Obama’s Sampling and Selection Bias

Obama gives finger to Constitution

After reading Obama’s speech about the Oregon shooting, I noticed something interesting, perhaps instructive.

Here’s just one sentence from Obama’s speech, in which he promised to politicize these incidents even more than he already does, in order to further his goal of imposing stringent gun control (if not confiscation) upon the USA, according to UN dictates:

We talked about this after Columbine and Blacksburg, after Tucson, after Newtown, after Aurora, after Charleston.

Notice anything? These are the shootings that Obama singled out:

Columbine: 1999 – alleged shooters were both white

Blackburg: 2007 – alleged shooter was a South Korean citizen and Asian

Tucson: 2011 – shooter, who pleaded guilty, is white

Newtown: 2012 – alleged shooter was white

Aurora: 2012 – convicted shooter is white

Charleston: 2015 – alleged shooter is white

Following are a few similarly well-publicized shootings that have taken place since Columbine:

Kirkwood, MO: 2008 alleged shooter was black

Fort Hood, TX: 2009 – convicted shooter is Muslim and of Palestinian ancestry

Manchester, CT: 2010 alleged shooter was black

Brookfield, WI: 2012 alleged shooter was black

Washington DC: 2013 alleged shooter was black

Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties, CA: 2013 alleged shooter was black

Santa Monica, CA: 2013 alleged shooter was Lebanese/Arab

Marysville, WA: 2014 alleged shooter was Native American

Chattanooga, TN: 2015 alleged shooter was Muslim and of Palestinian ancestry, with Jordanian citizenship, although born in Kuwait

Roanoke, VA: 2015 alleged shooter was black

Obama is rather selective in his choices, wouldn’t you say? Do you perceive a pattern here? Any other way his selections could be explained, other than that he sees the world  through the lenses of race and religion?

Curious, isn’t it?


Note: I used “alleged” in any situation where the probable shooter was killed or committed suicide, so that the case was never adjudicated.

123 responses to “Obama’s Sampling and Selection Bias

    • Right. And that writer is a neurosurgeon. Do you know how hard it is to become a neurosurgeon? How intelligent you have to be?

  1. Accompanying the above post “Huge Dunno” it’s worth remembering that although Beforeitnews is a wildly crazed website, there are occaisonal aricles that have been truthfully almost verified by parallel reports in mainstream media.
    The mysterious firing of commander in our nuclear force was documented on mainstream media. Do you remeber the four star general who was fired because he was caught with fake poker chips in a casino!?!
    Like give me a break.
    This article reminds us of what we just narrowly escaped,
    (including the East Coast Tsunami)

    (William Wallace) Dr. Jim Garrow, the same one that reported the death of Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy, came out as an ex CIA Agent recently. The same Jim Garrow that runs Pink Pagoda Girls that rescues young girls from death and abortion in China.

    On November 19th, via social media, Jim revealed via social media the details of Obama’s biggest false flag to date, that thankfully went bust. Obama attemoted to detonate a nuclear weapon on U.S. soil. Ultimately it went off in the Atlantic. In his account Jim reported:

    Three individuals have just saved 300 million lives in the past 2 weeks. They saved the 90% of the population that would be dead if Bathhouse Barry had not been stopped from using 3 nuclear devices against the American populace. 2 Army Generals and 1 Navy Admiral, whose duties included the safeguarding and oversight of the nuclear arsenal. Obama ordered that 3 nukes be transported in a major breach of protocol and safety regulations of long standing. He wanted it NOW, and these officers were made aware of what the intention was. The admiral had the one Navy nuke taken 200 miles off South Carolina and detonated deep in the ocean. The other 2 nukes disappeared thanks to the handiwork of the 2 Generals, the numbers 1 and 2 men in charge of the Army ordinance. These three men are heroes of the highest order. Look up the events of 2 Generals and 1 Admiral being dismissed in the past two weeks and you will find their names. They saved your lives and the lives of 300 million of your fellow citizens.

    Mr. Obama’s intention was to set off the three nukes to devastate all computer related systems on the continent thus taking America back 200 years and guaranteeing a total breakdown in society and with in one year the death of 300 million Americans. To see how this would be possible read, “One Second After”. You can get it on Amazon.

    Senator Lindsay Graham has warned South Carolinians about the threat of a ‘terrorist nuclear attack’ on the same day our exclusive high level military intel revealed to us that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas airforce base under an ‘off the record’ black ops transfer.
    Lots more in the article but it’s worth remembering with what are dealing.
    The next year is unlikely to see a calm outcome.

    Embedded within that article is an X22 report citing anomalies in the
    Oregon mass shooting. I am always very nervous about using any of that material. What I do know is that I predicted about six or seven years ago the number of crazy mass murders was going to increase hugely.
    I am not happy to be right.

    Don’t blame it on the moon shine
    Don’t blame it on scopollamine
    Blame it on the Boogie …

    Uh-oh I can’t finish that sentence without committing a severe

    • Scary to contemplate.

          • One of the things that the embedded X22 report clears up (in the above article) and which has always confused me, is that if an event is a faked false flag, it doesn’t mean real people didn’t die.
            I always wondered, in these claims that some mass shooting was a fake, what happened to the real people? If they weren’t dead, then they’d be somewhere, and have to be kept hidden indefinitely.
            The X22 report says that the shooting was a fake, in that it was staged by a method we don’t yet understand, but that real people sadly died,
            and that the shooters facebook site goes back like only one day, like
            it was just created for effect.
            I mention Scopollamine in my little Blame it on the Boogie song, because that drug, originating from Columbia, can rob a person of free will in fifteen minutes, just thrown as a powder into your face. (BBC did a documentary on it) and it has been suggested that it could be used to render mass shooters willing to do what their handler tells them to do.
            I do not claim evidence for any of these theories,
            the sheer number of crazy murders has gone through the proverbial woof!
            Woof woof, the curious tale of the dog that barked in the night,
            aka as he what signed the UN treaty on global civilian disarmament,
            uh that would be the guy known as the man who vowed the fundymental transformation of the USA.

            • It makes some sense. Holmes said that he was told it was a video game. Now he’s probably nutz, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have been handled, anyway.

  2. ~ To: Georgia Girl 2
    I am with you I WANT A DAMN WALL!!!! I live in CA. or should I say Mexico!!!!

    ~ To: E. Pluribus Unum
    The more the Left slams Trump the more I like him, & I started off not
    liking him at all. He has all the right enemies.

    I could have written those very words myself.

  3. ~ nitediver • 9 minutes ago

    I want to know 2 things:
    1: Why are we allowing the Bildeberg Convention to select our presidents?
    2: Why are we allowing our voting machines to be manipulated?
    Both are crimes of high treason!
    Both are wicked in construct!
    Both are evil in desire and agenda…….

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