Five International Soldiers Perish in MO Flood

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After the public patiently waited and wondered for nearly four days, the five “international soldiers” who were swept off a Missouri road by flood waters last Saturday have been identified. This morning, a newspaper reported that the last victim’s body was found, 6 miles from the flooded roadway.

Oddly, for four days, there has been very little coverage of this incident or the search for the missing person’s body; the others were recovered right away.

Why were the names and the home countries of these “international soldiers” kept from the public for so long?

Today, it was reported that their identities had not been released to anyone, which at least answered the question: Who was holding back the information, the military or the media?

After the fact that the identities were not released to the media was reported, the identities were apparently then released.

Here is the list of the deceased (may they rest in peace):

Maj. Mohammad Hassan Ibrahim, 32, Egypt;

Maj. Akram Abu Al-rub, 38, Jordan;

Capt. Ahmed Moussouni, 32, Algeria;

Capt. Ahmed Abdelghani, 29, Egypt; and

Capt. Hasman Hussin, 33, Malaysia.

What were these “international soldiersdoing in Missouri?

The soldiers were returning to the fort from Osage Beach [a Lake of the Ozarks resort town, near the dam] Saturday night when their car went off Highway U near Crocker, about 15 miles northwest of Fort Leonard Wood.

The men were in a program that brings troops from other countries to the installation to study engineering, military policing and chemical defense.

The question remains: Why did it take four days to identify the victims and their home countries?

It’s simply CURIOUS. Isn’t it? Is there more to this story?

Pray for the souls of all those who lost their lives in these recent weather-related disasters. Pray for their families, too.

May God bless the USA.



18 responses to “Five International Soldiers Perish in MO Flood

  1. Have y’all heard about this in your neck of the woods? Isn’t it odd that so little coverage was given? Very few stories about this turn up on a web search.

  2. I heard about this, but did not know what nationality these soldiers were. Training soldier from other countries have been going on for quite sometime, so this isn’t new to the US. There is no need for alarm. I would like to pay my condolences to the families of these soldier, I know they’ll be missed.

    • I had been expecting for the news to eventually report that these were either Russian or Chinese troops, as has been reported in various blogs over the past few years. The actual home countries took me by surprise. I’m just curious why they’re downplaying the names and home countries. Wasn’t even reported on the TV news tonight, although it was finally reported on the newspaper’s website.

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    “Barack Obama intercepted communications between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US lawmakers. The Obama White House targeted Netanyahu because he opposed the insane nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.”

    What did they hear and whom did they spy on (ILLEGALLY, surely)?

    Does this, perhaps, EXPLAIN RYAN?


    “LAKE OZARK, Mo. – Reports have come out in the past 24 hours that a group of suspicious “Middle Eastern” men asked wait staff at a local restaurant about possibly taking tours of Bagnell Dam at the Lake of the Ozarks.

    Other reports from around Central Missouri say that others have also been bulk buying cell phones at Wal-Marts in Macon, Columbia, Jefferson City and Lebanon and that large quantities of propane tanks have been stolen around Missouri as well.

    The Camden and Miller County Sheriff’s Departments have both been in contact with the FBI office St. Louis, though Ameren Missouri, the owners of the dam, have not increased security beyond its normal amount. …”

  9. Here’s another oddity: It’s very hard to find any story that reports the names which contains or allows comments. Curious, isn’t it?

    Apparently the State Dept. was holding up the release of the names. Said they hadn’t notified the families yet, after nearly 4 days.

  10. Isn’t it odd (or maybe not) that SO MANY muslim “immigrants”–Somalis–were working at the SAME PLACE in Colorado? 150 to 200, depending upon how you read the story. Would these also be jobs American citizens won’t do? Are these the kinds of people Barry intends to give permanent work permits to, against the will of Congress, with nothing more than his pen?

    How long before the feds get involved, seeing as how the company fired those who walked out? I wonder if that means their visas are pulled. Speaking of the feds, have they or are they going to go into Chicago to investigate THOSE police shootings, the way they stick their noses in other cities?

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