Does This Watermelon Remind You of Anyone?

watermelontwin - Copy

Continuing in the same vein, Michelle Obama recently made quite the unlovely remark, while allegedly attempting to congratulate and inspire some recent c0llege graduates:

Today, it is no longer remarkable to see two beautiful black girls walking their dogs on the South Lawn of the White House lawn. That’s just the way things are now.

Unfortunately, that is “just the way things are now.

Now that we have this smug, whinging couple in the White House. Everything, literally everything, comes down to race with them.

If only the ginormous chip on her shoulder were visible, then everyone would understand the need for such a large counterbalance.

Tales from the Backside

Tales from the Backside


95 responses to “Does This Watermelon Remind You of Anyone?


    “Saint Louis University has removed a statue on its campus depicting a famous Jesuit missionary priest praying over American Indians after a cohort of students and faculty continued to complain the sculpture symbolized white supremacy, racism and colonialism. …

    In the meantime SLU is commissioning a statue dedicated to the Mike Brown protesters! …”

    Because Christians are the only religious group who are NOT allowed to proselytize. It’s racist, you see. Muslims? Have at your campaign for SUBMISSION.

    Islamophobia? Wrong. Never to be tolerated.

    Christianophobia/Christophobia? Expected. Applauded. Condoned. Encouraged. Fostered. Appeased.

    This is a TINY minority of the students and faculty who object. However, the new secular leader who replaced the former leader, a Jesuit PRIEST, is on board with the removal of the CHRISTIAN sculpture that has been on the CATHOLIC campus since the middle of the last century. SUDDENLY, it’s racist. According to a tiny minority that objects or is offended (on behalf of others, of course. The student population of SLU are hardly Fox/Sac/Osage Indians. Nor are the faculty members.) But in keeping with this new PC world, if one person is “offended”, then the offending item must be censored. Wait, I must correct: If one person of the CORRECT POLITICAL FACTION is offended, then the offending item must be censored. For example, a crucifix in a jar of urine SHOULD BE ADMIRED. Anyone who complains is himself backwards and a bigot who doesn’t understand “art”, especially art of the “oppressed”.

    In the same vein as the artwork that will be installed to honor the “peaceful protesters”, the city of Ferguson is allowing a PERMANENT MEMORIAL to be embedded in the concrete in the location where the criminal thug Brown was shot after attacking a police officer. What a role model for the children!

    • OMG. I am SO SICK of these people, and I use the term people facetiously. WTF is WRONG WITH THEM? Does she get her jollies by ruining life and especially childhood for everyone? Now her PC S’mores are graham crackers (gluten free?) with strawberries and yogurt on them? HOW is THAT a S’more? Oh, yes, and do let’s not forget to WASH the berries and be sure to “enjoy immediately,” lest that yogurt go bad before you consume it! We’re freaking morons, you know. Everybody would just die of obesity or food poisoning if Mooch weren’t around.

      I thought chocolate was healthy food. CHILDREN NEED SUGAR AND ESPECIALLY FAT for energy and brain development. btw, what kind of example does her husband set when he is slurping down ice cream every chance he gets? Does she allow her own kids to have REAL S’mores?

      • ~ Avi Eshed · Chief Executive Officer @ Uber Alles Entertainment ^^^

        Thanks to Monsanto, our fruits and vegetables R more poisonous
        anything Michelle wants to take off the table. !!!!! ha

        • ~ Rick Whammer · Top Commenter

          Don’t you think that it’s funny that we are listening 2 someone with
          about the biggest caboose I’ve ever seen tell us how to eat healthy? “Hey Sasquatch, take care of your own butt before you start telling
          me about mine.” ……

          • Rosemary Woodhouse


            • Rosemary Woodhouse

              WELL….I honestly was going to digress to mention how the watermelon reminded me of Kimmy K, but then I saw the photo of The “Wife” boarding AF1 and then forgot all about North Wests’ mama.

              • Whomsoever it reminds you of, that’s fine with me. KK would do fine, too. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

          • An “on topic” comment. 🙂

            Appropriately enough, when I go to that article, I get an ad for coupons for free KFC!!! How healthy!

