Excuse Me: The Pilgrims Were Not Like ISIS

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On Thanksgiving Day, a notoriously progressive newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, ran an editorial that outrageously likened the iconic Pilgrims to ISIS. The anonymous author(s) claimed that their suggested revised narrative of the origin story of the American people …

at least the immigrant population that over 400 years has come to dominance

… is truthful, citing as their source a television program on the also notoriously progressive PBS.

A critical review of the aforementioned documentary, published in the also notoriously progressive New York Times, referred to the Pilgrims as fundamentalists and, like the Post editorial, implied a similarity to ISIS.

Do we detect a meme? A politically correct one?

Magnanimously, however, the New York Times generously allowed that the Pilgrims were, after all, “not terrorists,” even if somehow a “perceived” enemy’s head ended up on a post.

In the Post editorial, the anonymous author(s) also labeled the Pilgrims religious fundamentalists and zealots and blamed their religious beliefs for the actions of one man, Myles Standish, a mercenary/soldier, who was not a member of their religious sect:

Although he supported and defended the Pilgrim colony for much of his life, there is no evidence to suggest that Standish ever joined their church.

In fact, only about 30% of those on the Mayflower were religious “separatists,” the rest being “immigrants, adventurers, and speculators.” Inexplicably, despite claiming truth, the editorial also claims that the Pilgrims originally headed for New Jersey, when in fact they planned to land in Virginia.

Be niggling details as they may, it was Standish who placed his real, not merely perceived, enemy’s head on a post. Not being of the faith of the Pilgrims, can his violent actions, opposed by many of the Pilgrims, be fairly blamed upon the religious beliefs of the Pilgrims? Can the violent actions of the 70% of Pilgrims who were not religious separatists be fairly blamed upon the religious beliefs of the 30% of Pilgrims who were?

Hardly, but progressive editorialists often do not let facts get in the way of a good, simplified meme, especially one that sticks it to descendants of white European immigrants, whites in general, Christians, and/or conservatives, preferably on the very day that our nation celebrates the “origin story” of the American people.

Note how the authors falsely imply that there are among the American people some who do not descend from “immigrants” when, of course, every human being in this land descends from immigrants. Every. Single. One.

Some interesting facts: Upon arrival, the settlers (aka Pilgrims) formed a NATO-like, mutual defense compact with one of the local native tribes, the Pokanokets. In keeping with that agreement, at one point Standish and his men helped put down a rebellion within the Pokanoket tribe. Thus, Standish ended up with many friends among the native tribes, as well as many personal enemies, one of whom ended up with his head on that post, which fray was instigated by a warning to Standish from his native ally, Massasoit, about a plan by another tribe to wipe out the English settlements.

Massaoit advised a preemptive strike, advice that Standish took, thus saving many lives. Standish and three other men, not the Pilgrims collectively, killed five conspirators but not an adolescent male or several women who accompanied the conspirators. Religion had nothing to do with it. Survival did.

Disingenuously, not truthfully, the narrative spun by the editorialists states,

Fourteen years later, having been reinforced from England and Holland, the fundamentalists were strong enough to strike the Pequot Tribe near Groton, Conn. Seven hundred Pequot men, women and children were killed during their Green Corn Festival. The governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared a Day of Thanksgiving.

The fundamentalists continued their war, even extending it to the Wampanoag people who had bailed them out in 1621. They beheaded some of their enemies and took others as slaves. A second day of Thanksgiving was declared.

And so today, we commemorate our ISIS-like forebears.

Fact check: The Mystic massacre did happen. It was carried out by about 110 settlers and 200 Native Americans. Therefore, Pilgrim fundamentalists did not massacre 700 people over religion–it was an atrocity carried out by a joint force of settlers and Native Americans, in retaliation for previous attacks by the Pequot upon them.

