Obama Commits Microaggression against Mexican-Americans and Native Americans

Following on the heels of an infamous microaggression committed recently by Hillary Clinton against blacks, Barack Obama committed what could be described as a microaggression against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, when he spontaneously broke into a song that celebrates the “frontiersman” Davy Crockett. (Trigger warning: Listen above to Obama praise white oppressor Davy Crockett in song.)

Obama’s impromptu aria was seemingly prompted by a question from a man who shares the more-famous Crockett’s name:

“You don’t have a beaver cap,” Obama said to the man [the modern-day Davy Crockett] as he asked about … pushing through his application for social security.

“Y’all remember that TV show? Actually a lot of people are too young here,” he said before singing a few bars of the tune.

Now that I think about it, how is it that Obama himself remembers that show? First broadcast as a miniseries on ABC in 1955, the program was then rebroadcast in color sometime between 1961-1969, when the Disney show moved to NBC.

In 1955, Obama was (allegedly) not yet born. He lived in Indonesia from age 2 (1963) or age 6 (1967), depending upon which story you believe, remaining there until age 10 (1971). Was that Disney program shown in Indonesia during the Sixties? In English?

By the way, Davy Crockett wore a coonskin cap, not a beaver cap. Was that Freudian slip, in itself, another microaggression? But I digress …

You might ask, “How was Obama’s singing of a song about Davy Crockett a microaggression?” I’m glad you asked that question.

Remember the Alamo!

Davy Crockett met his demise at the Alamo, as he fought against Mexicans and for (white) Texians to gain independence from Mexico:

The Battle of the Alamo (February 23 – March 6, 1836) was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. Following a 13-day siege, Mexican troops under President General Antonio López de Santa Anna launched an assault on the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Béxar (modern-day San Antonio, Texas, United States), killing all of the Texian defenders. …

On the afternoon of April 21 the Texian army attacked Santa Anna’s camp near Lynchburg Ferry. The Mexican army was taken by surprise, and the Battle of San Jacinto was essentially over after 18 minutes. During the fighting, many of the Texian soldiers repeatedly cried “Remember the Alamo!” as they slaughtered fleeing Mexican troops. Santa Anna was captured the following day, and reportedly told Houston: “That man may consider himself born to no common destiny who has conquered the Napoleon of the West. And now it remains for him to be generous to the vanquished.” Houston replied, “You should have remembered that at the Alamo”. Santa Anna was forced to order his troops out of Texas, ending Mexican control of the province and giving some legitimacy to the new republic.

Over a decade later, after Texans expressed a desire to join the United States of America, Mexico entered into war with the USA, promptly lost, and in the process ceded/sold 55% of its territory to the United States of America for the price of 15 million dollars plus assumption by the USA of another 3.25 million dollars of Mexico’s debt.

The purchased land is the very area of the Southwest USA that many of Obama’s friends in Mexico and in the Mexican-American “community” believe still “belongs” to Mexico and, by rights, should be subject to “reconquista“, either by force or by gradual invasion and cultural revolution.

How DARE Obama be so tone deaf as to sing a song that praises a white man who, by his very death, inspired a revolution that ended with Mexico losing 55% of its land?

How insensitive can Obama be?!!

But wait! Not only did Davy Crockett fight Mexicans, but he also participated in the massacre of Native Americans, albeit after they massacred whites:

In 1813, following a massacre by Creek warriors of the occupants of Fort Mims in southwest Alabama, Crockett enlisted in the Tennessee militia. He participated in a massacre of Indians at Tallussahatchee in northern Alabama.

Again, how insensitive can Obama be?

Does he not understand that the song Davy Crockett symbolizes, like the Confederate flag or the Minnesota State Flag, the oppression of “persons of color” by evil white men who gloried in white privilege from the outset of this nation?

What did Obama mean by singing that song? Was he subtly demeaning persons of color by reminding Mexicans and Native Americans that beneficiaries of white privilege, such as himself, kicked their butts, so to speak?

Certainly Obama’s singing that song represents

microinsult: communications that convey rudeness and insensitivity and demean a person’s racial heritage or identity; subtle snubs; unknown to the perpetrator; hidden insulting message to the recipient of color.

What does Davy Crockett represent to Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, or Native Americans? Can Obama be so obtuse?

Oh, the horror. The horror!

And Obama professes to be the president of all, even of (or especially of) persons of color!

What are we to make of these recent slips by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Democrats, both! Where are their advisors? Don’t they know history?

While we’re at it, we may as well ask, “Where’s the mainstream media?”

They made a huge issue of a Republican candidate’s microaggression against Indian-Americans when he used the term macaca. Why the double standard?

Is it because the Democrats believe that “communities of color” have no other choice but to hold their noses and vote (legally or not) for Democrats, even if Democrats not-so-subtly and habitually microaggress as they wallow, insensate, in their white privilege?

(In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is sarcasm.)


