What Kind of Society Do We Want to Engender?

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A while ago, Obama’s “senior adviser”, the unelected Valerie Jarrett, spoke out (on Obama’s behalf, and apparently with his blessing) against therapies intended to change sexual orientation. Obama wants to ban these therapies, arguing that they’re psychologically harmful. My immediate reactions were: Where and when did he get his psychiatric degree? And, what about freedom of choice?

If the patient wants the therapy, why should the government BAN the therapy? Isn’t the psychological well-being of the individual more important than political correctness or the ideology of a small subset of the population?

Guess not. But I digress …

In his usual technique of speaking in parables, as if he’s some kind of messiah, Obama either wrote or approved of this proferred fable:

“Tonight, somewhere in America, a young person, let’s say a young man, will struggle to fall to sleep, wrestling alone with a secret he’s held as long as he can remember. Soon, perhaps, he will decide it’s time to let that secret out.”

Obama adds: “What happens next depends on him, his family, as well as his friends and his teachers and his community. But it also depends on us — on the kind of society we engender, the kind of future we build.”

Doesn’t that remind you of all the fables Obama has told about his life story? But, again, I digress …

I don’t intend to debate or to examine the merits or drawbacks of “conversion therapy.” My intent is to tell a tale of my own:

Tonight, everywhere across America, men, women, and perhaps even children, will struggle to fall to sleep, wrestling in good and abundant company with the fear and loathing they have felt and struggled with since at least 2007.

These good people, patriots all, hope and pray that soon, in less than 2 years, their torment will be over.

But what happens next depends upon themselves as well as upon the rest of the citizens of the United States of America. It depends upon the kind of society we engender, the kind of future we build.

Will those who suffer every night, struggling to fall asleep, worrying about what’s to become of their beloved country, finally get relief after the next election?

Will the next president undo the appalling damage that’s been done to our country by the current “president”?

Or will those who revel in and relish the “fundamental transformation” Obama has inflicted upon our land find some way, even if extralegal, to foist yet another wolf in sheep’s clothing upon the people of this country?

What kind of society do WE THE PEOPLE want?

Do we want communism, socialism, Marxism, progressivism? Do we want secularism? Do we want Sharia law?

Do we want a country where police “stand downallegedly to protect the “free speech rights” of certain rioters and vandals, depending upon their political ideology?

Do we want a society that allows a small minority to muzzle the majority in the name of political correctness? Do we want a society where religion is, in essence, outlawed through the “shaming” of its adherents because they follow God’s Law, not to mention because they believe in the natural order of Creation and acknowledge the facts learned through the science of biology?

Do we want a society where deviancy is celebrated–even placed above the natural order as better or more desirable–and where all children are indoctrinated in schools with that ideology, despite the tenets of their parents’ religion? Where men are listed as “mothers” on birth certificates?

Or do we want the restoration of our Republic under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights–the very guiding principles– that have allowed us to build the greatest and most free nation in the history of the world?

As Gary Shapiro wrote in 2012:

I am passionate that our nation was, still is and can remain the best in world. We not only owe it to our children to act to preserve our greatness, but we must also honor those who have served and risked their life and limb in our Armed Forces to preserve our nation and its freedoms.

We are a beacon for the world. Our challenge is not to lament our decline or even celebrate our exceptionalism; it is to come together with true leadership that can unite us as we sacrifice to preserve and expand our greatness.

Will we do it? Can we do it? That is our challenge for 2016.

Choose wisely.



129 responses to “What Kind of Society Do We Want to Engender?

    • You’re so kind, Zenway: “Silly girl”. That she is. It is fun. It reminds me so much of the early days of doxing Barry. Doesn’t it sound very much as if, to be kind, they both suffer from similar delusions?

      “… unexpected green eyes” and a “caramel skin color”. HA! Just proving that everyone is a person of color. Who knew? CARAMEL. Did you catch the title of her studies? Africana. Not African-American Studies. Not Black Studies. AFRICANA. Owing, I suppose, to her other self-identity as an artiste. Reminds me of Barry’s friend Babs.

