This Is What a Witch Hunt Looks Like

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Recently, on or near the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia, there were allegations of two incidents where unknown persons shouted racial slurs at black students. One alleged victim was the elected head of the Missouri Students Association, which is the undergraduate government. He happens to be black, which seems to indicate that a fair degree of racial equality and goodwill exists (or once existed) on that campus, where almost 80% of students are white.

Despite the fact that this young black man was elected to head undergraduate student government, some black students on campus nevertheless believe that there is “systematic oppression” on the campus of the university, based upon these two incidents where unknown individuals, who may not even be students or from the university community, allegedly used racial slurs against black students. The streets upon which these incidents occurred are open to the public, in a city of nearly 117,000 people, about 80% of whom are white.

As a result of publicity and outrage (real or feigned), the university, in response to these two alleged incidents of “overt racism,” instituted a policy by which all students, faculty, and staff will be punished made to attend online “diversity training“.

At first the outraged students directed their “ire” at a white university chancellor, who had condemned and recognized the “racism” on campus, and is the official who mandated diversity training in response.

Not being satisfied with that response, the outraged students redirected their focus upon the (also white) university system president, Tim Wolfe. Taking a cue from Ferguson protesters, they rudely interrupted a homecoming parade:

The protesters blocked the street and Wolfe’s car for about 15 minutes, chanting and making speeches, until they were dispersed by police. Some students watching the parade also joined in on the protest in support. No protesters were arrested for disturbing the parade.

As at St. Louis University where, after unrest in nearby Ferguson, protesters and activists “occupied” the campus, a list of demands was presented to Wolfe’s administration. Their demands were amazingly similar to the SLU protester’s demands, and in this case seem especially designed to chastise and humiliate the white president, despite that he committed no offense. Any offense that did occur was committed by unknown persons who allegedly share only Wolfe’s skin color.

In addition, the demands seemed designed to allow persons “of color” to browbeat other students, faculty, and staff as a form of punishment and reeducation, as if they are guilty, no matter if proven guilty, and therefore must be summarily punished in advance.

Here are some of the demands:

A news conference of Wolfe reading a handwritten, formal apology.

The immediate removal of Wolfe as UM System President.

Enforcement of mandatory racial awareness and inclusion curriculum for all faculty, staff and students, controlled by a board of color.

An increase in the percentage of black faculty and staff to 10 percent by the 2017-18 academic year, and the development by May 1 of a 10-year plan to promote a safer, more inclusive campus.

An increase in funding to hire more mental health professionals for the MU Counseling Center, particularly those of color, and more staff for the social justice centers on campus.

Note the racial animus evident in those demands. The white president needs to grovel and then resign or be removed. He is to be held responsible, apparently, for the “original sin” of racism that all whites carry on their souls. He, like the Confederate Flag, is a symbol of this “systematic oppression” (by whom, drunken rednecks in trucks?) and so he must go.

What a coup that will be, if he does get sacrificed. Then what’s next?

The curriculum in which white students are to be made “aware” must be controlled by a “board of color.” Will all students be educated on the need to respect persons unlike themselves, or is this curriculum going to be designed as reeducation or remedial brainwashing for white students alone?

Note the unconstitutionality of other demands:

QUOTAS for black faculty and staff.

Special “social justice centers” and safe places especially for persons “of color.” In other words, these places will be off limits or unwelcoming to some, based upon skin color, and so DISCRIMINATION will be sanctioned officially. Actually, these various centers already exist. But none for whites or white ethnic groups. Talk about systematic racism!

What the heck are they teaching in our universities?

Subsequent to presenting the demands, some students threatened to boycott retail and food establishments on campus and one student went on a hunger strike.

Protests ramped up, taking place at UM football games and some protesters followed the president to Kansas City, where they confronted him and demanded that he define “systematic oppression”. When his definition didn’t pass muster, they increased their “demand” that he resign or be fired, despite that he has apologized profusely (for what?) and that he and others in the administration are pandering in typical PC fashion.

