Words of Wisdom About Our Beloved Republic

Capra-signed_1930s - Copy

Frank Capra

In a recent issue of Imprimis, Professor John Marini of the University of Nevada, Reno, wrote about filmmaker Frank Capra and “his” America. Marini’s article provides us with some pertinent words of wisdom:

. . . when they [U.S. citizens of 1858] look through the old Declaration of Independence they find that those old men [our Founding Fathers] say that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” and then they feel that that moral sentiment taught in that day evidences their relation to those men, that it is the father of all moral principles in them, and that they have a right to claim it as though they were blood of the blood, and flesh of the flesh of the men who wrote that Declaration, and so they are. That is the electric cord in that Declaration that links the hearts of patriotic and liberty-loving men together, that will link those patriotic hearts as long as the love of freedom exists in the minds of men throughout the world.    Abraham Lincoln

In Frank Capra’s 1939 movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the protagonist, Jefferson Smith, says:

. . . boys forget what their country means by just reading “the land of the free” in history books. Then they get to be men, they forget even more. Liberty is too precious a thing to be buried in books. . . . Men should hold it up in front of them every single day . . . and say, “I’m free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn’t. I can. And my children will.”

Of course, Capra was a man of his time. Ideally, he should have written “boys and girls” and “men and women.” Females are as invested as males in seeing the blessings of liberty--the freedom to think and to speak as they wish–secured for their children.

About his movie It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra said,

There are just two things that are important. One is to strengthen the individual’s belief in himself, and the other, even more important right now, is to combat a modern trend toward atheism.

Amen to that. Capra said that in 1946! How much further have we slouched towards Gomorrah since then?

What a testament to the man that It’s a Wonderful Life remains popular to this day, despite its religious themes, complete with the guardian angel Clarence. Hollywood could use more filmmakers like Frank Capra. One has to wonder what he would think of the trash that comes out of that town today.

Here are the words that Frank Capra’s father spoke to him when they arrived in New York City, after leaving Italy for a new life in the USA. Referring to the Statue of Liberty’s glowing torch, Capra’s father said:

 Look at that! That’s the greatest light since the star of Bethlehem! That’s the light of freedom! Remember that. Freedom.

That brings tears to my eyes. What a wise man his father must have been.

Finally, in his most excellent article, which I would encourage everyone to read in full, Professor Marini quotes Ronald Reagan, from the writing on Reagan’s very tombstone:

I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there is purpose and worth to each and every life.

In these troubled times, let us take heart from Reagan’s inspiring words:

Right will always eventually triumph.


162 responses to “Words of Wisdom About Our Beloved Republic

  1. CAN we STOP … with the “First WOMAN” .. CRAP !!! we GET IT!

    As a result, Lynch will become the “First African-American woman”
    to EVER ……. W O W !!!!!
    head the Justice Department. !!

  2. click to enlarge the face…. photo …spots, dents, new teeth etc. … ha


  3. http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/the-armenian-genocide-and-my-grandmothers-secret/

    This is such an interesting article for many reasons. I had no idea about this “bugle” call that caused Turkish Muslims to go insane and murder the Armenians in their midst. It reminds me TOO MUCH of our many discussions about “mind control”, Barry, Subud, weird chanting, and principalities and demons possessing people, especially the Lord of the Flies. The discussion of honor killings reminded me of this:

    And this, which may be the very first “honor killing” in the USA. It was caught on tape by the FBI!

  4. O M G …. I bet ya ….”BUSH” did IT !!!

    the EARTH SHAKES …. BIG …..
    At least 1,394 killed after 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastates Nepal
    so very sad ….

  5. makingout
    – Apr. 25, 2015 at 4:49pm

    It seems to me he was a shining example for the LGBT community, UNTIL THEY FOUND OUT HE WAS A CONSERVATIVE! Strange that they can change their minds SOOOOOOO quickly.

  6. It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.

    ~ Patrick Henry

    Read More http://www.cancertutor.com/quotes_presidents/

    • All the usual suspects are there. Same M.O. as Ferguson. One problem for the race baiters, though: almost the entire city government is BLACK.

  7. Photos of Barry and Malik supposedly in 1985 in this video. OMG. Malik HAS the original manuscript he got from Barry to read/edit! Looks like Barry’s handwriting where the typewritten title is changed, BUT is this a plant? They show a few pages with edits and it also looks like Barry’s handwriting, editing a typewritten manuscript, but who typed it and who originally wrote it? Hmmm? Very easy to rig this up, too. I wonder–did they suddenly get the idea from that secret manuscript that SUDDENLY reappeared–the one written by Harper Lee? It would totally be like Barry to glom onto a story like that and make it his own, know what I mean? I believe NOTHING.

