It’s Real, and It’s Spectacular! The Donald’s Hair, That Is.

At a recent campaign appearance, the irrepressible Donald Trump, in response to rumors that he wears a toupee, called a woman onto the stage and asked her to authenticate his hair.

After a short inspection, the woman averred that his hair does appear to be quite real.

It’s REAL and it’s SPECTACULAR!!

Has anyone ever seen the like? Orange is the color of our new love’s hair.

The Donald admits that he uses hair spray. He does a fabulous job, or else his hairdresser does. Day after day, that hairdo is impeccable. If he can do the same for the U.S. government, then all we can say is

You go, Highlander! You go!

We can call Trump a Highlander because of a recent story that reminds us that Hillary Clinton and The Donald are 19th cousins (allegedly). The story illustrates Trump’s pedigree, which shows that he descends from a long line of MacLeods.

As any fan of the Highlander movie franchise knows, Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod was among a band of immortals who fought to the death for ultimate control of, well, just about everything. Eventually, Connor MacLeod fought the strongest immortal, the Kurgan, to save the world from falling under the evil Kurgan’s spell.

Today, the Republican presidential candidates are struggling amongst themselves to win their Prize–the nomination. The goal? Hopefully, to save the USA from the fundamental transformation being wrought by Obama and his ilk.

In the end, there can be only one.

… Nominee, that is, and ultimately only one President of the USA. Who will it be?  Time will tell.

Let’s hope the winner is on the side of good, and not of evil.




127 responses to “It’s Real, and It’s Spectacular! The Donald’s Hair, That Is.

    • ““The rebels feel no loyalty to the truth in shaping their propaganda, claiming nonexistent battlefield victories, asserting they were still fighting in a key city days after it fell to Qaddafi forces, and making vastly inflated claims of his barbaric behavior.”

      Sounds familiar. Barry’s false flag playbook? We know he feels no loyalty to the truth. As with most progressives and most of the media, it’s the NARRATIVE that matters.

  1. Barry can’t handle he truth. 😦


    FWIW. Quite interesting comparison of how shooting a gun appears versus how the VA shooting appeared. Notice that he does NOT shoot at the MAN first. How does the cameraman react? Watch. And do note that in this video that hand sure does seem white and thinner than Vester’s looks.

    • A person on this blog questions whether or not Vester had a confederate at the station who told him where the victims would be that day.

      The huge meme of this whole thing is that it happened LIVE and it’s the FIRST LIVE shooting ever. Uh, huh. And how do we EVER know what’s live and what’s not live? Do they not run tape all the time? Do they not sometimes run tape of stuff that isn’t even the incident that they’re talking about (i.e., background tape)?

      This guy reports that the police brought a coffin to the scene of where the shooter allegedly killed himself. He says the cops NEVER do this. They NEVER bring a coffin to take away a body. He also says that BBC reporters were there but were forced to erase their video, under threats from the cops. copy and paste:

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