Say “NO!” to Refujihadis

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On the subject of Syria, ISIS, and “refugees”, Bill O’Reilly opined that Barack Obama is “delusional.” Donald Trump said, with particular insight, that Obama “doesn’t have a clue or he does have a clue and he has evil intentions–I don’t know.” A writer at WND has similar questions:

In every area, Obama demonstrates an unfortunate affinity for that which normal people would describe as destructive, corrupt, evil.

Whether this is because Obama is evil at his core, or whether there’s a decent person locked up inside but who has been traumatized and brainwashed – a Manchurian president, programmed not by exotic far-off communist brainwashers, but by a nonstop sequence of corrupting influences throughout his life – is not ours to know.

Why is Obama fixated upon bringing these “refugees” into this country? Because he knows We the People and 32 state governors reject them, for our own safety? Is it the Imp of the Perverse who drives him, because nobody tells Obama what to do?

A recent Bloomberg poll (not exactly a conservative organization) found that only 28% of Americans want the resettlement of Syrian “refugees” into the USA to happen sans a religious test, and 53% of Americans outright oppose any resettlement of Syrians into the USA, while 11% support letting in only Christian refugees and 8% are “unsure” of what they think.

Obama vows that his administration can “vet” all of these “widows and orphans” sufficiently to ensure that none of them decides to become a refujihadi once here, embedded in our communities. Well, what does he have to worry about? Obama and his family are protected to the hilt, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers.

How many “widows and orphans” can Obama put up in his empty manse in Chicago? After all, charity begins at home:

And they feed, for the love of Allah, the poor, the orphan, and the captive … One who cares for widows and the poor is like those who fight in the way of Allah or those who spend their days fasting and their nights praying.

Charity? Or should we say sadaqah?

Here’s another poll for you, conducted on those Syrian “widows and orphans” who purport to be refugees from jihad and ISIS:

The poll shows thirteen percent of Syrian refugees have a completely positive opinion of ISIS with another ten percent having mixed feelings on the terror group, suggesting that nearly one quarter are open to recruitment by ISIS.

Factoring the survey results with the 10,000 Syrian refugees Obama plans to bring to the United States means Obama will bring in 1,300 ISIS supporters and a total of 3,100 who do not want the US to defeat ISIS.

The Obama administration imported about 1,600 Syrian refugees in the past fiscal year. That means around 200 Syrian refugee ISIS supporters and a total of nearly 500 Syrian refugee ISIS sympathizers are already in the country.

Still convinced that we should be “compassionate” towards all those “widows and orphans” (most of whom are male)? Here’s another poll:

According to [a] … survey of [American] Muslims, a majority (51%) agreed that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.” …

Even more troubling, is the fact that nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled believed that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”

A full 25% of those polled agreed that “violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad.”

Got that? Those are the sentiments of Muslims who are ALREADY in our country. Is it wise (or delusional) to add to their numbers?

We have already reached a milestone in this country with the “first majority Muslim city council“, in Hamtramck, Michigan, where 60% of residents are Muslim. How long before the topic of shariah comes up in council meetings?

Michelle Malkin published a convincing argument against admitting any “refugees” into this country. She wrote,

I’ve reported for years on how immigration lawyers and tax-funded resettlement agencies run by left-wing religious and social justice groups have routinely gamed the system on behalf of asylum con artists. The racketeers coach applicants with phony stories and documents from “chop shops” and gamble their way through “refugee roulette.”

Along with everyday fraudsters, numerous jihad operatives—ranging from the Boston Marathon bomber brothers Tsarnaev to 1993 World Trade Center plotters Ramzi Yousef and the Blind Sheik to 1997 New York City bomb plotter Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer to CIA headquarters jihadist Mir Aimal Kansi to Ohio shopping mall bomb plotter Nuradin Abdi to ethnic Albanian Fort Dix jihad plotters Dritan, Shain and Eljvir Duka—have exploited our fraud-riddled asylum and refugee programs to plot and wage war on Americans.

Reminder: FBI agents admitted in 2013 that several dozen suspected terrorist bomb-builders may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as Iraqi war refugees, including two al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) jihadists who were resettled as refugees in Bowling Green, Ky. — and then later admitted in court that they had attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq, according to ABC News. …

FBI Director James Comey acknowledged on Capitol Hill that “gaps” remained in the U.S.’s ability to screen refugees from Syria.