The latest wrinkle in this saga: a number of black football players have threatened to boycott all football-related events, including games, until Wolfe is fired or resigns. It remains to be seen whether the university will demand in return that these players, probably most of whom are on scholarship, live up to the deals they made when they got their scholarships. If Governor Nixon’s behavior after Ferguson is any indication, just as no protesters were arrested for harassing President Wolfe, nothing will happen to these football “protesters”, either.

So now we see all of this, because of two alleged incidents where unknown persons allegedly shouted racial slurs at black students on or near the campus. For their alleged offenses, the president of the entire University of MO system is being pilloried, tarred-and-feathered, harassed and persecuted, at the risk of his job.

Is THIS justice? Is THIS fair?  Hate crimes and discrimination in retaliation for alleged hate crimes?

If this man is sacrificed because of these racist demands, then what will be next? Who will be next?

Recently, also in Missouri, fires were set at the doors of 7 churches, most of which have black congregations. As these incidents continued, the usual suspects emerged to scream about white supremacy and the wages of a long history of white systematic oppression of blacks, especially through targeting their churches. Lo and behold, the perpetrator of these fires, which seemed designed to look horrid but did little damage, was himself black. The story, which had occupied the front pages for weeks, has been dropped like a hot potato and the public still waits for an explanation of WHY this black man decided to target, but not really damage very much, black churches in the area of Ferguson.

Think about it: Why should one white man, Tim Wolfe, be punished, his career destroyed, for alleged racist words of unknown individuals, simply because he shares the alleged skin color of the haters? A high-tech lynching in revenge?

Do all whites carry responsibility for hate crimes carried out by any person who is white? If so, then it works both ways: When will President Obama resign or be impeached because Vester Lee Ferguson II murdered two white people on camera on Obama’s watch?

Who is organizing these protests in response to alleged incidents where, perhaps, a few idiots may have yelled racial slurs while driving by campus?

Why the out sized response? Any ideas?



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  1. Now even the white coach of the UM team is apparently getting in on the action, which makes this seem even more suspicious. Odd that so many of the news articles have no comments or few comments. Political correctness or just fear of the usual BULLIES who intimidate anyone with whom they disagree? Many news sites now require commenters to use their true identities, via Facebook, etc.

    What’s this about? It reminds me of that campaign to unionize college football players and give them a cut of the income that universities derive from college sports. Is this just an astroturfed campaign to continue that liberal effort?

    Watch for it. There’s something very rotten in Columbia, MO.

  2. And THIS is what CHILD ABUSE looks like:

    “Two daycare workers have been fired for refusing to go along with the center’s transgender agenda. Madeline Kirksey, one of the workers who is an author of a Christian book, says her religious liberty rights have been violated. The two were fired after refusing to call a little girl a boy.

    The two male parents of a six-year-old little girl told employees at the school to refer to their daughter as a boy, and to call her by a new masculine name. The little girl’s hair had also been cut like a boy’s. …”

    I’m sick to my stomach.

    How much do you want to bet that this is astroturfed anti-Christian activism?

  3. And here’s a police shooting that the liberal media ignores, because two arrested officers are black and the SIX YEAR OLD victim WAS WHITE:


    You gotta read it for yourself. It’s priceless, as he defends Ben Carson and rags on Barry!


    That site has the full list of DEMANDS. THE PROTESTERS have outlined the statement that they DEMAND that the president recite. What about HIS free speech rights? NAZIS. That’s what we’re raising in our universities. Not EDUCATED people. NAZIS. Racist ones, at that. Get a load:

    “Tim Wolfe must acknowledge his white male privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exist, and provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Concerned Student 1-9-5-­0 demands. …”

    Anything else? Just imagine what the curriculum of the “awareness” classes for white students, overseen by a “board of color”, will look like. Oh, hell.

    Why not DEMAND that all white students recite a statement acknowledging their “white privilege” whilst wearing HAIR SHIRTS and BEATING THEMSELVES ABOUT THE HEAD AND NECK WITH WHIPS? Why not? I mean, while you’re making demands?

    Oh, yeah. How about DEMANDING that white students give the black students their cars and maybe also serve as slaves to the black students? I mean, in compensation for white privilege, maybe the white students can cook, clean, and wash the toilets of black students. Maybe even wipe their butts for them. Ya know. CRAWL and GROVEL. Know what I mean?

