Did Piers Morgan Just Suggest Jailing Obama?

piers - Copy

What’s that you say, Piers?

What’s that which Barack Obama, son of a white woman from Kansas, recently said? (Trigger warning: impending racial slur used by the POTUS.)

Racism, we are not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public.

Would Piers jail only the white half of Obama? Or perhaps might Obama get only half the jail time that another white person would deserve, in the not-so-humble opinion of Piers?

What about “white Hispanics”? Would they deserve jail time, too? Asians? How about Native Americans?

What if blacks who descend from slave owners (like Obama’s ancestors of either color) use the n-word? Do they deserve jail, too?

What about blacks or other (trigger warning: impending microaggression) persons of color who use the words (trigger warning: impending offensive racial/ethnic slurs) Cracker, Kike, Dago, Jerry, Wop, Jack, Bog-trotter, Cat-lick, Carrot top, Hillbilly, Mick, Wetback, Mojado, Chink, Banana, Whitey, Raghead, ad infinitum? You got the picture.

Of course, where Piers comes from there’s no First Amendment, nor is there a Fourteenth Amendment, which may explain his totalitarian, very backwards state of mind. Maybe we should just ban him from the country. He offends me.


121 responses to “Did Piers Morgan Just Suggest Jailing Obama?

  1. You might also ask today what should be done with white people who visit Tunisia? I guess the answer was kill them. Hopefully Obama will bob up saying the people of Tunisia should give up the guns.
    Don’t hold your breath!
    Why would anybody visit Tunisia?
    Why would anybody visit the “Red Sea Riviera”
    Both of these places are solidly contaminated by islamic murderers.
    Part of the great media lie about the arab spring!

    • Dave, my guess is that only terrorists have guns in Tunisia. How else can an inexperienced gunman kill 39 people over 20 MINUTES, blithely taking his good old time, until finally shot dead by either cops or military (I forget which)? IF this were a beach in Texas, how long would he have lived and how many would have died? Speaking about visiting countries like Tunisia, I would NEVER, EVER visit ANY majority Muslim country and I’d sure think twice about visiting ANY country with a significant minority of Muslims–such as France.

    • Why are these two, among ALL THE CROOKS AND CRIMINAL THUGS in this country, such a cause celebre? Let me guess–the color of their skin. All whites are potential evil terrorists and the greatest terrorist threat this country faces, according to the newest progressive meme.

  2. ~ Codfish Jones • 37 minutes ago

    Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich, Rohm, Hess, the Gestapo, Brownshirts, SA,
    many of the camp guards, were homosexuals or homosexual sympathizers.

    ~ Jesse Codfish Jones • 27 minutes ago

    Read the book “The Pink Swastika”. It says it all.
    ( any readers Here? )

    ~ Codfish Jones Jesse • 23 minutes ago

    Thank you—have read it–good to see others have as well. We’re in for
    a very bad time it these vicious savages aren’t stopped.

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