Incarceration of Adult Males Caused Baltimore Riots?

Supermax_prison,_Florence_Colorado - Copy

Consider this CNN article about the Baltimore neighborhood that was the scene of recent riots (h/t Zenway). The writer says, about an older man–a blue-collar worker–who once lived in the neighborhood:

He sat like a sentry, watching not just the games but the neighborhood as well.

I knew Mr. Shields’ routine because I was his neighbor. I grew up in the West Baltimore community that was rocked this week by protests over the death of a young black man in police custody.

It’s surreal to see your old neighborhood go up in flames as commentators try to explain the rage with various complex racial and legal theories. But when I returned to my home this week, the rage made sense to me. There were no more Mr. Shields — the older black men were gone.

I asked 28-year-old Zachary Lewis about the absence of older men. …

“There ain’t no more ‘Old Heads’ anymore, where you been? They got big numbers or they in pine boxes.” In street syntax, that meant long prison sentences or death.

As I walked through my old streets, it was filled with nothing but black young women, children and teenage boys. It was as if an alien spaceship had come in the night and spirited all the older black men away.

Read on and you will find that this writer seems to misidentify the main reason why there are few older men in his neighborhood. Is it because they’re all in prison? Doubtful. As likely, it’s because too many ghetto neighborhoods have become government-supported matriarchies. The welfare state has made adult males superfluous. Not needed. In fact, not wanted.

The women don’t want older men around (other than to procreate). The government makes it necessary to NOT HAVE men around, which is why they’re apparently absent. Without a father/husband in the home, the checks will keep rolling in.

The writer claims that there’s no “adult” presence in the neighborhood, which leads (inevitably?) to the type of violence, arson, and rioting that we witnessed recently. This also rings false.

The women, the mothers, are adults. If, like the fathers, they also choose to abdicate responsibility for rearing their own children, then it’s not society’s fault. Most especially, it’s not white society’s fault. It’s not the fault of the justice system, either.

The writer’s argument seems to be that there are no older men around to guide younger men because they’ve all been locked up (given “long prison sentences”) for “nonviolent” crimes.

I’ve read and written about big issues like the mass incarceration of black men for nonviolent drug offenses — what some call “The New Jim Crow.” To see it in person, though, is spooky. I felt like “The Lord of the Flies” had taken over my old neighborhood.

Watch for that phrase, mass incarceration. It’s a developing meme for Democrats and other progressives, especially black activists. Hillary Clinton has recently jumped on the bandwagon, decrying “mass incarceration,” which she says causes poverty.

Supposedly, something’s wrong with the criminal justice system because black males are disproportionately represented in prison. Seldom is it mentioned in the same breath, however, that black males disproportionately commit crimes, which is logically why they’re “overrepresented” in the prison system.

What is their solution? To turn black criminals loose until their numbers in prison match the proportion of blacks in the general population, no matter their crimes?

Conversely, should the system simply lock up more whites and men of other races until there’s a “balance” in the prison population?

Another thing to watch for: Obama wielding his pen as he leaves office. Would it surprise you to see mass pardons of black men to repair the alleged problem of the “mass incarceration” of black men?

What exactly is a “nonviolent drug offense,” anyway? Would it include drug dealing (which kills users and otherwise destroys many lives), drug use (which causes more crime as users need more and more money to get a fix), possession of a dangerous substance, or gang activity?

Does anyone get a long prison sentence for any truly nonviolent drug offense?

Is it likely that this supposed “mass incarceration of black men” is for minor crimes that have no negative impact on society at large?

The writer cites William Raspberry, who argued that

without the civilizing influence of older men to guide them, young black men never develop an internal moral compass.

Can’t their mothers be a “civilizing influence,” too? Can’t mothers also instill an “internal moral compass?” Or are these two writers simply sexist and paternalistic?

The CNN writer cites this presumed “civilizing influence of older men.” To which older men does he refer? The ones who are currently in prison? Imagine how the neighborhood would be if all those adult criminals who are now locked up were returned to the streets, to their families.

