Surrender in the War on Christmas?

Yuille_Warehouse_decorated_for_Christmas - Copy

There’s something missing from Christmas this year. Have you noticed? Take a look around as you drive from store to store, looking for just the right gift for those special people. What do you see? Or should I say, “What DON’T you see?”

Christmas decorations! In the public square, on public streets, on roads and bridges, in parks, or outside schools, restaurants, and stores.

From my perspective, in the middle of the USA, it seems as if the War on Christmas has already been won by the secularists, atheists, and anti-Christian bigots–apparently by outright surrender. Their goal was to force the celebration of Christmas out of public sight, if they couldn’t eliminate its celebration altogether (for various reasons).

Apparently the plan is working. We wouldn’t want to offend non-Christians (a tiny minority in this country) by forcing them to see Christmas decorations.

So much for valuing diversity. So much for tolerance. It does not work both ways, between minorities and majorities.

An example: if seeing a burka-clad woman offends you (as a Christian, a woman, a feminist, an equal-rights supporter, etc.) should the Muslim woman be forced to stay inside, out of view, so nobody who may be offended by her religious practices will see her? Of course not! Ridiculous!

Yet Christians are supposed to take the outward signs of their religion indoors, where those who might be offended won’t see them. And businesses are supposed to submit–do not offend the non-Christians by enticing Christians into stores during the Christmas season, by decorating for the season (despite the fact that 83% of their customers are Christian)!

Businesses apparently are caving to the demands of the few, perhaps out of fear of lawsuits by the offended, or maybe even by their own non-Christian employees.

It’s always possible, however, that some businesses use the War on Christmas as an excuse to save money on decor and electricity. Whatever the reason,

where there used to be wreaths, and garlands, and lights, and signs wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, now there’s nothing.


NOTHING. Is that how it is in your neck of the woods? Does it simply look like business as usual, as if this is not a special season of the year?

How long ago was it when every city and town put wreaths on light standards and hung bright garlands across streets? When there were Christmas trees glowing all through the day and night, outsides stores, on street corners, in parks, outside public buildings? Just a few years ago. Before Obama.

Obama promised to fundamentally transform the USA. Since he’s been president, it seems that only tiny vestiges of Christmas remain visible in the public square. Sure, there’s the stray wreath on doors. Or, perhaps inside the store there’s a tiny little Christmas tree, maybe just sitting on the counter by the cash register. But far too many stores have no Christmas decorations, much less any mention of the word CHRISTmas.

They want our money, though.

They want our business. A recent story (h/t Fellowship of the Minds) from the Wall Street Journal pointed out that

Retailers are ringing bells as they head into the holiday shopping season—alarm bells, in many cases. … Some have reported inventory backups that suggest demand is slowing

Well, I’m not going to say that people aren’t buying because retailers are not decorating for Christmas, but surely it’s a factor, if only in our lack of holiday spirit! And it’s definitely not a wise move for businesses to give in to pressure from secularists, when they expect Christians to buy Christmas gifts from their stores. Is it?

There’s more at work here than secularism, though. There’s also, let’s face it, the Muslim factor. For centuries, from the beginning of our nation, Christmas has co-existed with non-Christians of many faiths. Jewish people, in particular, have embraced the “holiday season”. While continuing to celebrate their own religious festivals, like Hanukkah, Jewish people have also enjoyed the Christmas season. As one Jewish woman recently wrote,

Bah, humbug!

Who’s afraid of mistletoe and Christmas trees, of elves, eggnog, jingle bells, reindeer and Santa’s sleigh?

Apparently, bums and lily-livered campus eggheads (or is that redundant?) and corporate weenies terrified of offending anyone. Hey, geniuses, this Jew is pissed off by your attempts to destroy the Dec. 25 holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ!

“Christmas is about love and hope and joy and happiness and collecting smiles,” said Santa Bob.

Freakin’ ho-nos are trying hard to wreck the season. Fortunately, the spirit won’t be snuffed out.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanzaa!

The relatively newly-arrived Muslims, however, are not so tolerant. Christmas is not Sharia compliant.

Congress is trying to help rectify the situation by passing a resolution that proclaims that

the “symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas.”

The resolution would not only “recognize the importance of the symbols and traditions of Christmas,” but would also “strongly disapprove of attempts to ban references to Christmas.

The move comes after evangelicals had a strong reaction to Starbucks’ new holiday cup. The controversy began after Starbucks released just simple red cups for the holidays instead of cups with seasonal greetings or pictures on them. Some saw the move as another example of the “war on Christmas”

A resolution does not have the force of law and is merely meant to express the opinions of members of a particular congressional body. They are not signed by the president.

And that’s a good thing for Obama because it would put him in quite a merry pickle, being forced to openly not sign such a resolution.

But resolutions from Congress aren’t going to do a thing. Who listens to them?

What businesses (capitalists) will listen to, however, is the bottom line. Speak up. Speak out. Tell them why you’re unhappy with the way they dis (or, at best ignore) your faith, your culture, your holidays.

Where is it written that valuing diversity means that some people, the majority, MUST give up their own culture, their own religion, their own traditions?  Or must change their traditions to be more inclusive, which effectively neuters the tradition?

Why are minority cultures, religions, and traditions celebrated, in fact, forced upon everyone, in the name of tolerance or cultural sensitivity or diversity or inclusion?

Scrooge has won. The secularists have won. The anti-Christians have won.

Unless you speak out.

If you don’t see something, say something!


147 responses to “Surrender in the War on Christmas?

  1. However, for those who know Islam, they realize that it is just the opposite scenario; it is the weakness shown by the appeasing pandering of the liberals which has increased the aggression of the Muslims. For appeasement is like adding fuel to the fire, giving it more energy and power. The Muslim always wants more, and appeasement proves to them they’re on the right track. So rather than dissuade, it encourages.

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