Obama Returns to Kenya

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On Thursday, Barack Hussein Obama II returns yet again to Kenya. This will be, arguably, his fifth, sixth, or seventh trip to “his home country.” (Actually, who knows? See: Nov. 1982. What many would like to know is at what age he first left Kenya.)

This time, Barry will meet Uhuru Kenyatta, alleged to have committed crimes against humanity. That all charges were dropped under the circumstances described by the prosecutor in that article (linked above), brings to mind a quip from Bill Ayers, which we might paraphrase as:

Guilty as hell; free as a bird–Kenya is a great country!

Jomo Kenyatta and Barack Hussein Obama Sr. were acquainted, but allegedly were not best buds back in the day, but it will still be like old home week for their presidential sons for, as we all know, Barry isn’t one to carry a grudge.

Unknown as yet is whether Obama will return to Kogelo, the place where his father and grandfather (but apparently not his brother David Opiyo*) are buried.

Despite that the White House is mum about any visit to Kogelo, and such a side trip is not currently on Obama’s itinerary, we have it on good authority that Barry will indeed return to his kin in that sleepy village:

Obama is not officially scheduled to visit his ancestral home when he visits East Africa this week, but witch doctor John Dimo knows better.

After tossing some shells and animal bones on the ground, Dimo is convinced the American president will come to this tiny village, home of Mama Sarah Obama, 95, his step-grandmother, and the burial place of Barack Obama Sr., his father.

“The results indicate that Obama will come to Kogelo,” Dimo told a circle of residents this month as they cheered with excitement at the prospect of a presidential visit as they watched his fortunetelling ritual. “It’s a big secret, and he need not tell anybody that he will be visiting his ancestral home.”

Dimo said he has a good track record for predicting the future …

What could be more fitting than a witch doctor? Even so, Michelle is probably not returning to Kenya, too, although surely the people will miss seeing “the royal couples” together.

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Hundreds of thousands are expected to hear Obama make another of his infamous, self-described “major” speeches at Kasarani stadium. Will he use that speech to raise the consciousness of Kenyans about gay rights, even though they warned him most strenuously to avoid that subject? Certainly the people of Kenya hope this will be another swing at the golden pinata for them:

Gov. Cornel Rasanga, who oversees the region that includes Kogelo, said his office is ready to receive Obama if he visits the village, adding that he would ask the president to help secure funding for four projects in the region — a university, a medical training college, a pediatric hospital and a power plant.

Is that all? Piece of cake.

Barry, we’re told, has learned the Luo language, so he can speak to his Kenyan kin in their native tongue. In fact, Obama’s step-grandmother Sarah says that even Michelle, Malia, and Sasha now speak Luo, although, as noted above, it’s not known yet whether the entire Obama family is taking part in this particular Kenyan safari.

Granny Sarah also avers that Barry has built the family new homes in Kogelo. There she is, below. One hopes that Barry can have his aides pick up a new window shade for Sarah at Walmart before they leave DC.

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Considering that the Obamas in Kenya are Muslim and that we know what Muslims think about dogs (unclean), it’s rather disconcerting to read this:

MailOnline discovered a little brown puppy-dog named Michelle Obama – after the First Lady – which was named by a small boy in honour of the family.

Perhaps Michelle will stay home after all.

Everybody in Kenya is cashing in, even Barack Obama impersonators.

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Hmm. Not getting it. Guess you have to see his performance.

Malik Abongo Obama (aka Obongo, aka Roy, aka Abongo Malik), one of Barry’s many Kenyan, Indonesian, and American half-siblings, has a hotel and restaurant named for his more-infamous relative.

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This trip should prove quite entertaining for Obama watchers.

Trigger warning: N-word.

Five minutes into the video is hilarious! Thanks so much to the Doctor of Common Sense for our laugh of the day.


Photos are from a Wall Street Journal article and a Daily Mail Online article, and are included here for educational and satirical purposes.

* Obama’s half-sister Auma, like so many in that family, has published her memoirs. She (seems to) reveal that David Opiyo was cremated and buried in a garden, somewhere, but apparently not with his ancestors. She also appears to criticize her step-mother Ruth for this turn of events.

186 responses to “Obama Returns to Kenya

  1. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/07/breaking-feds-raid-sheriff-joes-arizona-office/

    Who else thinks that the federal raid on Arapaio’s office with the seizure of multiple computers and other records is somehow connected to the sudden rash of “birther” stories and birther jokes Barry’s making? IOW, what did they seize and WHY? All evidence of Arpaio’s proof? Let’s hope and pray there are backups in other locations.

    • Yeah. I don’t know what to make of that. My eyes glaze over, at this point. What difference does it make? 😉

    • Makes you wonder whether he’s working for Hillary or Cruz? Maybe both, with hopes of a VP slot? Or a czar slot?