  2. Chemtrails ~ Peter Kirby – what we SEE WE KNOW ! CAN U SEE?

  3. sounds bout right & maybe a 1/2 dozen WATER-MELON-S ?

    • It does sound about right. He fell in love with her in 2008. She was TEN YEARS OLD at the time. She remains a minor! Creep. Maybe “Uncle Malik” can facilitate, seeing as how he’s had at least 12 marriages his own self.

    • Would that be single watermelons or double ones, like in the photo above? 😉

  4. where R the PO – LICE ? O’ .. Washing the FILTH of the CITY’S
    THUGS & PRO -TECT- ERS off there BODIES !… as they NOW
    HAVE 50 + THUGS… surround THEM when they S T O P some-1
    & there MILLing around there HOMES 2 …. Ain’t that JUST WHAT

    • Crime up exponentially as the cops do as they at another time were ordered to do: stand down.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Good for them. Why should they lay their lives on the line for garbage?

        • Exactly, but it’s a shame, isn’t it? Demoralizing, which is just what the goal is, actually. For whatever reason, whether demoralized or ordered to, the result is the same. They stand down and the criminals rule the streets. Terrorizing innocents and, especially, the whites.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            It IS a shame for the innocents. As cold hearted as it sounds let the thugs kill one another. They WILL.reap what they’ve sown. No one can blame LEO. They have been emasculated. I remain shocked that our nation toppled.and descended into chaos so easily and so quickly without any real, .PHYSICAL resistance.

            • I read what I think was a longer version of that same article in the WSJ today. The writer says it will take 5 years for LEO’s to recover from this year of chaos and hatred perpetrated against them. Sad to say, I think the writer is wrong. I think they will never recover.

              • Rosemary Woodhouse

                I agree, sadly. Once a certain.threshold with any given thing is crossed there is no going back. Never. Prime example: the 60s “Summer of Love” Moral decay/decline ever since. I love how the Time-Life commercial.makes it seem nostalgic and innocent. There was nothing innocent…..or spontaneous about it!

                • The end game will be: The only “solution” is to have a civilian army, NATIONAL, of course, that’s as strong as and as powerful as the regular military. What else can an incipient dictator do?

  5. ~ Eric – Flagstaff, AZ • 2 hours ago
    Jade Helm 15, Obamacare Death Panels, FEMA Concentration Camps, Chemtrails, GeoEngineering, Secret tunnels in the basements of Walmart, UN Black helicopters flying everywhere, fluoride poison in our drinking water, Benghazi! We’ve go a lot more things to worry about then what the jihadist might think about our artistic abilities. And did I mention Benghazi?

    ~ Tyrantsbleedtoo • 2 hours ago
    Drawing Muhammed is more acceptable than drawing AK-47’s, unless
    you are a Muslim.

    ~ infrahuman • 2 hours ago
    It’s about time. We also need to take this fight for freedom to the non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House and his co-conspirators
    in Congress and world-wide.

  6. What do y’all think of this story:

    “We don’t know — we may never know — what former U.S. House speaker Dennis Hastert did that was so bad, if anything. What we do know: Prosecutors say he was willing to pay $3.5 million to cover it up. The former lawmaker was indicted this week on charges that he lied to the FBI and tried to disguise cash withdrawals paid to an unnamed party identified only as “Individual A” to “compensate for and conceal his [ALLEGED?] prior misconduct against Individual A.” Hastert’s “prior misconduct” was not explained.

    While “the indictment did not spell out the exact nature of the ‘prior misconduct’ by Hastert,” The Washington Post reported, “… it noted that before entering state and federal politics in 1981, Has­tert served for more than a decade as a teacher and wrestling coach at Yorkville High School in Illinois.” …”

    Now if this isn’t a case of the Gestapo FBI and IRS politically targeting someone, then I don’t know what is. How can it possibly be constitutional for someone to be interrogated simply for withdrawing his own money from the bank? Then he’s entrapped into “lying” to the “authorities” about the reason why he withdrew the money.

