National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day. Many of the chains are giving away free coffee and/or other goodies, like mugs and doughnuts. Check them out at this link.

Coffee? Where would we be without it?

I know where I’d be.

Still in bed.

A proud coffee addict since at least  1977.

Will you join me today in a cup (or two) of Joe?


121 responses to “National Coffee Day

    • I agree with the head of the NRA.
      The only thing that will stop a bad man with a gun.
      Is a Good man with a Gun. 😉

  1. ~ Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra -Oct. 1, 2015 at 8:05pm …^^^^
    Obama: Don’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few. But, we need MORE GUN CONTROL because of the action of a few.

    Obama never comments even when asked, about the dead in Chicago, where the same exact gun control laws he wants for the entire US, are already and have been in place for decades. And yet, you are more likely to get shot in Chicago, than a soldier in Iraq, during the height of the war. But, lets not jump to conclusion when another shooting happens in a GUN FREE ZONE, because if we just made all of America, GUN FREE, well, that won’t solve the problem, but it makes the Dems FEEL better, just ask the Colorado Assembly.

    • That’s right. Apparently we don’t need nuke control in the Middle East, even though muslims over there are mighty darned violent.

  2. ~ Rob -Oct. 1, 2015 at 7:07pm …. ^^^^
    Never let a tragedy go to waste.
    He HATES America… and it hates him right back.

    ~ Rob
    Montana1987 -Oct. 1, 2015 at 7:41pm
    He’s right. Prayers are not enough.
    Start carrying.

    ~ TROONORTH -Oct. 1, 2015 at 7:30pm
    Does this Tasteless, Crude Excuse for a man not realize that the least he could do is wait until the bodies of these poor 13 are cold, before turning
    this dreadful event into a political attack-ad against the Republicans and conservatives in general. Those wanting to know how low this ignorant will stoop, if he has any limits upon using any tragedy to advance his political agenda, now have their answer. What a disgusting, tasteless, immoral piece of human Excrement this dude is …..

    • Surprisingly enough, they ID the guy by name on my local news but DID NOT show his photo, which would tell people much more than just his alleged name does. Like Obama, he apparently had aliases. Chris Figgalapola (?) being one. Chris Harper-Mercer being another. Some reports are that he was a BLM supporter. Not confirmed yet, apparently, but will we ever know the truth about this guy, anyway? I doubt it. He doesn’t fit the profile. Incidentally, since the 4chan people are known hackers, how can anyone trust that his supposed dating profile is REAL or that he truly was a conservative Republican, even though he also says, on the same profile, that he’s basically a pagan Satanist? Was he or was he not a student there? Conflicting reports, as usual. Supposedly worked in the theater. Interesting. Might explain a hatred of Christians, if …

      CT reports that the dating profile was updated after the guy’s death, so it’s likely a spoof that he’s conservative, Republican, or a Satanist.

  3. ha
    Obama is angry and frustrated …… & JUST how long …..has WTP

    had 2 put UP with HIS sorry excuse for an USURPER PERSON

    full of LIES …. GAMES …. the list is ULGY … the LIST is LONG!


    • 55tan20 hours ago
      This is Obama saying he needs more gun control when he has distributed at least 300,000 AK47s, 20,000 missiles and 400 Stingers ,,,,, to his mates in ISIS to KILL anyone they fancy killing.

      What a great example you are Obama. A really true leader in the killing and mirdering of thousands up thousands and maybe millions more to come. …… ^^^^ comments good read

      The incidents quoted in this piece were committed by medically proven unstable people and I suggest this may be the case here as well. One of the biggest school shootings was ‘Sandy Hook’ and that has now been proven to be a total false flag setup. Done with the permission of Obama ,,, look it up folks,, look it up and then say you support this politician’s views.
      GUNS DON’T KILL,,,, PEOPLE LIKE OBAMA KILL. What happened to your 3 boyfriends from you church Obama? they all died within 3 weeks of each other and 2 of them professional ‘HITS’.?? tell us please.