We’ve learned that Freddie Gray, the alleged “victim” of police “indifference”, was arrested at least 18 times over the past 8 years, spending time “in and out of prison.” If Freddie Gray had been given even onelong prison sentence,” then would he not be alive today?

What does a man have to do to earn a “long prison sentence” in Baltimore? It must be much more than a “nonviolent drug offense” because Gray himself had been arrested for that as well as for violent offenses (assault, e.g.), and yet he was still walking around, free to be profiled (allegedly) by the police.

Recently, the prosecutor in the City of St. Louis admitted that only 25% of those charged with gun crimes in her city were sent to prison by judges. Most got probation, even though most had also been in violation of parole or convicted of yet another crime. Gun crimes are not “nonviolent” offenses and yet, in St. Louis City, a convicted criminal has a 75% chance of getting out of prison free!

Would all of these adult male prisoners, if released, instantly provide excellent role models for their children? Would they instantly provide excellent guidance, seeing as how they already broke at least some law, which caused them to end up in prison? Would they, as Hillary Clinton seems to suggest, become breadwinners for their families? Pshaw!

Is it civilized to be absent from your sons’ lives either because you’ve been in prison for breaking the law or because you simply don’t care enough to stick around to rear the children that you sired, sometimes with multiple “baby mamas”? Is it civilized to expect society to support your children?

This CNN writer also blames “indifferent white people” for the problems in his old Baltimore neighborhood. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

If the residents themselves are indifferent to their own children and to their own neighborhoods, then how can anyone expect “white people” to solve their problems? Rioting, arson, and looting would seem to indicate an especially high level of indifference for the welfare of one’s own community, and so would sanctioning, condoning, and/or excusing rioting, arson, and looting. In televised interviews, we watched resident after resident make excuses for these criminal thugs. If you’re not part of the solution, then you most definitely are part of the problem.

Should whites become totalitarian and paternalistic? Should whites go into these neighborhoods and tell autonomous human beings how to live their lives? If not, then how are whites to disprove their alleged “indifference”?

Let me guess: Show us your money! (Progressives love to argue that money is notspeech“. Neither, then, is money the equivalent of concern.)

What are whites, as a group, going to do to solve these problems for the black residents of Baltimore?

Many places in America (Appalachia, e.g.) have fewer jobs than in the past, places where factories closed and jobs disappeared. West Virginia coal mines are deliberately being put out of business by Obama’s policies. In many locations in America, whites and others who are not black are poor and without jobs or prospects.

Why, then, aren’t the same pathologies that we see in Baltimore and Ferguson as evident in those locations? Why are single mothers in those locations seemingly able to instill a “moral compass” in their children? Why are men in those locations not subject to “mass incarceration?” Could it be because they don’t commit crimes at the same rate as do black men from city ghettoes? Could it be cultural? Could it be that they have religious values? Could it be that parent(s) place more value on education? Could it be that they are more involved as parents?

While it’s true that many inner cities have disintegrated because manufacturing and other blue-collar jobs have disappeared, this writer is way off base when he blames the “mass incarceration of black men” and “white indifference” for the problems we see in Baltimore and, by extension, Ferguson.

The best way to solve problems is to first identify the correct causes.

Why are manufacturing jobs disappearing? (NAFTA? Globalization? Whose policies are those? How about modern technology?)

Why are inner city schools unable to prepare black children to read, much less to compete for jobs in the 21st century? (Teacher’s unions? Incompetent teachers and political correctness that prevents firing them? Disinterested or absent parents? A culture that disdains scholastic achievement?)

Why are so many illegitimate children of all races being born? (Welfare policies? Deliberate attempts to destroy the nuclear family, for political reasons? Increasing secularization and the concurrent demonization of religion?)

Why are so many men siring children that they have no interest in rearing? (Welfare policies? Changing cultural norms?)

