We Stand Behind Our Screening Process For Visas

So sayeth Elizabeth Trudeau, SpokesMagoo for the U.S. Dept. of State:

We stand behind our screening process for visas.

That would be the selfsame “screening process” that allowed this woman, this terrorist “housewife” and “new mother,”

terrorist - Copy

into our country to murder 14 innocents and wound another 21 innocents in a cold-blooded act of terrorism, along with her “radicalized” husband.  Isn’t she lovely? If you want to see her face, it’s uncovered here. From the link:

Malik was described as a shy, quiet person who kept to herself, according to Farook’s sister and her husband …

Yes, shy and quiet, keeping to herself, until she doffed that niqab, donned her tactical gear, armed up with guns and “devices”, and went to war against the infidels. That would be us. All 90 pounds of her, according to her family’s lawyer:

She was never involved in shooting. She’s probably about 90 pounds, so it’s unlikely she could even carry a weapon or wear some type of a vest or do any of this.

Hmm. Tell that to the cops with whom she had a shootout. Maybe she had some training the lawyer didn’t know about? Perhaps back in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or even in that backyard, where her husband said he liked to target shoot?

But let’s get back to SpokesMagoo (as in nearsighted) Elizabeth “Smarmy” Trudeau. In the best tradition of an Obama acolyte, like her boss who never admits to a mistake, shortcoming, or failure of any kind, Trudeau “stands behind” the screening process for visas–the very flawed process that let this murderous black widow into our country.

What does Ms. Trudeau have to say to the families of the dead and wounded? Nada, apparently, except for some variation on “it’s not our fault.”

This process for immigrant spouses is actually more stringent than the process that will be used to “vet” the Syrian “refugees” that Obama wants to bring into our country–tens of thousands of them.

The fiance visa program has one of the more rigorous security screening processespresenting far more hurdles than other avenues for foreigners to enter the U.S.

It requires an applicant to submit a standard non-immigrant form, with personal and security questions, plus certificates from police in every country an applicant has lived for over six months, a medical examination, a passport, documentation of financial support, proof of the relationship with a U.S. citizen and various fees. Applicants who are granted a fiance visa receive a sealed file of personal and government documents, which must be kept sealed and presented to security officials upon entry to the U.S.

And yet, somehow, Tashfeen Malik, terrorist murderer, passed with flying colors. Seems there must be SOMETHING wrong with the process.

Does political correctness come to mind?

The Syrian refugees, many of them, have no documents whatsoever, and there are no databases in Syria against which their identities can be checked. But be assured. Obama will see that they’re vetted. They’re going to be interviewed. Any potential terrorists will surely admit to being jihadists.

Oddly, we’re told that there is very little information for the news media to report about Tashfeen Malik. It would seem that the file at the Dept. of State ought to be chock full of information about her.

Nevertheless, not to worry. Don’t be alarmed. Ms. Trudeau goes on to say,

We continue to revise, we continue to look at this. But these are process that happens [sic] around the world, every day, in our U.S. embassies. … But at this stage, you know, we stand behind those processes.

Reassured? Don’t worry. Be happy. She’s “satisfied!” Aren’t you?

Sooner or later, they might get it right. It just takes time, you know–to perfect the process. In the meantime, they do stand behind the current process.

In the meantime, how many more of our people will die, while Obama blames the means instead of the ideology, the ammunition instead of the mindset of these murderers? Islamophobia instead of political correctness? Or worse.



114 responses to “We Stand Behind Our Screening Process For Visas

  1. This woman ROCKS. It will make your day. I particularly love her demeanor. No holds barred. A bit like Judge Jeanine Pirro.

    • How OFFENSIVE can this guy get when he implies that the REASON why journalists don’t “get” Trump’s appeal is that Trump’s supporters don’t have college degrees (iow, they’re stupid or ignorant or both, as opposed to the intelligen, educated press corpse). First of all, as we all know, college degrees do not equal political or social astuteness. Secondly, his premise is flawed. I have a college degree, as do many who support Trump. As a matter of fact, I would hazard a guess that MORE conservatives have college degrees than do DemoncRATS.

  2. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/12/san-bernardino-islamic-terrorists-set-up-bombs-to-explode-on-first-responders-video/

    “Syed Farook and his terrorist bride Tashfeen Malik set up bombs to explode on first responders sent to assist the victims of their shooting spree.

    But they may have brought the wrong remote control. …Bombs left at a Southern California social services facility by the gun-wielding radical Muslim couple who killed 14 and wounded 21 were set to go off when first responders arrived, Fox News learned on Monday, in a vicious strategy often seen in the Middle East.

    None of the pipe bombs left at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik in Wednesday’s attack detonated, but the technique has investigators very concerned, sources told Fox News.

