Calling All Aliens (Or Perhaps Not)!

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This old story, from February 2015 came to mind in relation to some stories in the news recently:

Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that trying to make contact with aliens by calling out to the cosmos could invite disaster.

Members of Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) are preparing for the next step in actively calling out to aliens – instead of just listening.

The idea would be to flood the ETs with lively content from the internet, rather than bore them with mathematical concepts or chemical equations.

But the Cambridge physicist [Hawking] has warned against inviting an unwelcome visit from aliens, pointing out:

“The outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.”

A number of other experts agree with Prof Hawking – including scientist, author and futurist Dr David Brin, who is taking part in the AAAS symposium.

He said: “If you bring human history into the discussion, there is a cautionary tale. Name one example of a meeting between an advanced civilisation and a less technically advanced one that did not end in tears.

Or worse!  There’s a reason why scientist Stephen Hawking is almost universally considered to be a genius.

When Hawking speaks, people ought to listen.

Remember what Hawking says about outreach to the diversity of the universe:

Don’t do it!

Check out this story:

A NASA image showing a strange object on Mars has sparked the imagination of many on social media who think this is finally smoking gun evidence that “crab monsters” exist on the red planet.

11813399_407258876149673_5730642828996795480_n-Copy - Copy

How creepy is that? Ever seen a rock that looks like that? If it’s not a rock, then what else is there on Mars that it could be?

Here’s a photo of another “rock” found on Mars:

NASA-image-Mars-Science-Laboratory-rover-Curiosity-traffic-signal-rock-formation-photo-credit-NASA-JPL-MSSS-posted-on-SpaceFlight-Insider-647x446 - Copy

Hmm. Now what the heck could that be? Glass_cutter - CopyA giant glass cutter? Very geometric. Ever seen a rock like that? (Actually, I have–in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.)

Then there’s this story:

Last week, news outlets reported on a NASA image from the planet Mars that seemed to show some sort of tentacle-bearing monster.

Now NASA’s Curiosity Rover has supplied another image, and this one seems to feature something resembling a human woman.

There she is, below. If it’s not a woman, then what is it? She’s somewhat transparent. What is it? A ghost? A demon? A goddess? A Princess of Mars?

Calling John Carter!

Martianlady - Copy

These examples are just from our own solar system. What’s out there in the rest of the galaxy? In the rest of the universe? Yikes!

There’s life, and then there’s artificial “life” ( technology imitating life). Remember this?

Gort - Copy

What if a Gort shows up, but we don’t know the magic words?!!!

Klaatu barada nikto?

We could try, but I wouldn’t count on it working.

Of course, sometimes the shoe (boot?) is on the other foot, and it doesn’t “turn out well” for the robot:

robot-decapitated - Copy

Oh, noooooo!!!!!!!

So the late, great hitchhiking robot, HitchBOT, got “vandalized” in Philadelphia, which ended its cross-country adventure. As the ‘bot explained:

Oh dear, my body was damaged, but I live on with all my friends. Sometimes bad things happen to good robots!

There’s an artificial afterlife, even for robots. Who knew?

Too bad hitchBOT didn’t know the magic words to appease the thugs in Philly. What might have worked to make them stand down?

Hands up! Don’t chop?

Unfortunately, hitchBOT’s beheaders got clean away because Hitch didn’t catch a pic of the perps with his on-board cameras.

HitchBOT’s fate goes to show that extraterrestrials (as well as robots) need to be as worried about us homo sapiens as we ought to be about them.


Bonus story at this link. “Terrifying” Google robot runs through the forest.


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