Why are so many black men disproportionately committing nonviolent as well as violent crimes that lead to long incarcerations? As Mychal Massie wrote,

Baltimore, like every black-run city in America, suffers from a paternalistic “blame white conservatives” leadership that has succeeded in imprisoning them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to the plantation of despair and inferiority.

Blacks blame police but they, like Muslims, conveniently avoid any discussion that focuses on the primary causal factors for their high incarceration rates and hostile relationships with law enforcement. Blacks refuse to acknowledge that anti-societal behavior, gangs, drugs, and (for all of the so-called black preachers) a lack of Christ-centered preaching and teaching has eroded the neighborhoods they live in.

Blacks murder one another at rate second only to the rate black women murder their children, ergo a lack of respect for the life of one spills over into a lack of respect for the life of another.

Black lives only matter when the liberal media fans the flames of a white person being accused of killing a black person.

There is little if any discussion of the lives Michael Brown and Freddy Gray destroyed through their drug dealing and gangster lifestyles.

Rather than blaming the justice system and “indifferent whites”, it would make far more sense to look at the real root causes of the problems in Baltimore and Ferguson. Only then will there be any hope for change.

UPDATE: 05/17/15 As I stated above, it’s a meme, but it’s also a plan. Redistribution by any means necessary:

Baltimore City State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, announced a new pilot program Thursday aimed at reducing Baltimore’s recidivism and unemployment rates. Mosby’s Aim to B’more launched May 4th. Mosby’s pilot program is open to 30 eligible participants, who are non-violent— first time— felony drug offenders. Each participant will have their record expunged after successful completion of the program.

Deborah Spector, Deputy Director of Crime Control and Prevention, spent the last four months building the program under the direction of Mosby. Spector was recruited to the office in January, and is a former public defender who spent nearly 20 years representing the poor in Howard County and Baltimore City. …

Hmm. What a coincidence that the Baltimore riots happened (as if on schedule), that Mosby and her husband seemed to wish to see them happen, that the mayor ordered the police to “stand down” to allow the riots to happen, that the mayor gave “protesters” room to “destroy”, that for the past four months Mosby and her minions were “building” this program for “nonviolent drug felons”, and that the media are now seemingly in lockstep, blaming the “mass incarceration of black nonviolent drug” offenders for the riots!



77 responses to “Incarceration of Adult Males Caused Baltimore Riots?

  1. Good article.

  2. Very interesting. 🙂

  3. It seems to be another case of synchronicity that I wrote this post about the same time that both the Obamas were opining along the same themes. Michelle was decrying that some in the media disrespected her by calling her Obama’s “baby mama.” And then here comes her husband, complaining about how people “think” about the poor and how “we” must change the way the media REPORTS about the root causes of poverty so that they can together (Obama and his puppets in the media) CHANGE THE WAY PEOPLE THINK about the poor. h/t Zenway

    In other words, he believes he needs to change what people THINK by any means necessary, so that their “thinking” aligns with what Orwell would call “right think”, which is exactly what Obama believes you SHOULD think–like he thinks, being the narcissist that he is.

    What he wants you to believe about the poor is NOT that sometimes they’re poor because of their own bad decisions or because they don’t take advantage of the many, many opportunities available to people in this country or because they sabotage themselves (drug use, having illegitimate kids they can’t care for, committing crimes). Obama would most certainly believe that opinions such as I have written above are WRONG THINK and should be suppressed, somehow, someway, so long as they’re suppressed. Because he cannot allow other human beings to have their own thoughts.

    Just THINK about that (while you still can think FREELY): The man has absolutely no respect for the autonomy of other human beings. Or is it that he thinks of himself not as a human being but as a god?

