Princess Hillary of Orange?

orangeisthenewblack - Copy

Move over Huma! You can’t compete with Kim’s super releaser.

Photos everywhere lately of Hillary Clinton wearing orange.

hillary-orange - Copy

Subliminally, does she envision something orange-ish in her near future?

prisonjumpsuit - Copy

The FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unsecured email account is not just a fact-finding venture — it’s a criminal probe, sources told The Post on Wednesday. The feds are investigating to what extent Clinton relied on her home server and other private devices to send and store classified documents, according to a federal source with knowledge of the inquiry. “It’s definitely a criminal probe,” said the source. “I’m not sure why they’re not calling it a criminal probe. “The DOJ [Department of Justice] and FBI can conduct civil investigations in very limited circumstances,” but that’s not what this is, the source stressed. “In this case, a security violation would lead to criminal charges. Maybe DOJ is trying to protect her campaign.”

Well, “orange IS the new black,” although pantsuits, not jumpsuits, are her preferred style. Sooner rather than later, we may see this:

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton gestures from the stage at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver

Handcuff her!

She’ll fit right in.


Inspired by Fellowship of the Minds.

162 responses to “Princess Hillary of Orange?

  1. ~ guest · 19 minutes ago
    Trump to be on fox and friends tuesday morn and hannity tuesday eve. Kelly Megyn is having FioRINO tonite, the broad that I have felt all along was setting up to be bushes VP. Jebby recently said that his elder bush loves foxnews, so there is no doubt fox is in the can for bush/fioRINO. Ailes talked to Trump and said he would treat him “fairly”, after they just tried to take him out with a planned attack.


    • Same mole and purple lips, though. Interesting that he has that curly, curly hairline that looks so much like that younger little boy with Mark. Remember?

    • ~ Sharron Lucy ·
      Haughton, Louisiana
      Why doesn’t someone post Trump’s entire comment. He didn’t say McCain is NOT a hero he said he is only a hero because he got captured. If he hadn’t been captured no one would know his name. There were thousands who served in Viet Nam and came home without being captured. Does that mean they aren’t hero’s. Anyone who honorably serves their country should be considered a hero. They raised their hand unlike those who did all they could to avoid serving. Look at McCain today. He voted for lowering veteran’s pensions.

      ~ OCHS, Lexington, GA
      NO apology necessary because Trump did say he WAS a hero.
      The media reports what-ever gets attention!

      ~ Walter Shipley ·
      Works at Retired
      The media needs to report news, not make UP the news!




  3. ~Bill Williams @BR
    Trump is firm on stopping illegal immigration.
    He will create jobs, resulting in decreased need for entitlement programs.
    These two factors, in concert, will get America back on track.

  4. wow how does he keep his #’s up? 1/4 would still vote OBAMA??

  5. the_daily_shows_new_host_worse_than_jon_stewart ? ^^^ /the_daily_shows_new_host_worse_than_jon_stewart.html


    • ~ EMIRCITNA August 12, 2015 at 12:56 am # ^^^

      PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES should be aired to the public commercial-free and without the presence of a distracting live audience! ~ ALL candidates should be asked the SAME questions with each giving their reply, without moderator ‘input’ thus alleviating any possible bias for or against any candidate. ~ Questions should be of major public interests…not the medias!

      Sample questions of importance could be kept simply phrased as follows:

      1. What is your thoughts about the Federal Reserve?
      2. How do you feel about gun control vs the 2nd Amendment?
      3. Would you open American oil fields that are being kept closed?
      4. What would you do to stop runaway inflation and the devaluation of the American dollar?
      5. What would you do to stop illegal entry into the U.S.?
      6. What would you do to decrease the number of people now on government welfare?
      7. What would you do about Obama care?
      8. What is your opinion on a moratorium on Middle East immigration into the U.S.?
      9. What would you do to bring our U.S. Military back to full strength?
      10. What would you do to improve VA care of our military veterans?
      11. What would you do to improve race relations within our country?
      12. What would you do about the illegals in our country that are taking jobs away from legal American citizens?
      13. What is your opinion on required voter identification before being allowed to vote?
      14. Do you believe it is right for Congress to exempt itself from laws it creates and passes for common American citizens to abide by, under penalty of law; if so…WHY?
      15. Do you believe that “Global Warming” science is flawed or factual?
      16. What would you do to reduce government spending and government overall in size?
      17. Would you support a Constitutional Amendment that would allow provisions for states to be able to recall their members of Congress that fail to look after the best interests of their country as a nation?
      18. Would you support term limits for persons serving on the U.S. Supreme Court and require that those appointed be limited only to proven scholars of superior knowledge concerning our U.S. Constitution and America’s past history?
      19. Do you intend to reverse all the negative executive orders that Obama has penned during his tenure in office?
      20. Will you bring back the National Day of Prayer that Obama has ignored during his term in office?


    “Josten Bundy was arrested for assault following a fight with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

    “[The ex-boyfriend] had been saying disrespectful things about Elizabeth, so I challenged him to a fight. He stepped in and I felt like it was on and I hit him in the jaw twice,” Bundy told KLTV. ” I took matters into my own hands and I know that’s wrong. I know I was raised better, but it happened.”

