200 Years Ago Today, Napoleon Met His Braine-l’Alleud

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For 200 years, the world has been saying that Napoleon met his Waterloo, when he was handed a resounding defeat by the British and their allies on June 18, 1815.

Who knew that the battle actually took place in Braine-l’Alleud or that the people of that town now expect due recognition?

Two hundred years ago [today], Napoleon lost his last battle, changing the course of history and providing a lasting metaphor for defeat.

But the French emperor didn’t meet his Waterloo in Waterloo at all, and a town that did see significant fighting would now like a little more credit.

“Napoleon never set a foot in Waterloo—it’s a fact,” said Bernard Coppens, a Belgian historian and former Waterloo resident. Most of the Battle of Waterloo took place a few miles south, in Braine-l’Alleud and Plancenoit.

The battle got its name because the victor, the Duke of Wellington, penned his official report from his Waterloo headquarters.

More than a hundred places world-wide are its namesakes. ABBA’s “Waterloo” ranks among the best-selling singles ever. It abides in English, French and other languages as an expression for one’s final, insurmountable challenge.

But as the world prepares to descend on the battlefield for the June 18 bicentennial, officials from Braine-l’Alleud want to set the record straight.

“Nobody will ever call it the ‘Battle of Braine-l’Alleud.’ That would be completely ridiculous, and that’s not our goal at all,” said the town’s mayor, Vincent Scourneau. “But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to correct errors that were made.”

Let’s give them their recognition but let’s also give a cheer for those doughty English who, with their allies, finally defeated that upstart little emperor and in the process ended nearly 500 years of war between the British and the French.



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  1. Pretty sure it was stated this morning during the press conference that the gunman’s family has been placed in a safe zone.

    • Pretty sure that, if it’s for real, he was on psychoactive drugs. (Suboxone? See here.) Maybe the people who run MKUltra can elucidate. Gateway Pundit reported that almost half of his Facebook FRIENDS were black. Has that fact been scrubbed yet? How swiftly Taylor Swift and other “celebrities” reacted. How quickly all the political hype is out there for gun control. What a coincidence. While they divide everyone and capitalize politically, the victims get forgotten. If there are any. I’m sorry, but I believe NOTHING anymore. We have a Pope who’s a flat out Marxist who’s pushing for Agenda 21, trying to lead religious people into following HIS POLITICAL agenda. Usurpers everywhere. Let’s not forget Jade Helm. btw, did you notice that in his statement criticizing Republicans and people who believe in gun rights, Obama referred to “people” with regard to THIS incident where they’ve told us there was ONE perp? So does he blame ALL WHITE “PEOPLE” for this, seeing how he’s a racist, OR does he know something we don’t know? He said,

      “We don’t have all the facts but once again there were some people who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.”

      When was the statement written for him and by whom? Somebody who hadn’t been briefed on the LATEST plan for the incident?

      Again, a lone white gunman, early 20s, very slightly built, a loner, with shark-like, doll-like BLANK EYES, shoots multiple people, even having time to reload five times.

      Of course, had I been in the loop, I might have published a post that was more appropriate to what everyone will be talking about today. As a plus for the Pope: Look! A squirrel. Read about the attack in Charleston; don’t read this: http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si.html (I hope this is the accurate, updated text and not the leaked version.)

      • And each time I wonder who it is that feeds them our news directly.

          • RIP. Will pray for the families and their souls.

            • Obama addressed the shooting Thursday morning, saying that HE has “had to make …2 many statements like this to …2 many times.”

              (like we haven’t?) ….. who stirs the HORNET’S NEST???
              ~ allen Combes ….. comes 2 MIND…. FAST! sucker licker…fool

              “Any death of this sort is a tragedy. Any shooting involving Multiple Victims is a tragedy” Obama said from the podium at the White House press briefing room. ….(camera’s rolling….??)

              “There is something particularly heartbreaking about death happening …….in a place in which we seek Solace and we Seek Peace.”

              ~ ha “LET ME B CLEAR” …. such torture listening 2 him at ALL!
              LIKE WTPOTUS … would LOVE also to SEEK….. SOLACE &
              PEACE…. in the USA …. everywhere & anywhere 24 / 7 …
              WE JUST WANT PEACE & SAFETY…. it COSTS $ … ZERO!

                • Hmm. While he was addressing the “roots” of “gun violence”, do you think he mentioned the sheer number of fatherless children who have no parental guidance whatsoever unless they’re lucky enough to have a grandmother who cares?

