Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St._Patrick's_Day_postcard_1908 - Copy

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all our friends!

We hope you have a chance to eat some “sody bread” and drink some green beer. Have a little corned beef and cabbage, too, lads and lassies. It may not be authentic, but it’s authentically Irish-American.  Just like this guy:

Jackie_Gleason_show_1955 - Copy

So to all our friends, Irish or not:

Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat.

(Long-life and fair health to you. Which sounds a lot like “Live long and prosper.”)

May God bless the ground we all walk upon.

In other words, may God bless the United States of America.




69 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. A Very Happy St. Patrick’s Day, may God’s Face shine upon us all, as the clover, thrice the way, to four – upon all, a, “lucky” day !!!! http://www.wnd.com/2015/03/st-patrick-the-slave-that-saved-a-nation/?cat_orig=education

  2. GAO Federal Reserve Audit Results released !!!! It’s not pretty, 16 trillion in secret loans, hidden assets, non-taxable off-shore banking loans, 0% interest bailouts !!!! Link to report w/review. http://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/the-fed-audit

  3. Happy S. P. D. to you too!
    Maybe I’ll go to Starbucks….cuz I can’t WAIT for this to happen!!
    Really…please, pick me, pick me!

    • I think they should rethink this stupidity. They risk having drinks thrown back in the faces of the presumptuous. Are they not there to SERVE and NOT TO LECTURE? I can’t even imagine what I would do, short of walking out without paying, but they do make you pay first, don’t they? If you don’t respond the way they expect, then maybe the next time they’ll feel justified to spit in your drink.

      How will they police it if left up to the “discretion” of the barista? What if someone of one race selectively writes it ONLY on the cups of another race? See what I mean? It should be ALL or NOTHING or else they’re opening themselves up to some nice discrimination lawsuits. After all, they have DEEP POCKETS, don’t they? Wonder what the shareholders think?

    • “What the hell does THAT mean? … You saying you want a piece of me? … You wanna piece of me? You got it!!!”

    • http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2015/03/16/starbucks-fast-food-restaurants-race-relations-usa-today/24851991/

      Comment: “Starbucks is free to scribble graffiti on my cup; I’m free to give it back and insist on a clean container that doesn’t insult my intelligence with political demagoguery.

      It hasn’t been lost on me (and many others) that most of the caterwauling about race relations in recent years originates from people who have a vested interest in harnessing the issue for financial or political gain. For the “social justice” crowd, discussions on race relations must begin from the premise that Michael Brown was surrendering and Travon Martin was an innocent, candy-eating kid.

      I don’t participate in conversations that must by definition start from false premises. So I won’t be engaging in Starbucks’ conversation. And I’ll be happy to insist on propaganda-free service when I go there.”

      I wonder what the reaction would be if Chick-Fil-A employees were given the option to write “Choose Life!!!!!” on their packaging?

  4. Riddle me this: what crime did this guy commit that resulted in his resignation that Barry himself hasn’t done, in spades? http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/aaron-schock-resigns-116153.html

    ” … During the past month, Schock repaid the government $40,000 after spending money from his official office budget to redecorate his office in the theme of PBS’s “Downton Abbey,” an English historical drama. He also reimbursed taxpayers more than $1,200 after using his office account to pay to fly on a private plane to a Chicago Bears football game.

    Separately, on a campaign finance document, Schock labeled the cost of a November flight on a private plane as a software purchase. He has failed to report trips abroad, as required. And he held a fundraiser at a golf course without reporting paying for its use. …”

    Another of his crimes was hiring a photographer to follow him everywhere to take flattering photos of him. Imagine. He charges office redecorating, vacations, and photographers to the citizens! Sound familiar? (I’m NOT excusing him; I’m just pointing out the similarities and the fact that I head crickets from the lamestream about Barry and Mooch. Not to mention, they don’t bother to pore over THEIR expenses, do they?)

  5. I remember trying to check into a hotel in Las Vegas on the evening of
    Sept 11, 2001.
    We had flown into Chicagio and taken Amtrak across the two night route to San Francisco, a beautiful train journey, with sleeping car,
    and left San Francisco on Sept 10 with a destination of Las Vegas.
    It’s a long long journey across Nevada and by sunset we were not
    even close and so we spent the night in Tonopah, Nevada.
    So at that point we had our rental car which was fortunate. There were no
    rental cars avauilable anywhere by Sept 12.
    We woke up on Sept 11, and I watched the news, somewhat hung over,
    to see a hugely burning skyscraper.
    I called my wife – look at this! Shortly before the 2nd airplane struck.
    A few hours later, we drove the rest of the way to Las Vegas and
    upon checking into the MGM grand, the only reservation we could get,
    the check in clerk, noticing that my wife was British, told us to get the
    f**k out of Ireland.
    To this day, I regret not calling for his manager to get the prat fired.
    Not a lot of difference between being told to get the f out of Ireland or
    get the f out of wherever biny biny didn’t want us.
    I should have got him sacked,
    if it happens again, I will. Without hesitation.