Alarmingly, the Gateway Pundit reports that

Honduran authorities have detained five Syrian nationals who were trying to reach the United States using stolen Greek passports …

[T]hey were planning to head to the border with neighboring Guatemala. The passports had been doctored to replace the photographs with those of the Syrians, police said.

From another story by the Gateway Pundit:

Serbian police reported Wednesday eight different migrants entered Europe this year using the same fake passport as one of the Paris suicide bombers.

Paris officials found this passport on the body of a dead ISIS suicide bomber Ahmad Almohammad.

The migrant passports had the same name, date of birth and place of birth as the Paris terrorist.
Only the photos were different.

So this begs the question: Exactly WHAT documents will the Obama administration use to “vet” these “refugees”? Given that Obama’s people admit that there is no database in Syria that can be queried, how will they sort out the jihadis from harmless widows and orphans? Is it even possible, when half of Muslims currently in the USA are okay with shariah law and 25% are okay with violent global jihad?

Obama’s people claim that they will use interviews, as if they haven’t a clue about the concepts of taqiyya and kitman, where devout Muslims can lie to infidels in order to subvert and defeat them.  Do they actually believe that jihadis intent upon doing harm to the USA will tell the truth while trying to sneak their way into this country by pretending to be refugees?

Can we subcontract these interviews out to the Israelis? I’d trust their expertise tremendously more than I’d trust that of any Obama minion tasked with sorting out these “widows and orphans.”

Tell your governor and tell your members of Congress:

Just say NO! to all Middle-Eastern refugees.

And DEFUND the programs that bring them here.


97 responses to “Say “NO!” to Refujihadis


      With regard to that one: Yep. The DEVIL is in the details because you KNOW that they consider Tea Partiers and other white people “domestic terrorists” so they WILL put all of them on the watch list (while removing muslims and NEVER adding BLM criminals) and then deny them guns or seize their guns. It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They CANNOT deny people a Constitutional right based upon something as amorphous as an opinion-based “watch list”. It will NOT pass muster with the SCOTUS, but, as with all things Barry, it will be implemented first (seizure?) and then adjudicated after it’s too late.

      • Case in point (I’m not saying these people, if guilty, were right, justified, and not criminals, what I’m saying is they’re not “terrorists” unless they also call those who block highways “terrorists” and those who DELIBERATELY attack and disrupt students in libraries “terrorists”):

        “Racial violence is terrorism. It strikes fear and anger and despair in people far beyond its narrow target.”

        That’s in regard to the ALLEGED “white” people who ALLEGEDLY shot BLM protesters in Minneapolis. Don’t know any facts yet because I haven’t read the stories yet. My point, however, is if you’re going to expand the definition of “terrorism” to include racists, then you HAVE TO INCLUDE racists on all sides, including, for example, Farrakhan.

        One thing I did deduce, reading between the lines of the sparse story that was in my local paper: The BLM “protesters” had their own security and were RACIALLY PROFILING white people who, in their opinion, looked “suspicious” and then “asking” them to leave. To LEAVE A PUBLIC SPACE. Later the story said that those BLM “security” tried to “escort” from the area (a public place) those suspicious folks with masks on their faces (gee, just like the BLM folks in Ferguson). The whites turned themselves in. A Hispanic person was picked up and later released. We have to wait to see what comes now. Was it a personal dispute? Who knows? Rumors abound all the time, as we know. (Hands up?) Another point in the story was that the people who were “suspicious” were a block away from where the shooting happened, so perhaps there’s NO CONNECTION between the people who BLM “security” considered “suspicious” and whoever shot the alleged protesters. NO confirmation whatsoever that anybody was a “white supremacist” but certainly appears there were plenty of blacks that night trying to infringe upon the civil rights of anybody who happened to be non-black and were unfortunate enough to try to be “allies” to this “movement”. IOW, plenty of black racists there.

        We hear nothing or not much, however, about the mass shooting at a “block party” recently where 16 or 17 were shot in New Orleans. Guess THOSE black lives DON’T matter, especially if they’re shot by other blacks.