                  As for his fundraisers: The show must go on. Even during Ramadan, apparently.

              • Yes, they’re all tragedies. Also tragic are the hundreds killed in inner cities every day by people who use guns that are ALREADY illegal for them to own or carry. What makes him RUSH OUT THERE, though, for this particular tragedy? It reminds me of his wife rushing to the camera when one teen was killed in Chicago, while EVERY SINGLE DAY teens, children, adults are killed in her city. Why no sympathy for THEM? It’s only when there’s some political gain that they speak out. I read somewhere the other day that the DemoncRATS are planning to push a constitutional amendment to repeal the 2nd Amendment. They are like the Terminator. They will never stop.

        • I know. And they always have photos that we never see over here. I suppose they just have good photo journalists everywhere.

      • It has come out that the father did not give the gun to him for his birthday. He purchased it on his own.

        • Yep. That’s one of the many morphing stories. We’ve been through this before, haven’t we? Is it just a case of he said/she said? They interview friends who just know he turned up after his birthday with a gun and assumed it was a gift? Why so specific, though? That his FATHER gave it to him? What they now say is that the father gave him money for his birthday and that’s what he bought with it. But why would it have had to be money from his dad? He supposedly worked at a pest control company, so couldn’t he have just bought it on his own? His grandfather is a well-known lawyer. His father, they say, is solidly middle class. I don’t know much about his mother. She is either Amy or Amelia. OF COURSE, when you do a people search on her or him or any of them, none turns up with a relative or connected person named DYLANN. Isn’t that curious? Just like with Lanza. His brother showed up associated with his mom. But not Adam. With Amelia, the sister shows up, but not Dylann. Just more curiosities. I also read that he doesn’t show up in his school yearbooks, either. Another curiosity. Another nowhere man. And his Facebook page, which was conveniently “discovered” by SPLC, with photos with the Confederate Flag, etc. publicized by the SPLC, was created only a few months ago. But why did this 21-year-old only just recently decide to join Facebook, when it’s been around and so big with kids for what? A decade?

  2. Waterloo is so much easier to pronounce. I doubt that ABBA could have sung about Braine-l’Alleud.

    • So true. I haven’t a clue how to pronounce that town’s name. That’s why I thought it was fun to point out that the name of the battle has always been more or less wrong.

  3. Black commenters on Twitter are saying that “of course” it was a hate crime simply because the shooter was white and the victims black. By the same token, EVERY KNOCKOUT INCIDENT AND EVERY BLACK ON WHITE ATTACK IS, THEREFORE, A HATE CRIME. Remember?

    Dead from vicious knockout “game” attack.

    Simply BECAUSE of the reactions and memes being spread, I totally am falling on the side of false flag. What we see and aren’t allowed to see over the next days will tell the tale. Already, I’m missing crime scene photos.

  4. Let’s not forget to watch Barry: It’s Ramadan again. Read an interesting factoid: Those who are traveling are exempt from fasting.

  5. The families are in my thoughts and prayers ❤

  6. ~ trublupatriot Mcdave • 6 minutes ago …IS THIS TRUTH???

    The debt is not Barry’s wet dream…it’s was the fantasy of 5 bankers and a Fabian socialist senator, Nelson Aldrich. Look up the creature from Jeykll Island….that will tell you how this started. Then enter Wilson, who won the presidency by default (another slime-ball manipulation of the voting public) and his Puppet Master, Col Edward Mandell House, who wrote “Phillip Drew, Administrator”. OBAMA is Phillip Drew.

    This plan has been in formation and production for 100 years.

    Send David Rockefeller a happy birthday card. He won his NWO…just in time. His life will be judged by the ultimate Judge and he isn’t going to like the verdict.