    “This was meant to kill more, but also scare other future responders to attacks,” a source with inside knowledge of the investigation said. “This was meant to get into the minds of medics and officers who are arriving first on scene.” …”

    It was meant to TERRORIZE. Duh. A well-known technique of Islamic jihadists in the Middle East, but Barry wants us to believe these were “lone wolves” who were “self-radicalized.”

    I wonder where they got the photo of those two in the article?

  3. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/12/concealed-permit-holder-saves-chicago-crowd-from-mass-shooter/

    The advice to arm up is working already! (In comments, someone points out this happened in June April but they only just decided not to CHARGE the hero with a crime. Actually, I clicked the Breitbart link and the story was from April.)

    “On Friday, an Uber driver with a concealed carry permit thwarted an attempted mass shooting by pulling his own weapon and shooting a gunman who had opened fire in Chicago’s Logan Square.

    Illinois Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn verified that the driver “had a concealed-carry permit and acted in the defense of himself and others.”

    According to the Chicago Tribune, the driver was watching “a group of people” walk in front of his car on North Milwaukee Avenue just before midnight when 22-year-old Everardo Custodio allegedly “began firing into the crowd.” The Uber driver pulled his own gun and “fired six shots at Custodio,” wounding him in “the shin, thigh, and lower back.”

    The attempted mass shooting ended with no one other Custodio injured.

    The Chicago Sun Times reported that the Uber driver had dropped off a passenger minutes before Custodio allegedly began shooting. The Times contacted Uber about the incident and they simply said “the company requires all its drivers to abide by local, state and federal laws pertaining to transporting firearms in vehicles.”

    Wanna bet that the Sun Times was hoping that the driver broke company rules so they could make sure he gets fired. A win for the good guys. I wonder why Barry didn’t have any praise for THIS HERO. You’d think he’d invite him to the WH. Way to go and our sincere thanks for the UBER-COOL, fast-thinking Uber driver.

  4. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/12/muslim-father-of-san-bernardino-terrorist-put-on-terror-watch-list/

    This tells where they got the July 2014 photo of the terrorists. You know, they LOOK like terrorists, as they arrive in Chicago from the Middle East, no doubt.

    • And she does NOT appear to be Pakistani. That’s the thing about profiling, our brains tell us stuff on the dime… total recall…INTELLIGENCE, its called. Discerning is a natural instinct. Its automatic at as it occurs . Smart Brains, naturally. Don’t let them call your being able to DISCRIMINATE hate/phobia profiling. Literally, discriminate all you wish. Eyes behind slits in Home Goods is offensive. and Intimidating.

      Still into pen and paper, too. Notes, documents, calendar, information at hand. Its a beautiful thing. Electronic files need electricity. Back Up.
      just sayin’.



  6. NOT LIVING …. the DREAM ….O’ SURE! …. I read …they laughed
    at HIS BEARD ….. make the “F” up-set??? …. O’ my my ….


  7. Because islamic terrorists deserve privacy and respect. Notice how they outright lie to make a false point? They DID, TOO, comb over Roof and Dear with a fine toothed comb. Where else did they come up with photos of Roof with Confederate flags? I watched the Farook family’s lawyer LIE and say that a CATHOLIC shot up Planned Parenthood. Dear is NOT a Catholic. So in that case, the muslim’s lawyer FALSELY branded a religion as having inspired a terrorist. In the case of Farook and Malik, islam TRULY DID inspire them to terrorism. They’re delusional. btw, now we know which commentators are muslim, too. Important in order to judge bias. They say that only certain “communities” get branded as terrorists. Well, that’s because islam DOES INDEED preach in its “holy” book JIHAD, murder and terrorizing of “the infidel”. Does Christianity? NO. Was Roof following some religious edict to murder and terrorize blacks? NO. Was Dear? NO. Was there a POLITICAL MOTIVATION for either of their crimes? NO. Was there a political motive for Farook’s and Malik’s crime? You better believe it. They’re terrorists because they’re TERRORISTS who sought to inspire terror.

  8. Rosemary Woodhouse

    If you read it anywhere else, your very own RW coined another phrase:

    TRUMP OR DIE, 2016

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      And yet another. Am on an admittedly crass roll. Breitbart just displayed a a pro-lesbian ad from the Hillary campaign.

      My “coinage” C L I T….without the N-TON.

      🙂 Hoping eveyone’s humor is in good form, because I am being bawdy.

  9. hair raising … DUST BIN ? FAKE HAIR? I know many men whom
    comb the pomp front … & OBAMA ?NEVER??? tells out-Right LIES?
    so I GUESS JOSH EARNEST has NOT been watching the USURPER?


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