    Malik says the story about his grandfather being detained, as told in Barry’s book, is something he never heard of and he is very close to his grandmother. In addition, he says what his sister (Auma, it must be) says in the book is BS (my interpretation). No doubt the reason that he distances himself from Malik, besides that his usefulness is over, is the publicity surrounding Malik’s activities with the MB.

    This link has nearly a full transcript: http://eaglerising.com/17709/bombshell-interview-obama-brother-says-barack-is-dishonest-and-a-schemer/#rwTXRAQo5yYD1OrO.99

    WTF does Gilbert mean when he says it would be better if we traded Barry for Malik in the WH? Clown.

    • You must watch. Most likely when Obama visits Kenya …..the video with Malik was to preemptively distance himself from O. As you can see from this discussion with Jerome Corsi and Info Wars, the Egyptian Gov. is hard on the heels of the O. administration……not mentioned was how Hillary and her Hubby have been linked with the MB for years…..Of course these trials in Egypt also are sentencing some of Hillary’s exstaff. And of course there’s Huma Abedin. I have always expected O. and Hillary to be cut from the same cloth and I also expect they (like in Valery Jarrett and O. and CIA’s Brennan ) all are throwing Hillary to the dogs to save their own skin. This makes perfect sense. O. knows everything Hill knows and vice versa.
      I’ve been to Malik’s face book…..it’ amazing that he always shows some photo of Mark with Ruth in China like the one of them you saw recently. I have seen two new ones recently, but can’t post them from Facebook.
      What you want to bet that Malik who’s been around Wa.d.c. since the 80’s (and his father before him) and Mark have ties to CIA or some faction working for MB causes. Don’t forget we got the Uighers in CHina that Nato uses as the poor underclass mistreated in China faction . WHy do Malik and Mark seem to be close (via his Facebook). If you look at Mallik’s Facebook , he’s all over the place meeting with political leaders….having his picture taken with PeacePrize winners and the like….just like Mark in CHina, acting like peace activists.
      This video is so right. IT makes a thousand factions come together whether you realize it right now. THey may not have all the clues yet, bet they are on the the most truth I’ve seen so far. Listen more than once. save it so when Syria and NATo and the rebels heats up, you’ll see what to look for. They’re right on.

      • Good thoughts, alfy. I didn’t think of that upcoming trip to Kenya (if it happens. I suspect he’ll come up with some security excuse to stay away). Malik isn’t exactly somebody he wants to be seen with, given recent negative publicity about him. Will he go see his aging step-granny, or will she be gone to her last rewards by then? If I were her …

        IF we are to believe the tall tales (as well as some of the inconvenient truths the African media spill), then Malik and Mark ought to be good buddies, seeing as how Ruth allegedly took in and raised Auma and Malik. Remember how that one story said that Ruth was the only “mummy” they really knew? I always thought it was weird that, before now, apparently, Mark and Malik didn’t hang out as much as they should, given they lived together for years.

        • There is one photo right now on Malik’s face book showing Malik in the photo with Ruth and Mark at some sort of function. It looks like they are near a stage. Malik is holding Ruth’s hand as well as Mark on the other side. It appears that Malik is giving her his hand as she steps down. I’m not looking at it right now so I don’t remember much details ,but it looks like Malik and Mark are pretty close, because why would Malik be attending same stuff?. I can’t tell for sure if this is a photo from the same time as the photo of Ruth and Mark singing and playing piano. THere was another one too, or I should say a couple weeks ago there was another one of them and Ruth, but it’s no longer there when I went back to check it out or save it.
          THe stories that Malik or Auma lived with Ruth is absurd and if I had all the literature in from of me I could prove it. THat’s just another bs story. Ruth may be an organizer or may have collaborated with Mark and Malik for various things, but she isn’t any “Mummy” to Auma or Malik in any motherly sense of the word. THe stories of the lives of all these people is so AMBIGUOUS that’s it’s sickening. THey have all at one timer another told of there poor, poor beginnings, yet Mark who didn’t have enough money to own a TV to watch Obama’s election, travels the world, consults billionaires how to invest in trade in CHina and builds a CHAIN of BBQ (not too jewish or MUSLIM! mind you!), and the same goes for Malik, Auma,GEORGE!, or Ruth, who first stories of her she was the intelligent Harvard grad and a women of some means ($); but Mark corrects the story that she wasn’t wealthy at all and couldn’t have possibly afforded to send a car around for Obama when he visited them in Nairobi. And the rest of them, or Malik who’s buddies have not drinking water or electricity , is hobnobbing with world leaders.
          We’ve got to stop using their STORIES as facts , but see what’s happening in real time. There’s enough out there to culminate a pretty good dossier on most of them and see that they’re all working in some fashion , on the same agenda. Is it a “Deep State” agenda? Is is a CIA psyop agenda? A MB agenda…..a Global Agenda?

  8. Did we see this one?

    Isn’t it odd that both of the mothers favored those headbands?