    Consider how simple minded he believes other people are and how all-powerful he believes he should be. IF he can control how the media portrays poor people, then YOU will necessarily ONLY believe what they tell you and think what he wants you to think and you will not, in any other way, be able to come to a contrary conclusion. You will not even see those people making poor decisions, having babies they can’t afford to care for, allowing their sons to roam the streets, committing crimes because they have nothing better to do. You will not have any evidence upon which to base your thoughts and opinions except what he and the media TELL you! He actually seems to admit to believing that all he need do is control the media and that then YOU WILL BECOME A MINDLESS SHEEP. It’s amazing.

      • Blacks are blinded by skin color but every black professional who applauds the Obama’s secretly knows the Obama woman is an embarrassment. Can you imagine Mrs. Colin Powell shaking her behind and doing pushups for the amusement of Ellen DeGeneres? How many black preachers who support the Obamas would want their wife shaking her behind in skin-tight pants in the faces of grade school boys?

        It is the American people who are kept awake at night by the charades in the White House. In her mind she has hit the mother lode. And yet instead of acknowledging same she continues to spread the lie of how hard it is for her because she is black. ….@MM

          • Ha, ha. I learned a new word: chyron. Who knew?

            This is from 2008, when the Obama “baby mama” thing happened:

            “Fox News has fired Jessica Herzberg, the freelance producer responsible for the “Obama’s baby mama” chyron from June, according to Chickaboomer. In June, during a segment on Fox News’ “America’s Election HQ,” a chyron read: “Outraged Liberals: Stop Picking On Obama’s Baby Mama!” At the time, Fox News’ Senior Vice President of Programming, Bill Shine, acknowledged Herzberg’s poor judgment, saying, “A producer on the program exercised poor judgment in using this chyron during the segment.” Herzberg has reportedly moved on to CNBC.”

            Isn’t Bill Shine’s name racist, btw?

            Chyron: “Chyron may refer to: Lower third, television graphics that occupy the lower area of the screen; [or] Any predominantly text-based video graphic as used mainly by television news broadcasts.”

            That’s from wikipedia. Where else?

            So cable news and Fox in particular (actually a FREELANCER) called Mooch “Obama’s baby mama” on what most would call a scroll or a headline or a banner. It was on Megyn Kelly’s show and they put something up to explain the topic, which was

            (Ain’t it funny how she’s morphed her image? Looks like the nice little housewife there; now she’s trying to rival “Bey” for glamor.)

            iow, THEY weren’t calling her that; they were implying that “embarrassed liberals” would call her that. Being too clever by half. Not smart, but racist? What BS.

            And, of course, we learn that it was a Salon employee that “caught” them calling her that. I guess it was his week to watch them, having nothing better to do than to shill for the DemoncRAT party, like Stephanopoulos.

            • btw, I LOVE how he calls her occupation a “decorative position.” That’s IT, exactly. But MOOCH actually thinks she deserves a SALARY for her “decorative position.” What gall. We should PAY HER FOR INSULTING AND EMBARRASSING OUR NATION ON A DAILY BASIS?!

            • Rosemary Woodhouse

              Speaking of HuffPo……Ariana Huffington rivals any Kardashian in the opportunist-ho department.

              • Oh, sure. Remember when she was a conservative?

                • These people change their spots like I change my socks. Now, I hear, Kirsten Powers is being shunned because she’s found religion. Guess she’ll be joining the conservative team, so it’s probably time for somebody else to go the other way. Maybe Ingraham, since she believes Pam Geller brought it on herself?

              • Rosemary Woodhouse

                The man who enabled her social climbing, conservative Michael Huffington, admitted bisexuality while married to Ariana.

  4. Miri .. check out the video .. rips O’…UP!! ha BUT the honey pot-er
    try’s his darn-est to sweeten the blows … jokers .. yep every-where


      And WHAT a hypocrite he is. “My Brother’s Keeper” and he thinks the RICH “lottery winners” (he means all rich people, not actual people like truck drivers who win the lottery) should give a little to the “poor”. THIS from a man who thought it was too much money to help pay for his own aunt’s (?) funeral. Typical Obama to believe that the poor are not in any way responsible for their status–it’s just the “luck” of the draw. Similarly, he will not give ANY CREDIT to the rich for their achievements which made them rich. This is TRUE for MOST of the rich–they got where they are by their own efforts, not because they inherited money or just lucked into it. In that case, since Obama is rich then, according to his own philosophy, it’s NOT because of any innate talent he was born with. It’s NOT because he’s superior to everybody else. He’s only rich because he was LUCKY. Beyonce, too. Oprah, too. Talent had NOTHING to do with it. They’re just LUCKY. They won life’s “lottery”. What an ass.

