New Year’s Open Thread: Happy 2016!!!

Happy_Hooligan_1906_New_Year_postcard - Copy Here’s hoping that 2016 brings us all that our hearts desire, including a conservative president-elect.

new-years 2011 Clock

As the clock ticks down to midnight, remember:

Don’t drink and drive. AAA, in some areas, has a program called Tipsy Tow. They will get you home for free. Check your local AAA for particulars. Otherwise, assign a designated driver. 

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?

Satterfield_cartoon_on_New_Year's_Resolutions_(1904) - CopyNot much in the way of resolutions has changed since 1904, except for that last one. Does anyone reading this post even know the tune to Hiawatha?

In 2016, I won’t drink … MUCH. How about you?

To all our dear friends, readers, and commenters:

2016_Happy_New_Year (2) - Copy

Happy_New_Year_graphic - Copy



77 responses to “New Year’s Open Thread: Happy 2016!!!

    • In turn, we should ban all the idiots who signed this petition from coming here. They offend me.

      We do have international laws and have they even considered that Trump may be the next president of the U.S. Will they BAN HIM then? Hardly.

    • How is it possible for that building to burn like that and miraculously, nobody’s hurt (according to CNN last night on TV) and the building still stands? What the hell is it made of? They say it was only the outside “cladding” of the building. So what is it made of, cardboard? It looks almost as if somebody poured gasoline down the building and that’s what was burning. The fireworks went on, though! Amazing. Was this all a bogus setup for some reason?

  1. I like Bill 🙂

    • He’s great. Why won’t he run for president?

      • ~ Syr Príncipe …….

        Things that I trust more than Hillary Clinton:

        * Gas station Sushi
        * A flat broke used car salesman with rent due.
        * A cigar from Bill Clinton
        * Camping with Michael Moore after a night of chili-dogs and cheap beer
        * Woman in burqa holding ticking briefcase
        * Mexican w/forged Greek passport who can only speak Arabic
        * Monica Lewinsky doing my laundry
        * A 3 am Aaron Hernandez backseat car ride down a dark road unarmed
        * A ride in Ted Kennedy’s car
        * A 3am Barbara Starr & Candy Crowley front seat car ride down a dark road unarmed
        * John Wayne Gacy as a clown at my child’s birthday party
        * A fart when I have diarrhea
        * Yahoo News’ integrity
        * Bill Cosby escorting my daughter on an overnight weekend trip
        * Bill Clinton seminar on procurement & evasion
        * Nancy Pelosis Tax Return
        * Ronald Reagan tax cuts
        * Beauty tips from Janet Reno & Ruth Bader Ginsburg
        * Medical advice from Dr. Jack Kevorkian
        * Going on The Jerry Springer Show
        * A Palestinian on a motorcycle
        * Golfing with Gerald Ford
        * A congressional bill from Nancy Pelosi
        * A Jimmy Carter economic plan
        * A Jimmy Carter rescue plan
        * Receiving a package from Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski
        * Lois Lerner using my computer
        * Brian Williams news reports
        * A blind date with Ted Bundy
        * Waking up to the horror of Debbie Wasserman Schultz
        * Loch Ness monster sightings
        * Tax preparation from Al Sharpton
        * Rosie O’Donnell’s Guide to Better Lesbian Parenting
        * Working out with Harry Reid
        * Any leadership from Obama
        * Obama marriage lasting another five years
        * Pot-luck stew by Jeffery Dahmer
        * Tom Brady’s footballs
        * Sex with an HIV positive partner
        * A selfie with a rattlesnake
        * Oprah’s weight loss plan
        * OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
        * Saudia Arabian hospitality
        * Quail hunting with D(i)(c)k Cheney
        * An elevator ride with Ray Rice
        * Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby .
        * Sex Education taught by Jocelyn Elders
        * Michael Jackson’s Doctor
        * Jerry Sandusky’s football camp
        * An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran
        * Rachel Maddows as a son-in-law
        *A Catholic priest at a boys camp
        *Bill Clinton at a girls camp
        *Madonnas virginity
        *Being alone anywhere with Al Gore
        *A blind date with Sheila Jackson Lee
        *Jesse Jackson holding a knife and scissors
        * A Manson Family Christmas
        * An Obama opinion
        * An Obama indecision
        * Going along on an Obama vacation
        *Ronald Reagan taxcuts
        *Rodney King teaching my kids to drive
        *Nixon’s secret plan to end the Vietnam War
        *Bush’s Al Qaeda hunt in Iraq
        *Obamas Christian claim
        *Obamas American claim


    This is beyond the pale. Republican consultants threatening Trump’s life?


    Really discouraging. Trey Gowdy’s support for amnesty.