      • “Our violent nation?” So we are ALL reduced to the lowest denominator, huh? The ENTIRE NATION is painted with the same brush. Let’s suppose how many citizens are law-abiding and peaceful people, trying to live their lives without harming others, versus how many are violent. What percentage, do you think, are “violent”? EVEN IF you put the number as high as 10%, does that make ALL OF US VIOLENT? If this writer will tar us all with the same broad brush, then why not tar the part of the population that truly IS violent or at least more violent than the rest of the population? Well, that wouldn’t be “fair”, would it? No, it actually wouldn’t, because it’s WRONG to pigeon-hole and blame EVERY MEMBER OF ANY GROUP for the actions of one, or a few, or even a lot. That’s stereotyping and it’s bigoted. I don’t accept this writer’s premise that we are a “violent nation”. Let’s compare our nation to … take your pick of any country/nation in Africa or the Middle East. His stats on hate crimes are bogus and useless, given that we have observed often over the years that they simply DON’T LABEL ANTI-WHITE CRIMES AS HATE CRIMES, so it’s very easy to have only a small percentage of hate crimes against whites in the statistics. Where are his statistics on the “Knockout Game”, which, btw, they also seldom label as a hate crime?

    • I guess it all depends upon his definition of “advanced”. One with him as president? France and Norway, I suppose, aren’t “advanced”. Nor is Russia. Quite a few massacres taking place in Indonesia and places throughout the Middle East. But maybe he knows better about whether or not they’re “advanced”.

    • Do note the mustache, which makes its annual appearance. Maybe he’s just cranky for lack of food. Ya think?

  7. From an attendee of the Trump rally in NH

    Posted on | June 18, 2015 | No Comments
    Gary W.
    3 approved
    Submitted on 2015/06/18 at 2:24 pm

    My wife and I were at the Manchester, NH, rally. It was refreshing to hear the truth by a non-politician. He also spoke of the dire situation in America. He answered questions, used no teleprompter, spoke from the heart and was very well received by all attendees. We were not paid to attend, nor asked to wear t-shirts. It was completely voluntary, contrary to what the media is saying (surprise, surprise).

    Mr. Trump is not doing it for the $, unlike the RINOs who have sold us out. He is running because of his love for our country and can no longer sit back watching it be destroyed. How many people can you say that about? Time for a change for sure, how about a Trump/Carson ticket?

  8. check OUT DRKATE….. TRUMP & CARLY!!!!

  9. Sounds like the Brailleyards should seek compensation.
    Why not?
    Everybody else does for anything at all.
    Hey here’s a thing!
    Hillar says Trump caused Charleston shooting:
    On Thursday, 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton blamed the Charleston, South Carolina church shootings by racist Dylann Roof on the rhetoric of 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Speaking with host John Ralston, she explained, “Public discourse is sometimes hotter and more negative than it should be, which can, in my opinion, trigger someone who is less than stable.” She continued, “I think we have to speak out against it. Like, for example, a recent entry into the Republican presidential campaign said some very inflammatory things about Mexicans. Everybody should stand up and say that’s not acceptable.”

    Presumably, Hillary was referencing Trump’s comments during his announcement speech in which he said Mexico was sending people across the border: “They’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    Dylann Roof murdered nine people at a historically black church. There are no reports he was a fan of Donald Trump, or that Roof shot six black women and three black men after being inspired by Trump’s rhetoric about Hispanic illegal immigrants.

    But facts have no bearing on such nonsensical arguments. This hatred for the First Amendment – the European notion that freedom of speech must be curtailed in order to avoid triggering the unstable or evil – has become a hallmark of the left. Whether the left blames Pamela Geller for the violence of radical Muslims who try to murder people for drawing cartoons of Mohammed, blames Sarah Palin for Jared Loughner’s shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, or mistakenly blames the Tea Party for James Holmes, right wing speech has become their bugaboo.
    —————————————————–snippy snip————————–
    that’s from Brietbart

    since this punk kid had been talking about it for six months, it
    don’t seem likely that trump caused it.

    So if thirteen people per weekend are murdered in Chicago, (used to live there) with nary a peep from our eminent reporters, and less than thirteen people were murdered yesterday, then why is the media all over this one and not all over |Chicago?

    Hmmm, I hope this has nothing to do with the imminent start of Jade Helm but I won’t put nothing out of reach of the evil-in-chief who usurped the wh.

    So far everybody’s acting real calm, the punk will either get life or death,
    probably infuriating the heck out of bho.

    Things are going to get much crazier than this. If everyone stays calm BHO loses everything.

    • If we use Hitlery’s benchmark, then she, Obama, and especially Sharpton should STFU. But they, too, no matter how evil, deluded, hateful, or sinister, have free speech rights.

  10. What in the world in the above comment deserves moderfication?

    • That was it, apparently, Dave. You made a typo in your email address, so the system thought you were a new commenter.

