U. S. Navy Drill Team in Norway

Let’s hear it for the U.S. Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team. Needless to say, they won this event. The video was uploaded in 2007.  Nevertheless, it’s an amazing display that’s well worth watching.

From America, before she was “fundamentally transformed.”

Belated congratulations, guys, and thanks for your service!



131 responses to “U. S. Navy Drill Team in Norway

  1. RIP ~ Jackie …. I spent an evening with this lovely lady once ….
    she was special …. she died of Cancer at 77


    • RIP. Her novels were supposed to be so daring and radical on account of the sex scenes. Hoo, boy. They sure seem tame by today’s standards. Is her sister deceased, too? Joan Collins?

    • She traveled to Ghana as a kid? Sounds like Barry’s so-called poor upbringing. Another child of privilege with a bogus narrative. I mean, they ALL put a gloss on things but how can you call your upbringing middle class when you got a baby grand piano for a gift and traveled the world as a child? Just like Barry, going to school in a limo, but claiming to be a poor ghetto child of a single mother. All that said, I can surmise why she divorced the first one. Yikes! Silver Spring, Maryland? Now where have we heard of that place before? Oh, yeah. In the O Timeline. OMG, the connections. Her ex worked for the World Bank.

  2. ~ S O ~ is O’ .. A REAL MUSLIM …or WHAT?
    we ponder & just ….LOVE all the … NEW EXPOSURE …
    on the UN- RESOLVED issue ..SHOW USA the God’s HONEST TRUTH


    • Cashill on Barry as a Muslim. GREAT! Great catch on his part. I didn’t know that in his fictional ghost-written “auto”biography he referred to SPAIN as “Andalusia”.

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