Whazzup, Doc? Contraband Carrots!

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Have you heard that the border patrol apprehended more than 3000 unaccompanied, marijuana-stuffed, illegal-alien Mexican carrots that tried to cross into the USA, hidden in the back of pickup trucks?

What’s up, Doc?

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Alright. I’m NOT going to write what I’m thinking. Anyway, here’s the story:

Nearly a ton of marijuana was seized after U.S boarder agents discovered the substance stuffed into thousands of fake carrots, all of which were mixed in with the real vegetable.

The 2,493 pounds of marijuana was located by Texas officials on Sunday, after an imaging system alerted boarder [sic] agents of something suspicious.

The truck then underwent a secondary examination. … [O]ver 3,000 fake carrots had been stuffed, filling the beds of the two trucks.

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What the heck kind of imaging system noticed those poor excuses for faux carrots? Whatever it was, it’s comforting to know that the system was able to detect fake, dope-stuffed carrots.

Let’s hope the system performs as well to detect terrorists and their weaponry, assuming they come through checkpoints instead of just traipsing across the border along with all those unaccompanied “children” and other “refugees” that Obama wants to let in.

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Keeping their eyes peeled since 1924.


108 responses to “Whazzup, Doc? Contraband Carrots!

    • If I had NO OTHER CHOICE, then …

      Can we trust anything or anybody? I still fear that Trump’s entire campaign is as a stalking horse. I may be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. God help our country. Whatever happened to cute Ben?

      Barry claims to be a “constitutional scholar” and yet he thumbs his nose at the Constitution every chance he gets.

      Now comes Cruz, claiming to be a “constitutional conservative” and yet he certainly appears to be ineligible under the Constitution. Where are the documents proving otherwise, Ted? WHY did he wait all this time when he could have asked for a ruling?

  1. ~ Greg Dees Jesse Cooday •
    Feel the Bern …. Bernie 2016
    The Clintons ARE MARRIED to Wall Street. Actually, end of story.
    Chelsea’s Hubby IS Wall Street!!!
    Marc Mezvinsky (born December 15, 1977) is an investment banker, co-founder of hedgefund Eaglevale
    Partners, & the husband of Chelsea Clinton.[1] Mezvinsky was formerly an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.[1] He is the son of Ed Mezvinsky,
    a disgraced former politician,
    ( he was convicted of 31 charges of fraud, & served five years in federal prison) & Marjorie Margolies

    ~ texguy46 Greg Dees •
    Sounds like he fits in with the lawless Clinton’s.

  2. LOVE is in the AIR …T just might ….file a “REAL LAW SUIT” !!!




  3. ~ Robert Rio ·…. Owner at Self-Employed
    A rare factually correct statement from the donald

    SO Do you FIGHT to WIN or just lie down ??? USE the TRUTH
    & fight like a PIT BULL … till you WIN! …LOOK how DIRTY…..
    B H O ??? the USURPER …PLAY with WTP’s HEADS & MORE!

  4. “Trump is a bonfire in a field of damp kindling – an overcrowded field of governors and former governors and junior Senators still trying to strike
    a spark”.

    • What I’d still like to know is, with the vast number of qualified, Constitutional conservatives out there in state governments, in business, everywhere, all across our country, WHY THEN is this group the supposed best they can do? Sarah Palin would have been far better than most of them. Wouldn’t you have given your left arm to see Sarah debate Hillary? There are many others, even if they want to check the female and “person of color” boxes, for their own ridiculous, politically correct reasons. If we can have Trump, then why not Dana Loesch? Here’s a thought: Pam Geller. We’d feel SAFE with Pam in charge, wouldn’t we? Let’s have some real, ordinary people–you know, those people with COMMON sense.

    • WE were paying attention. WE KNEW. He’s not the only one.

      We were talking about this guy and his cases since 2012: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/does-obamas-attorney-michael-jablonski-know-the-truth/comment-page-1/#comment-74930

      Godspeed and good luck, but I have to say that IF these suits get traction whereas the ones against Barry were stonewalled and denied, then we may as well throw in the towel because we have no Republic anymore.