    • Like all businessmen, he butters both sides of the bread. The upcoming meme is that Trump is a “connected guy”. To the Mafia, I mean. They’re throwing everything they can think of at him. So who does business in NYC without connections to the Mob? Sinatra is beloved by all and yet, we all know HIS “connections”. Not to mention JFK. It’s the price of doing business, to sometimes hang with or work with those guys. Heck, it’s reality in every city, especially one where the labor unions are out in force. We know THEIR connections. Who doesn’t know a Mob guy? Six degrees of separation.

  2. Future Generations Will Look Back and Wonder How This Country Lost Its Soul >>>> July 28, 2015
    RUSH: Another week, and another Planned Parenthood video. And as everybody thought, it just gets sicker. We were told it was going to get sicker. We were told that there was much more in the pipeline. And there is. It’s really sick, folks. Do you know what this is? I’ll tell you what this is. This is the kind of thing that years from now Americans not yet born are gonna hear about, and they are not gonna understand it, and they are gonna wonder what in the heck was going on in their country back in the early parts of this century.

    You know, there have been 55 million abortions since the Supreme Court decision in 1973. That’s a conservative number, 55 million. What’s happening here is that every lie that has been told by abortion rights activists, the pro-choice crowd, Planned Parenthood, et al — every damn lie — is being exposed. A clump full of cells. An unviable tissue mass. Pelosi and Boxer and the others say, “It’s not a baby until the mother takes it out of the hospital. It’s not a human being ’til the mother takes it out of the hospital.”

    • 328,000 American CITIZENS destroyed yearly by Planned Parenthood. And the left argues that we need immigration, legal or otherwise, because our population is dropping. Well, it wouldn’t drop so much if they’d stop allowing the genocide of abortion of our CITIZENS.

    • I doubt the numbers as I think pp is first and foremost a money laundering scam. In the late seventies, early eighties girls would miss their period and one day later go to pp to see if pregnant. Always were and went back the next week for an abortion. Only we now know there was NO WAY any of those girls showed pregnant (knew four personally) on any test after just one day. Four hundred buck the doctor charged and it was at a pp facility.

    • Ruh, oh! Sounds like he’s very inconveniently deceased BEFORE he did whatever it is that he was supposed to do, probably pretending to be a “white supremacist domestic terrorist”. Don’t ya think? Did you need to be strapped down for the revelation that the guy was a gummint operative? I didn’t. Is this or was this part of Benghazi USA, Fast and Furious, or a continuation of the white mass murderer caper?

    • Wow. An “expose” of Malik that leaves out the REAL reason Barry steered clear, and it wasn’t his embarrassing behavior. It was THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND HIS PALS LIKE GADDAFI.

      And, oh, right. Malik invented the birthers. A Johnny-come-lately, wasn’t he? The entire story was intended to “explain” why Barry avoided Malik, but not give the REAL insidious connections.

    • One question: LEGAL or ILLEGAL ALIEN?

      Oh, yeah. Whilst Barry’s mourning Cecil the Lion’s death, do you think he’ll spare a moment for Maddy? If he had a daughter …

    • Excellent summation. Requiem for a lovely hippo, who unfortunately apparently had no name.

      The River Horse with no name:

    • Can’t bother to hunt the guys who killed our troops with IEDs, though.

      Tell me how they have any jurisdiction whatsoever, especially considering the man seems to have broken no laws. They arrested the guys who are guilty–the guides who lured the lion off the reservation, so to speak, and didn’t tell the good doctor that it was a protected pet.

  3. Engage Gray Matter SATCitizen • 2 hours ago

    Estimated 3,000 children killed every day and as many as 55 million since 1973. Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Peron, the Sandinistas, Shining Path and ISIS are amateurs compared to American liberals who use government sanctioned murder to kill children in the womb.

  4. 44nhj45HF kh • 4 hours ago

    Instead, they’re protecting the REAL butchers.

  5. This won’t go over well:

    “Jeb Bush supports amnesty, Common Core and regularly lectures conservatives on how they must behave. Now this…
    Jeb Bush was director of a philanthropy that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood. …”

  6. This is what passes for humor amongst the youth and progressives. Jon Stewart:

    ” …”Basically the president of the United States called my office and asked, twice, if I would come to Washington and, and meet with him, and I did.

    “Uh, it wasn’t really that big a deal. I was brought through the secret White House tunnel–entrance at Mount Rushmore. Uh, for, it was a round table meeting with President, Elvis–still alive–uh, Minister Farrakhan and the Area 51 alien. Uh, ah, I remember what happened. We opened with the traditional Saul Alinsky prayer, uh, supped on the blood of the righteous and took turns f***ing a replica of the Reagan eye socket.

    “Oh wait, I should tell you it was a replica. The real Reagan eye socket is kept in the Smithsonian and is only f***ed on Christmas. …”

    He had secret meetings with Barry that were previously unreported. He’s, oh, so funny, isn’t he? I’m sure Reagan’s kids appreciate this a-hole.


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