    • They say he specifically killed Christians (don’t know if that’s verified) but that the deceased were mostly white females.

      This story quotes a neighbor who claims to remember him.

      Supposedly the shooter was born in England and came to U.S. as a child. Is he even a citizen? Sounds familiar.

      A commenter at CT says the Oregon state voter registration confirms him as a DEMOCRAT, not a Republican. GP has a story about the hacks to the social media. This is probably why they delayed identifying him. So the hackers could do their jobs.

      • ~ Captain Crunch • 2 hours ago … @WND
        Lies & more lies about his online profile. I believe he was just practicing taqiyya to throw off the scent of investigators & to appear to be something he is not. KiIIing only Christians…really. I smell something rotten here. He didn’t want to cast any negative dispersion’s about his true profile.

        ~ infrahuman • 3 hours ago
        Obama, like you Mercer was a …… Mulatto ……
        And like ….U …. he had no problem targeting Christians.

        ~ 68niou1 • 4 hours ago
        If Obama truly wants us all to disarm (I mean how can we take his
        comments any other way), then he should lead by example & disarm
        all his staff and security.
        So how about it Mr. pres… care to lead the way by example?
        If not, shut the H up.

        ~ Mark Lahti 68niou1 • 22 minutes ago
        Obama was exactly right in what he said about we are all responsible when things like this happen. Gun free zones are merely the placing of a target on those locations. When we are not allowed to exercise our second amendment rights to carry for our own defense and the defense of others, we allow these things to happen. We never hear about all of the many instances that happen all over this country when a crime is stopped by an individual who is legally carrying his weapon. We only hear about these kind of cases as these cases support the agenda of our socialist/progressive/liberal POTUS. Which is also supported by the entire msm around our country. The need for constitutional carry to be established as the law of the land is obvious and necessary. This butt head walked around the campus killing in a slow steady pattern. If anyone with a legally carried weapon had been on site, they could have stopped him in his tracks as soon as he started. Many people would have been saved & one more nut bag in the ground. Also saved us a lot of money that is now going to be spent with incarceration, litigation, & appeals.

        • Like Obama, the shooter is also a UK SUBJECT AT BIRTH. It seems so pertinent to consider the information that is NOT related in the lamestream: That Skarlatos attended that very college and actually was due to take classes this week (one story said that very class, an English class, which could be a typical required class), but canceled because of going on Dancing with the Stars. Now maybe everyone will learn about his connection to the crime, AS A POSSIBLE/PROBABLE TARGET, because he’s canceled activities with Dancing with the Stars to go home to his hometown.

          There’s also no explanation for the early report that a 20-year-old was the shooter and that he came from the Midwest, met up with another person (unnamed), and proceeded to the school.

          The media don’t report that these social media accounts, from which they’re pulling “facts”, were modified multiple times AFTER THE SHOOTER WAS DEAD.

          So how does a 20-year-old become 26? How does a guy from the Midwest suddenly become a local kid, formerly from CA, who’s a student at that school, in that class, and who also worked in the theater dept.? How does a long gun turn into one long gun (unused) and 3 (or was it 5?) pistols, with another (what?) 8 at home?

          They say his FATHER was originally from the UK. They don’t SAY that the shooter himself was born there. Why not? Did or will anyone investigate whether or not he naturalized and at what point in his life he came to the USA? Is his mother a U.S. citizen or also an immigrant like his father?

          WHY did he drop out of Army boot camp? They don’t give that information. Could it be false documents?

          How can he attend a high school for disturbed teens but then also “legally” buy guns after passing a background check? The lamestream news made a point last night of saying that there’s no “mental health issue” with him. There isn’t?!! He attended a special school for emotionally disturbed people. His neighbors all say that he acted strangely and that his mother told them that he’s got mental issues.