Here is what the also somewhat notoriously progressive Wikipedia says about the Pequot War:

The Pequot and their traditional enemies, the Mohegan, were at one time a single sociopolitical entity. … In the 1630s, the Connecticut River Valley was in turmoil. The Pequot aggressively worked to extend their area of control … The [six plus native] tribes contended for political dominance and control of the European fur trade. …

 The Pequot assaulted a tribe of Indians who had tried to trade at what is known as Hartford. … The Pequot attempted to get their allies, some 36 tributary villages, to join their cause but were only partly effective. …

Through the Autumn and winter, Fort Saybrook was effectively besieged. [White] people who ventured outside were killed. As spring arrived in 1637, the Pequot stepped up their raids on Connecticut towns. On April 23, Wongunk chief Sequin attacked Wethersfield with Pequot help. They killed six men and three women, a number of cattle and horses, and took two young girls captive. …  In all, the towns lost about thirty settlers.

Does that sound like a Pilgrim war on innocent natives, designed to impose a set of religious beliefs upon them? It was a war about trade, politics, and power, among the various native tribes and against English and Dutch settlers who were allied with other tribes, having nothing whatsoever to do with religion.

There seems to be a reason why it was called the Pequot War. It was their war on their traditional enemies and on white settlers. If the Christian Pilgrims were involved, it’s because they were being attacked in the course of a war that had been going on for generations among the definitely not so very “peaceful” native tribes of the region.

The “First Encounter” between the settlers and the native tribes was an attack upon the Pilgrims by the descendants of those other settlers–you know, those other immigrants, the ones called natives, who came hundreds, thousands, perhaps even ten thousand or so years before the Pilgrims.

The Pilgrims came to these shores to escape from a state religion, not to found and impose upon others an ISIS-like state religion. The Pilgrims were escaping oppression and seeking to freely practice their faith. They were separatists, not jihadists. Not terrorists.

Back in England, those who shared the Pilgrims’ beliefs had been persecuted by fines, similar to how Muslims tax dhimmis (non-believers) as second-class citizens, and the Pilgrims’ forebears were at times executed for sedition because they dared to leave the Church of England, similar to how some Muslims condemn to death anyone who dares leave that faith.

Thus, instead of being like ISIS, the Pilgrims suffered in the very same way that those who oppose ISIS and radical Islam suffer today. These progressive writers would have been more accurate to compare the practices of the state-run Church of England to ISIS and radical Islam.

The editorialists quote filmmaker Ric Burns (yes, brother of Ken Burns):

People tend to think that the Pilgrims believed in religious freedom. They didn’t. They were looking for a place where they could be free to worship as they wished, a freedom they had no impulse to extend to anyone else. They did not believe in diversity of practice. They believed in purity, in expelling contaminating influences.

When and where and how did the Pilgrims expel “contaminating influences?” Isolating oneself from bad influences is not the same as expelling bad influences.

Unlike ISIS, which seeks to impose by terror a set of warped beliefs upon the entire world, the Pilgrims came here to find their own “place where they would be free to worship as they wished,” sounding rather like Amish communities, Mennonite communities, orthodox Jewish communities, and other peaceful religious communities that, yes, are separate by choice, which is their right. But none of these communities force others to live as they live through terror, nor have they tried to conquer anyone.

The Post editorialists sum up:

Today there is talk of limiting [religious freedom], subjecting it to surveillance and identity cards. The Pilgrims would understand that impulse, but America grew beyond them.

Now that’s bordering on the ridiculous. When, where, and how did the Pilgrims ever remotely propose surveillance and identity cards for those who didn’t believe as they did? The mendacity of progressives knows no bounds.

So what’s the point of these editorialists, anyway? Simply to draw a false analogy in order to ridicule the culture of the perceived “white privileged”?

To promote lies for no other reason than to tear down the traditions that once bound us all together?

The story of Thanksgiving is not a story only of or for whites or European-Americans. It is and always has been a story that included American people of all colors, all ethnic groups, all races, including the first black settler in Plymouth, Abraham Pearce, as well as the many native peoples who allied themselves with the white settlers, lived among them, intermarried with them, and even converted voluntarily to Christianity. This was the beginning of the melting pot.

This was the beginning of the American People.

Were these people perfect? Of course not. All of them, of every color, were human beings, and all human beings are imperfect.