    • One interesting demand was to ” increase retention rates for marginalized students.”

      Got it? See where this is going? After Ferguson, blacks don’t have to obey traffic rules or keep up their properties. You know, they’re now exempt from paying municipal fines. In the works: They don’t have to pay their debts because collections activities seem focused disproportionately in black areas (because they disproportionately don’t pay their bills?). NOW, certain students, who are “marginalized” (as decided by whom?) don’t even have to study in college, but will be retained because, you know, it’s RACIST to flunk them.

  6. TRu Dat!!!! 🙄

  7. Rosemary Woodhouse

    THIS is the line in the sand. If nothing is done about this, we’re toast.

    University of Missouri Chancellor Resigns in Submission to ‘White Privilege’ Protest

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      White students should protest for “diversity” of sport teams. They should protest against race-based admission policies. This is bullshit!

    • I know. The head of the entire U of MO system resigned and the chancellor of that campus resigned. Both white men. Both targeted on account of their race. What’s puzzling is that two Republican state legislators on the “Education Committee” actually applauded the change in the regime. This is such an insult to every white person and even non-black person in MO. So what’s the lesson? Go on a hunger strike and you can get the ‘head’ of anybody (iow, anybody can be MADE to resign)? In that case, do you think if we all go on a hunger strike, Barry will resign?

      The truth of the matter is that once they got the football players to threaten a strike, then there was no choice because there’s a contract that says if they don’t play the games, the school owes a million (if not more) dollars to the other team. It was BYU up next and if the game didn’t go on, then MO would have to pay them a million bucks. Then the next game, and the next. (Of course, just tossing all the black players and pulling their scholarships and fielding the kids who WOULD play was an option, but they’d never do that because then there would be screams of racism. Then the coach got on the side of the black players and, reading between the lines, the white players HAD TO be part of the “team” and go along, too, so there would be no games until somebody capitulated.)

      The school is already cutting back on account of no money. Ya wanna know why? FERGUSON EFFECT. There’s a campus in St. Louis right next to Ferguson. They’ve had to majorly cut back staff and faculty and other things, too, because they had a drop in enrollment when they expected an increase of at least 4%! Silly them. They think actions have no consequences.

      Who’s going to send their kids to UMSL when it’s next to Ferguson and there’s no way to get there without driving through Ferguson? They said community college students were also going elsewhere for their last two years, when used to be they’d go to UMSL. Well, FERGUSON EFFECT for you. The progressives think pie in the sky. They haven’t, apparently, the capability of imagining the logical outcomes of their stupid actions. I’d love to play chess with THEM, because they don’t think past their current move. They got what they wanted. They made their bed. Now they have to lie in it.

      In any case, the president resigned at the beginning of the meeting of the board of curators (who, of course, would be looking at the bottom line). The thing is, probably the citizens of the state will have to PAY BOTH THE PRESIDENT AND THE CHANCELLOR loads of money to buy them out of their contracts. IF not, those men were stupid to resign. Who needs this crap? We can blame them for bailing?

      As for St. Louis U, which I also talked about in the post, progressive students, activists, and FACULTY did similar things to get rid of the former head of that school–a Father Biondi. He was a Jesuit and had done wonders for that school. It was similarly losing students because it’s in the middle of the city of St. Louis, not in the ghetto but close. It was listed as the most dangerous campus in the country, because of being in a CITY and not in the suburbs like many colleges. They rate how dangerous a campus is by the amount of crime in a given area around the campus, and the campus of SLU suffered because there IS a lot of crime north of the campus, which is closer and closer to Ferguson.

      So Fr. Biondi was doing great things like buying up land, making a buffer, extending the “university” to make the entire area safer, and it was working. BUT he was a Catholic. It’s a Catholic school, of course. However, after the protesters and faculty pulled shenanigans, and he resigned, he was replaced, for the first time in the school’s history, with a non-priest. (The progs don’t like the Catholic stance on abortion, gay marriage, Planned Parenthood, etc. OF COURSE.)

      This new secular guy is the one who instantaneously capitulated to the BLM/Occupy “protesters” (aka thugs) who occupied the campus after the Michael Brown shooting.