          The media points out his alleged admiration for the IRA and other mass shooters, but no mention at all of the muslim jihad-admiring friend on his very same social media page. Why the omission?

          I think Barry’s not going to let this good crisis go to waste even as they hide the facts. It’s looking at least plausible that this is our first ISIS attack, in an act of revenge for Skarlatos’s heroism. They will spin any coverup as in the interests of national security and to prevent inspiring copycats or “giving the ISIS terrorists a win”. There was also a report that the troops were warned recently to take especial care for their safety. Why else did the shooter kill Christians after asking their religion? HUGE TELL, imho. As in keeping with all these events, the “manifesto” appears but doesn’t. Allegedly a “box” with his “writings” in it was handed to one survivor. What became of those writings and if anyone will ever see them remains unknown, according to the CT link.

          Now that story says he was “heavily armed” and “wearing body armor.” And nobody saw him go in with a “long gun”? Nobody, in this age of ubiquitous cell phones, thought to call the police or even ask campus security about this anomaly? I’m sorry, but if you believe this version:

          “She said the gunman entered her classroom firing, told the professor teaching the class, “I’ve been waiting to do this for years,” and shot him point blank, Stacy Boylan said.

          While reloading his handgun, the man ordered the students to stand up and asked whether they were Christians, Boylan told her family.”

          You have to believe that after seeing him actually kill someone, the rest just calmly stood there and waited their turn?

          Is it usual for someone from the west coast to “serve” in the Army, for one month, in SOUTH CAROLINA? I’m just asking. Now look how the CNN story attributes “rambling” comments on blogs recounting his “racial animus” against blacks. Does he not look black to you? He’s obviously not white enough for the media to call him white, which they would do if he were. You know they would. So why would someone who commented approving of BLM also hold animus against blacks, when he himself is apparently blackish? If not, then what is he? If you believe this story, he actually “sought” mental health treatment so, again, how did he pass a background check to buy guns?

          • He was sent there as were the hired witnesses to be interviewed.

            The question at this time is ‘where next’.

            Yeah, Roseburg, random. mmmmmkay. Just waltz into Roseburg and shoot people at your leisure. Yeah. Okay if you say so.

            It probably wasn’t scheduled to happen yet and that’s why the reporting was thwarted. Putin screwed the pooch and they had to let it blow sooner than planned.


            Now that one nearly completes the Lanza meme. His mother liked shooting, bought guns, went to a shooting range, and took him to a shooting range.

      • propaganda lies propaganda lies ┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐
        ->this Govt regime. Just a few of my thoughts – not originally mine but I do believe this is some of the reasoning behind the sociopaths/narcissistic elite. Many of them are believers in the “order out of chaos” theories originated by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. I am sure you have heard the obamanites say never let a crisis go wasted. So the chaos brings crises which gives an opportunity for new order or new government control measures. These elites seem to think they are protected from the created crashes to control the masses. But remember Lucifer said “I will be as the most high God”. and I think that is the real motivation behind all this.

  4. Here’s Pamela Geller,
    I haven’t seen any instances where her thorough documentation failed.
    I don’t watch this stuff much anymore,
    as far o’s question about when will it end?
    When you are out of office would be the short answer to that one.

  5. my comment disappeared
    wos it because I said Pamela Geller?

    • Dave, the comments there. We love Pam Geller, so don’t worry about it. Maybe WordPress has a problem with her. I’ve been having a problem with the comments, too, though. I will post one and it won’t be there when the screen comes back. I have to “refresh” the screen and it shows up. I never know if this happens only to administrators or to everybody. I guess it’s everybody. Try refreshing if it happens again and see if that fixes it.