Native tribes engaged in slavery, human sacrifice, and wars of conquest and atrocity among themselves, before and after the arrival of European immigrants. The European immigrants engaged in slavery, slave trading, war, and atrocities, as well. Ditto for some of the free Africans.

As for the enslaved Africans, they could thank other African tribes, with whom their tribes were at war, for capturing and selling them to Arab slave traders, who in turn sold them to the English, who brought them to America.

The most likely reason for an editorial likening our virtual forebears–the Pilgrims–to ISIS is political.  Barack Obama and his supporters seek in any way and every way possible to Balkanize the American people.

To divide is to conquer.

It’s a given that Obama and his supporters do everything in their power to promote the myth of Islamophobia, when in truth the reason why over 70% of Americans want to stop Muslim immigration into America is reasonable fear:

Fear that among the “refugees” will be jihadists who seek to do us harm, because they said so. They also said that they intend to conquer us from within. How to sort the good from the bad? Obama’s own officials admit that they cannot adequately vet Syrians to ensure that there are no terrorists among them.

Progressives love to simplify. They paint every issue with no shades of gray. Either. Or. Either you’re an ignorant, Islamophobic racist, or you’re a compassionate, intelligent person (like progressives).

Donald Trump did not suggest identity cards for all American Muslims.  A reporter did and then distorted Trump’s response. But that’s par for the course, with progressive reporters.

Lie. Distort. Take out of context. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s interesting that the editorial snarkily bemoans that what they define as theimmigrant population,” in their opinion, has “come to dominance” over the past 400 years.

By “immigrant population” they must mean anybody descended from immigrants, although they probably aren’t including descendants of blacks (also immigrants, if mostly unwilling), or Native Americans (also immigrants)–both groups who were also here from the beginning of what became the American People.

Is there truly such a monolithic “immigrant population?” Are the American People dominated by the descendants of the Pilgrims? Is the majority religion fundamentalist, separatist Calvinism? Hardly.

We the People, no matter our background, have learned and celebrated the Pilgrim “origin story” since 1621. First, the English and Dutch settlers. Later Irish, Polish, German, Swiss, Swedish, Italian, Slavic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Syrian, Mexican, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon … You get the picture.

Our American culture today is so far from the culture of the Pilgrims that we would seem like Martians to them. Our culture includes languages, stories, myths, music, and traditions from all the myriad ethnic groups and races that collectively comprise our uniquely American People.

So what “immigrant population” do these writers mean? Reading between the lines, trying to get at the purpose of their grousing, one can only conclude that they sorely regret that, in their opinion, whites have “come to dominance.”

Perhaps these writers regret that immigrants of other colors arrived and eventually supplanted the various native populations, wiping out their cultures, whether by accident or by design. (Just as the Mexicas supplanted the Tepanecs, and the Lakota Sioux supplanted the Crow and Cheyenne.)

Fun facts: In 1492, the “native” population of what is now the USA (in its entirety) is estimated to have been between 7 and 18 million individuals. Today, 5.2 million Americans claim native ancestry, although surely there are far more Americans than that who carry Native American blood. The current population of the New York Metropolitan area is between 20 and 23 million, so just a little more than the native population of the entire USA in 1492, all squeezed within area smaller than the state of New Jersey. 

What then of the American culture, as it exists today? If these writers decry culture change and supplantation, can they applaud the Islamization of our own culture?

Are some cultures more worthy of being preserved than others? Do these writers share that odd notion that We the People, especially those who are white, don’t have a culture? Well, maybe it looks that way from the inside but be assured–there is an American culture, and American culture is not race or color specific. Whites have no collective “white culture” because white is a skin color, like hair or eye color. White is not an ethnic or cultural group. To believe otherwise is, well, racist.

What struck me most about the editorial, as I read it on Thanksgiving Day, was the sheer spitefulness of the writer(s). Spitefulness on the very day when We the People sit down together to reenact the ritual begun in Plymouth in 1621:

Thanking our Creator for this blessed and bountiful land where all hope to live in freedom and equality.