    Here’s what I’d like to know: When will they indict thIS “individual A” for possibly massive blackmail? Oh, let’s guess that “individual A” was given immunity from prosecution in exchange for nailing Hastert. Now the story tells us that so far nobody knows WHY Hastert was paying up. MILLIONS of dollars to “individual A” and the story implies we may NEVER know. Right. In a pig’s eye.

    In FACT, as would be expected in a political indictment, it’s already out there. What a surprise! “Individual A” is a man who apparently alleged that Hastert sexually abused him when he was a student in the school where Hastert was a coach. What a surprise that NBC got the inside scoop. As did other notably progressive media outfits: LA Times, too. I’m just sayin’.

    Gee, it just happened to be leaked by people who happened to be briefed on the evidence, but who aren’t supposed to talk about a federal investigation. Hmm. WOULDN’T THAT BE A CRIME IN ITSELF? Leaking information to the media? Gee, I’ll bet THAT’S not political, huh? No wonder the sources wanted to be anonymous. So they’re going to enable THOSE CRIMES by letting the leakers get away with it? Equal protection under the law? Due process?

    I heard on TV News that the statute of limitations, of course, is run out on any alleged abuse; but they can’t substantiate it, anyway. So, they had to get him some other way. One story even said that the FBI suggested the reason why he withdrew money–because he didn’t trust banks anymore–and he merely accepted that excuse. Entrapment?

    Of course, we don’t know and hopefully it’s on tape and we will know, but it sure sounds suspicious to me. Which is the greater crime? Lying about why you’ve withdrawn YOUR OWN MONEY or possibly extorting millions from someone in exchange for not making a public allegation? (Hastert should have called the guy’s bluff and outed him, like Letterman did when faced with a similar situation, although the stories seem to spin it as if Hastert was remorseful and wanted to pay the guy off as compensation.)

    We have SEEN what happens when someone is falsely accused of “child” abuse. The taint is there even if the person is innocent and ESPECIALLY BECAUSE years later, there’s no evidence to PROVE or DISPROVE THE ALLEGATION.


    Finally, at first Hastert withdrew money in increments of $50,000. ONLY AFTER THE IRS AND FBI FLAGGED THAT, did he begin to reduce the amount of the withdrawals. So right off the bat, he WASN’T TRYING TO HIDE ANYTHING.

    This stinks to high heaven.

    And what about that Barney Frank, huh?

    • Earnest says that Obama expects the DOJ to do their job and deal with criminal/corrupt behavior by officials. Gee, then I suppose he’ll be happy if Lynch decides to respond to the Republicans’ letter to her about Lerner and the IRS targeting illegally of Tea Party and conservative groups. Huh?

      btw, now the curious media can take the next step and answer the next question everybody is asking: WHO IS INDIVIDUAL A?

    • Some are speculating that this Hastert thing is a shot across the bow of any Congress member who doesn’t support Barry’s trade deal that he wants so badly. Vote for it or else YOUR secrets will be revealed or you’ll be indicted, too. I sure hope that if we ever get another Republican POTUS, they REMEMBER this and act accordingly with regard to, among others, Barry and Hillary.

    • Evidently you never followed the information that whistleblower Ciblel Edmonds was trying to give. Dennis Hastert was part of her info, but you can’t find out what it was exactly because it has been ordered squelched….maybe finally Cibel will get to see a modicum of truth into the public arena. She was ordered to not talked about any of it.

  7. Rough Transcript Below: Mike Broomhead:& WHAT ABOUT OUR VET’S!!!
    I have a stack in front of me of papers of stories I’ve been looking at all week long. There are 6 members of the House of Representatives that are trying to start something called the REAL Act. It’s about — it’s restoring education and learning. And in this act, the six members — and I’ll read their names to you.
    Remember these names……… (4 they know N O T what THEY DO?)

    Diane (sic) Edwards from Maryland.
    Danny Davis from Illinois.
    Barbara Lee of California.
    Bobby Scott of Virginia.
    Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut.
    Cedric Richmond of Louisiana.

    They’ve introduced legislation in this that would reinstate Pell grants, free college for inmates. So we have members of the United States Congress fighting to get inmates free college. These are people that have committed crimes. These are felons. These aren’t people in jail for misdemeanors. These are convicted felons. And they want to give them free college as a way of stopping the recidivism and stopping people from committing crimes again. They believe it will benefit our society.