      At LEAST, so far as I know, the president of U of MO system did NOT admit to any “white privilege”.

  8. Man, blatant in-your-face absolute racism. Haters, in the sense they define it.

    we’re being set up. systemic, open racism and systematic islamic brainwashing on every curriculum EVERYwhere… we’re being trageted. its looks like they really want to get ugly. frightening. Europe has fallen… all according to plan.

    • They capitulated and so look for this to happen everywhere, across the entire country. Wanna bet what color the next chancellor of the campus and president of the system will HAVE TO BE? In a state that’s majority white. On campuses that are majority white. FOREVERMORE, these elite positions will HAVE TO go to black people. This is the goal. To make blacks an elite class across the country. Barry’s goal, for sure. Quotas. Illegal and unconstitutional. But they’re going to do it.

      They demanded a say in selecting the next president and chancellor. Ya think they’ll get it? Of course, because otherwise all they have to do is get the football players to threaten another strike. It’s ridiculous.

      The football coach said he didn’t take the side of the players to get anybody fired. Nope. He said he was concerned about the life of the kid on the hunger strike. SO, he admits that a kid who CHOOSES to kill himself (if it went that far, and who believes it would?) should be saved at the expense of the jobs (and families) of two men who had nothing to do with this alleged racism.

      Can the white players now do the same? Can a white kid go on a hunger strike in response to the unfairness and racism and will they then REINSTATE Mr. Wolfe?

      All the politicians. All the media. EVEN THE SPORTSCASTERS, unbelievably, are on the side of the players and protesters. Just like with Ferguson. It makes NO SENSE.

      Can they not see the dangerous precedent this sets?

      Wanna know what else this was about? UNIONIZATION. They want to unionize grad students who help teach, AND they want to unionize football players and get them treated as employees who also maybe can get a cut of the millions the schools make on football.

      I think it’s past time to cut football out of the universities. Stop tying it to scholarships. Let it stand alone, if they think they can. It’s ridiculous.

      It’s like giving in because somebody has a gun to somebody’s head. A hostage situation. But in a real hostage situation, once the hostage-taker is neutralized, the person at risk isn’t dead (or in this case fired). And everybody AGREES that the hostage-taker is the BAD GUY. He isn’t praised as a leader or a hero. Talk about through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole.

      The governor, as with Ferguson, no doubt has a lot to do with these guys quitting. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they didn’t really resign but got a golden parachute, behind the scenes, which We the People, of course, will have to pay for.

      All this will do, imho, is to cement the conservative shift in this country. The media stories, the ones that allow comments, are FULL of comments like ours, all saying how insane, unfair, racist, dangerous, and ridiculous this is.

  9. I have the answer to who is organizing these protests. Apparently, according to a story at Gateway Pundit, instrumental in the activism is an intern BELONGING TO CLAIRE MCCASKILL! One from the UAE, at that, iirc. Sweet.

  10. When will racism at historically black colleges be addressed? btw, if they think they had racial tension prior today’s resignations, we can only imagine how the atmosphere will be henceforth. Of course, do you think the white students or anybody else opposed to the “change” will be allowed to SPEAK? Of course not. They dare not, lest they be accused of hate crimes and tossed off campus.

    • That’s interesting because I read a story somewhere that said that Sam called the president a good man and seemed to say that he regretted that he was run out on a rail. Funny how different media play up or down each aspect of a story. Where is the TRUTH? Breitbart’s story sounds more in line with what we know of media-darling Sam.

    Protesters Clash With Press, Declare ‘No Safe Space’…
    ‘Hey hey, ho ho, reporters have got to go’…
    VIDEO: ‘You don’t have a right to take our photos’…
    STUDENT: ‘Only first step’…
    Taxpayer-funded diversity officials compare Reagan Library to KKK…
    MAG: New Intolerance of Student Activism…

    • Seems they lied about how many of the football players supported this move. HOWEVER, as is usual with progressives, the dissenters were intimidated and bullied into shutting up. They weren’t allowed to meet with the media. Reporters weren’t allowed to try to talk to them. It’s OBVIOUS that they were threatened with something–maybe just being labeled as NOT TEAM PLAYERS. Again, we’re supposed to believe the LUDICROUS contention by the coach that he only joined in this protest to save the life of the hunger striker. HOW RIDICULOUS and how stupid does he think we are? I would LOVE to see someone go on a hunger strike and ask for HIS job to be taken from him (although after this and after the losing season, it may not be necessary to go to those lengths. His days as a Mizzou coach are probably already numbered and who would want him at their college now?)