    I read recently, somewhere, that Paul Ryan is FOR placing all those “unaccompanied minors” in shelters in various states, instead of SENDING THEM BACK where they came from.

  4. “Happy New Year, ya’all” !!!! The South wins at first National College Championship Contest !!!!

  5. It is going to be an exciting year.
    Stocking up on popcorn.
    Let the Games begin.
    And buckle up. 😀

    LIE Protect all for the MONEY POT $$$$$ !!! sooner OR later!

    • I don’t know what to think about this. As a feminist (in the best sense of the word, which I actually hate), I tend to believe that women who knowingly go to a man’s house/bedroom/apartment and knowingly take alcohol and pills, sort of sacrifice their right to claim they were violated. I know. That’s supposed to be an outrageous and politically incorrect point of view. But here’s my thinking: In Cosby’s case and also in the case of many, many young college-aged men, the males are ALSO incapacitated by the same drugs and alcohol. What then, makes the males RESPONSIBLE, but the females NOT responsible for anything that ensues? Is it because, like children (and in some people’s minds minorities), females are inherently LESS responsible for their choices/actions/outcomes than males (being “superior” in intellect and judgment)? Know what I’m getting at? This is almost the polar opposite of the muslim attitude that MEN, with regard to sexual activity, are NEVER to blame but the females are ALWAYS to blame because they are those evil temptresses, you know. What gets me about the Cosby thing is the TIME that’s elapsed and the lack of allegations made IMMEDIATELY upon the alleged violations. Did they not KNOW they were violated and that this was a crime, if things happened as they allege? It’s interesting. I’ve been reading the comments on blogs that have stories about Cosby and a good many of commenters, male and female, are coming down more on Cosby’s side than the accusers’. Going back to Hillary, she recently said that women who allege sexual assault/rape DESERVE TO BE BELIEVED (except for all the women who accused her husband, I think). However, this stands innocent until proven guilty on its head. So men who are accused of sexual assault/rape are GUILTY UNTIL PROVED INNOCENT, because women are to be seen as ALWAYS speaking the truth, no matter the truth? Is this FAIR or is it SEXIST?

  7. Happy New Year: Obama AKA Soetoro Still A Fraud;

    2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 And 2008


  8. ~ ohhhdear 85p ·
    Breaking: VT Judge may have to TOSS …Cruz, Rubio & Jindal
    OFF ….. of VERMONT’s ballot

    ~ Trumpster 82p ·
    What part of the Constitution does Attorney Priebus not comprehend?

    Hey RNC, We The People are ONTO YOU and to YOUR TRICKERY!
    Your uniparty House of Cards has Collapsed.

    DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT 2016! …. Y E S !!!!!


  9. … ^^^

    & NAIL .. USURPER ? OBAMA & FRIENDS 4 What they HAVE


    WAKE UP AMERICA well still live here for 20/30/40 + YEARS ?
    DOWN …. In your wildest DREAMS …. just WHOM might Be ….
    RUNNING the USA ….down the ROAD???? JUST GUESS! ??????

  11. TRICKS ************** TRICKS *************TRICKS************* ???

        • As part of his televised town hall Thursday night to promote his gun control edicts, Barack Obama Ridiculed the perfectly logical assumption that he and other Democrats want to take our guns away as a “conspiracy theory.” …..^^^

          If he wanted to assure people, he probably shouldn’t have
          Smugly Smirked about the American founding as an example of
          “CONspiracy theory” of Americans paranoid about a tyrannical government.

          This ONE…… truly has to be seen to be believed…
          Wow. Unbelievable, even for him.
          And the Gall of him saying “I only have ONE year left,” ?????? what could I possibly do…just days after he Set in Motion broad restrictions that will take the guns out of the hands of millions of Americans, ….

          • Oh, well, he’s preparing well for when he runs the UN and tries to impose “international law” on the USA. We know what a stickler he is for the LAW, right? What’s that “treaty” he wants that will require gun and ammo registration, according to some interpretations? If he ends up a Sec. Gen. of the UN, then where does that leave Mooch? Does anyone even know the name of the current Sec. Gen.’s spouse? Oh, what a shame. Maybe she can join Beyonce in some kind of twerking, caterwauling power duo.

        • He makes me SICK. So the people who were “suspicious” of the motives and the OPPRESSION of King George were only “conspiracy theorists” and not SPOT ON IN THEIR ANALYSIS? We the People, then and now, want only FREEDOM–the freedom that is our God-given RIGHT. Self-evidently. People who oppose Barry or even those “anti-government” people who the media say are “occupying” a federal building are NOT “anti-government” but instead are actually PRO-GOVERNMENT AND ANTI-OPPRESSION. We the People are FOR government of the People, by the People and for the People, and not FOR oppressive tyrants. IOW, we’re pro-Constitution.