    • Of course. Why not? That’s who they represent: the criminals, thugs, deadbeats, anti-white racists. Besides, if they get a head start on college, then they’ll be all set to go when Obama pardons them all in 2017.

      • IT >> IS >> ALL << PART of the PLAN! .. IT has Always BEEN…

        PART of the PLAN…. WTPOTUS … knew this "WAS" THE PLAN…

        DAY 1 as WE WATCH each & every DAY IT'S "A" S I C K N E SS

        • Indeed it is and the plan continues apace, from all sides. Nothing is coincidence. It’s all planned.

          Now we have jihadists threatening AMERICANS for exercising their free speech. We have murderous thugs being given “space” to destroy. On the other hand, we have the government rounding up, en masse, almost two hundred citizens merely for being present at a crime and resembling the alleged shooters. Wouldn’t that be like arresting all the people shopping when Giffords was shot? Or all the people in the theater that day Holmes shot it up? What about their right to due proecess? Habeas corpus? It’s unconstitutional, but the media goes, “Ho hum.” They’re white (mostly) bikers so who gives a damn? They’re “potential domestic lone wolf terrorists”, you see.

        • While it may be true that most of the victims of the new Ferguson Effect crime wave are persons of color, there has been an even greater increase in the percentage of whites being specifically targeted by black thugs, as we know. In addition, more cops are being shot every day in what appear to be ambushes.

          Have you seen this story?

          They now suspect the possibility of another serial shooter, like we saw in DC with the “Beltway Sniper”.

        • Part of their “plan”, of course, is GUN CONTROL by any means necessary. The prosecutor in St. Louis has a new webpage specifically about “gun violence”. The most prestigious college there in St. Louis is going to have a special research program to track “gun violence”. You just know what they’ll do with their statistics. The media are hyping the rash of gun thefts from cars, because since Ferguson gun sales have skyrocketed, as have concealed carry permits. And yet most places that tourists frequent won’t allow people, even those with permits, to carry weapons into the venues, so gun owners either must drive unarmed or lock their cars in the vehicles, which are then burglarized. AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT, the DemoncRAT solution is to DISARM THE VICTIMS OF THE THEFTS via gun control, because that’s the only way, in their warped mentality, to keep guns out of the hands of the thuggish criminals who steal them.

  8. As I predicted here:

    Now comes affirmation:

    “Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler announced on Thursday that he intends to expand Lifeline, popularly known as the “Obama Phone” program, to the Internet. … He said the reboot would include “establishing minimum standards of service for voice and broadband,” in addition to subsidies for low-income consumers. … The money comes out of the Universal Service Fund (USF), which is funded through fees [TAXES] paid by consumers on telephone service. [AKA the AL GORE TAX]. The fee is generally itemized on customers’ monthly telephone bills and is currently assessed at a rate of 16.1 percent of the bill. …”

    Hooray! Now it’s the FREE OBAMANET (for his people, of course). You pay; they surf, for free. Actually, you pay twice. Once for your own service and then again for their FREE service. Again, the new elite pay for nothing while you pay for THEM. Just think how much easier it will be to organize the riots. The guys at CT speculate that before long they’ll add a surtax to all mortgages so they can do the same for homes–provide FREE OBAMAHOMES courtesy of taxpayers. Nothing would surprise me.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Brava for Miri. Disgusting when so many taxpayers are living paycheck to paycheck.

      I don’t know who compromised Glenn Beck. I actually believed he had integrity. His show on Fox introduced every ugly facet of what we see unfolding. This is more Cloward Piven

      • It’s easy by now to know how to think like an Obamabot. All you have to do is figure out: Where’s the money and then, how will it get transferred to “his people” or his cronies?

  9. I’m not going to miss Coke one bit:

    Interesting comment here:

    Remember, too, to pay attention to all the other brands owned by Coke. We have to FIGHT BACK against those who are trying to destroy our culture and with it, our country. Hit them where it will hurt: In their pocketbooks.