  6. OK, glad it reappeared.
    The thing is, what are we not looking at today?
    Putin is not only defeating Obama, he is making him look like the total fool over his failure to defend anybody anywhere.
    Putin now controls Syria and he will not be dislodged. It wasn’t any great
    military feat. It just took a command. Obama could have issued a command
    but he didn’t. He might have been afraid of Banki Moon.
    John Kerry is also shown to be totally useless.
    The jig is up – obama has no credibility left. He is the 80 pound weakling that bullies kick sand at at the beach. He is done. In fact anyone associated with Obama is done.

    Suddenly we have another mass shooting.

    What “luck”

    Obama can have a few days diversion ranting at Americans about how they
    are all guilty of something or another.
    He will not mention how he is guilty of making the deaths of all the brave soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan completely in vain.
    That feat belongs to obama and to him alone.
    I predict that the next Putin move will be a lighning occupation of Iraq.
    Why not? Nobody can stop him. Iraq is bordered by Iran and Syria and has
    trouble with Isis too. The only thing that might stop him is the overnight
    re-occupation of Iraq by the US. That will not happen.
    The government of Iraq is a tool of Iran. Baghdad is controlled by that shia faction that also rules iran so expect the government of Iraq to ask Putin to save them too from Isis.
    With that, Putin is fifteen minues away from the oilfields of Kuwait and an hour away from the oilfileds of Saudi Arabia. Do you get it?
    It is reported that the oil wells of Saudi Arabia have a “Dr. Strangelove” suicide option wired to render them all useless within ten seconds. So what? Putin doesn’t need oil or gas. He has those energy essentials.
    When Putin is poised there and then,
    Will obama find his cajone’s then?
    He hasn’t got any. Maybe his partner does.
    It is that serious.
    Remember when obama told some tool to tell Putin that he can be more flexible after the election?
    Do you remember my post a day ago about how Obama shut down the last American enrichment site for U235?
    Well, here we are.

    • Kerry really looks like an idiot and the photos of him seem to indicate that he KNOWS what a d**k he is (and looks like to the world). You are so correct. I was thinking along the same lines yesterday. That this is a great distraction, not only from Barry and Putin but from Hillary’s fiasco, too. Obama threw it all away after it was secured with our blood and treasure (not to mention the limbs of our brave troops). He did it on purpose. I have no doubt. He met Putin the day before. He told Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility” after the election. Well, he sure does, doesn’t he? I can’t figure out, however, WHAT he was so angry about yesterday, knowing that it was NOT the deaths in Oregon. Was it Putin? Was it that he looked so lame to the world? Was it that the killings brought home to him how he is being DEFIED by Congress and the recalcitrant populace that will NOT allow him to impose gun confiscation (note that he cited with admiration the two countries that confiscated guns)? He doesn’t care about the deaths. That’s obvious because he also doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the hundreds killed every night across the country by gang violence (50 in his own city just last weekend).

      • What a farce.

        They are not incompetent. Its their plan. Their #1 responsibility in the global chess game is to destroy the United States of America on every level: Our Countrymen, our terrain, our treasure, our values, our traditions, our memories are under assault 24/7/365. Upheaval, chaos, confusion and civil war is their objective. A strong, sovereign nation of civilized people is not in their interest. We must be fractured, demoralized and destroyed.

        They are most competent. Fundamental Transformation is a movement.

        • Guns! Poverty! Mental Health Issues! Disenfranchised! HealthCare!
          Climate Change!

          They want you to be vulnerable, poor, nuts, stupid, sick, cold and in the dark.

          Its a non-profit governmental industry.
          Better to control you, my Dear.

  7. ~ obama_un2_left …..YIKES!!!!

    This is where “hope and change” have led: President Obama told the United Nations he wants the whole world to become a “collective endeavor.”

    In his address to the U.N. General Assembly Monday, Obama spoke one line that struck some people as chilling.

    Read more:

  8. ~ wsurfs . • 3 days ago ….^^^ comments R right ON!!!