  11. I do apologise, think so, mighht have put a typ in my email address
    so I will try t again,

    dave m | June 19, 2015 at 10:02 am | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • No need to apologize. We all make typos. I’m still trying to understand how WordPress makes its decisions. I’m sorry I can’t be around more to moderate.

  12. What do these six words have in common?
    California Drought HAARP UN Mexico Obama

    report on the drought:

    Things are going to get much crazier before the 2016 elections.

    Maybe that was just a punk kid, maybe it just hasn’t been rainy in California.
    In statistics, you flip a coin ten times, the chances of ten heads in a row is very very small.

    In the world of events, you might think some events would be good for the USA and some would be bad for the USA, but when ten out of ten, so to speak, events are pushing the USA towards third world destruction, it is in the realm of circumstantial evidence to suspect an ulterior force. Ask Megyb Kelly, oh wait a minute, don’t.

  13. Scott Roof, who identified himself as Dylann Roof’s cousin, told me over the telephone that “Dylann was normal until he started listening to that white power music stuff.” He also claimed that “he kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a black guy two years back.”

    This scenario recalls a manifesto written by Elliot Rodger, who on May 23, 2014 gunned down six people in Isla Vista, California: “How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me?”

    “Dylann liked her,” Scott Roof said. “The black guy got her. He changed. I don’t know if we would be here if not …” Roof then abruptly hung up the phone.

    • It’s sounds like a bad movie script, doesn’t it?

    • Here is the perplexity: How come none of the people tackled or threw a chair at this guy when he was busy reloading? He reloaded five times. Five times he paused to reload.

      And all the talk on internet by mostly everyone is this was a racist act first and then secondary a mentally disturbed and a distant third is meth or meds but first a racist act.

      • I ponder such things, too, What A Hoot. You tell me. It’s so curious.

        The guy weighed 120 pounds. Look at his photos. He sat there for over an hour. Isn’t there a heat wave right now in the Carolinas? He supposedly had on several shirts and a hoodie. Did they have the A/C kicked up THAT HIGH that he could sit there comfortably, for over an hour, contemplating what he was planning, wearing all those clothes in order to hide the gun as well as enough ammo to reload 5 times? WHERE was it all hidden? Wasn’t he sweating his ass off? Nobody sitting there next to this very-curious, very-out-of-place boy (sorry, that’s what he looked like to me) noticed?

        In the video that was on Gateway Pundit, allegedly filmed by one of the victims from his cell phone, the alleged perp is shown sitting right next to the wanna-be rapper who took the video (conveniently, I might add). Right next to the alleged perp. Imagine sitting at a conference table, right next to a person who is so close you could touch him. He stands up and pulls a gun and shoots somebody, probably not you because it would be easier to shoot across the table and he’d have to, of course, shoot first the most likely person who could take you down. That would be the biggest person in the room. The Reverend?

        There were three men. Even though the others were female, this guy is only 120 pounds! While men are generally stronger than women, if someone outweighs him by that much … So back to my scenario, the person right next to you at the table stands and starts shooting. What do you do? Knock him over OR make a run for the door, which from the video appeared to be on the other side of the table. So you’d either have to run behind the shooter or around the end of the table and then in front of him, putting yourself in the line of fire.

        IF he had to reload 5 times, then WHY did he? He must have been missing, right? What did people do while he reloaded? Was everybody cowering? Was everybody on the floor waiting their turn?

        But back again to the young man who was right next to the shooter. A wanna-be rapper. A street smart guy, one would imagine. They are currently teaching CHILDREN how to fight back. Throw chairs, etc. What did that young man do, who was so close he could grab the shooter?

        How long before the people we’re supposed to believe read all these questions and then suddenly begin “answering them” in a pat manner, just as with Sandy Hook?

        It may be that citizens write to reporters to ask these questions and then the reporters ask for answers and print the answers they get, just to satisfy the curious, even if it still doesn’t add up. It seems, these days, that reporters do NO INDEPENDENT THINKING. They have no innate curiosity, which is curious for somebody who’s supposed to ask questions and put things together for their audience.

        The meme will be that it’s disrespectful towards the deceased to blame the victims by asking why nobody tried to fight back. Yeah. Nobody expects an 87-year-old or even a 70-year-old to take action.

        When and how did this young man get so adept with a gun, which we’re told he only just got? (There are multiple stories about how he got the gun, too, as with every other such incident. The “facts” change constantly.)