    • Wonder how long they’d be in business if just the ‘happy’ people bought their traditional product. blecchhh

      • Yes, those gay folks. So merry. I realized today that another good and decent word has been hijacked: Pride. The “Pride” parade. One might think it’s a parade of, say, military vets who have much to be proud of. NOT! So now we must remove gay and pride from our vocabularies, lest someone think we mean something other than what we mean.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Yes. I have an old acquaintance who recently decided she was gay (I suspect she was her entire life, but lived in denial.) Most of my friends from my hometown are liberal. Some who are conservative are, pardon the metaphor, “in the closet” Those who identify as conservative consider themselves patriotic but “socially liberal.”

      This woman is.marrying a “wife”. Everyone is congratulating her. As a bible believing Christian I loathe hypocrisy. Nonetheless, it is a dilemma. I have been ignoring the situation to the best of my ability but the pressure of being labeled a bigot is felt. I know many Christians who are fine w/homosexuality and same sex marriage. Jesus called them Laodeceans

      • Free choice goes both ways. So does tolerance. Anybody who would label you a bigot for your faith is himself or herself a BIGOT. I read an article recently, wish I could remember where. Probably linked by somebody here. The author was a person whose child came out as gay and “married” a person of the same sex. The author was a religious person who explained to his child why he would not be attending the ceremony. Because he apparently raised the child well, the child understood and held no grudge. A person has to do what his or her conscience dictates. Anyone who would condemn someone else for following her conscience is a BIGOT and a HATER. So long as we treat the person decently, we do not have to condone the “acts”. It’s a BEHAVIOR that’s being disapproved of. NOT a person. It’s not hypocritical to say, “I hope you’re happy.” Knowing you, RW, you want your friend to be happy. You don’t have to tell her that in your opinion her happiness will depend upon her choosing otherwise. There’s always a way to sound gracious without selling out your beliefs. We all have gay friends and family. Nobody who’s a decent person is going to write them off, but at the same time, they have no right to DEMAND that we condone what they do. “Don’t ask/don’t tell” was the perfect and gracious and mannerly solution. But it wasn’t enough for the Gaystapo who will not be satisfied until they FORCE EVERYONE TO THEIR KNEES TO DISAVOW THEIR RELIGION AND THEIR COMMON SENSE BELIEFS.

        You could think of it this way: There’s nothing to be gained by condemning this woman because it’s for Someone else to judge. You can be gracious. You can be kind. You can say you wish her happiness, all without being a hypocrite. Love the sinner; hate the sin. Anybody who would try to make you go further is NOT a friend because surely by now they all know your religious stance. If invited to the event, all you have to do is decline gracefully and say you have a previous engagement. No excuses or alibis required. Miss Manners says so!

  10. More destruction of our country, culture, way of life, RELIGION, common sense, decency, morality, ethics, LIFE:

    A federal appeals court has issued a ruling banning Choose Life license plates in New York state and claimed in its decision that pro-life views are “patently offensive.” …”

    Got that? It’s “patently offensive” to support the idea that one ought to “choose life”. What about PETA? What about pro-animal-rescue plates? What about pro-environment plates? I suppose choosing that kind of “life” is NOT offensive but asking people to choose life for innocent, unborn HUMAN BEINGS is somehow not only offensive but PATENTLY so! Their reasoning is that such a plate will invite “road rage” so it’s in the public interest to suppress it. Similar to censoring anything that offends muslims because, you know, they might go all jihadi on you. So how will they preserve freedom and prevent capitulation (submission?) to SHARIA? They won’t. So similar to the “reasoning” in Ferguson, too. The devil made them riot. They had no choice because they were so offended that they just HAD TO strike out and riot, loot, steal, rob, burglarize, vandalize, destroy. Lucky for them that the authorities there and in Baltimore gave them space to destroy.

    WTF is happening to this country?

  11. Oh… ^^^ let me count the ways…. little miss since ya …. ASKED!!!

  12. We need to Fire, Everyone in DC and start over from scratch!!! 😡

    • Yep. But how can we be sure the NSA won’t have something on THEM, too? When the head is corrupt, the whole fish is not worth a dam.