Is the story of the First Thanksgiving a “myth”? Of course it is, but it is a myth based upon truth and also based upon shared ideals.

We want to be one People, no matter our various skin colors. We want to be a People who come together from disparate backgrounds and work together so that all might survive and succeed in freedom. Don’t we? Well, we all used to.

Now, it seems, too many want to divide and divide and divide. To rewrite history. To warp and distort and change history. To tear down. To destroy what’s been built here, paid for with so much blood, sweat, and tears.

It’s said that

myths grant continuity and stability to a culture. They foster a shared set of perspectives, values, historyand literature, in the stories themselves. Through these communal tales, we are connected to one another, to our ancestors, to the natural world surrounding us, and to society …

And that, folks, is exactly why progressives seek to destroy our common myths and, in so doing, destroy our common values, ideals, and identity.

No shared set of perspectives. No shared values. No shared history. No connection to one another. No cohesive society. No shared culture. No common identity …

No nation.

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

Divide and conquer. Fundamental transformation.

Mission accomplished?


126 responses to “Excuse Me: The Pilgrims Were Not Like ISIS

    • Seriously ill. I agree. Can you believe it? He just gets back from Paris where at least their people KNOW what they’re dealing with but Barry either is a total idiot who WILL NOT admit reality or a sympathizer who’s never going to criticize those with whom he agrees. Work place violence. Gun violence. Without the guns they would have still murdered IF their contraption hadn’t failed to go off. HOW THE HELL did his “wife” pass a background check for a green card? Did you catch that had the neighbor NOT been intimidated and fearful of looking like a bigot she might have tipped off the feds in time to SAVE 14 LIVES? Seriously. What would have happened if she called the cops? Barry’s policies DELIBERATELY prevent surveillance of these people. HOW, if he traveled to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and was in touch with jihadists, did he get a JOB at a government agency? Gee, look at the loophole there. He has access to restaurants and other facilities that he “inspects”. I wonder where the things he and wifey were building had been planned to be placed. SLEEPER CELL.

  1. ~ lucky 7 ~3 minutes ago
    What I know is that 3 well armed terrorists in body armor executed
    a plan
    to attack a gun free zone killing unarmed citizens.
    Were these weapons sold to the Mexican drug cartel by Obama?
    Were these weapons sold to gangs by California state senator Leland Yee?
    Were these weapons Obama gave to terrorist in the middle east you know Obama after school program guns for needy people in Benghazi?

    Did the shooters select victims per their religion?
    Did the shooter praise ally Akbar before shooting?

    • The suggested reason for why there’s confusion over whether it was a “holiday” party or not is that unless county business occurs, then the taxpayers don’t pay for the party. BUT if they pretend to do any sort of official business at the event, then the taxpayers get the honor of paying for the room, etc. I think that’s why there’s the confusion of what the purpose was. I’ve heard training, party, seminar. It’s something state government people DO, to fleece the taxpayers into paying for their parties.

  2. ~ Obama is Despicable (Vanity)
    12/2/2015, 3:11:16 PM · by demshateGod · 65 replies
    What kind of person is he? While they’re still looking for the perps, while people are still dying in the hospital, he goes on TV, & with his Cold, Blank Stare, showing NO Emotion at all, he says:

    “My hope is that we’re able to contain this particular shooting & we don’t
    yet know what the motives of the shooters are, but what we do know is that there are steps we can take to make Americans safer & that we should come together in a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to…

  3. YEP! the “MAYOR” ..ha.. EMANUEL ..GOT “HIS CHEESE” !!!


    • Would Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have been RE-elected if voters
      had SEEN the VIDEO……… of Laquan McDonald’s execution?


      Rahm would have LOST the election. Why? Because he would have
      LOST…… Chicago’s BLACK vote.

      Without the BLACK vote, Rahm Emanuel would not be the 9.5-fingered boss of Barter-town.

      Black political figures would have been uneasy standing with Rahm.
      They would have run away. They couldn’t stand with him.


  4. Re: San Bernadino
    Where’s the 3rd suspect? Hours and hours of news coverage last night… this morning, zip. Nary a word.