        Did he, like Lanza, go practicing at a firing range? Did he go to a gun shop to take lessons?

        I’ve heard that his friend took the gun (a .45) and HID IT for a while, because of the things Roof was saying. Then, he supposedly GAVE IT BACK! In another story, I heard that his mother took the gun away and he “stole” it back.

        The “racist act” comes from the fact that he’s white and shot black people. That’s what most of the black commenters say. It’s a given. White person shoots a black person. MUST BE A RACIST MOTIVE. Can’t just be a nutcase. He can’t just be mentally ill or deranged from taking drugs. I bet you that he’s on prescribed psychoactive drugs. Why did he have Suboxone, which is used to treat the withdrawal symptoms of opioid addiction? Even if he was using it illegally, it has an effect on thinking and brain chemistry. OBVIOUSLY. I’m not excusing him. I’m looking for a MOTIVE that seems far more likely than simple racism or “white supremacy”.

        We can’t just ASSUME a racist motive based upon skin color alone. When blacks attack whites, they NEVER assume racism. It’s always “simple robbery”, even when it’s their “Knockout Game.” Or maybe they’re just “knuckleheads.” (per Barry)

        Also there’s the hearsay “evidence” that somebody who survived told somebody who told somebody that he said he did it because blacks must be stopped from raping “our women”. That, in itself, sounds suspect (or surely like deranged thinking). I simply don’t believe it. It sounds made up. Like something the SPLC would put in a racist’s mouth. Or like somebody writing the script for a bad movie would make up. People have cried wolf too often. “Hands up; don’t shoot?”

        It may be that he did NOT reload 5 times and that’s just another invented narrative. But we’ve heard SO LITTLE about the gun, the ammo, where it was hidden, why nobody noticed, HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN. Have they learned since Sandy Hook what not to reveal early on, before the emotional impact is firmly branded into everyone’s mind? Before they get their political campaign in gear? Barry barely waited for the funerals. The big push will be on, again, soon. Giffords didn’t work. Sandy Hook kindergarteners didn’t do it. Now that the black community is mobilized from this Ferguson BS, do they hope to get the minorities on board, lest they all become victims of white racists? It sounds insane but the people promoting this agenda ARE INSANE. They cannot get their NWO or fundamental transformation without disarming the USA because the only way they can get their “revolution” is to eliminate our system of government. A Republic such as we have is NOT compatible with a top-down, communist world government.

        As for Roof, any trial’s going to be months, if not years, off. Who’s his lawyer, I wonder?

        But where are the crime scene photos? Any photos of ambulances taking people to hospitals or the morgue? 9 people shot? In this day and age, with everybody being a photographer who wants to get 15 minutes of fame or sell a one-of-a-kind photo, where are the photos? Have you seen any? When he was taken into custody, were his clothes bloody?

        I’m just wondering. I’m just sayin’. I hear you.

        • I read a story that the younger fellow took a bullet for an old woman, maybe is grandma?

          • I didn’t see that story. Actually, the entire subject is so depressing (and predictable) that I’m not looking for stories to read. That take on it reminds me of the stories we heard about teachers at Sandy Hook. I’m just sayin’. I don’t know. If it’s true, then it’s horrible and I feel sorry for and pray for the families. Allen West had an interesting take: http://allenbwest.com/2015/06/heres-what-the-mainstream-media-wont-tell-you-about-mass-shootings/

            “… There are about 319 million people in the United States, so that means there are about 118 milion gun owners in this nation. Mother Jones reports there have been 69 mass shootings in the last 30 years. The Washington Post says, a Congressional Research Service report published in 2013 counted 78 incidents over roughly the same period, in which 547 were killed.

            That means, out of 118 million gun owners, 78 or .00007 percent of the gun owning population are potential mass murderers (using a 30-year total). …

            Of course, now the gun control activists are out in force. Any white person who legally owns a gun must be a racist white supremacist nut bag.

            It is a sad truth that there are likely more mentally ill individuals in our nation who will one day get their hands on guns, legally or illegally, and take the lives of some innocent souls.

            But some perspective is needed.

            Let’s take that figure for the number of people killed in the last 30 years during a mass shooting of 560 and add another nine to it. That makes 569.

            Now compare that number to 10,076. According to MADD, that’s the number of people killed during drunk driving crashes in 2013 alone. In fact, every day in America, another 28 people die in drunk driving crashes. Every. Single. Day.