  9. Maybe Malik has to go into the whitehouse thru the backdoor because..he’s a backdoor kinda guy. Maybe he goes out the backdoor with a sh## load of cash too….to fund all those trips he makes all over the middle east and back to the states for the MB. I mean he’s poor right, so where does he get money to operate….he couldn’t have a regular job>

    • I know. That struck me, too. Him talking about how poor they all are. No electricity. Well, they didn’t have it until they renovated Granny Sarah’s compound to have it. And a paved road. You know, I was thinking about that alleged original manuscript. Is it possible that, over the past 7 years and after Cashill basically proved that he didn’t write the danged book, they’ve been working on creating that reasonable facsimile of a real manuscript, all marked up with Barry’s writing and corrections, just so they can “prove”, for his legacy, that he did write his own book? Then think about how valuable that original manuscript will be to historians and collectors of Obama memorabilia. Does Malik know that it’s a gold mine? Or do you think he already passed it to Gilbert or somebody else? OR could this be how they’re going to pay back the Kenyan family? They create the bogus manuscript (why not? It’s not like they haven’t forged documents before). Then they have Malik “find it” (like Harper Lee’s recently “found” manuscript, which is probably what gave them the idea), and then they allow him to sell it and keep the profit. Everybody wins. Barry buys some credibility for his claim of having written that book, instead of Ayers, and Malik can sell it as if it’s the real thing, circa-1995. Let the vetting begin.

      Barry knows that history will be written as soon as he’s out of office and hanging out there is the very credible claim that he didn’t write that book. Having Malik pretend to be at odds with Barry just might lend more credibility to the supposed “authenticity” of the manuscript.

  10. I hope Barack gets served some papers in Egypt. Wouln’t that be cool that Egypt charges Barack obam of Treason, when our own congress won’t do it?
    Yeah, that manuscript Miri. How many copies you think they printed up? And of course Malik says he read it and didn’t necessarily agree with all of it(yet you didn’t hear him say Obama changed anything to suit Malik. He also says that Auma said some things which weren’t right…..I figure this again is to deflect…..it’s all a big joke. And then Joel Gilbert who must be collaborating too, says so long to Malik in Arabic! How much you think Gilbert got to stage this event with Malik. It was definitely pre scripted .

    • I forgot to say, Miri, I agree with your assertion about Malik pretending to be at odds with Barry lending more credibility to the authenticity of manuscript. I think that’s why the new stories don’t ever stop> Could be wrong, but why else more and more crap always to back up some point or date ect. It’s almost predictable now isn’t it?

      • It is almost predictable. I should have expected it when that Harper Lee manuscript turned up. These people NEVER have an original thought. They’re just copycats.

      • Is it sort of interesting that Gilbert is a graduate of this place? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOAS,_University_of_London

        “SOAS, University of London (formally known as the School of Oriental and African Studies) is a public research university in London, England, and a constituent college of the University of London. Founded in 1916, SOAS has produced several heads of state, government ministers, ambassadors, Supreme Court judges, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and many other leaders in emerging markets.

        Located in the heart of Bloomsbury in central London, SOAS describes itself as the “world’s leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East“, and is consistently ranked amongst the top universities in the UK.[3][4]

        It specialises in humanities, languages and social sciences relating to Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and is a constituent college of the University of London. It offers around 350 undergraduate Bachelor’s degree combinations, and over 100 one-year intensively taught Master’s degrees. MPhil and PhD research degrees are also available in every academic department. …

        SOAS is world famous as a “leading centre for the study of a highly diverse range of subjects concerned with Asia, Africa and the Middle East.“[25] It trains government officials on secondment from around the world in Asian, African and Middle Eastern languages and area studies, particularly in Arabic & Islamic Studies – which combined with Hebrew formed the major bulk of classical Oriental Studies in Europe – and Mandarin Chinese. [I’m thinking of Mark.] It also acts as a consultant to several government departments and to companies such as Accenture and Deloitte – when they seek to gain specialist knowledge of the matters concerning Asia, Africa and the Middle East.[26] However, SOAS also offers a range of degrees in less traditional and text-based subjects, such as Development Studies and Middle East Politics, within which students can learn a foreign language ab initio.

        The school is made up of nineteen departments across three faculties: Arts and Humanities, Languages and Cultures, and Law and Social Sciences. The School is also highly regarded for its focus on small group teaching with a student-staff ratio of only 11:1 and some departments 6:1″

    • 😆

    • I noticed that. Is Gilbert Jewish? Why would he say that in Arabic? If he’s a collaborator, it’s interesting to see who fell for it and who didn’t.

    • Let me say this about that: The people at FOX News are WAY MORE good looking than these freaks. Can you say “skank?” Exception: I thought The Donald’s daughter was drop-dead gorgeous. Some people have all the luck. Money and looks. No fair!