      Just watch the video of how that Asian reporter and the person who filmed the confrontation were treated. The woman who was shoving the reporter is a faculty member. The woman at the end who called for “muscle” to help her EVICT the reporter from a public area on campus is ALSO a faculty member. BOTH should lose their jobs for violating the constitutional rights of those students, one of whom is “a person of color,” unless they’re going to call Asians “whites” when it suits them. The kid filming the incident was white and he’s the one she threatened to use “muscle” against, which, now that I think about it, was a threat to do violence, so there’s another charge against her. One assaulted the students and the other threatened violence if they didn’t leave. They should be FIRED asap. OUTRAGEOUS. The students and their parents should threaten to sue the school IF there’s no action taken. More about her:

      • You know what else is completely annoying? The arrogance of these faculty and “protesters” who keep telling people what they NEED to do. I saw one very rude and disrespectful black female student on camera confronting the president of the university system. She told him in a very rude manner that she “needs him to leave,” meaning that he had to resign. Think about it. SHE NEEDS him to “leave”. Well, we NEED BARRY TO LEAVE, too. Would she think it disrespectful if we confronted him in exactly the same way she did the president of the university? Then these people shoving the Asian reporter, kept saying “you NEED to leave.” He does? He NEEDS to? Then the teacher tells his associate the same thing. What he NEEDS to do. WTF is wrong with these people? They’re all for equality and respect but they have NO sense of fairness to others nor any RESPECT for others.

        They seem to believe that if they ask “politely” for you to stop exercising your rights to freedom to walk in public spaces, to speak, to do whatever, then you MUST comply with their request. What if we asked them to stop being whiny little babies, politely, of course. Do you think they’d grow up and behave? I doubt it. How about we ask them politely to go back and pay attention in school when they are taught, for example, the CONSTITUTION and “do unto others?” It’s seems as if the only lessons these special little snowflakes learned is “self respect” except it turned into narcissism where they think they’re BETTER than anybody else, but especially persons of non-color.

  12. Haven’t found much to update this yet , but here’s some good news’

  13. IF you think this was NOT astroturfed, then look what’s happening at Yale:

    Again, the entire thing is trumped up and ridiculous. This time, special snowflakes are upset because when an email went out, asking students to not wear disrespectful costumes on Halloween, a very thoughtful faculty member wrote an article in response, suggesting that maybe wearing costumes featuring another person’s culture could be an homage or, just maybe, the person who’s offended could simply shrug it off or, gasp, DISCUSS it with the person wearing the costume. You know, like ADULTS. NO!

    Now the “hurt” students are demanding that the woman AND HER HUSBAND, resign from their positions at Yale, because it’s no longer a “safe” space for them. They don’t feel safe, on account of someone suggesting that they just suck it up, you know, like we all had to do when our parents told us, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” (Or costumes.)

    Check it out, though. Watch the especial princess curse at and SHOUT IN THE FACE OF the white man who was TRYING so very hard to be polite, respectful, kind, and LOGICAL while surrounded by a mob who demanded, simply DEMANDED, that he APOLOGIZE for supporting his wife’s article (iow, her right to free speech and his right to defend his wife). He tried to explain that just because they WANTED an apology, he doesn’t have to give them one, especially if he doesn’t believe one is warranted (and it wasn’t).

    The kid went ballistic. Somehow, she believes her hurt feelings (and how anyone could get so worked up over an OPINION is beyond me) far outweigh this man’s wife’s right to express an opinion she doesn’t like and as a result he and his wife should BOTH be summarily dismissed, their careers ruined, all because special snowflake’s feelings got hurt and she IMAGINES that it’s no longer a “safe space” at Yale. YALE.