      • ~ Therealpatriot2013jrd • 9 hours ago

        Predicted over 7 years ago when obama, the radical ”community agitator” was running for office…….

        …….if only the MSM had not been complicit and the voting base so ignorant and stupid, America would not be in a ”free fall” on all issues
        …. in our Country.

  13. Wow. How strange and unpredicted: Martin O’Malley, of Baltimore, Maryland, announces he’s running for POTUS. Black Lives Matter “peaceful protesters” interrupt him and guess what? They get “grabbed” and “pulled out” by SECURITY. Hmm. Doesn’t he believe in their “right to free speech”, which must be preserved by standing down, no matter what they do? Guess not. When the shoe is on the other foot …

    Interrupting a DemonRAT? A no-no.
    Riot, arson, vandalism, theft? OKAY! Just another way to express your “civil rights”.

  14. A quote by the late ~ Dr. Duane Gish ~

    “It is unbelievable what unbelievers have to believe to be unbelievers.”

  15. No matter his politics or our differences with him or his family, this is truly sad:

    Beau Biden has died. RIP.

    Obama gave a long statement at the link. He, maybe more than anyone, owed a LOT to Beau Biden.

  16. President Obama also issued a statement: Beau Biden’s death.

    Michelle & I are”grieving tonight” Beau Biden “was a friend of ours” His beloved family – Hallie, Natalie, & Hunter – “are friends of ours”
    And Joe & Jill Biden “are as good as friends get”

    “Michelle & I “humbly” pray”…. for the “good Lord”….. to “watch over”…
    Beau Biden, & “to protect” & “comfort” …. “his family here on” …. “Earth”

    Would BE lovely if he meant that …4 ALL of US in the USA also! …not so

    • But Larry Sinclair is apparently no friend of theirs. Barry’s words are as empty as his eyes. Meaningless. Somebody else wrote them for him.

      I feel truly sorry for Joe Biden and his wife, and for the children and the rest of the family. They seem to have had more than their share of tragedies. I used to think Joe Biden was one of the least offensive of the Democrats. That’s back when GWB and maybe even Clinton were in office. He went over to the Dark Side, though, when he threw in with Barry.

    • He wasn’t diagnosed that long ago, was he?

  17. Cherry has a take on Biden Jr. …

    myself… I have bitterness in my mouth… mind bones & SOUL….
    that BLOCKS… most of the “privileged family OF family” WHOM has
    DRIVEN US to where we STAND… on shaky … ground as OUR BENGHAZI BOYS & MORE … ALSO with LOVING FATHERS Mothers Wives Brothers Sisters Baby Children Girlfriends WHOM GRIEVE 24/7

    • I understand that POV completely. It makes sense for those who might believe in some form of karma. “Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord.” We have no way of knowing, however, whether he made his peace with God. Let’s hope so, for his soul’s sake. RIP.

    • Zen, I have the same bitterness in my mouth. I am ashamed of the mixed feelings I felt when I heard this news. I’m trying hard to be Christian and charitable. Especially hard when I read more than one obit saying he was the “best” or the “finest”. Excuse me, but our national cemeteries are FULL of the BEST AND FINEST MEN and WOMEN this country had to offer.

  18. ALL are great… do the whole page… sick news for a sick world

  19. This is unbelievable:

    “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of May 27-28, 2015, finds that although a substantial majority (60%) of Likely U.S. Voters say that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote, as many as 35% (or one-out-of-three) believe that “illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote if they can prove they live in this country and pay taxes.” 5% are undecided.

    As usual, there are partisan differences:

    53% or more than one out of every two Democrats think tax-paying illegal immigrants should have the right to vote.
    In contrast, 21% of Republicans and 30% of voters not affiliated with either major political party agree. …”

    More than HALF of those who claim to be Democrats say ILLEGAL ALIENS–citizens of OTHER COUNTRIES–should be allowed to vote! This is insane.

  20. tut • 42 minutes ago

    Muslim goal is to conquer the West (while freeloading all the benefits at taxpayers’ money) and ultimately the world. People who say that if Muslims don’t like America, they should go back to their countries are missing the whole point. They don’t want to go back. ……..!~!!!!

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