        • Let’s not forget those who for years have predicted an astroturfed race war (which I ALWAYS thought was a stretch. Silly me.) and the possibility that these were operatives on a mission from above, if you get my drift. FWIW:

          These are a bunch of loons. They’ve been connected with violent incidents before, iirc, one of the school shooters posted there. HOWEVER, tell me how these guys, who have a perfect Constitutional right to drive around, wear masks, say stupid stuff (like “stay white”) and carry guns in their own cars are ANY DIFFERENT from the BLM “protesters” who also wear masks, drive around intimidating people (especially whites) as they block streets, carry guns, and say stupid stuff like “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em up like bacon?”

          Notice the comments about the shooting. The BLM people, it’s said, told the whites they didn’t like to leave. When they ran off, they were CHASED by the BLM “peaceful protesters.” If that’s true, then it puts a new light on it, doesn’t it? This was a fight, a scuffle, possibly justified, if the BLM people were infringing on the rights of some people to be present and then chasing and confronting them (illegally, as in assault). The cops will have fun sorting this one out.

          And the lamestream hypes in three, two, one …

          “Chilling video”. We’ve been watching “chilling video” of BLM and other progressive protests for over a year. Riots. Shooting. Looting. Blocking highways. Arson. All very “chilling”. We’ve been watching “chilling video” of the Knockout “Game” for years. Where was the lamestream then? Note: They call these white idiots “agents provocateurs”. What do they call the BLM people and, for example, the BLM guy who deliberately disrupted Trump’s rally: “peaceful protesters”.


            “A video reported earlier on Tuesday by The Gateway Pundit shows two Black Lives Matter eyewitnesses to the attack describe the three “white men” as being repeatedly attacked by the protesters, retreating several times before finally pulling guns and wounding five of the attackers who had chased them a block away from the protest site.[This is what comes from the police “standing down” and allowing these BLM people to imagine they have the right to “safe spaces” where they can ban white people.]

            The video shows two men (and the one recording the video) walking up the sidewalk across the street from the encampment and staying there. They did not cross the street to interact with the protesters. The person taking video pans up and down the street filming the protest but does not zoom in. …

            After the three men mill about for two minutes, a gang of protesters is seen crossing the street and aggressively challenging the men. More and more people cross the street until an angry mob is formed.

            The man filming is seen being sucker-punched by one of the Black Lives Matter protesters (about 3:50) and steps back. Another man, it could be one of the three or a protester, steps in between trying to keep the peace as the mob focuses on the man filming. The peacemaker’s efforts fail. At the 5:10 mark more punches are thrown by the protesters at the man filming. The three men try to retreat down the sidewalk and around a corner but are followed by the angry Black Lives Matter mob.

            The six-minute seven-second video ends before the shooting. The video was given to Minneapolis radio station KTLK-AM 1130 by a listener the station did not name. The station noted the video was presented without audio. …”

            TRUTH will out.

            • Isn’t it interesting how the lamestream media can “dox” white people who have not even been charged, if they will be charged, and yet they go out of their way to NOT “dox” people like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown or VonDerrit Myers? You know, how they are seen smoking marijuana and displaying guns on THEIR Facebook pages, not to mention making misogynistic and racist comments? Also being members of terroristic street gangs?

              • Self-defense? Search warrant implies so:

                But, amazingly, the cops seem to not be going after the people who illegally and unconstitutionally assaulted and chased the white men and their Asian friend, starting the altercation. There is SUCH bias in media coverage and now, apparently, in the actions of the investigators.

                They focus on the men wearing masks, when the video I saw showed a guy with a muffler on, pulled over his chin. Assume it is cold in Minneapolis. The black men who confronted the peaceful white guys who stood across the street and merely FILMED the “encampment” with its probably illegal FIRES had masks on, too! They said racist things. They chased and assaulted these guys ONLY because they were not black. So THAT’S a hate/bias crime. When the feds show up to investigate, will they look into THAT? Doubt it.

                I don’t know, but doesn’t it almost seem as if the cops initiated this trouble? As with the ill-advised instructions to college students to “report” anything that offends them to the campus police, it seems the cops TOLD the BLM protesters to get DESCRIPTIONS of the white people who show up at their “protest”. Maybe that’s why the BLM people, before PUNCHING the truly peaceful white people who were only filming and standing across the street (something even the lamestream media say they have a RIGHT to do on public property), maybe that’s why the BLM protesters tried to get them to remove their “masks” (while they themselves wore masks).