      OMG. I’m still reading. Could anyone be so gullible as to really believe she was born in a teepee? OMG. I’m ROFLMAO. Do you think this all might WAKE UP SOME OF THE FOOLS WHO BELIEVED BARRY’S TALL TALES, TOO?

      • I wonder how much of that tall tale is true? I mean, did her real family actually move to South Africa? Is her mother married to a “stepfather” and not to her biological father (even though she’s appearing on TV with her husband and they both say Rachel is their biological daughter)? The more I read, the more sorry I feel for her because she is truly delusional, apparently (except that she was so vindictive in her hatred for white people). Is there such a thing as Munchausen LIFE by proxy? Her tales are so crazy that I don’t know how anybody could have accepted them, and written about them as if they’re true, WITHOUT ASKING FOR SOME KIND OF PROOF!

  1. O U R … G R I D …. hello… LET’S WAKE UP!!!! OK!


    • Isn’t it odd the sheer number of big shots who just happen to be traveling to Europe, allegedly on OTHER BUSINESS (than Bilderberg) this month? What a freaking coincidence.

  2. Trivia question: Who is the Republican in the leadership of the party pushing this trade deal, pretending to be a conservative, married into the influential Democrat family of former Senator David Boren, namely married to his niece? David Boren is now the president of University of Oklahoma who was recently in the news for expelling two fraternity students for not being “politically correct”.

    • Gosh. I did not know that. Can’t stand that pres. of U of OK. You’re speaking about Paul Ryan. All in the family.

  3. Yes! Very good, Miri. I found this out when Paul Ryan was picked as VP for Romney. My spidey senses told me to remember this detail and see if there was something there that could compromise the conservative bonafides that I thought Paul Ryan stood for. I guess I have my answer, after him telling us we need to pass the Obama trade deal to see what’s in it.

    • Well, best I can say for him with regard to his wife’s family is that none of us gets to pick his or her relatives and I, for one, would sure not want to be held responsible for the viewpoints of MOST of my own kin, who are, sad to say, “liberal”.

  4. There is much more. Marilyn Mosby is connected to both Johnetta Elzie and
    DeRay McKesson. These 2 people were at the core of the Ferguson protests and they are connected to the White House and the Department of Justice in a most favorable standard. ^^^
    ~ ~ ~
    Late last year, in December, the White House held a series of sessions with hand chosen guests to map out the Presidential Task Force for 21st Century Policing. Additionally the White House has endorsed and fully supported a Non-Governmental Organization called Teach For America of which both Elzie and McKesson are former alumni.

  5. does ….SHE SOUND …. BLACK ???

    • Got a Chance …. a JOB …. then … sick world
      BELOW was an electric chair ! …. why would they PULL IT?


    • Not to me, in the interview with the reporter who asked her if she’s black, but maybe, like Barry, she puts on the black lingo and inflection and accent when the occasion indicates it’s useful. Her brother says it’s wrong of her to impersonate a black woman, that it’s like putting on black face and that it causes more racism. Then, I would argue the same about Caitlyn. Putting on women’s clothing, presenting himself as a woman, is insulting and causes more misogyny. Isn’t it interesting that Bruce doesn’t present himself as a typical 65-year-old woman but as a bimbo? He’s objectifying himself as a sex object in order to get his jollies and, by doing so, is diminishing all women in more ways than one.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      The woman is clearly mentally ill.

  6. ~ Have A SEAT THUG ~

  7. Yogurt .. in BED with 2 lesbians.. GET READY.. NORMAL FOLKS!
    in OUR FACES ….Because …THEY CAN!!! …so PROUD!


  8. MIZ TRANS & so many MORE….. shouts OUT & shouts & shouts ..
    was it a plan ? ha …to let IT’… go ON & ON? I ponder…YES it WAS!
    never let your screwed UP messages & LAWS … GET LOST!


    • LGBTQ foreign transvestite/transgenders? Well, Barry can certainly relate to that. There’s Turdy, after all. A “woman” after his own heart. You’d think that Barry would bring “her” over to show the world how forward-thinking his mother and his upbringing were. Wait! What? Barry asked to have the transgender illegal immigrant escorted out?

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