  5. This is getting pure ‘over the top’ crazy. This morning’s MO of the now decided villains of the attack is almost comically perfect, except for one goof up (as usual, there is always something amiss)……
    On Gool Morning America, this morning , while they described the nice everyday couple that had stashes of weapons, explosives, and amp, and blacked out windows(so the news man said)…when asked if they’ve decided whether this was a domestic terrorist act or was this the work of ISIS or Alqiada……the newsman answered firmly that they didn’t think this was ISIL/ISIS or Alqiada because these groups imfatically claim they don’t use women in these acts of violence and that they look down on this type of action. Honestly, I heard it this morning, and he stated it so matter of factly, as if he was given this information by authorities in the know. There’s one problem with this…….given that the Paris bombings/shooting had the lovely suicide vested young lady (who we never saw in the window) that blew herself up before we could catch her.
    All I can say is “Unbelievable” !

    • Oh, they even changed that story. They claim now they “found” the body of another person in the wreckage and that’s the person who had the vest on and blew himself and the woman up. Who the hell ever knows what’s true? You could almost tell from the coverage yesterday and today that the orders/script came down from above. That is: Focus on the AMOUNT OF AMMO. Just keep mentioning all that ammo they had. Ignore those remote-controlled IEDs. Ignore Muslim faith. Ignore contact with jihadists. Ignore trips to Middle East. Ignore erstwhile Go-Pro camera to film propaganda snuff video. Ignore ALL THAT. Focus upon what we the DemoncRATS want to control: Ammunition. Gun control. “Work place violence.” What a freaking joke. But Barry’s gotten away with these preposterous lies from the beginning so why not try it. It was ridiculous last night to see idiots on CNN actually psychoanalyzing the mentally ill worker who had anger at a co-workers and just erupted, perhaps even because they made a comment about towel heads. I kid you not. I was surfing channels and ran across that. Talk about magical thinking, as if talking as if it’s so will make it so.

  6. ~ bulbsnather 7 hours ago
    Now Obama wants to take guns from Americans and leave them defenseless against terrorist and Muslims who are individuals who are angry and then commit a jihad, knowing they are going to die, do it for Mahomed, more and more of these shooting will occur and Obama wants
    to leave us defenseless,the answer is for all Americans to carry guns that
    pass the security and mental health care issues, because the shootings will occur in all recreation places, in home invasion by terrorist and the government knows they can not stop it, taking weapons away is just for the control of the masses by the government and Obama knows this, he does not give a damn about the killings, he is using this to take away guns for the control of the masses towards the new world order.

    • That’s the reason WHY all these things take place in blue states, with DemoncRAT officials from the chiefs of police, mayor, governor, etc., and where there are the strictest gun laws anywhere: Nobody resists. Sitting ducks. Just like the troops in the ME under Barry.

    D R E A M ~ ON!!! ….. DREAM ~ ON!!! B H O ?????


    Get a NEW piece of PAPER … the LIST WILL GO ON & ON & ON & ON!!!


  9. ~ Tufr – Dec. 3, 2015 at 3:28pm

    ONE week Ago, November 25th, Obama assured the American people that there was NO credible threat of Islamic terrorism in the United States & claimed he was inform the people if there was. SEVEN days Later Islamic Terrorists murdered 14 people after contact with International Terrorists & after travelling Back & Forth to Saudi Arabia & Pakistan. This is an outrageous Failure & every influential American should be demanding that Obama RE-sign immediately because he is either UN-willing OR UN-able to carry out his “USURPER” ……………………. duties in the face of a serious international Islamic threat. !!!!! NOW WHAT???? WAKE UP CALL 911

    • That’s why he’s going to force them to spin, spin, spin the narrative. They STILL won’t call it islamic TERRORISM, although if Dylann Roof was once photographed with a Confederate flag or that Dear idiot ALLEGEDLY said “no more baby parts,” then BOTH are terrorists.