137 responses to “Obama Commits Microaggression against Mexican-Americans and Native Americans

  1. Diversity. Respect it!


    1. the act of excepting or fact of being excepted; omission
    2. anything excluded from or not in conformance with a general rule, principle, class, etc
    3. criticism, esp when it is adverse; objection

    (Butt, we dig your white wages paying for your own demise, slave.)

    • Excuse me, isn’t that another humongous, ginormous and RACIST MACROAGGRESSION? That show, I mean? How can this even be MADE, much less broadcast, when Trump is being excoriated for comments he made while RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT? Let’s remind everyone: The First Amendment was, in part, designed SPECIFICALLY TO PROTECT POLITICAL SPEECH.

    • Excuse me, again. Isn’t Vargas, himself, WHITE? A “white Hispanic”.

      What I’d like to see for his next feature:

      Black people talk about black privilege.

      After that:

      Illegal aliens explain their “logic”: Mexico para los Mexicanos, pero U.S.A. para todo el mundo!

      • Excuse me too, but can’t even wait to see the actual race wars when this hits the fan and I ain’t talking about black vs. white. How long before the screaming rants ‘hispanic privilege”? Stay tuned.

  2. ~@WeePeople OK wee wee: The Dem base:

    The biased lamestream media, indoctrinated college kids, rich bleeding heart liberals, corrupt lying establishment politicians, those on life-long public assistance (welfare, food stamps, yada, yada, yada), feminists, atheists, criminals, gays, transsexuals, degenerates and freaks ( I know … redundant) , blacks, hispanics, illegals, unions, environmental wackos, pro-abortion/anti-life, anti-gun activists, hollyweird and television , other assorted low-information voters, the dead, and of course – Voting FRAUD!You must be sooo Proud ! LOL !!

  3. Progressives: One humongous, ginormous MACROAGGRESSION against America: http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/07/08/things-are-getting-crazier-in-america/

    • Things R Getting Crazier in America ! …..( O’ that just CAN’T B ) ..
      with ZERO proof of where HE REALLY CAME FROM & Y .. he’s
      LEADING US BY OUR NOSES 24/7 in 2 a very DARK HOLE
      as ….Alice listens 2 the …. sneaky… Cheshire Cat ….
      .. BUTT’ .. MILLIONS … JUST CAN’T “SEE” …IT S T I L L ~ ha

      ~ THANK GOD ~ 4 the TRUMP CARD!!! ha ….



  5. MAKES all others seem BLAND … JUST give it all ya GOT!
    4 how LONG ??? …. nothing will EVER B the Same ….




  7. Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke
    Defends Candidate Donald Trump

    Sheriff David Clarke defended Donald Trump’s refreshing straight talk about illegal immigration and said Trump’s the best thing to happen to the 2016 GOP field. Sheriff Clarke said Trump isn’t scripted and he’ll shake things up.

    Take note at around 1:07 mark, it sounds as if he’s referring to Obama’s scripted background.
    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/07/refreshing-sheriff-david-clarke-defends.html#mzu2ogqMmtqBISd7.99

    • I’m loving Trump. He’s shaking them up. I watched him in an interview on a Gateway Pundit story. He’s not afraid AT ALL to take on these “reporters”. The best part, imo, was when the ace reporter was asking him about all the people who have criticized him openly (Krauthammer and Goldberg, for example. You know how reporters LOVE to quote somebody saying what they want to say themselves. They get in the digs by replaying the criticism over and over and over). Anyway, Trump made an aside, something like, “I guess you’re not going to ask me about anybody who LIKES me, are you?” He scores knockouts every time. NO WONDER they don’t want him in the debates. It’s like Giuliani and Rumsfeld rolled into one, with wild hair to boot. I’m loving the show. We’ve had such Kabuki Theater the past seven years, so why not? At least Trump tells it LIKE IT IS.

  8. ~ Slow2Wrath · 10 hours ago ~ ^^^
    …. Just sayin….I wish Trump would…
    1. Hold a press conference
    2. Feed the ignorant some knowledge. Providing Sheriff’s kits,
    Zullo affidavit, …etc, for all attending.
    3. Arrive an hour or two late. (Leave the media to stew, and spew whatever non-sense they knee-jerk into.)
    4. Show up with a panel of knowledgeable patriots, answering ONLY questions relevant to crimes and allegations presented.
    5. Take note of the Trump bashers and/or defenders of the Preazy.
    (These miscreants involved in allowing this usurpation are “the enemy”… Fully exposed!)
    6. Disappear for a month. Give them nothing. Force them to gnaw on this topic thru to the marrow.
    7. Announce 3rd party. Invite ALL who’ve lost confidence in the “system”.
    8. Watch gourds explode.

    My suggestion,
    “The Freedom Party”!
    The platform,
    “The Constitution”!

    To paraphrase Lieutenant General Lewis “Chesty” Burwell Puller, at the Battle of Choosen Reservoir ……
    “We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now.
    We’ve finally found him.
    We’re surrounded. That simplifies our problem.
    We can fire in any direction!”
    (politically-speaking here, of course)

    F the D’s and the R’s!!!