    At his sentencing hearing in July, Bundy was questioned by Judge Randall Rogers.

    According to court transcripts, the judge asked Bundy if she was worth it.

    “I said, ‘Well, to be honest, sir, I was raised with four sisters and if any man was talking to a woman like that, I’d probably do the same thing,” he recalled.

    A judge sentenced Bundy to get married to his 19-year-old girlfriend as part of his probation.

    The probation also consisted of writing Bible verses and attending counseling. …”

    Of course, the universe is going berserk.

  8. Seriously, it appears that some people are “more equal” than others. Some have constitutional rights while others, if they do exercise their rights, will be hounded and harassed and/or LOSE THEIR JOBS. Two examples:

    “A teacher in the St. Louis County Special School District (SSD) has been placed on administrative leave after she allegedly sent out vulgar tweets about protesters.

    The teacher works for SSD and is assigned Hazelwood Central High School. The tweets in question uses foul language to describe the protesters who briefly blocked westbound I-70 near the Blanchette Bridge. …”

    Hmmm. Imagine how many motorists, stuck in traffic at rush hour by “peaceful protestors”, were NOT using foul language in Tweets or otherwise. Now, how many black members of the Teachers’ Unions were out there protestings and will NOT be under investigation? How many bring their free speech into classrooms to INDOCTRINATE students, but will NOT be investigated?

    “A Facebook posting declaring Sunday ‘Darren Wilson Day’ in this college town brought protesters to the police station on Monday and strong criticism from city leaders.

    A post on the Columbia Police Officers Association’s Facebook page, which appeared on the one-year anniversary of the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by white Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, called Wilson “an innocent, but persecuted, officer.”

    The post included a message saying that support for Wilson has nothing to do with race. The author of the post said the police officers organization supports Wilson because of “the fact that he was thoroughly investigated … and found he did NOTHING wrong.” …

    Columbia Mayor Robert McDavid responded with his own Facebook post, calling the police association post divisive. …

    About an hour after the protest, a new post appeared on the association’s Facebook page, replacing the one from Sunday.

    “The CPOA’s post on Sunday regarding Darren Wilson was interpreted in a manner that was not the intended message. In an effort to resolve the confusion, the CPOA wants to say this plainly: CPOA supports Officer Darren Wilson and all law enforcement officers who endure similar situations.”

    [NOW] The association’s website simply reads “Black Lives Matter.” Dale Roberts, executive director of the association, could not immediately be reached for comment. …”

    How much ya wanna bet that either FACEBOOK itself took down the post and replaced it with that EQUALLY OFFENSIVE “BLACK lives matter” comment or else they were hacked?

    So, again, as I said earlier: WHITES and/or CONSERVATIVES don’t have constitutional rights and cannot express them IF by doing so some persons of color get offended. Say goodbye to the Constitution.

  9. more

  10. From bestselling author of Stop the Coming Civil War, Michael Savage reveals the massive dangers currently leading to the demise of our government.
    Michael Savage has been warning Americans for decades. In GOVERNMENT ZERO, Savage sounds the alarm about how progressives and radical Islamists are working towards similar ends: to destroy Western Civilization and remake it in their own respective images. These two dark forces are transforming our once-free republic into a socialist, Third World dictatorship ruled by Government Zero: absolute government and zero representation.

    Combining in-depth analysis with biting commentary, Savage cuts through mainstream media propaganda to reveal an all-out attack on our borders, language and culture by progressive and Islamist travelers who have hijacked public policy from national defense to immigration to public education.
    There is only one thing that can stop this terrifying agenda. Michael Savage has a plan. Get the inside story before it’s too late.

    • Wow. Now that’s what I call tolerant and non-racist. NOT! Mandingo? “Uncle Tom”? Just the very CONCEPT is racist. The “writer” is apparently black, but who knows? His surname, if not a pseudonym, is de Vega.

  11. more 2 read @ lamecherry ….. yikes

  12. Gunner55 RosiesSeeingRed • 8 hours ago

    I don’t think the media is going to decide this time. I agree with what Rush just said 20 minutes ago. This isn’t just a fad or cult of personality. The people are mad as hell. Rush said that Donald supporters were citing ISSUES and specific reasons why they were supporting Trump. When you combine this with his commanding presence and his leadership qualities, he can not be matched by ANY potential candidate on either side.

    Furthermore, I am sick of these two leftist states, Iowa and New Hampshire, having so much say in the selection of our presidential nominee. I turned on Fox News for the first time [hopefully the last] in ages and they were quoting, get this, Jeb Bush repeatedly as if he already was THE Republican nominee. The guy just registered a whopping 2% in the debate 6 days ago. Now, by some “magical force” he is going to win the nomination??!!

    Nether Jeb, nor Hillary, nor Bernie or any of the others will beat Trump. If they could eliminate Trump, Jeb and the GOPe would set their sites on Cruz, Carson and Walker and slaughter them with a boatload of cash and negative ads.

    Go Trump!

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