    Just imagine. How many of you would have LOVED to be at Yale? One has to wonder how she ended up there, being so illogical and disrespectful and yet full of herself. I’m amazed, but not really surprised. This is what progressives have wrought.

    Years ago, I sat in college classes and watched liberal white female teachers coddling people who had no business even being in high school, much less college. They truly do BELIEVE their press, if you know what I mean.

    Watch this young woman YELL AT the much older man to “be quiet.” It’s unbelievable. I suppose that now they believe that it’s their “right” to make all white people uncomfortable or that they have no duty to treat them like human beings because, after all, they’re white and have white privilege. Her parents should immediately pull her out of school, if she’s not expelled, but don’t you just have a life-sized picture of ANYTHING happening to her in the way of discipline? Does this meet Yale’s code of conduct? His conduct certainly was commendable. I could NEVER have been so calm. As an old lady, confronted by such a young “lady”, it would have been all I could do to keep from giving her a dose of what MY mother, grandmother, neighbors, teachers, or nuns would have provided me, if I behaved that way, if you can imagine what I mean: a smack in the face. Her parents should be embarrassed. SHE should be. But surely she’s not.

    I totally can see Mooch’s daughters at Yale. TOTALLY.

    Here’s the video where the worst part happens, but it’s worth watching the entire thing:

    This GENTLEMAN had stood there and talked calmly with these students for over 2 hours. And this was his thanks.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      S gonna HTF…. and soon.

      There’s only one solution…….whites stop funding all of this shit via the corrupt brownshirt IRS! Sorry for the expletives, but my bullshit tolerance is well past breached.

  14. Update on the MIZZOU situation. Now they’ve managed to get the campus police to request that everybody REPORT hateful or HURTFUL speech to the police, even though they admit that it’s not a crime. They do ask for name, license plate number, description, AS IF it is a crime. Then there could be “discipline” meted out by the university for hateful or HURTFUL SPEECH.

    NOPE. It’s illegal and unconstitutional for a PUBLIC university to discpline ANYONE for exercising his or her right to FREE SPEECH. It’s illegal and unconstitutional. They are opening themselves up to lawsuits that they WILL LOSE, because free speech is PROTECTED. A PUBLIC university CANNOT inhibit free speech and simply by asking students to TAKE NAMES, that’s infringing upon students’ right to free speech. What are they, NAZIS? YOUTH FOR HITLER? BROWNSHIRTS?

    Surely this is the work of the new inclusion officer they just hired. Earth to inclusion officer: We STILL HAVE A CONSTITUTION, last time I checked.

    The people of MO ought to be REALLY PROUD of their university. I hope they’re ready to write big settlement checks to the students who are HARASSED BY THE SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION BEING PERPETRATED BY THEIR CAMPUS POLICE FORCE.

    btw, reporters hesitated to write stories about this because they THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE, like an Onion farce. No, unfortunately it’s real.



    I hope the person who wrote that article doesn’t work on any college campus.

    And I have a feeling that THIS is EXACTLY what Barry and Mooch will be doing after Jan. 2017.

    • Rush’s take on it. He’s right. These men’s crimes were that they are WHITE MALES. They don’t deserve jobs or respect, apparently. They’re demonized and not human beings.


      Now this teacher who violated reporters’ rights claims to be getting death and rape threats. WHO BELIEVES IT? NOT I. They are upset because she, by her outrageous actions, took the focus off the protesters. That’s been reported–them whining about the distraction and changed narrative. So what can one do except distract and change the narrative again? Change the focus from HER violation of others’ rights into “concern” for HER, making HER the victim. Bogus. More kabuki theater and an attempt to blame the real victims in this charade. Innocent white people, like Tim Wolfe.

      There’s another purpose to these claims–to INTIMIDATE student journalists and citizen journalists from publishing actual, true video and stories that tell the TRUTH about what’s going on, because that ANGERS people–to learn the truth. These people don’t WANT the truth out. They want to run roughshod over everyone else’s rights. Note in the story how defensive the Asian student now is. Decrying and being made to answer for the ALLEGED threats that followed the viral videos posted online, showing Click’s outrageous behavior. The subtext is that HE’S to blame for the threats, because HE didn’t OBEY and NOT REPORT what was going on, which is what they wanted in the first place–their little “safe places” from media coverage. Used to be they complained about being confined to “free speech zones”. Now they want to create First Amendment FREE zones.

