Beautiful Border Barrier Between India and Pakistan

india-border-lights - CopyIsn’t it beautiful? NASA takes a photo from space of the border fence between India and Pakistan.

The thread of orange that separates the two countries is lit by security lights that glow orange. The brightest spot visible is Karachi which faces the Arabian Sea.

I don’t recall ever hearing anyone–especially Obama, Clinton, or the progressives who support them–criticizing India for this wall along their border. They’re not called racist. They’re not called Islamophobic. I don’t recall ever hearing anyone tell India that it can’t be done–fencing a border.

Why is that wall there?

The fence, constructed by India, generally remains about 150 yards on the Indian-controlled side. Its stated purpose is to exclude arms smuggling and infiltration by Pakistani-based separatist militants.

The barrier itself consists of double-row of fencing and concertina wire eight to twelve feet (2.4–3.7 m) in height, and is electrified and connected to a network of motion sensors, thermal imaging devices, lighting systems and alarms. They act as “fast alert signals” to the Indian troops who can be alerted and ambush the infiltrators trying to sneak in. The small stretch of land between the rows of fencing is mined with thousands of landmines. …

According to Indian military sources, the fence has reduced the numbers of militants who routinely cross into the Indian side of the disputed state to attack soldiers by 80%. …

Eighty percent effective in preventing infiltration by arms smugglers and militants who want to attack India. Now, who can dispute that we also have a problem with smugglers and infiltration by those who want to attack our citizens or even just take their jobs and benefits, bankrupting our governments?

Here’s another view:

india-pakistan-night-border-2011 - Copy

Obama and his supporters say we can’t build a border fence–it can’t be done. Worse, Jeb Bush says it can’t be done.

Donald Trump says that it can be done. India has proven that it can be done. Hasn’t the USA put a man on the Moon? But now we can’t build a wall along our borders, even though India (and the ancient Chinese) could? Somehow India can afford a fence but we can’t? We can’t afford NOT to build the fence. It would pay for itself, if only via the savings in social benefits we currently spend supporting illegal aliens.

Let’s do it. Let’s protect the United States of America.

It’s not racist. It’s not bigoted.

It’s just common sense.



146 responses to “Beautiful Border Barrier Between India and Pakistan

  1. Hungary builds fence,
    Muslim invaders drop from 10,000/day to 41/day
    Here’s some real dirty stuff:

    and Hungary:

    I am struggling to discover the reason that Chancellor Merkel, of Germany, said yes to this crap, but to his credit, the UK’s David Cameron is holding his nerve.
    A bunch of (unelected) Church of England clergy wrote to him telling him
    he had to do far more than admit 20,000 people over five years. He did not respond to their letter. That made them furious. They went public with their demand.
    So far Mr. Cameron is holding his nerve.
    As a reminder, the government of Britain has promised it’s voters, in law,
    an in or out rferendum on belonging to the EU before the end of 2017.
    I am thinking they are going to vote OUT.
    Why would anybody want to bring an invasion of jihadists into their country?
    USA needs to beware. Obama is a muslim jihadist. He will try to bring these so called refugees into the US too.
    Don’t let him.
    Congress needs to shut down the government before that happens.
    Yellowstone and all.

    • As for trashing the environment, it’s typical. When it’s not THEIR home, then too many human beings don’t give a rat’s patoot. Just look at any public housing project where the same garbage and excrement is everywhere. If I were Cameron, I’d tell those clergy to put THEIR money and THEIR homes where their mouths are. Let THEM take in these people. After all, that’s the CHRISTIAN thing to do. Jesus didn’t say to shout and holler and yell at GOVERNMENT to do what you think should be charitably done. No, the onus is on the individual person to exercise his OWN CHARITY.

  2. YEA!
    I’m not in older comments!

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