fancy orange pantsuit!

  3. I liked Christie’s statement,” the days of the Clintons in the White House are over!”

  4. ~ Stephen J. Koach ·
    Where we gonna debate Ted, Canada? Trump is turning up the heat.
    Cruz has Standing for the Crooked Courts. He is not eligible & he knows IT! Make the lying media cover the truth and where it inevitably leads, to the musloid Usurper identity thief currently destroying America from within. And they question Trump and Sheriff Joe. The truth is coming & treason is serious. …….. YES!!!!


    ….ASK USA the ANSWER.. Were NOT STUPID! jokers!!!

  6. NEVER …… T R U S T …. BHO’ ??? HILL GOES DOWN….
    Biden will appear with the little lady… Liz Warren as VP ???

    • Oh, I have a life-size picture of that. Truly. Something is in the works. I thought maybe Barry was leaning on Bernie to name Mooch as his VP, but Warren? Yep. I can see it. With Joe, too. Exactamente.

      • And then there’s Bloomberg. All we need is Wilhelm to join in!

      • wonder if this is correct? It sounds very logically possible. A blogger posted:
        thereisacreator • 8 hours ago
        When you work in the Intelligence Community everything has to be portion marked with a classification. That means each paragraph has a classification. If you have a two-page document with 10 paragraphs each is classified at the beginning of the paragraph:

        (TS//SCI/TK) The blah, blah, blah…

        If the paragraph is unclassified it looks like this:

        (U//FOUO) The blah, blah, blah.

        In the header and the footer, there is a document classification which would be the highest classification found in the document. In the bottom footer, there would be information on why you classified the document by siting the classification manual reference, how my years this information is classified and that date it will no longer be classified and who classified this document (employee number).

        The classification of (U//FOUO) means though this paragraph or document is not classified it cannot be released to anyone outside the organization/agency. FOUO means for official use only. This classification is used throughout all Intelligence Community organizations. This also means it cannot be transmitted on unclassified systems.

        You cannot communicate with members of the Intelligence agencies in an official capacity on unsecured systems–which is what she did. How the heck did she do this for four years?

        • I sounds real, doesn’t it? Who would make something like that up? I read that she instructed her people to go on the secure system and copy and paste info to the unsecure system, to then email to her.

    • Oh, yeah. Liz putting out major challenges to candidates. How powerful it would have been had she been a candidate. Right. Uh, huh. Yep. Trust none of them.

    • This is what you get when you elect DemoncRATS.

      The countries of Europe are waking up. Some of the Scandinavian countries are actually confiscating the wealth of the “refugees” who show up but who expect to go on social welfare benefits. Their own citizens can’t get benefits if they have something like $3000 in assets. Therefore, it’s only FAIR to make the “refugees” pay their own way if they bring in assets in excess of what their welfare system allows a person to have. Right?

  7. Ted made a huge mistake… He messed with Texas! …^^^^

    Soon, it was the Tea Party wave of support that caused Sen. Ted Cruz to take an interest in running for president on 2016, forcing Cruz to now deal with a fact that was sure to become public in a presidential campaign… he was a Canadian citizen.

    On August 18, 2013 the Dallas Morning News published a copy of the birth records released by Sen. Ted Cruz, his Canadian birth records. The story opened the debate over Cruz eligibility for the Oval Office and unlike Obama, who had issued a number of forged certifications of live birth to support his eligibility claim, Cruz had just proven that he was a Canadian citizen at birth by releasing his Canadian birth record.

    Many immediately scrambled for damage control, alleging that maybe he was a “dual citizen” at birth via his American born mother. But there were no U.S. documents supporting that claim to be found…

    Enter the Harvard lawyers… the same lawyers that had been protecting Barack Hussein Obama for six years… Cruz was advised by his legal friends to immediately renounce his Canadian citizenship, which he did, on May 14, 2014…

    …and by June of 2014, friends and supporters at Fox News were beginning to clear his path to the White House by floating the idea that Ted was now a natural born Citizen of the United States, based upon renouncing his Canadian citizenship.

    Of course, two critical problems remained… Renouncing his Canadian citizenship affected his Canadian citizenship, but not his citizenship records in the United States, which so far, appear NOT to exist even today.

    • I certainly vote to BAN Huffpo, and in addition 1.6 BILLION of ANY GROUP from our country. We don’t need no stinkin’ overpopulation. We have enough of our OWN to care for.

  8. About those 22 TOP SECRET super secret emails … wonder what the Usurper said to his SECRETary of State that there’s no way they’ll ever see the light of day… Surely, the HRC–> Campaign wants them released to show he’s involved and also expose his treachery. Is she saying, “You take me down and I’ll take you with me.”