  11. This is not about being a Muslim. This is about senior White House officials having strong ties to a terrorist organization, who in turn, have ties to ISIS.

  12. ~ Comment by eldera ~~ April 23, 2015 @ 9:34 am

    The Obama Plan:
    Instead of attending church, praise Obama & his communist agenda.
    Instead of going to work, demand that a government employee hand-deliver all of your needs.

    Instead of marital fidelity, do it with anyone anyplace anytime.
    Instead of enjoying American freedom, endure a brutal totalitarian dictatorship
    (& pretend that you love it in order to avoid summary execution.)

    ~CirbuckComment by Cirbuck ~~ April 23, 2015 @ 1:59 pm

    Well, like Nancy Pelosi says, “You don’t need God when you
    have democrats”.

  13. ~ MustLiveFree ~~ April 23, 2015 @ 9:30 am

    Looks like all those Decades of Work by Communists/Progressives is paying off. They have Infiltrated Academia & the Media, with the result being a Generation of Americans who believe that their own country is founded on Evil and is the greatest Threat to Civilization on the Planet.

  14. ~ This Day In History: April 25; Article II
    Natural Born Citizen Video Wins Recognition

    Presidential eligibility video expose produced by Pixel Patriot
    and published on April 25th, 2011, 2 days before
    Barack Obama’s ….. Fraudulent Birth Certificate
    was uploaded at the White House website
    wins prestigious Telly Award.

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/04/this-day-in-history-april-25-article-ii.html#zME2CEYyGgtWf1Y9.99

    OK… IS the SHOCK ….going 2 B a REAL Birth Certificate in our face? ha

  15. Russia claims that their hackers have Obama’s outgoing & incoming e-mails, as well as state department e-mails.
    I have no doubt they have Hillary’s lost e-mails as well as all the
    evidence on Obama’s bogus IDs @ OrlyTaitz

  16. Apparently, the majority (heterosexuals) are NOT allowed to be proud of their sexual orientation. To say they want to have a straight pride week is to be threatening and hateful and homophobic.


    Read it and weep. At least they don’t expect cities to SUBSIDIZE their “pride week” as the homosexuals do (and they get it, too. Subsidized, I mean, with your tax dollars.)

  17. This is GOOD some real zingers…. ha, BUT of COURSE they GET
    LAUGHED ..OVER like ZERO happened … ROAST the damn GOOSE!


      • Now even the USURPER.. has Jumped Aboard, making Bachmann the BUTT of his JOKES During the Recent White House Correspondents Dinner.

        Bachmann, the former four-term Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, criticized O’ earlier this month for his support of a framework agreement with Iran that she says will lead to war and bring judgment on America.

        O’ took her to task in a Half-Joking, Mock-ing Tone.

        “Michele Bachmann actually predicted I would bring about THE biblical
        end of days,” O’ told the correspondents, who “Erupted in Roaring Laughter”. “Now that’s a Legacy. That’s BIG. I mean Lincoln, Washington, they didn’t do that.”

        Bachmann had made her comments about Obama in a recent interview with Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries on her show, “Understanding the End Times.”

        Bachmann was Unfazed … by USURPER O’s .. Snarky Come Back.

        Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/bachmann-wars-with-obama-over-end-of-world/#teh7RwhPAxWVuc5b.99

        • And Barry cannot brook being criticized, especially by a woman, even if the woman no longer holds office. Mr. Thin Skin. A very bad trait.

  18. ~ BornTexas 107p · 8 minutes ago

    This is what decades of liberal policies have wrought.
    Hope you lefty fools enjoy the fruits of your labors.

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/04/what-riot-if-obama-had-son-obot-rams.html#joMySAXoKAL3DL8k.99

    • her Personal life …. interesting…. about HER COUSIN & ALL !!!

      Rawlings-Blake currently lives in Baltimore’s Coldspring neighborhood with her husband, Kent Blake, & their daughter, Sophia. She is a member of Douglas Memorial Community Church, a historic Methodist Episcopal church in downtown Baltimore.[31]

      On May 9, 2013, Rawlings-Blake’s 20-year-old cousin,Joseph Haskins, was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery.[32]

    • Violence has touched the Mayor’s family before. In 2010, she described to The Baltimore Sun an incident eight years earlier in which she found her younger brother, Wendell Rawlings, suffering from cuts to his neck, back & stomach. He had been attacked by masked men with a sword outside her home in the Coldspring neighborhood when he stopped by to drop off a laptop.

  19. May 9, 2013… Joseph Haskins ~ SRB’s cousin… is KILLED ^^^^

    SO Might this B WHY she GIVES…. “SPACE” 2 HARM OTHERS ???
    SUCH as the COPS doing their JOBS ??? & MORE?


  20. Frankenbama … scars …

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