Happy 100th Birthday, Ol’ Blue Eyes!!

Frank Sinatra, Ol’ Blue Eyes, would have been 100 years old today.

Francis Albert Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915, in an upstairs tenement at 415 Monroe Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. He was the only child of Italian immigrants Natalina “Dolly” Garaventa, the daughter of a lithographer from Genoa, and Antonino Martino “Marty” Sinatra, the son of grape growers from Lercara Friddi, near Palermo. The couple had eloped on Valentine’s Day, 1913 and married in a civil ceremony in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Sinatra weighed 13.5 pounds (6.1 kg) at birth …

Frank truly did go from rags to riches.

A toast to Frank Sinatra, one of the greatest singers of all time …

Happy Birthday, Ol’ Blue Eyes!!!



55 responses to “Happy 100th Birthday, Ol’ Blue Eyes!!

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  2. “unclaimed terrorist(s)”, at County Morgue !!!! Apparently, their still both unclaimed !!!! http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/body-unclaimed-terrorist-wife/2015/12/11/id/705497/

    • Who would want her? Even so, you’d think her family would come get her. Wasn’t she supposed to be buried by sundown that very day? Since when does the gummint not care about their traditions? They gave OBL a muslim funeral–or so we were told.

  3. Happy Birthday, Frank,
    One of a kind. ❤

    • He was, truly, one of a kind. Beautiful voice, imho. Not crazy about his personality or his connections, but you know–it’s like Wagner’s music. You have to divorce the person from the art.

  4. I never really cared for blue eyes …or the FRANK …. so here U go!


    • I’m not crazy about blue eyes, either, except for a few exceptions–like Mel Gibson. 🙂 Didn’t like the whole Rat Pack thing, either. Not crazy about that kind of music, but I do like the old standards, so I like Tony Bennet, too, and Willy Nelson, when he sings them. Don’t you like the movie Young at Heart, though?

  5. “The Danish Girl” …. I stumbled on the 1st ….ONE!!! ….

    • Today I read a long article about how hard it is for the veiled muslim women in the USA amid the “backlash”. They actually are printing these sob stories AS IF it’s true that (1) there’s some kind of islamophobic backlash against muslims and (2) the muslims are THE VICTIMS. Story talked about how petrified muslim women are, especially those who wear veils and burkas, because now they have to choose between their religion and their “LIVES.” Seriously, they cited a muslim scholar who said that they have a dispensation from wearing their veils so long as they fear “for their lives.” AS IF the muslims were the ones slaughtered on account of their religion. Tell me when and where any muslim woman was KILLED by non-muslims in the USA on account of her religion and her wearing of a veil? It didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen. This is so nuts. When will the lamestream print sympathetic stories about the terrified little Christian children, teens, and women who KNOW that people like them have been murdered in cold blood by those who hate them BECAUSE they’re NOT mulsim and will kill them if they can? They don’t care one iota about terrified non-muslim Americans. Can you even imagine them printing a story after the Charleston shooting about how scared white, 20-something Southerners who had Confederate ancestors and so have flown the Confederate flag must now FEAR a “backlash” against them? Did Barry and Lynch come out and WARN PEOPLE not to speak out against Christian pro-life activists and supporters AFTER the shooting at the PP location (even though there’s still no PROOF that whatever his name is did it in the name of Christianity or anti-abortion sentiment)? NO! Aren’t they worried that rabid pro-choicers will instigate a “backlash” against Christians who believe in the RIGHT TO LIFE? Shouldn’t Barry warn them all NOT to paint all Christians with a broad brush? Warn them NOT to paint all Confederate-lovers with a broad brush? We won’t see that in our lifetimes. Instead, this president incites people TO paint all Christians, all pro-lifers, all white Southerners with the same brush. Same for the police even when/if any of them DO exceed their authority and injure or kill. Barry acts and speaks AS IF all cops are crazy, violent killer/racists. So do his pets–the BLM activists. That’s racist, but well, that’s a person of another color.

  6. LAST MAN STANDING ! ~ that “Is” THE GAME… forget HILL
    remember how SLICK the USURPER …. moved a grove or 2
    YES….O’ lied & cheated his way IN .. BUTT’ that was THEN ….
    TRUMP’s TRUTH will WIN in the END or NOT .. I PRAY IT WILL!


  7. Yes,… I listen to the Frank program ….just because

  8. want 2 hear more of Frank S. ? …. he sings on this film… I DOUBLE
    DARE you 2 watch & report your FINDINGS BACK !!! I watched it !!!


  9. Scary!!!! 😯

  10. But we are broke!!! 😡

    • Do they really mean $634 BILLION from the USA? WTF does $634,000m mean? So why does tiny Japan take a hit almost double the UK and why does the entire EU pay only about 60% more than Japan? And then, WHY do we give China and India money when THEY pollute more than we do/did? China really needs $497 billion, don’t they? (These amounts make my head spin. Tell me if I’m wrong in believe that 634 thousand million is 634 BILLION.)