    Maybe the Chinese will give us a heads up someday.

    • Oh, not to worry. Like all “presidential records”, they’re going to be released EVENTUALLY … or so my paper assures us.

  9. They killed this gentleman.

    We The People weep burning tears.
    God Bless you and Thank you.

      • What is a State in the United States of America?

        Listening, it occurs to me that all “Income Taxes” should be directed to the State Treasury and the Federal Government should be grateful to the State for what They/WTP decide to allocate to the Federal Treasury. Our taxed wages/ earnings/ gains should go directly to the State in which we live and operate.

      • The video itself explains nothing. We need to know who shot and when. We could use some AUDIO, so people can tell whether or not he was grasping his stomach because somebody shot him or what. What about the supposed “shots were fired,” implying that somebody in the car shot first? Still awaiting word on what the “traffic stop” was FOR. Driving while being a WHITE protester who occupied public property?

    • Oh, right. Don’t make me laugh. His FIRST visit of a U.S. mosque? Well, of course, they HAD TO qualify it as U.S. because we know he was a FREQUENT visitor of Indonesian mosques. But are we truly supposed to believe he NEVER visited any U.S. mosque with, say, Sohale or any of his other muslim roommates?

  10. QuestionEverything

    Barry’s just following orders…

    as he waits on his U.N. position. Onward!

      • Takes one to know one. Right? Check out this paragraph from an editorial I read today:

        “This is the word — temperament — that will eventually sink the Trump campaign, if it is eventually sunk. We are witnessing what happens when a narcissist who thinks he is at the center of the universe is actually placed at the center of the universe. There is the need for adulation. There are the fantasies of unlimited power — see Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin. There is the expectation of special treatment — see his debate boycott. There is the lack of empathy — see his cruel mocking of a disabled reporter.”

        Now, did you think what I thought upon reading that? We HAVE ALREADY WITNESSED, for the past 7+ years, what happens when a NARCISSIST becomes POTUS. Where has this guy been? This is a very apt description of the current RESIDENT. It hasn’t “sunk” Barry, so why should it sink Trump?

        (Michael Gerson, who wrote that, is SUPPOSED to be the “conservative” voice in the venues that print his columns.)

        • And EXPLAIN THIS!!!

          Previously, Beck said Trump could economically “fix our country.” He said he “respects” Trump. Say WHAT?!!!! WTF is going on?

        • Talk about “temperament”. Cruz sends out mailers purporting to grade voters on their voting history. He sends them to their NEIGHBORS in an attempt to SHAME them into voting in the primary. Apparently, even though they do get the voting history, they MADE UP THE NUMBERS to make people appear to be more in “violation” of voting reliability. So, in addition to shaming people with FAKE STATS, they also label them as “violators” AS IF it’s some kind of crime that Big Brother will catch you on, if you don’t vote. Now, we know the DemoncRATS would LOVE TO FORCE EVERYBODY TO VOTE, but this shows you a little about the temperament of the man named Cruz. It seems as if we have another narcissistic personality in this contest. It was bad enough to read that he and/or his father believe that he is on a mission from God.

          An image of the mailer here:

          If his campaign didn’t own up to it, I’d think it was a dirty trick played by DemoncRATS. Talk about TONE DEAF. He makes a move like this and expects to be president? Does he understand the PEOPLE of this country AT ALL? Remember that Barry’s supporters pulled the same trick in his election. So here’s just another way Cruz resembles Barry, besides narcissism and being arguably ineligible for the job.

        • well someone might be spreading rumors too. I heard several of the candidates be interviewed today. Trump was especially calm and thoughtful and was really pleased to be getting to know the Iowans …said he was overwhelmed by the evangelist support. WHen asked about some comments Cruz has been making about him he answered it quite well and explained his reasons for developing a more conservative nature over the years and claimed he was much more transparent than Cruz or any candidate for that matter. I’ve been hearing Cruz flat out lie about (or tell half truths) about Trump .Cruz is talking about Trump giving to the Clinton Foundation and Trump said he gave way back when the Clintons were going to Haiti and he thought they were putting that money towards helping those people in Haiti. He had some good answers.

          • Oh, yeah. The JournOlist is still in effect, and NOW they must be including the “conservative” voices, too. The meme out there is to make Trump sound like a megalomaniac and narcissist cum Hitler. They don’t miss a beat, either. Today, the word/meme is that Trump couldn’t tell the communion plate from the offering basket. Well, so what? Different churches have different practices. I’ve been to many different denominations for services but never had a communion plate passed to me. If we went to a mosque, would we know when it’s time to bow and scrape? Hardly. (Not comparing the Christian church Trump attended to muslims, obviously. Point is: you don’t know what you don’t know and you learn by experience and there’s no shame in not knowing every religious practice of every religious sect. But the media believe it says something–that he’s a heathen, no doubt, hoping to turn off evangelicals. Won’t work, but they still try.)