          Read this one.

          “Obama-supporting psychologist could potentially diagnose conservatives and libertarians with “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” due to their criticism of authority, particularly the federal government, and then report them to the FBI as too “mentally unfit” to purchase a gun. …”

          This is ENTIRELY within the realm of possibility given the current makeup of practicing psychologists and psychiatrists, or at least the Big-Brother-like atmosphere that pervades those fields. Conservative practitioners need not apply as political correctness runs rampant in their professional organizations. Just read, for example, APA magazines. All pro-LGBT, pro-progressives, and ANTI-anything-conservative.

  12. Now what was it they were saying about the Confederate Flag? Yea, white supremacy caused this little street spat. Thank goodness there was a strong man available to quell the disturbance.

    I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.

  13. A NON – DRINKING MALE ….what a BONUS 4 USA!!!
    A HARD KNOCK LIFE …& Lessons Learned & Retained 4 LIFE!!!

  14. Opinion ~Best of the Web
    ~~~ Better Call ~~~ Saul ~ To understand Trump, READ ALINSKY.
    By James Taranto Dec. 31, 2015 1:48 p.m. ET

    Jeb Bush (he used to BE governor of Florida) recently called Donald Trump a “chaos candidate.” There’s something to that description:
    Trump is certainly good at producing…. “confusion, fear and retreat.” “ha”
    But Los Angeles Times reporter Michael Finnegan offers a crucial qualification: …..
    as WTPOTUS …..know the DRILL!!!!! TRUMP OUT!!! LOVE IT!!!

    • Hillary’s NOT responsible for what her husband does, but she IS responsible for what she did in reaction to what Bill did. She’s the one who handled the “bimbo eruptions”. Just the name tells you her attitude towards these women who, if they were abused by some other man, OUGHT TO BE BELIEVED, whatever they say (according to Hillary).

  15. Hill’s Saturday’s …. debates IN HIDDING ….may just BE STARTING 2
    REALLY REAL …in YOUR FACE REAL ….. bring IT ON hecklers!!!

  16. Trump ad 😀

    • ~happilea
      To whomever is Panning the Crowd in these Videos …….THANK YOU!
      The powers that be would be Don’t Want People 2 Know how much support
      he has. ….BUSTED …..WTPOTUS ….. SEE THEM….A L L !!!!! ha
      ~Mr Doesbud
      ~Debbie C
      ~Roni Kay
      Great job! Nicely done.

      ps. if you want to read comments on a video …open at the top of Video
      & read on …. YES TRUMP …is busting BALLS…. EVERYWHERE …
      Bigger Better Stronger than EVER BEFORE!!! Were going 2 DO IT!

    • “The brightest star at Fox News, Megyn Kelly is a newly minted role model for women who sees her gender as irrelevant, and a conservative champion who transcends politics with her skillful skewering of windbags of both parties, most notably Donald Trump. …”

      Her GENDER? Isn’t she heterosexual, what with a husband (a cisgender one) and children? Her GENDER? Don’t they mean her SEX? And since when is it a “newly minted role” for a woman to see her sex as irrelevant? I mean, I’ve always felt that way and certainly we women all have since what? Equal rights for women? The woman is a GOOD LAWYER, so why are these sexists SURPRISED about it? Despite that they’re women, the fact that they suck as journalists has nothing to do with THEIR sex.

      • Wait a minute. Oprah is her role model and Oprah NEVER wallowed (good choice of analogy) in VICTIMHOOD? OMG. Has she NOT heard the never-ending story of Oprah’s abusive childhood, ad nauseum? If she NEVER wallowed in it, then we wouldn’t even know about it, would we?

        • Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump once tried to ‘woo’ her … “SO”?

          a SCORPIO ….. BIT*H ….THRU & THRU!!! silly girl!!! so sad …

          THIS IS GREAT !!! I’VE BEEN KNOW …. 2 “WOO”… A SNAKE
          OR 2 in MY LIFE time also ….NO MATTER the SEX ….GREASE
          the MONKEY .SHE NEEDS the STROKES ..4 SURE! O’kelly STOP!

          • Oh, right. She’s flattering herself. WHEN did this allegedly happen? “Woo” is in the mind of the beholder, I’m sure. He’s been married for decades.

  17. ~ E4Airborne
    Megyn Kelly is a bimbo that centers around “gotcha” questions. She is liberal in her values. Any candidate that gives her an interview is making
    a big mistake. BOYCOTT MEGYN KELLY!!!

    ~ Exidor
    I haven’t watched Megyn .. ”Machine Gun” Kelly since the first debate.

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