      Just like with the false claims about whites setting fires at black churches, the false claims of whites hanging nooses on dorm doors (when in both cases it was proved that blacks did it), the ALLEGED incidents of people crying out racial epithets at blacks on campus–LET’S SEE THE PROOF. Let’s see the threats, Ms. Click, because I don’t believe you.

      Oh, see. I KNEW this was coming. She, like all liberals, APOLOGIZES and so all is forgotten. She violates people’s First Amendment rights, on camera she assaults reporters, and yet FOR HER an apology is fine. For the president and chancellor? Not so much.

      As usual, a double standard. OF COURSE, they have to allow her to weasel out, otherwise, since she’s a faculty ringleader of this whole “movement”, if they TRULY punish her, then the protesters and activists and hurt students will go nuts, again. Do you see how it works? SHE’S allowed to be caught up in emotion on a “historic” day. Not President Wolfe, however. Nope. He’s a white male. If he’s caught off guard or misspeaks–OFF WITH HIS HEAD. Read between the lines. WHO is she really apologizing to? The protesters, because her actions distracted from their cause! That’s ALL she’s upset about. She’s also allowed leeway because of “inexperience”. However, Mr. Wolfe was an inexperienced college system president, having been in business prior to his appointment. HOWEVER, he’s not cut ANY slack. Double standard. HE didn’t violate anyone’s constitutional rights, nor did he assault anyone. And yet he’s forced to resign and she hasn’t been yet and it looks like she won’t be.

      Not that they’re not going to anyway. Having won this round, they announced they’re not going to stop protests. NO! Of course not. They’re working on their SECOND SET OF DEMANDS!

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    Obama – Proof that anyone can become president. AAAANNNYYYOOONNNEEE…

    CLOSE the BIG DEALS …& BE the NEXT P O T U S ~ 2016

  18. O’ …… …..SURE!!! …. ha ….NOT EVER ….JUST LOOK at
    WHAT it has DONE 2 WTPOTUS!!!!

  19. I know this is long but you’ll have a few laughs in between the anger and the near-tears, which is how I felt when I REALLY contemplated what’s going on across our country, DELIBERATELY COMMUNITY ORGANIZED BY THE ORGANIZER IN CHIEF, AND MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT. IF he were not doing a happy dance about this, then HE would be there to talk to, if not reeducate, these spoiled brats. btw, one of the ringleaders of the MIZZOU protests, one of the so-called “victims” of racists, himself last night cause a PANIC on the campus by FALSELY putting on Facebook that students were in danger and should take cover in their rooms because the KKK was there. Totally a lie, but one backed up, seemingly, by his other lie–that he was working with campus security and the cops and who knows who else–so that’s how he knows about the KKK coming to get them. It’s outrageous, but so far as I know, he’s STILL a student there and STILL the head of the undergraduate student government. So check out this summary of the things that have gone on across the nation just this past week. Pay attention to the FACT that whoever left the racist message on a computer in Berkeley is DELIBERATELY not identified, nor is his RACE, even though that’s not protected information. They KNOW it was a hoax designed to ramp up hysteria against imaginary hate crimes, with the focus to demonize whites. Is THAT not a hate crime, deserving of expulsion, at the very least? I would think so, but nothing will happen to special snowflake. btw, the so-called “poop swastika” at U of MO has NEVER BEEN SEEN, not by the campus authorities or even by the maintenance crew. Are we to believe that NO STUDENT took a photo of it? That the students themselves cleaned the bathroom? It’s a hoax, too. But look how much it’s cost the citizens of MO, so far. That’s also a crime and they should be made to pay for their lies.


      Figures. MU Student Body Prez and Race Activist Payton Head Met With Obama at White House …

      In September Missouri Students Association president Payton Head posted a report about a racial slur directed at him. Head alleged he was walking around campus when the passenger of a pickup repeatedly shouted the “N-word” at him. There were no witnesses.