  11. by BREITBART NEWS30 Jan 2016 … ^^^ this is the 1
    Talk radio host Glenn Beck, who is in Iowa with his family and staff campaigning for GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
    , took to his Facebook page earlier this week to blast GOP front-runner Donald Trump, calling the New York builder “a pathological narcissistic sociopath” who is “trying to put Megyn Kelly… in his dungeon.” ~ HA!

    • Yep. But then what and whom? I think I’d rather they run against HER than someone else. She’s EASY to beat. There’s so much to use against her and Trump will pull no punches. Or, at least, I think and hope he won’t.

  12. oldsailor83 | January 30, 2016 at 2:24 pm |
    ……….I respectfully disagree with you regarding Cruz, or Rubio. If they are INELIGIBLE to hold the office of POTUS then pursuing the election in spite of this makes both of them NO BETTER THAN SOETORO.

    FRAUD IS FRAUD NO MATTER HOW YOU STACK IT. Just my viewpoint, NO OFFENSE TO YOU ,or anyone else!.

    • 33 million green cards means 33 million more VOTERS within 5 years (possibly less). Enough to “fundamentally transform” the USA. Murdoch is also allegedly promoting Bloomberg for a third party candidacy.

  13. He is Sir Li’Alot. 😡

    • Amazing, isn’t it? They figured the Hispanics would go for Rubio or Cruz, but together they don’t account for Trump’s popularity with Hispanics. And not even if you add in Bush! Way to go, Donald. I guess. Could they know something we don’t?

    • Remember how FactCheck focused on the SFCOLB containing “all the information necessary to get a U.S. passport?” (paraphrase) Well, it’s interesting that this article says that so far Cruz hasn’t shown a certificate of citizenship, a CRBA, or a U.S. passport. Then they say Cruz traveled on a U.S. passport in 1986. Which SO reminds me of Barry.

      I was middle-aged before I ever got a passport. I had to supply a lot of information, including my U.S. birth certificate. Since Cruz hasn’t a U.S. birth certificate, then whenever he did get his U.S. passport, what documents did he supply? Did he only then (in the 80’s) get something to “prove” he’s a U.S. citizen? What’s in his file and why won’t Mr. Transparent II release the information? WHEN did Cruz first get that passport and WHY, like Barry, doesn’t he released the records?

      Everybody assumes, based upon circumstantial evidence, that Barry used to travel on his Indonesian passport and that perhaps (there was a rumor) he didn’t even get a U.S. passport until he was a senator, sometime in the 90s. Remember, too, how Russia held him for a while when he visited there, as a senator, allegedly based upon problems with his documents?

      Going back to FactCheck, as we suspected and said before, there’s a reason why they focused on passports, implying from their Freudian statement that Barry COULD HAVE GOTTEN a U.S. passport. But did he? If he didn’t, then it stands to reason that he wasn’t a U.S. citizen until he went through some process (if he did) to GET a passport. We KNOW he was an Indonesian citizen. When did he become a U.S. citizen? Did BOTH of them, Ted and Barry, have to NATURALIZE first?

      The quote by the law professor Duggan, to the effect that there is an EMERGING consensus that anybody who’s a citizen at birth is a “natural born citizen,” IMPLIES that prior to the “emerging” consensus, there was the opposite consensus that such people were NOT automatically considered “natural born citizens.”

      If citizens at birth were always NBC’s, then there would be no need for a new consensus to EMERGE. And to be “natural” it would be an OBVIOUS consensus of ALL PEOPLE, not just so-called constitutional scholars. A NBC is an OBVIOUS (natural) NBC to anybody looking at the issue.

      So now Cruz dribbles out another non sequitur and distracting factoid–that he never held a Canadian passport. Does that matter? As a child, he could and would (wouldn’t he?) travel on his mother’s passport (or even his father’s Canadian passport, or Cuban, whatever).

      Did they even require passports to go from Canada to the U.S. back then? I’ve been to Canada, without a passport. Only recently, I believe, they changed to require a passport to enter Canada. But when did the “no passport” policy begin?

      Is Cruz telegraphing that if a person has a foreign passport then the person is ineligible? IF SO, then Barry’s ineligible because if he didn’t have an Indonesian passport, you can knock me over with a feather.

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