Hillary Clinton Commits Microaggression at a Black Church!

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Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton, while campaigning at a black church, committed an extremely serious microaggression against the black community.

Here’s what Clinton said, while talking about how her mother allegedly had to work as a housemaid (scoff!) after being “abandoned” while still an adolescent (scoff!). Clinton allegedly asked her mother how she ever kept moving forward (snark!):

Her answer [allegedly] was very simple.

Kindness along the way from someone who believed she mattered. All lives matter.

And thus did Hillary Clinton microaggress against the black people of America. Did you catch her crime? Did you notice the mortal sin that she committed?

Clinton dared to tell a group of black (alleged) Christians that all lives matter.

(Who actually believes that her mother truly did say, long ago, that all lives matter? By the way, are candidates supposed to campaign in churches? Does the IRS care to weigh in? Double standard? I digress …)

So serious was Clinton’s sin that some folks actually tweeted that by her microaggression, Clinton had lost their votes[emphasis added to quotes]

The Rev. Renita Lamkin, who was in the audience at the event, told NPR that Mrs. Clinton’s comment did not go unnoticed.

That blew a lot of support that she may have been able to engender here,” she said.

One must assume that Reverend Lamkin is a Christian, given that she’s pastor of an AME Church. Despite that the Reverend Lamkin is also a white woman, as well as an alleged Christian, she instructs Clinton on proper word usage, having herself apparently taken offense at the concept of all lives mattering:

Black lives matter. That’s what she needs to say.

Don’t you just love it when people deign to instruct other adults over whom they have not one jot of authority on what they need to do? Personally, as soon as I hear the phrase you need to, I tune out.

With regard to all lives mattering, what would Jesus say, I wonder? What would the newly-beloved-by-socialists Pope say? But, again, I digress …

In no way do I support Clinton here. She’s being hoist on her own petard and I’m luxuriating in a fluffy bed of schadenfreude, as a result. The nation’s truly first black First Lady (Hillary Clinton) is being taught that she shouldn’t forget that she’s also beneficiary of that other bugaboo, white privilege (as is the nation’s second black president, Barack Obama). You gotta love it!

How do we know that merely saying that “all lives matter” is a microaggression? A professor tells us so, although not in so many words:

Color Blindness: Statements that indicate that a White person does not want to or need to acknowledge race. “When I look at you, I don’t see color.” “There is only one race, the human race.” “America is a melting pot.” “I don’t believe in race.”

(Hilariously enough, Derald Wing Sue was an advisor to President Bill Clinton.)

Surely this is white Hillary Clinton’s crime: Color Blindness.

Now it’s a disqualifying trait for the presidency to believe in the ideal of a color-blind society!

One has to wonder what another minister, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., would have to say about Clinton’s transgression, given that he did say this:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Whether or not progressives and black activists like it, color blindness is the law of the land.

Another professor wrote,

The scholars promoting this concept claim that it is a microaggression even when someone says “I don’t see you as black,” or claims to be colorblind, or purports not to be a sexist, or in general doesn’t “acknowledge” one’s race membership or gender.

But let’s face it — it’s considered racist for whites to treat any trait as “black.” If we accept that, then we can’t turn around and say they’re racists to look at black people as just people. That particular aspect of the microaggression notion seems fixed so that whites can’t do anything right.

One can’t help sensing a notion that this would be perhaps “payback” for whites and the nasty society they stuck us with. But all it does is create endless conflict, under an idea that basically being white is, in itself, a microaggression.

That, however, is neither profound nor complex — it’s just bullying disguised as progressive thought. Let’s call it microaggression when people belittle us on the basis of stereotypes. Creating change requires at least making sense.

But it does make sense, when viewed as exactly what the professor deduced: It’s “payback for whites” and “bullying disguised as progressive thought.”

You might call it a systematic macroaggression against all “white” people. In fact, isn’t calling everybody else a “person of color” a microaggression against “white” people?

Payback and bullying (revenge) are exactly why concepts such as white privilege and microaggression exist in the first place.

Hatred and racism against “white” people. Shaming and stereotyping all “whites” as responsible for and to blame for events their ancestors may or may not have had any hand in, while at the same time giving a pass to “persons of color” whose ancestors may indeed be guilty of those same events.

It’s a slippery slope to a very dangerous chasm.


187 responses to “Hillary Clinton Commits Microaggression at a Black Church!

  1. I WAS … I’M NOT ? what is IT REALLY? … as we ponder the


  2. ~ kaydeebeau -Jul. 2, 2015 at 7:59pm @Blaze

    “Be not intimidated…nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice.” — John Adams

    “If you can control one’s speech, you can control one’s thought, and, if you can control ones thoughts, they are your slave” – Dalgast

    “What belongs to God is outside the emperor’s power.” – Ambrose 385 A.D.

  3. Must See Video – ” RISE UP ! ” very cool….


  4. interesting older read …. bottom page …how many CZARS R left
    2 destroy US ???


  5. TRUMP …blows his HORN …… BE-HOLDEN…. love that word! ha


  6. ~ John Walsh • 24 minutes ago

    At some point we just have to stop paying any attention to the mainstream media. They are the enemy of America. Donald Trump has made some statements. My only question about that is – are the statements he made correct. So I did my own research. The results: 23% of illegal aliens committed drug offenses in 2011. 0.2% for the US population as a whole. A crime rate 100 times higher for illegal aliens. 12% of illegal aliens have committed larceny, rape, and fraud – a rate 140 times higher than the rate for the general population. The statistics go on and on and on. Illegal aliens do not come out looking very good. But space is limited here. So it is a FACT that these illegal aliens are a pariah. They are predators. They are preying on innocent Americans. They are what you get for being stupid enough to vote for a wretch like Hussein Obama – not just once (Bad enough) – but TWICE!!! Talk about dumb and dumber. Personally, I think the country NEEDS a guy like Trump who has made it, the American way!! A man who ISN’T afraid to call a spade a spade (Tell the truth!) If I were Trump I’d have the full hit list of alien statistics in front of me and then I’d aggressively pursue the media and DEMAND that THEY provide answers as to why THEY are refusing to publish the facts on this illegal alien file. And I’d KEEP ON pursuing the media. I’d call them at home in bed at night. I’d sue them for slander and drag their asses into court and make them explain themselves in front of a judge. Relentlessly – just like they’re relentlessly attacking the world’s best country! But that’s just me. People don’t elect people like me. But at some point, real Americans needs to take a stand. Ever heard of the Alamo!!!

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    • Cramming down our throats? Ouch! The mental image.

    • He writes, “Leftists have a problem with Jesus; not with Muhammad, Islam or other religions.”

      And why is that, do you think? Because Satan KNOWS who Jesus is. And Satan knows who mohammed and Buddha are NOT.

    • Since when does that kind of official have the power to issue gag orders and since when does that kind of low-level STATE official have the power to usurp/infringe upon the First Amendment rights of those people? Their freedoms of religion, association, AND speech!

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