            Using the liberal logic of banning guns because of tragic (and thankfully, comparatively rare) mass shootings undertaken by crazy white folks (and some not so white), should we not then ban cars? …”

            By the same token, based upon the preponderance of murderers among certain demographics, should we not then, in the name of public safety, lock up all the potential murderers or, perhaps, at least make them ALL wear ankle bracelets and maybe even wear cameras (like the cops) at all times, just so we know what they’re doing? Of course, I’m NOT suggesting this be done. I’m merely pointing out the false “logic” of PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the crimes of the VERY, VERY FEW.

              • WAH, yesterday, when I was bloviating and trying to make sense, and pointing out all that’s missing (photos, for example), I almost wrote that all we need now is a “manifesto” and then the script will be complete. WELL, behold! I see it on the NBC news, yes, somebody’s found a “website” that they think was created at the home where he allegedly lived and that viola! Has a “manifesto”. Talk about things being too pat. CTH has a checklist for these kinds of things. I wonder do they have “manifesto” on a checklist for domestic terrorists who AREN’T Muslim.

                • If you want to read this “manifesto”, it’s here. Dude was allegedly an anti-Semite, too. Lovely. IF you believe it. Anybody can put anything on a website, especially one that’s “discovered” after the fact, so who knows if this is real or not? He also writes as if he hates whites, too, and/or as if all whites think the deranged way that he thinks.

                  • http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/06/20/charleston-killer-dylann-roofs-racist-manifesto/

                    Check out the photo that’s allegedly on “Dylann’s” website. Does it not look as if somebody is deliberately SPOOFING the Facebook antics of Ferguson’s Michael Brown and the other thugs, such as that other guy who was shot in St. Louis, the one who was said to be only carrying a sandwich? Everywhere I’m reading comments from blacks who are making an EQUIVALENCY between black hoodlums and this guy, Dylann. They’re trying to point out what they perceive as a double standard. That Brown and the others were smeared for their Facebook photos, while whites are held to a different standard. It’s hard for me to believe that this website isn’t totally bogus. Look at the provenance, too. It was set up via an anonymizing site but SOMEHOW (as reported elsewhere) some woman who’s a self-admitted communist deduced that this site BELONGS to Roof. It smells of a setup. Most of the commenters at CTH and FOTM seem to believe that the manifesto wasn’t written by a 9th-grade dropout. They say no high school kid can write that well. THAT is a potent argument, given what I’ve seen of the typical high school kid, especially if he attended public school. Somebody at CTH also said that the site was UPDATED AFTER ROOF WAS ALREADY ARRESTED. So who updated it? Even with no provenance that’s verifiable, though, the lamestream media are RUNNING WITH THE STORY OF HIS “MANIFESTO”.

                    • UK paper has a photo allegedly of his dad. Refers to Harley-Davidson and the guy is covered in tattoos. The paper says the father is accused of wife abuse (not Dylann’s mother). The father is getting death threats and needs police protection. Biker. Just like in McKinney. Another group of “white terrorists”. Hmmm. Right out of central casting. Note the nipple rings. WTH? Is it HIS FATHER who’s the well-respected lawyer?

                    • A horse and a donkey can breed and make a mule, but they are still two completely different animals. Just because we can breed with the other races doesnt make us the same.

                    • I think it does, actually.

                • I suppose that NOW they’re going to say that anybody who expresses in any way any of the sentiments that this “manifesto” touches upon, must be trying to stir up hatred and is, therefore, also a “potential domestic terrorist.” There is something very sinister going on and it will come down to attempts to further infringe on the right to free speech, free assembly, gun rights. THESE they hate and it is crucial for all to be abolished, by any means necessary, before tyranny can be imposed.

              • And they know all this how? Are investigators LEAKING all this to the media? Is that the way investigations are supposed to be run? It fits the script, too. I cannot put away my skepticism.

