Flag Day 2015: Please Fly Our Flag Tomorrow

page1-389px-Our_Flag.pdf - CopyTomorrow is Flag Day:

In 1885, Bernard J. Cigrand, a 19-year old Waubeka, Wisconsin teacher, proposed the idea of Flag Day “to inspire not only his students but also all Americans in the real meaning and majesty of our flag.” Cigrand wrote hundreds of articles advocating to celebrate the day on June 14, the day the U.S originally adopted its national flag.

The Flag of the United States of America represents freedom to us and also to people all around the world. Please honor our Flag and our Union by flying the flag:

Oh, say can you see
By the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight’s last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars
Through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?

And the rocket’s red glare,
The bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there.

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

You're_A_Grand_Old_Flag_2 - Copy

The images at the top and directly below come from this link, which is a pdf created by Congress about Our Flag.

page2-389px-Our_Flag.pdf - CopyLong may She wave!



36 responses to “Flag Day 2015: Please Fly Our Flag Tomorrow

  1. I miss America.

    Have to run, need bereavement therapy. Wonder what “stage” I’m in.

  2. Nothing to be concerned about….

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Bastards! And who opened the border and put out a welcome mat? American Pharaoh, that’s who!

      • funny, that you mentioned that: American Pharaoh… had my own thoughts about that moniker as well when I first heard it… too much…

        yeah, and I believe the story about the prison break, too. yeah, right.

  3. Not to worry, we’ll have medical personnel and fire fighters on hand for safety – and your local police will be interfacing with the Defense of Defense…

    You are getting sleepy… very sleepy. Now, on the count of three you will be conditioned to submit… 1…2 ………

      • Interesting, alfy.
        I wonder why its such a ‘wing nut’ notion to question this operation. After all, its just “routine”. And, of course the Government would never lie to its people, purchase billions of rounds of hollow point bullets or entertain Russian and Chinese military exercises in our Country.

        I wonder if its okay to ponder what our Country would look like if “the grid” went down for a week or so…you know, by the “Chinese Hackers”, of course.

        “gird your loins.”

  4. BABY’s …. JUST MAD…. I feel LIKE BABY…. MOST DAY’s every
    conversation is UP against FOOLS.. “23” / 7 no compassion NONE!


    • He’s got it. Exactly what Barry is doing. McKinney, TX, is a perfect example of this. The 70% white (in proportion with the population) community was sued and forced to have more Section 8 housing. Now we get the “pool parties” where hundreds of outsiders crash the private pool and expect to be able to swim in other people’s pool! It’s not FAIR that these people have nice communities with pools that they work to earn money to PAY FOR themselves. The interlopers (aka “the poor”) DESERVE the same amenities, but FOR FREE. Now they’re actually marching, blocking traffic, screaming, “We can’t swim; you can’t drive.” HOW FREAKING RIDICULOUS, but this is the OBAMANATION.

  5. ~Kjell T. Ring • 10 minutes ago

    Instead, Obama wants to give millions of crazy muslims asylum.

    ~ SheNemo Kjell T. Ring • 7 minutes ago
    And he is.
    As we all knew he would do.
    Even obama’s own are turning against him now, they still have to
    live in this world, and they have helped him ruin it for all. !!!!!!
    God is our salvation, thank you GOD for being GOD, and loving and saving us!!!!

    ~ disqus_dBIe0mKo35 • 10 minutes ago
    We are in the end times people WAKE UP…. and realise that !!!!!!

  6. what WILL WE DO? ..the LOVE ONE & ALL ..24/7 PROTECTING BIG-SHOT Controlers? ^^^ if not them? … WHEN IT’s the USA?


  7. sorry just click it. 😆

  8. Mine is flying high. Miri.
    I had to share this on FB. 😀

  9. http://www.floppingaces.net/2015/06/12/deconstruction-of-cruz-and-ryan/

    The answer asked in this paragraph’s concluding sentence is on word and begins with “T”. True colors shining through:

    “The above quotation indicates that Cruz and his small crowd assume that a free trade agreement is needed. The insanity of that assumption defies logic. Every nation on earth wishes it could trade with America. By handing an apologist community organizer and one with such a dismal track record, the power to negotiate a global deal, is guaranteeing a negotiation from a point of weakness. Cruz and Ryan would have no way to control, influence, minimize or circumvent any future action by this Administration on this treaty. They are “trusting” this President. How is that possible?”

  10. My FLAG near MY TOILET….. say NO MORE!!!

    • WHO …TOOK OUR FLAG & TRASHED IT? ^^^ from ME! ^^^

      The 2,000 word diatribe rails against “negroes,” with the occasional
      use of the N-word. In one particularly angry section,
      DSR expresses Hatred of the “sight”… of the … American flag. ???

      “Modern American Patriotism is an Absolute Joke,” the manifesto says.

      “People Pretending like they have something to be Proud while White people are being murdered daily in the streets.” …

      ~ from Dylan Storm Roof ~ he had the right 2 SPEAK…BUT NOT
      the RIGHT 2 KILL …. or does he???

  11. In for a dime, in for a dollar. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. She’s black. Got it? http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/06/white-naacp-fraud-rachel-dolezal-speaks-yes-i-consider-myself-black-video/

    “I don’t like the term ‘African-American,’ I prefer ‘Black,’” she told a KREM 2 news reporter , Friday.”If I was asked, I would definitely say ‘yes, I do consider myself Black.”

    For those confused, Dolezal pointed to a W.E.B. DuBois theory on race being more “cultural” than“biological,” but didn’t explain why she kept her ethnicity a secret.”

    Another story reported that she reminded everyone that we all come from “the African continent.” Therefore, we now all have permission from the NAACP, I suppose, to say we’re also “black”. Have at it, folks. It’s a solution I proposed many times. Race and ethnicity are self-defined. However you want to identify yourself is A-OK now. What are they gonna do now? This gets better by the minute.

    I’m amazed that so many blacks, including the NAACP, stand behind her. At the same time, Justice Thomas is NOT allowed to define HIMSELF and these race baiters call him an Uncle Tom.

  12. as FATHER’S day nears …. Making BABIES… doesn’t make you
    A FATHER ….4 sure


  13. @ DRUDGE
    ‘I identify as black’…

    FLASHBACK: Sued College For Discriminating Against Her — for Being White! Teacher suspended after saying she hates ‘white people,’ outing lesbian student… MICHELLE O Tells Muslim Girls: When I look at you ‘I see myself’…

    ‘Your story is my story’…

    Tells hijab-clad crowd that men are ‘useful’… GELLER: ‘I Will Not Let Violent Threats Silence Me’…

    ‘Do Not Want To Die, But Will Not Live As Slave’…

  14. ~ SATCitizen Bigearsbarry • 5 hours ago … @wnd

    Juan Williams’ wife said he was the “token black” while he was

    employed at NPR. Rachel is the “token white” (who thinks she’s black).

  15. Public Service Announcement: Big Fur Hat server shut down; details:

    • BrittanySmith Jones • 31 minutes ago
      I wonder if it has something to do with their story of who outed Pam Geller’s address…

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