  5. Lloyd’s Daughter… Married.. a Wo-man… interesting NO-SHOW down
    as your family grows… Bless U Lloyd …. & thanks 4 sharing …

  6. O’ GEORGE S …not cool dude … “your Christian”.. RELIGION !??

    “He’s admitted to an honest mistake and apologized for that omission.
    We stand behind him.

    4 sure they stand BEHIND the $ maker U know.. worse than Brian W !

  7. “George Step-on-top-of-us,” Clinton pal Harry Thomason dubbed him at
    the time. ……. ^^^ ha

  8. It is alright, When They do it dontcha know? 👿

    • I do know. Heard about this story on the radio recently. DemoncRATS are NOT satisfied with an apology or a resignation. Heaven forbid! No, the DemoncRATS demand an investigation. Here’s the story:

      “College intern, 19, who sexted with married Missouri House Speaker reveals her identity as disgraced politician resigns over ‘serious error of judgement.’ Katie Graham, 19, has outed herself as the intern involved in text scandal. She exchanged sexually explicit messages with House Speaker John Diehl. Diehl, 49, is father of three and one of Missouri’s most powerful lawmaker. Married politician’s messages with college student surfaced on Wednesday.

      ‘(I) will have my way with you … and leave you quivering,’ Diehl told intern.

      He issued apology after the texts became public and resigned on Thursday. Miss Graham grew up in Olanthe, Kanasas, and is Facebook friends with another House member; she did not intern for Diehl while at the Capitol Missouri Southern State University has halted Capitol internship program. Diehl has been replaced as Missouri’s House Speaker by Todd Richardson.”

      Do I have to tell you that Diehl is a REPUBLICAN? Didn’t think so. Mind you, the student is about 2 years younger than was Monica, and yet … wouldn’t you say ACTUALLY PERFORMING THE IMPLIED ACTS IN THE OVAL OFFICE is far worse than simply “sexting” about the possibility? But consider the difference between then (Clinton years) and now. Apparently “it’s only sex,” “it’s his private life,” “it’s between him and his wife,” and “she’s an adult and what adults do is their business” NO LONGER APPLIES! Now the 19-year-old intern is a VICTIM. Of sexual harassment? I’ll bet that’s coming if it’s not already been mentioned! How DARE he abuse his position of power? How SEXIST, btw, is this? To blame the MAN and not the WOMAN? Is she a VICTIM or is she EQUALLY GUILTY? By her own actions, SHE has harmed a lot of other young people who now have lost their positions as interns, because her scandalous behavior has caused the school to ELIMINATE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM!

      Of course, one has to wonder if this was a sting or if she’s a honeypot. Know what I mean? Typical DemoncRAT tactics. How is it that his “sexts” became known to the public? OMG. Wait. I’m still reading the story:

      “MSSU, based in Joplin, pulled Miss Graham and its three other interns out of the Capitol this spring. Miss Graham had been working as an intern for another Missouri House member, not Mr Diehl.

      The university has declined to divulge its reason for halting its program. On her Twitter profile, Miss Graham describes herself as a Democrat – and frequently retweets news about state politics.”

      NOT TO WORRY! She’s begun the “healing process.” I’ll bet.

      • That said. The guy, imho, is a sleaze. He has a beautiful wife. Like Clinton, he’s NOT any kind of gift to womankind. WTF?!!! Is he THAT STUPID to believe that a 19-year-old would be interested in him?