                “Police said last week they were aware of the threat to protesters.

                “The Minneapolis Police Department has received information that a group may attempt to cause a disturbance this evening in front of the Police Department’s 4th Precinct,” police spokesman Scott Seroka said in a statement. “We are asking gathered demonstrators to be vigilant and report any actions that may seem out of the ordinary. If anyone notices something suspicious, please contact a nearby officer or call 9-1-1. A physical description, clothing description, and/or vehicle description is helpful. Also, please report any ‘out of the ordinary’ actions you have observed.””

                As you see, however, they were NOT supposed to punch, confront, or chase the “suspicious” white people. So far, NOTHING that they’ve reported about these guys equals a hate crime. EVEN IF they had “white supremacist” literature at home, on their computers, or anywhere else and even if they had Confederate flags, it’s LEGAL to do so, just as it’s apparently legal for BLM people to threaten the police and for Farrakhan to call for 10,000 warriors to kill white people. Yes, these guys apparently are idiots. But that’s not a crime and the videos show that they weren’t doing ANYTHING that constituted a crime. Of course, there’s no audio and perhaps they did call the guys attacking them racial epithets, but THAT’S free speech, too. They were the victims of crimes, not the perps, unless, of course, they don’t have permits to carry the guns that they apparently used in self-defense. Ask anyone being chased by a mob what they would do if cornered and armed. These guys also apparently practice using the guns, so why is it, if they wanted to kill, the injuries are all non-life-threatening? I’m just sayin’. I wonder if we’ll ever learn the whole truth?

    • So that’s the latest meme. That the intelligence was “cooked” to fit what they thought Barry wanted to hear, but he didn’t ASK them to do it, so he’s an innocent victim. On the other hand, they continue to BLAME BUSH for the CIA claims that there WERE WMDs in Iraq, something that all DemoncRATS, including Hillary, BELIEVED and so VOTED FOR the war.


        Wheels within wheels.

        “What if the BIGGER story is that CENTCOM officers actually gave the White House accurate negative outlook intelligence, but the White House itself was ideologically adverse to the content therein?

        Meaning the White House did not want to take action based on accurate intelligence, because the White House didn’t actually want to fight ISIS; they only wanted to promote the illusion of fighting ISIS.

        What if, the bigger story is a potential for risk if the broader public became aware the inept U.S. response to ISIS was not based on faulty intelligence, but was rather based on the fact that President Obama, and those within his inner circle, were adverse to fighting.

        Intentionally adverse.

        Ideologically adverse.

        What if the inept and inadequate response was not ineptitude or inadequacy, but rather an intentional and deliberate ploy to appear inept and inadequate. The faulty intelligence story then is used as an EXCUSE, to hide the real reasoning – plausible deniability. …”

    • He, at times, can be an infuriating weenie.

      As a matter of FACT, muslims in NJ WERE celebrating the fall of the towers, as reported by the Washington Post AT THE TIME. Police investigated the rooftop celebration parties, presumably to see if anyone was complicit. I also remember seeing and reading reports of people IN AMERICA celebrating. Was not Farrakhan, btw? “Reverend” Wright with his “chickens coming home to roost?”

      Isn’t it funny how the media will nit-pick what Trump said about “thousands” but IGNORE Barry’s LIE about the “refugees” being mostly widows and orphans when over 70% are young men?

    • His little boy is so cute. I never knew he had a son that age. They’re all good-looking. Luck of the gene draw, I suppose. Oh, yes. They worry about having a model who posed in skimpy attire (if any) for First Lady, when what do we have now? An uncouth oaf.


    IF Obama had sons … THIS is what they teach in PUBLIC high schools these days. These public school students were allowed to leave school to put on a “peaceful protest” in HONOR of Michael Brown, AS IF the truth has not come out about his death. Look how they spoke to and treated the police who were there to protect them. This is the future of America, as Obama likes to tell us. Inspiring, isn’t it? Learning to say “F**k the police” and marching instead of studying will stand them all in good stead in the future. Won’t it? WHAT are these teachers preparing them for? Coffins, like too many of their cohort find long before their time? The cemeteries in north St. Louis are full of gang bangers who caught one. Disgusting. Your tax dollars at work, because, you know, they all get federal money, too.

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