  9. I hope he doesn’t form a third party, that will hand democrats another victory. Third parties don’t win. In England, where they have a legitimate third party (Liberal Democrats) that has been around at least 100 years, it still only gets a couple of dozen seats in their legislature.
    If Trump wants to enter politics as a third party candidate, he should run for a Senate seat or a governorship. I think there is a chance he could win as a GOP presidential candidate but not as a third party candidate. I would expect Democrat/media attempts to force Trump into forming a third party – that would be really good news for them.
    That said, Mr. Trump may know that (though I believe he does not know that) so the kindest interpretation I can give to the 3rd party gambit is that Trump is telling the GOP to not marginalize him apriori.
    Hmmm, I said apriori, Bill O Riley (SIC) could put that word on his next show,
    you know just before the bits where he advertises who supplied his dress shirts.

    • Dave, I fear he’s a stalking horse of some kind and for someone. Maybe Hillary or maybe Jeb. Who knows? He IS hilarious, though, and he DOES SAY what a vast majority of us are THINKING. It’s about time we had this conversation. Sanders, I think, was planned to be a sort of stalking horse, too, to make Hillary look moderate by comparison. HOWEVER, he’s getting out of control because he’s drawing so many supporters. They can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Has Trump hinted that he may go Third Party? How about Sanders? What’s to stop him or Rand Paul from doing the same? You should send that word to Bill O’Really. He’s getting tiresome, repeating the same words over and over again. What was he, anyway, an English teacher?

  10. Jan says. 🙂

    • Ha, ha. I figured it wasn’t what we thought. You know what this is, don’t you? The beginning of the campaign to get everybody accustomed to the idea of the mass pardons he’s going to dish out in 2016/17. Don’t be surprised. It’s coming. And then, guess what? They’ll all be able to vote.

      “mass incarceration” You know that meme? It’s the new “civil rights and reform agenda.” https://news.vice.com/article/obama-to-make-first-ever-presidential-visit-to-a-federal-prison-for-vice-special

      They’re going to introduce the “emerging consensus” on this topic. You know, just like the emerging consensus on gay marriage. “Criminal justice reform” is going to be Barry’s top priority. Getting everybody used to the idea of those pardons. After all, it’s RACISM to keep them massively incarcerated. Reparations! The white devil made us do it. Freedom.

      Well, surprise, surprise. NOT. Just now read the last line of that story:

      “The New York Times reported that in the coming weeks, Obama is expected to issue orders commuting the sentences of dozens of federal prisoners convicted of non-violent drug offenses.

      That’s part of the Ferguson meme: Non-violent drug offenses and mass incarceration. Hmm. I wonder how he’s going to balance the black versus white commutations?

      • You know, since 2007 I’ve been studying this guy. I have him down pat by now. I’ve been predicting this for a long time, most recently here. Of course, he’ll save the worst until last: Chesimard, Mumia, etc. But check it out:


        “Sometime in the next few weeks, aides expect President Obama to issue orders freeing dozens of federal prisoners locked up on nonviolent drug offenses. With the stroke of his pen, he will probably commute more sentences at one time than any president has in nearly half a century.

        The expansive use of his clemency power is part of a broader effort by Mr. Obama to correct what he sees as the excesses of the past, when politicians eager to be tough on crime threw away the key even for minor criminals. With many Republicans and Democrats now agreeing that the nation went too far, Mr. Obama holds the power to unlock that prison door, especially for young African-American and Hispanic men disproportionately affected. [Does this mean he WON’T commute sentences for whites?]

        But even as he exercises authority more assertively than any of his modern predecessors, Mr. Obama has only begun to tackle the problem he has identified. In the next weeks, the total number of commutations for Mr. Obama’s presidency may surpass 80, but more than 30,000 federal inmates have come forward in response to his administration’s call for clemency applications. A cumbersome review process has advanced only a small fraction of them. And just a small fraction of those have reached the president’s desk for a signature.

        “I think they honestly want to address some of the people who have been oversentenced in the last 30 years,” said Julie Stewart, the founder and president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, a group advocating changes in sentencing. “I’m not sure they envisioned that it would be as complicated as it is, but it has become more complicated, whether it needs to be or not, and that’s what has bogged down the process.” …”

        30 freaking THOUSAND and counting. I predicted once that he’d just open the prison doors, like Castro. I was less than half joking. I’ll just bet this is “bipartisan”.

        I’ll make you another prediction. The bureaucracy won’t be able to handle processing all 30,000 plus (you just KNOW there are more) and so, when it gets to the end of the line, he’s going to just issue a BLANKET commutation/pardon because it will be “the right thing to do” and it “can’t wait” because he won’t be president (God willing) anymore.

    • Here’s why:


      In addition to the deputy Chief of Staff Vice Media also hired Reggie the Body Man…

      Follow the connections for further media control and brainwashing.

      btw ~
      I just read not too long ago that Oklahoma does not comply with the Dictatorship Agenda on most every front. Obamasnare, Sharia, Ten Commandments, and on and on and on… Maybe the citizens are about to be punished. just saying.

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