    NOW do the unbelieving finally BELIEVE that Obama intends to destroy the United States of America and SOONER rather than LATER…!! When Obama finally does leave office, the next president should guarantee the American people that no matter where Obama is on the planet or what capacity Obama has, he will NEVER be able to make ANY policies effecting the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….EVER AGAIN….!!!

  9. Could this B O-bummmmer talking 2 the WORLD???

    “One way or the other, I’m going to be out of your life in a few weeks. Maybe you’re dreading that day. Maybe you’re counting the seconds. Either way, I’m going to make sure you’re ready when the time comes. I promise.”
    — Joan to Sherlock in The Long Fuse


    • The First good idea ………………… has to do with Polling.


      We all know polling is a fraud, run by the Cartel and syndicates to sway people to become Slaves.
      I believe it would be a great idea for Mr. Trump to order an entire hand picked group at Justice to investigate polling in how it has been used against his campaign,
      & then indict,
      & convict these traitors on crimes against the Constitution,
      which would bring in certain cases the death penalty,
      by a Tribunal only answerable to President Trump for certain & swift executions.

      The Second good idea ……………..
      would B for the day after Inauguration Day for Mr. Trump to release the real data on the real Obama national debt,
      the real Obama jobless numbers,
      the real illegal and legal invasion of America,
      the real numbers of Americans having been terrorized by the Obama regime.

  11. That is what Trump Presidency should investigate, even if Rubio is the VP. I will remind those who have not donated that last month the Lame Cherry did an inquiry of the matrix and the matrix was pointing the non existent Marco Rubio as trending to be the Vice President……..and here comes Rubio starting to be propped up and promoted out of nowhere with a lackluster but exuberant debate performance.
    On trends, the matrix does show the near term quite well as I proved with earthquakes, nailing as the Viking noted the first several months of 2015 spot on, including the locations.

    These good ideas would assist the Trump Presidency and Candidacy, as the minute Donald Trump starts stating that he will direct his Attorney General to begin investigating this in who is cooking the books, the books will stop being cooked, and all of these marching orders trying to destroy Donald Trump will stop, because ending up in Gitmo, sleeping on that million dollar soccer field in a tent for the next 50 years is going to cool the jets of billionaire fags and those little snotty propagandists in the press.

    That is enough good ideas now, as the threat of federal retaliation let loose once in power is a most appropriate fear to put into the enemies of America from within.

    • Rubio VP? Trump blows it if he chooses ANY of the other guys running because they all owe big time to their donors and thus DT would never be able to trust them. And, I would not trust Trump at that point either because he made his entire foundation platform on he could not be bought and then to choose someone that not only can be bought in the future but is, in reality, already OWNED would immediately weaken Trump in the eyes of the nation and world.

  12. ~ Rightymart Rob Curcio • 12 hours ago ….^^^
    Barry from Honolulu has been waging a war on women, babies, men, black people, white people, poor people, GOP, middle class, for 7 years. The absurd Barry from Honolulu has got us whipped up into a freenzy over his fecal-ness (obama is fecal matter).

  13. WELLWELLWELL …” I ” …” BELIEVE ” ??… HAWAII?? ha

  14. ~ William Gardanis 1 day ago
    Donald Trump will UNDO the Executive Order that Obama used to conceal his records and life. Trump said that he will UNDO ALL of Obamas Executive Orders. Its allowed legally for a President to undo past President Executive Orders with one signature. I have it on video YIPPEE

  15. ~Guest · 23 hours ago
    John Hardwood said “I believe he was born in Hawaii.” He himsif doesn’t know for sure. Otherwise, he would have flat out said “he was born in Hawaii.” What a hypocrite. Just look at the uncertainty in his lying eyes.

    ~Guest · 23 hours ago
    The best part is that this idiot John Harwood is on video for all eternity looking like a nimwit when it came to the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people. He just flushed his legacy down the toilet.

    ~Guest · 23 hours ago
    When John Harwood said the word “Hawaii” he closed his eyes/blinked. Another forensic sign of lying.


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