We the People of the United States Stand with the Citizens of France

View_from_Eiffel_Tower - CopyOur deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of the Islamic terror attack in Paris. May God bless them and keep them. May the souls of the dead rest in peace. We pray for the recovery of all who were injured, in body and in mind.  We the People of the United States stand united with the people of France against our common enemy: Islamic terrorism. Its shadow threatens us all.

Marchons! Marchons!


140 responses to “We the People of the United States Stand with the Citizens of France

  1. Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton said Trump’s rhetoric on

    Muslims is “shocking,” ( 3 AM CALL DEAREST HILLARY, WAKE UP!)

    while rival Bernie Sanders called it …. “outrageous and bigoted.”

    • Yes, it would be IF THAT’S WHAT HE SAID, BUT IT’S NOT. It’s just another false meme perpetrated by the biased media, who must be increasingly panicked by Trump’s continued rise in the polls, the more so SINCE the Paris attacks. They’re going bananas.

  2. ~ Guest · 3 days ago
    The chickens are coming home, to roost! The obots are sweating and

    ….. it isn’t …… global warming. !!!!!

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/11/the-purge-to-ban-or-not-to-ban-that-is.html#BglB1mU67JEAsl1w.99

    • A “Bobby Kennedy Project”? I have news for them: He would feel like a stranger in his own party, and so would his brother (the assassinated one, I mean, not Teddy).

  3. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-12/food-banks-new-york-are-running-out-food

    Dolores Wieland | November 20, 2015 at 7:28 am |
    N.Y. is not the only city experiencing this problem. The elderly, disabled, and veterans are seeing no COLA while basic necessities have increased to such high levels that they can barely feed themselves while illegals and Obama’s import of foreigners live better than the American worker.

  4. ~ TungstenBars

    Step 1: Squeeze parts of society until they snap.

    Step 2: Spread fear in the rest of society about riots through the teevee

    Step 3: Come down with an iron fist, making examples

    Step 4: Pass more draconian laws (that lemmings will demand) to “prevent riots”.

    Oh and don’t actually fix the underlying socioeconomic issues.

    • We can only hope. Keep in mind, though, that their goal was to bankrupt the insurance companies so that we all had nowhere to turn but the gummint for that “universal” health “care” paid for by the gummint “single payer”.

  5. JASMINE WELLS … clap clap clap …YOU STAND TALL GIRL!
    WTPOTUS …..GET U ….100% ….let the slugs lie in the MUD!!!


    • Ironic? I just read an article in a noted “black” newspaper wherein a black celebrity (local) talked about how important it is for that university to protect ALL students from racial animosity and intimidation. I wonder if she meant Jasmine? OR the many white students who are DAILY called racist names as black students DELIBERATELY target them to make THEM “uncomfortable”.

    • You know, I only recently learned that she did accept that nickname for herself because people constantly noted that she was so “gassy” that she sounded like a whoopi cushion.

    • Lie #1: America is suffering from an apocalyptic “shortage” of science, technology, engineering, and math workers.

      Lie #2: US companies cannot function without an unlimited injection of the most “highly skilled” and “highly educated” foreign workers, who offer intellectual capital and entrepreneurial energy that American workers can’t match.

      Lie #3: America’s best and brightest talents are protected because employers are required to demonstrate that they’ve made every effort to hire American citizens before resorting to foreign labor.

      For too long, open-borders tech billionaires and their political enablers have escaped tough public scrutiny of their means and motives.
      ” Sold Out ” …………… is
      an indictment of not only political corruption in Washington, but also the journalistic malpractice that enables it. It’s time to trade the whitewash for solvent. American workers deserve better and the public deserves the unvarnished truth.

    • http://www.thepostemail.com/2015/11/16/arpaio-claim-the-government-involved-in-creating-fake-birth-certificate-for-obama/

      What do you make of this from your link? That Zullo said that Montgomery might have hacked into the HDOH database, presumably to insert the SFCOLB, and that’s why the BC # is screwed up? Would this fly? Would this possibility fit what we know about the status of that database, what it contains? I mean, is it accessible to the Internet OR would this Montgomery guy have had to get into the HDOH? If so, then how could that have been possible? Well, if he did work for the CIA, anything’s possible. I think it’s the latter and how would he have done it? Why, btw, didn’t Arpaio supply a lawyer for Zullo? Now I totally believe that people at the HDOH were complicit in the invention of that SFCOLB, even if only to keep their mouths shut about the truth (or untruth, I should say) of it. Interesting comment there about Trump’s files and foreign embassy files also being hacked. Now surely it’s possible that the Indonesian embassy records HAD TO BE hacked to remove Soebarkah’s records. Ya think it’s possible? Where’s the proof, Zullo?

  6. Here’s the trobulbe with Conspiracies. It’s hard to keep them silent.
    I asked Miri about Sandy Hook:
    Miri | November 20, 2015 at 5:17 pm | Reply

    If I understand the most-believable theory, there never were such people. They were actors and/or the children most focused upon were invented by using (younger) photos of much-older siblings and giving them another name–of a child who never existed. The photoshops of the perp’s face are convincing–something is being rigged, for some reason. Remember when at first they blamed his older brother? Recently, I read an article at Fellowship of the Minds about the report by first responders. A medical person documents all the outrageous mistakes and omissions made, IF one believes the report.
    Even if the victims did not exist or were actors, the conspiracy needs support in the form of family who will step up and say that Gilly G (Actor) was my beloved daughter and now she is gone. That’s possible too, her family could all be actors, but the larger the circle of liars, the less likely it is to stay intact.

    If we take a few assasinations that seem very likely dodgy, like Benghazi or like the princess of wales, we find they have almost become completely unglued. Benghazi has become completely unglued, Judge Nap gave the explanation and it is not containable.

    If you need to ask 100 people to go all in with you on some event with force and malice, it becomes more and more unlikely that someone will “grass” – after all these are not professional sicilian families, these are ordinary people.

    So do I believe Sandy Hook was a fake?
    I certainly believe our government want to disarm our public at all costs. Do I believe Snady Hook might have been part of that? Do I know that scopollamine exists? Yes I do.

    Am I certain that Sandy Hook was a fake?

    Not yet.

    • I’m not sure, either, Dave. Just keeping an open mind. Don’t lean one way or the other because there’s not enough evidence on either side. Actually, on the “real” side, there’s a huge lack of evidence, which is what makes it so suspicious. The thing about SH: It was a small, insular community. The “actors” (in the sense of major players in the drama, meaning the victims), iirc, were ALL new to the community, and lived in a relatively new suburban area, so how well would any of the other residents of the town REALLY know them? (How well, for that matter, do ANY of us know the people who live up on the next block, or on the streets behind ours, for example?) With so many kids allegedly in that school (more than 600), how well did anybody know the families of the kids who went to school with their kids or even the KIDS who were in their childrens’ classes? The most outspoken families of the victims are actually the most suspicious, especially the one who was laughing at the news conference or the people who so bizarrely dry-eyed were interviewed at length and spoke so unemotionally about a child who was JUST so tragically lost. Something does NOT compute. You know what? These people do NOT seem like “ordinary people.” I think that’s part of the problem. They DO seem like pod people. And it all adds to the suspicions. People who are adamantly FOR something (like gun control crusaders) accomplish a lot if they set their minds to it. If they TRULY believe that the ends justify the means. That by putting on this drama wherein nobody REALLY gets hurt but the scenario could be used (they hoped) to effect gun control or even confiscation, then in their minds it’s SAVING LIVES by conspiring. Look what ISIS accomplishes with warped ideology. Or what the Nazis did.

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