  11. There’s nothing binding in the UN climate change deal. Obama and Kerry got the wording changed from Each nation shall… to each nation should…
    They knew if they signed the original treaty, the Senate would have to ratify
    it and it would die there and then.
    For now we have a meaningless agreement. Countries can do something if they want to but nobody has to do anything under penalty of some global sanctions.
    As dismal as our Congress is, it has at least stopped Obama from stitching us up in new legally messy treaties. (Like LOST)
    That temperature limit, is it 2 degrees or is it 1.5 degrees? What if the limit is broken? Then what? Uhh, nothing really.
    What if man’s activities are not able to control the weather?
    During the medieval warm period, from about 1000AD to 1300AD, the
    Earth was two to four degrees warmer, then it cooled off to about 2 degrees colder during the Little Ice Age which lasted a few hundred years after that.
    Don’t think there was much industry churning out greenhouse gasses back then.
    Here is something that is pretty established science, and that is that the sun will gradually increases it’s output up until the day when it runs out of hydrogen fuel after which it will nova, estimate 5 billion years.
    In about 1 billion years, Earth will be too hot for human life.
    A pair of California astrophysicists have supplied a solution for this long term problem,
    their plan is to select a suitable asteroid, attach rocket engines to it,
    nudge it out of orbit into a controlled close fly-by of Earth with a resulting slingshot effect that would slightly increase our orbital velocity and thus move Earth further from the Sun. They say it wouldn’t have to be done very often, once every 1000 years will do. Probably Mars will need to be moved further out as well, but the first practice runs could be done on Mars.
    This technique would allow our planet to be inhabited for the full life span of our Sun. We have plenty of time – if we’re not stupid.
    Somehow I bet enviromentalists would be against this plan.

    • Sounds wild and probably quite risky.

      • Only like Amelia Earhart attempting to fly acorss the Pacific before radar,
        in 1000 years, we will have superb space engines,
        the contibution of those two astrophysicists was to say the destruction of the Earth was not inevitable.
        Their contribution is the idea that it is possible to move planet Earth,
        a little or a lot.
        They suggested using available technology, but in 100o years that may
        seems as antiquated as automated horse doo doo sweepers.
        My main point is the total stupidity of letting the green piece movement relegate us back to an energy impoverished past, so at the last moment all we can do is excitedly scream and then die, because we could have done so much more.

  12. OK, somebody asked me why you can’t just mount the big rocket engines on Earth?
    If you did that, assuming the rocket engines were big enough to have any real effect, their thrust plumes would have to reach to the edge of space,
    and in doing that would blast out atmosphere off into space as well,
    not a desireable effect.
    That’s why they came up with that gravitational slingshot idea.
    Just figured you’d want to know that.

  13. He is a traitor!!!. 😡

  14. Viewing lyrics for
    Make America Great Again
    by ~ Liza G. Fly ~

    Left and Right our politicians have been bought and sold.
    Special interests have them in a stranglehold.
    Their self serving policies have brought this country to its knees
    Now its time a simple truth was told.

    We don’t want a party puppet we need someone who can
    Show respect for and uphold the laws of the land;
    Who’ll be loyal to our friends and take care of our veterans and
    Stand for We the People…Trump’s the man!

    He’s bringing back the American Dream
    Bigger and better than its ever been.
    We’ll take our country back and then
    Make America Great Again.
    Honor the Silent Majority. Reclaim our authority.
    Take our country back and then
    Make America Great Again.
    Take our country back and then
    Make America Great Again.

    We’ll be sending word to Washington
    No more same old same.
    They postulate. They Obfuscate. And then they pass the blame.
    We need jobs and healthcare, law and order, fix the tax code, close the border.
    He’s the one who will and Trump’s the name.

  15. yep ^^^ 34 years ago …another First …& a fool us Lie …ha it sure
    spoiled her moves when I found OUT the TRUTH! LIFE is FULL of BS


  16. What do you think about the Trump clown factor thing?
    If you take a look, for example, at the United Kingdom next election, the Conservatives are in power but as David Cameron has said he will not run again for Prime Minister, a very possible replacement for him is Boris Johnson currently mayor London vs Jeremy Corbin – Communist.
    Seems an easy choice but Boris is a bit of a clown, has silly hair, likes to make silly jokes and is liked for his buffonery. The trouble is that at the moment of voting does lack of apparent seriousness scare off the voter
    and he or she chickens out?
    I don’t know the answer to this. I’m just sayin’

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re not listening! They all abdicated any right to “fact check” when they did no fact checking on Barry. Therefore, I’m not reading or responding to any of their so-called fact checking now. We simply don’t care WHAT they say. We the People WILL elect whom we please.

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