      Yesterday Payton Head warned students the KKK was on campus. He later retracted the claim.
      The Blaze reported:

      University of Missouri Student Body President Payton Head issued a chilling warning of a “confirmed” Ku Klux Klan presence on campus Tuesday — only to admit it was not true hours later.

      He quickly sparked panic with a Facebook post claiming he was actively working with “the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard” on the so-called threat.

      Now this…
      Race activist Payton Head – who complains about white privilege and racial slights but was voted student body president – is linked to Barack Obama.
      What a shock. …

      Per Payton Head’s Facebook page, the two met in July, 2011 when Head visited the White House.

      So, do you imagine that this kid will be punished for these hoaxes? Ha.


    Analysis of the ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Big Brother” regime instituted by the campus Nazis in MO. It becomes readily apparent that the faculty and staff members who shoved at the student reporter and threatened to remove him via “muscle” were all in violation of the campus policy on harassment and so should ALL be fired.

  21. From:

    Do watch it. It’s chilling because it is SO TRUE. Kudos to those who made this.

  22. A white kid was arrested for making social media threats. Will this black kid (?) get similarly arrested? What do YOU think?

    • One really has to wonder. This is very odd. It happened, allegedly, in one of the residence halls. Do they let ANYBODY traipse through the dorms? If not, then surely the culprit, if one exists, is right there in that dorm. It happened, they say, at 2 in the morning, but the “police blotter” (if it hasn’t been rigged up since) claims it happened at 12:30 a.m. and cops responded at 2 or so. There are no details on that page, other than “vandalism”. The residence hall president sent out a tweet decrying the incident, with a bunch of bloviating BS for the special snowflakes. In it, a claim was made that the person (NOT CAUGHT, allegedly) wrote the swastika in “his own feces.” Now how does he know that? Did he do a DNA analysis? Now actually, that might work, if it really was human feces and if the cops took a specimen. But did they? They apparently didn’t even take PHOTOS. Now how serious are they about this “hate” crime, if they don’t even take photos. I saw an alleged police report that was “printed” on Oct. 29. This was also publicized, beginning Oct. 29. Why the delay?

      “Residential Life staff found feces smeared in the shape of a swastika on the floor and wall of a bathroom in Gateway Hall at 2 a.m. Oct. 24, according to a Residence Halls Association statement.

      Residential Life then contacted the MU Police Department. MUPD completed a report of the incident, and Residential Life staff also filled out a Bias Incident Report, Director of Residential Life Frankie Minor said. MUPD could not be reached for comment.”

      This was published Oct. 29. Again, why a five day delay? Suddenly, the president of the residence halls says his statement was NOT a proof of the incident, merely a reaction to it. He says he found out about it from a FLYER, not first-hand when it happened. Allegedly happened. They say HE first tweeted about it on the 28, in mid-afternoon, so there was still a 4 day delay in publicizing. WHY? Note that in the story, the entire focus is on anti-SEMITISM, not anti-black racism. The perp, if there was one, could as easily have been female and/or black.

      Now that’s supposed to be the police report. Why only now released? Why printed 5 days AFTER the incident? (Actually, the story Zen linked says it was CREATED on the 29th! So very suspicious.) When were the details about a swastika entered into the report? Who cleaned up this alleged swastika and why did NOBODY, including police, take photos? Notice, too, that the report describes the event as “anti-RACE”, even though anybody looking at it would say anti-SEMITIC, especially since prior incidents have been anti-SEMITIC, not “anti-race”. Conveniently, the names of the complainants are blacked out. WHY? Officer Brandon Baker apparently was the responding officer. This happened, allegedly, on the third floor of the dorm, so one would have to be pretty brave to vandalize a place where, if caught, it would be pretty hard to escape from. Right?

      Now that I think about it, if they KNOW the perp, if that was redacted in the report, maybe that’s how they knew it was his own feces, maybe the race of the perp is other than white and so it was anti-race if Jews were the target, or maybe it was only some drunken idiot who explained why he did it and it wasn’t a hate crime at all, just a drunken and gross idiot UNTIL the activists wanted to USE IT in their campaign of so-called racial oppression.

  23. read about the debates last night … bottom of page…Right ON!

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