        Gee, I wonder how her hometown paper just HAPPENED to wind up with the sexts?

        “The intern, who has hired an attorney specializing in employment matters, had told The Star that the text messages were not real. Meantime, she has told confidants that she had an ongoing relationship with Diehl. … “

  9. ~ gts58 • 23 minutes ago ~ ~ ^^^
    Just look at that “**** eating grin” on Obama’s face – and you know Stephanopoulos has his head stuck directly up Obama’s rear end.
    These two pieces of feces deserve each other!

    ~ Kev H • an hour ago ~ ~
    Obammie: “…my Muslim faith…”
    Georgie: “…Christian faith…”
    Obammie: “…my Christian faith…”

  10. Date: Thursday – May 14, 2015
    Host: George Noory
    Guest: ~ Steve Quayle ~ &
    Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed why many people are concerned about ~ ~ Jade Helm 15 – a special forces training exercise scheduled to take place during nighttime hours this summer across seven southwestern and southern states. The plan is unprecedented in the history of the military, given its scope and time frame, he noted. Specific groups of citizens such as conspiracy theorists, tax protesters, militia, 2nd Amendment supporters, US veterans, constitutionalists, Christians, and survivalists have at times been categorized as terrorists, and could be targeted for disarmament in the exercise, with the state of Texas a particular focus, he indicated.

    While the government has continued to deny any sinister agenda for Jade Helm, “you can’t deny the YouTube videos of literally hundreds of thousands of pieces of artillery being moved and strategically positioned through the country,” he remarked. Quayle asserted that this prepositioning of military and materials across the US is in anticipation of a “triggered financial event,” in which the dollar crashes or credit cards won’t work and people begin rioting.

  11. ~ Biography ~ My mission

    “Life is about empowering not enabling;
    making people laugh instead of cry; making people dream instead of worry; making them realize they can make a difference in the world.”


  12. BLACK FOLKS just MIGHT get a GRIP… learning a “NEW WALK” ??

    “Laurie Calzada is a compelling voice for the children & ADULTS… who
    have been abused. Speaking to educators, advocates and abuse Prevention Organizations, she reinforces our desire to keep UP the Good Work to connect with children & ADULTS, helping them HEAL??? She also helps change our Community, Family by Family, child by child…..ADULT by
    ADULT!!!! She, herself, is a reminder that childhood dreams can come true.
    She is also a shinning example of how children & ADULTS of abuse can, and do, become loving, nurturing parents, as well as a changing force in society.”

  13. beaten robbed of PANTS SHOES & PHONE… now ^^^ 4 the REAL
    of THUGS !!!! WHF! ???

    • A blast from the past. A comment by Red Pill from 2010:

      “If the man known today as Barack Hussein Obama II was the child in that picture [taken, allegedly, at the airport], then why did he say

      Even though my father left us when I was two years old, and I only knew him from the letters he wrote and the stories that my family told…

      – Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Apostolic Church of God
      Chicago, IL | June 15, 2008

      Either that statement is true, or it is not true. If that statement is not true, then Obama lied.

      If that statement is true, then what you have been told about that picture of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. at the airport with his “son” is not true.

      I.e., either:
      1) BHO II is not the boy in that picture, or
      2) BHO II is the boy in that picture, and BHO Sr. is not his true father, or
      3) BHO II is the boy in that picture, BHO Sr. is his true father, and BHO II lied when he said, “I only knew him from the letters he wrote and the stories that my family told”.

      Which lie is it?”

      Hey! And let’s not forget that LIA was supposed to have been there, too, at the airport, in 1971:

      Where is Lia?

  14. We LOST a real jewel…. Riley Ben King 9-16-1925 ~ “B B KING”
    had a great run .. – 2 wives -15 children & 50 grandkids… wow BB

  15. I updated the post, for anybody who’s interested. Coincidences abound.


    And so it continues:

    “A mural to honor cop-killer Assata Shakur at Catholic Marquette University.