      This is an interesting take on the question of whether someone born in a territory is a NBC:

      “Goldwater though was eligible, NOT as a natural born Citizen, but because he was a citizen of Arizona when it adopted the Constitution (he was born in 1909 in Arizona and Arizona became a state in 1912 so he was eligible by A2S1C5, “or a citizen at the time of the adoption of this constitution.”)”

      Now, we’ve always taken that grandfather clause to mean the states that comprised the Union at the time of the first ratification of the Constitution, but it does seem to follow that as states were added to the Union, then their citizens at the time of the admission to the union would become U.S. citizens and so NBC’s based upon that clause in the Constitution. It logically follows. Hmm. With regard to Barry, you’d have to prove he was a citizen of Hawaii when it joined the Union–that is, if he was born before statehood in the territory of Hawaii, a fact not in evidence.

    • The Canadian citizenship law is interesting considering the competing theory that Barry may have been born in Canada, where SAD had relatives and where, perhaps, she planned to give him up for adoption to the Salvation Army, as noted in BHO Sr.’s INS records. He would not have been a U.S. citizen because he was born a Canadian citizen and Canada did not allow dual citizenship. In Barry’s case, too, if he was born there, SAD would have had to file papers at the U.S. consulate to ensure and preserve U.S. citizenship for the child. But why would she have done so, if he was to be adopted in Canada?

      That article, if accurate, says Cruz’s dad became a Canadian citizen in 1968. His wife, therefore, would automatically become a Canadian citizen one year later, after residing there for a year with him. She did, apparently, so was a Canadian citizen. As I recall, another article reported that Cruz’s staff claimed that even IF his mother became a Canadian citizen, she didn’t lose her U.S. citizenship, so he was still born a dual U.S./Canadian citizen. But that’s not possible under their laws. To be a Canadian citizen, as the voter rolls state (and that examiner article says she did vote in 1972 in Canada), she HAD TO give up her U.S. citizenship. It also seems that she did NOT file any papers to obtain U.S. citizenship for her son. One can envision, as with what SAD may have done, that she simply moved back to the U.S. and began using her own BC to prove her erstwhile citizenship and then did the same for her son.

  5. http://www.intelius.com/results.php?ReportType=8&searchform=background&qc=Worth%2C+IL&qf=Ruth&qn=Ochoa&page=1&sz=50
    #21……So what kind of game are they playing? Still puzzles me. Also in Zaba searches the only Ruth Nidesand person in the US connects with the very same people….Bakers and Ochoas and Sevillas. Click the more names and see for yourself some of them here. Mark and Joseph are here too.

    • Age 38. Even so, interesting.

      • THe age may have something to do with obfuscation because even mrs. Ndesandjo’s Facebook page says she went to school in San Antonio and is around 36 or so as if someone else’s bio is used there (Maybe Joseph’s or his wife?), but the fact remains that in the various ways I have found Mrs. Nidesand and her sons Mark and Joseph she is listed with these Texas people. I would think that Ruth Beatrice Ochoa was someone else except I get Mrs. Ruth Beatrice Nidesand with her same relatives and now Mark and Joseph Ndesandjo are listed with these same people too along with Ruth Beatrice Baker!!!!! Without further ability , without paying a fee, I’m unable to see what documents or transactions occurred publicly to generate her names in these searches. In the past a few of you here have used the “trial” search reports. Wish someone could do that and get to the bottom of it.
        It’s possible someone who is 36-38 years of age uses their identity to acquire something for a person with those names , thus hiding someone else’s real identity.??????
        Recently I have also found Mark with an address in Dallas Texas and Washington,d.c., along with his other known residences such as Georgia(he went to Emory) and New Jersey and California (his other schools).


  7. “Mammies and Uncles for Donald Trump” …. says a lot!
    ( can someone bring this video over … I can’t … it won’t let me…?)

    Published on Dec 18, 2015
    Donald Trump, Diamond and Silk, Mike Tyson, Uncle Ruckus, sellout, endorse Donald Trump, stump for Donald Trump, support Donald Trump, Donald Trump sent by God, illlegal immigrants, Muslims

  8. long but worth the time …… 4 SURE!

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