        • Now noone can focus on AME and the dead church leader’s anti-white views because everything is being handled in such a publicly commended forgiving, Christian, Jesus way and all these people were/are for unity and “we shall overcome” and no one can pull the curtain back and say, “See, these people’s real hearts.” The CTH tried in one article, and did a very good job but it is now buried and “love” overshadows their article with all the “forgiveness” at the hearing for Roof. The blacks are being shown as the “great healers” and it feels very phony to me in light of all their documented goals for this country. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT dissing or undervaluing the grief the families are going through or the realness and depravity of what happened. I am just pointing out the “too neatly packaged” feeling the narrative has. Never let a crisis go to waste, I suppose. In one day, all the hate, all the refusal to see almost all whites but nut jobs as they are which is not racist, all the paybacks, and everything is gone and no grudges be held any longer? Agenda gone down the drain. Complete repackaging. Looks like taking advantage of the crisis to take the black hate for whitey back underground and smile and present to the world, “All is well.” Thoughts here may be scattered as thinking out loud, weighing thoughts, formulating thoughts, but none written-in-stone opinion. Just an attempt to make sense of it all. I am not angry or worked up or supportive in any way what Roof did; no justification anywhere on this universe for it and I share this less some reader insists I am threatening or racist or justifying. IT IS THIS VERY WELL PRESENTED AFTERMATH that I find holes in; not in the families of the killed, not even the community, but the presentation so neatly put on by the media. I find it interesting some killed were known to the O’s. Was this Church beginning to stop the regime narrative? That would be a curious study; if change and growing away post Fergie. From the CTH,
          “The same AME church network being heralded in South Carolina, is the same AME church network which supports and promotes the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party. It is not guilt by association, it is guilt “of” association.
          When School Teachers take public school kids to hear Louis Farakahaan tell them that all white people must be killed, you don’t see AME leadership stopping him. Quite the contrary, they are driving the school buses to the speech.

          When the New Black Panther Party screams that all whites must be exterminated, or when the Nation of Islam demands that all white people be wiped off the face of the earth, you don’t see AME leadership distancing themselves. Quite the contrary, together they rally, march and give speeches on the same platform.”

          Something very strange. White boy dressing up “Trayvon style”. Wonder if forensics will even look for finger prints or do ballistic matches……afterall, it is a cut and dry case. But it is not. I am not buying into a false flag thingie, either. I believe people were killed. I believe people are genuinely grieving. I believe people are sincerely forgiving. I believe people want to end this racial crap. I do not like, with our country’s history of willing forgiveness and non-divide, to now be lead by the AME church in the art of being a Christian and forgiving and uniting as if our country were not already there and was just waiting for the black hero community to teach us. The proclamation has been made: “Blacks are the country’s leaders of peace and healing.”
          Something is off. IF they will not forgive stuff (real and perceived) from the last 150 years to present day, how are they so instantly in this case? (again I am speaking of the presentation of peace, not the families genuine expressions and their walk today with Jesus.)

          Guess, I am just missing some of the puzzle pieces. It will make sense as more comes out….but, ahhh, will anyone dare speak of it now as it would be questioning others’ Christian walk…….

          • You’re so right. I completely understand what you’re saying and I feel the same. I also read elsewhere that the minister was under investigation for some financial shenanigans when he was associated with the school system there, so that will all be forgotten now. As you reported, that church was instrumental in the Trayvon/Mike Brown/BlackLivesMatter crusade.

            This is what comes of the government constantly looking the other way when POLITICS goes on in black churches; it’s not allowed in white churches. The IRS watches them like a hawk. They’re community organizing every Sunday for black radicals right there in the “churches”. I’m not saying all the worshipers are of that mindset, but too many of the leaders are corrupted and part of this “black grievance industry”, the NBP’s and the NOI.

            If they’re pulling back now, with the “love” angle and the “forgiveness” angle, it may be that they are finally seeing the light about how much damage they have done with their rhetoric. MLK must be rolling over in his grave. How far from his stated ideals has this nation come? I’ve NEVER in my adult lifetime seen the races so far apart. HOW can this division EVER be healed? Not by continuing with this hateful meme that ALL whites are guilty, evil, and unable to be redeemed from their original sin of being born racist. This “white privilege” crap has GOT TO GO.

            I believe it was at CTH that I also read that there’s very little hope now of ANY constructive “conversation on race.” Fo shizzle. I never thought there was the possibility of one, and I said so way back last August. It’s like when two people go through a very bitter divorce. How can they EVER reconcile? They don’t talk. They talk past each other. Nobody listens.

            These race baiters have sown HATRED in the hearts of little black children and GUILT and SHAME in the hearts of little white children. Like you, I’m NOT going to in any way excuse Roof, if he’s truly guilty as accused. There’s NO EXCUSE for what he did. NONE.

            But there are motivators, things that happen or are said, feelings aroused, that act like when someone throws a stone into a calm pool, setting off ripples that cannot be controlled or recalled. It’s like crying fire in a crowded theater.