    Catholic University honors cop killer with her own mural. …

    Assata Shakur, a.k.a. Joanne Chesimard is a former(?) Black Panther and Black Liberation Army agitator and cop killer. She has been a fugitive from justice for nearly 40 years and openly thumbs her nose at her victim’s family while living in Cuba as a political asylee. In 1973, Chesimard shot and killed New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster execution-style during a traffic stop. She is currently hiding from US authorities in Cuba.”

    Gee, another coincidence. That’s okay, though. She will soon be pardoned and return here to stir up more trouble.

  17. They want a race war!!! 👿

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Yep. As I write……Charlie Manson is a seer. Way ahead of his time. Helter Skelter, y’all.

  18. SUES ….get the $$$$$ any way U CAN! Did she work 4 IT??
    more at … @American Thinker also …ha

    • Uh Oh, Miri, I do believe it was you several years ago now, that posted prom photos of both Barry’s prom in Hawaii and this photo. Maybe it was Renee? It was that long ago . We’ve all been at this too long; everything is starting to meld into distorted memories looking like a Salvadore Dali or something like that.

      • It’s likely. My memory is shot! I just didn’t remember seeing her with the peek-a-boo slit. Is that REALLY her leg? Somebody on Free Republic doubts this is her. Thinks it’s a head game. The odd thing is that her date looked a lot like Barry when he was younger than shown here. It doesn’t fit, though. Remember her really fugly-duckling senior photo where she had that bizarre hairdo? Now, in this photo above, she’s Miss Glamor-puss, but for the head, where she seems to be wearing little makeup. She’s got the fiercely tweezed and drawn on eyebrows, and yet her school photos don’t show that style that she wears NOW. Then they both are looking in a different direction, not towards the same photographer. Why is that?

        • Speaking of memory and lack thereof, did we ever get to the bottom of Scott and The Won in 3rd grade in 1969… Isn’t 3rd grade for kids 8 years old? 1969-1961 = 8 … thought he was in Indonesia. I know we chatted about him strangling his good friend, lol… and how did they get to be such good friends? Wasn’t he in Indonesia from age “6 to 10”? (’67-’70) Didn’t they say he came back to Punahou for 5th grade?

          • We’ll probably never get to the bottom of most questions we have about him, and have had for, lo, these many years. He was SUPPOSED to be in Indonesia from 6 to 10, but then, again, some early stories had him going to Indonesia when he was two. Then Lia said he was still in Hawaii when Stanny Anny was in Indonesia, married to Lolo, which makes more sense than believing that they took a 6-year-old into the middle of a coup! Lia said Lolo and Ann adopted her and then promised her that soon they would “pick” her a brother, which they did. Where he was “picked” from, nobody knows or will admit. Yes, he allegedly went to Hawaii in 1970 (or was it 1971?) for 5th grade.

            • i think it was one or the other but it sure wasn’t 1969. That’s the ting about liars, can’t keep the story straight.

              yes, poor Lia. We heard it here first!

  19. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Yep, alfy.

  20. Reblogged this on Sally's Political Page and commented:
    Bullshit!! Lazy, Liberal Blaming and Excuse Making Criminals caused the Baltimore Riots!! They think that they are ENTITLED to whatever they want no matter how it affects others! Talk about Selfish and Self-Centered behavior!!

  21. This belongs here, too, because it’s close to what the premise of my post is:

    They say it better than I ever could.

    [T]here is only one group that MUST be held responsible for this degradation and decimation of the black family — white liberal progressive socialists. It was fifty years ago when President Lyndon Johnson came up with the brilliant idea of the government giving a check to a woman having a child out of wedlock. But worse, the checks would continue to come as long as no man was to be found in the home.

    So Johnson delivered a one-two punch: he told mainly young black girls having babies out of wedlock and not as part of a family was a financially beneficially course of action, and he told young black men they weren’t responsible or accountable for the most basic of tasks — being a father.” (Allen West)

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