  10. ~ Ratiocinative – Dec. 3, 2015 at 4:22pm

    In these types of mass shooting events, of which there have been 355 so far this year in the US , all sides try to protect their agenda, whether that’s gun control, immigration control, religious issues, mental health, minority issues, police issues, You Name IT. There’s nothing surprising about his very basic observation, & it applies to all political points.

  11. ~ FloridaCondor • ….^^^
    Immigration = Terrorism
    Anyone pushing any form of immigration now is supporting & abetting Islamic Terrorism
    Savage has the nads.
    Saudi owned Fox News Channel would not even refer to this Islamic Terrorism event as Islamic Terrorism

    ~ Larry •
    A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.
    PC Gone Wild
    Easy: Muslim’s have NO GUILT about LYING to PROMOTE ISLAM because Koran gives them PERMISSION TO LIE!
    Muslim Goals: PROMOTE ISLAM because that is how they go to heaven.

    Promote Islam by:
    1. Converting you (if they can)
    2. Murdering you (if they can)

    They Smile to your Face for years of lies & then Turn on you to Kill you in
    a moment of “truth” (who they truly are & what they are truly about).
    When they are in the minority, they act peaceful. They hide in plain sight.
    When they are in the MAJORITY, & in a group, they suddenly turn.

    Witness 9-11: New Jersey: They are seen celebrating in the streets, wreaking havoc as they celebrate, burn flags, & attack people.
    WAKE UP!!!!

    ~ Cambridge101 •
    “See Something….Say Something!” (but NOT IF it involves Muslims). !!!

    Killer Wrote Of Spending Free Time At Mosque, Memorizing Quran…
    Left Remote Controlled Bomb at Party…
    IED-making tools, ‘Boston Bomber-style’ explosives…
    Dropped baby off at grandma’s…
    Suspicious Neighbor Didn’t Report — Fear Of Being Called RACIST!
    Saw Half-Dozen Middle Eastern Men Leaving Apartment… “THANKS O”
    VIDEO: ‘I’ll take bullet before you do’…
    Detroit Police Chief: Guns keeping terrorists from attacking our city…
    All Licensed Handgun Owners Urged to Carry in NY County…
    Sheriff Joe calls on 250,000 armed citizens to take matters into own hands…
    FLASHBACK: President Assured No Imminent Threat — Days Ago…


  13. ~ no-nonsense-nancy December 2, 2015 at 5:12 pm
    False flag. Another drill, according to Jon Rapport.

    ~ drkate December 2, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    Now we know the pattern:
    1. find or make through drugs some crazy person or group
    2. Plan a drill to mimic an attack(gun attack by a group of people or lone wolf) and tell the guys in #1.
    3. Mass murder (now real) or fake it through a mass shooting
    4. Obama, the press, the “crisis actors” get out and call for gun control
    5. Introduce legislation and bribe senators and congressmen
    5. Repeat until successful.

    We are talking the deliberate murder of innocent citizens by operatives of the international financiers (aka NWO etc)

    ~ no-nonsense-nancy December 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm
    You are exactly right.

  14. oldsoldier79 | December 3, 2015 at 10:59 am |


    This post will explain, and also tell you why he ALWAYS drags his feet
    in dealing with Islamic terrorist……whether they be in Syria or the USA.


  15. Most of us knew this was coming.
    In our country, the liberal Left are now hostages to fortune.
    They have taken their position and are subject to the raw intrusion of reality and common sense,
    they can’t spin this Charlie Hebdo style San Bernadino attack, they will
    have to go quiet. The arguement that a totally disarmed population would prevent these attacks is defeated by one word: “Paris” !
    They just had a vote in the UK about authorizing warfare in Syria.
    The Conservatives are in government until 2020 and the Left responded
    by electing an even more leftist trogladyte communist to be their party leader,
    his name is Jeremy Corbin.
    He instructed his MPs to oppose the Conservative motion to extend the war to Syria but 66 of his party MPs rebelled and voted for the motion.
    The motion passed by a very large majority and some of those 66 rebelling left wing MPs are now getting death threats from Jeremy Corbin supporters. My point is that the UK Left is now also a total hostage to fortune.
    Everyone staking out an islamist friendly stance is now subject to the dsigrace and pubic opprobrium following the next mass killing action in their country.
    There will be more of these attacks. They will kill hundreds or thousands of people but they will not kill millions of people. For that event, Obama gave Iran the atomic bomb.
    That was his ultimate end game.
    As he said “If the winds turn ugly, I shall stand with them (muslims).
    Donald Trump just said “There is something about Obama that we just do not know”
    Thank you Mr. Trump
    Stay safe as you can, everyone.