            The likes of Sharpton, Farrakhan, even Obama and Heilery, with the things they say, bear some responsibility. When did ANY OF THEM condemn the rioters, the arsonists, the very unpeaceful “protesters”? NEVER. The “educators” in high schools and universities, with the things they say, are heedless of the HARM they do to both the “students of color”, who learn to hate, and the “white” students, who react to being unfairly accused and falsely labeled as haters, bigots, racists. Then they, too, learn to hate back because of the sheer unfairness of it all.

            It is very much “too neatly packaged.” I am forever amazed by the people who, suffering such a tragedy, are willing to go out in public, speaking out, so very quickly. When do they grieve? I cannot believe that the judge allowed the families to speak and to accuse at this ALLEGED perp’s bail hearing. Where is his due process and presumption of innocence? There’s something VERY WRONG HERE.

            Tell me now that the entire jury pool isn’t poisoned. Tell me that his fundamental constitutional rights were NOT violated by that Kabuki theater. AFTER he’s FOUND GUILTY, yes. Then’s the time for victim statements. NOW? Before he has even one hearing? I remember a time when victims’ families weren’t even allowed to speak at sentencing. Don’t you remember? Now, they’re speaking BEFORE there’s even a trial? It’s like a kangaroo court. Do they WANT this case to fall apart on Constitutional grounds? It looks almost like it. WTF is going on there?

            I can’t make any sense of it, either, unless it’s that suddenly they may feel afraid that they’ve gone too far and perhaps (this is bogus, I know) stirred up those white domestic terrorists/supremacists who now have taken innocent black lives. Well, if so, it’s a hell of a way for them to have to be woken up and a hell of a price to pay in innocent lives. Somebody elsewhere said that they’re trying to stop a race war. Really? I thought that’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED, from all appearances. Isn’t that the theory? Then, martial law. Why ELSE do they race bait and community organize this looting, rioting, etc.? Maybe it’s only for the MONEY they then can extract. Who knows?

            Why does rioting and looting follow the killing of thugs by cops but not these deaths? Same as with all the hundreds who are killed every month by black thugs in inner cities throughout the land. Who is there to care about THEIR lives? Why does the victim’s life gain value based upon WHO KILLED HIM OR HER? It’s NUTZ. Is it because would-be rioters IDENTIFY with dead thugs, but not with church-going, 87-year-old ladies? Thank God for the fact that so far there’s no violence, but it beats me WHY there’s been none. I really don’t get it. Were the riots themselves community organized and, for some reason unbeknownst to us, they decided NOT to instigate any this time around?

            I do think the agenda is and will be to use this incident to mobilize people of color (by SCARING THEM) so that they vote for gun control to keep guns out of the hands of all those potential white supremacists which, by now, they’ve convinced the black populace means just about anybody with white skin color.

            Where’s the publicity about the Asian cop murdered by the black guy? Ho, hum. Just another day in the ‘hood where cops are targeted, also with the complicity of the race baiters like Sharpton. Nothing’s really changed. He’s got so much to answer for. And they go out there with SUCH VENOM to blame PAM GELLER for her “speech”.

  14. ~ JON …IS NOW ~ “JOE” ..”what does it MATTER” from HILLARY…
    them … lost brain… juices… R dried….UP HILL! slip # 1 ???


  15. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 8hr hours ago

    Stop saying I went bankrupt.
    I never went bankrupt but like many great business people have used
    the laws to corporate advantage—smart!

  16. Obama’s SON ..??? oh yeah …. the GREAT DIVIDER ….
    HEY …. HILLARY… what U got 2 say about THIS … DEAD COP?


  17. Blacks … ~dylann
    I think it is is fitting to start off with the group I have the most real life experience with, & the group that is the biggest problem 4 Americans.
    “BLACKS” R stupid & violent. At the same time they have the capacity 2 B
    Very Slick. Black people View everything through a Racial Lense. That’s what racial Awareness is, its Viewing EVERYthing that Happens through A Racial lense. They R Always thinking about the Fact that they R Black. This is part of the reason they GET Offended SO Easily, & think that some thing R intended to be racist Towards Them, even when a White person Wouldnt B thinking about Race. The other reason is the Jewish agitation of the black race.
    Black people R racially aware almost from Birth, but White people on average dont think about race in their daily lives. And this is our problem.

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