  16. and we have this:
    After a coordinated DC Media attack that would have ground any other candidate into ash and dust, Donald Trump has not only held on to first place in the latest CNN national poll of GOP primary voters, he has surged +9 points to a massive +20 point lead. As of now, in a 12 person race, Trump sits at an astonishing 36%; his closest rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
    , jumped +12 points to 16% support.

    Despite spending tens of millions of dollars on ads, Jeb Bush sunk -5 points to just 3% support.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
    gained +4 points to earn 12%. Ben Carson lost -8 points and now sits at 14%.

    Chris Christie, the man the DC Media has been hyping for two weeks, sits at just 4%. Last month he sat at just 4%. All that DC Media love didn’t bump the New Jersey governor up even 1 point.

    On every crucial issue, Trump is surging and obliterates second place:


    Somebody once said “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.
    although our media have given it their best shot.

  17. Rosemary Woodhouse

    • Extremely good one. I like Syrian Girl…..the last half of this vid is purely informative.
      Rosemary, the refugee video is very good one too. I realized what she is explaining about a year back…..saw another woman explaining in a seminar on refugees, how church groups got funded to help these specific refugees….some of the same groups helping (and getting much money to do so) during the Haitian refugee problem after the earthquake there. This all ties in with the video you posted here. I imagine the open society and Georgie Soros is in this mix somewhere.No borders,world citizen agenda no doubt. And Syrian girl further expounds on that in the last of this video.

  18. Rosemary Woodhouse

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      They need to be arrested! Contamination of a crime scene is a felony in the state of California. All are culpable!

      This was a set up. Let us guess who the hidden hand is?

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        BTW, according to other sources, the landlord DID NOT allow them entry. When he opened the door, they storm (troopered) their way in. CRIMINAL!

      • One good thing, in a way, came of it. CTH notes that on the paperwork left by the FBI, it was noted that they found and took packaging for Go-Pro cameras. Remember? The cameras they wore and then they didn’t find and the local cops said didn’t exist, it was just a rumor? Lynch sitting there on Comey. Makes me wonder what genie they’re trying to shove back deep down in that bottle. All HELL will break loose if that video emerges.

        • I wondered why there was the Go-Pro, then not a go-pro too, along with other mixed stories as well.

          • I know. Really. The people who WITNESSED the event saw and reported the cameras. Then, nothing, except all the shows on FOX News mentioned them as a key reason WHY they figured it was terrorism (besides the obvious, with pipe devices). Then at one of the pressers, a reporter specifically asked the police chief and he said they “found no cameras” and called it a rumor, but the FBI guy was standing right there behind him so … It would seem OBVIOUS that a place like that is chock full of video cameras where they SURELY have tons of video of the perps walking into the place and out, etc. Easy, then, to see if there are cameras AT THE SCENE, whether or not they still wore them during the shootout. But they’re not going to tell us, of course, and really, IF they are truly protecting US and not Obama’s reputation, then it makes sense to not show all their cards. OMG, though. Imagine if the enemy has video of this.

    • FBI apparently finished with the scene and (they said) gave the landlord the go ahead to do what he wanted (although I doubt they expected him to let the media in). We could look at it two ways: Either they’re totally incompetent or SOMEBODY wanted something known more widely. Surely there are many in law enforcement, the FBI, and other agencies that are NOT PLEASED with their masters.

  19. Love this comment. 😀

    Go ahead Democrats. Play gun control as your platform. Go for it.


  20. I am going to stock in Smith and Wesson! 🙂

  21. Rosemary Woodhouse

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