  6. As she grew UP with her loving Mom and step-Mom, Barwick writes, her family taught her “how to be Brave,” have “Empathy,” “how to Listen,” & “how to stand up for myself, even if that means I stand alone.” And for a while — into her 20s — that meant being an advocate for GAY Marriage.
    But now she’s had a Change of heart. …..

    NOTE: AS they want “16 year olds”… GIVEN the RIGHT 2 VOTE ! O’ ?
    We change …We Grow… & We Grow – UP & Mature…2 BE an ADULT

  7. It’s only now, ….as I watch … my children loving & being loved by
    their father each day, ….. that I can see the beauty & wisdom …. IN
    traditional marriage & parenting. …. ^^^^

  8. Abigail Garner, an “LGBT family-rights educator” & “author of the book” “Families Like Mine: Children of Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is,”
    who was raised by 2…. DADS, is also “confused”? … by Barwick’s essay.

    “Heather Barwick’s commentary mixes up several personal issues to offer
    a con-fusing argument that lacks logic,” she tells Yahoo Parenting. “It is true that Some Children of GAY…. parents “feel like they Need”… to present their best public persona in order 4 their parents to be spared criticism, &
    I have written rather critically about the factors that create what I’ve referred to as ….. ‘the pressure to B…. perfect.’” Ha

    ~ Dear Abigail, dear… I would much prefer 2 daddy’s… if needed ..BUT
    WHO are U to say …. your …Con-fused… by Heathers …essay ??? Ha
    U dear edu-cator ..have NOT walked in HER SHOES… HAVE U ? ^^^

  9. Someone figure this out. I’ve had this forever, but now and then I go back to it ,trying to figure out why the ” nidesand” name would be associated with this women. This twitter stuff, all the unrecognizable words are from stuff associated with a russian server. Amy Alice Chastain is from Georgia and is an educator ….asociated with teaching at various institutions, one being in China at the Shantou U. She also has tutored people in speaking, and English speaking skills , and other various things to do with English/foreign language by way of internet Skype type tutorials. I just can’t help but believe she and Mark have crossed paths and some way this nidesand address was used between them. Wish someone else could figure it out. https://twitter.com/nidesand

  10. http://aalbc.com/reviews/an-obamas-journey.html
    also check out this photo, which many may have already seen before. Blow it up . Now is it me or is this not just another photoshopped piece of work??? Blow it up and notice how O and M connect. I guess that’s supposed to be Barack’s arm around Mark and Mark’s arm and body sort of disappear somehow behind O. , but it just looks unnatural. But also check out between Mark’s legs. The rug should be all that’s between Marks trousers…….is that some more pants behind mark’s or he’s either got a gray pole between his legs. Note as you blow it up that Mark gets more blurred, but the background is not.
    Guess this is just more crap, but if it is obvious to you guys as well that this is a fraudulent photo then it supports the facts that they have been lying . And why the need to lie and put up false photos if Mark was really there at O.’s inauguration .

    • also notice the white down around O.’s right arm and hand. THat shouldn’t be there if they are standing on this rug in that room. the white up higher under his arm , too, looks added. The shadows by their heads do to correlate with the rest of things either. Why no shadow by O. body if his head creates that short shadow on a wall that is some distance away from them?

  11. This is totally preditcable, Obama throws a hissy fit to Netanyahu’s victory
    just like Elton throws a hissy fit over Dolce and Gabanna (Italian fashion label) saying a kid should have a Mom and a Dad.

    But here’s Obama having his revenge on Israel:

    Tags: Barack Obama | Israel | israel | un | security council | veto | palestinians
    Obama Planning Drastic Shake-Up in Policy Toward Israel

    Thursday, 19 Mar 2015 08:24 AM

    By Melanie Batley
    The historic victory for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week in a campaign defined by hard-line policies is prompting the Obama administration to consider a major shift in its strategy toward Israel.

    The White House on Wednesday suggested it could reverse its decades-old policy of using its veto in the United Nations Security Council to protect Israel. It could refuse to veto resolutions related to the Palestinians or introduce a measure of its own, The Wall Street Journal reported.

    The U.S. could also lend its support to a two-state solution based on Israel’s 1967 borders, a senior White House official told The New York Times.

    That is a Newsmax story but you get the principle, Israel you will be destroyed one Vay or Another. (No link to Blondie!)


    If I was in charge in Israel, I might decide that rather than let Obama have
    his Vay, I might decide to take matters into our own hands. It could
    scarcely get any worse.

    The dictator, muslim-in-chief, manchurian impostor is now revealed in all
    his unglorious infamy.

    On a related subject, what happened to Putin? Probably Pretty Related!

    As you recall last week my article Putin is Dead, A Double Will Fill in For Him Until Elections Detailed specifically that The Real Putin was dead and a double would fill in until elections. Many individuals in the truth community have caught on and started to report on it Will the real Vladimir Putin Please stand up
    Body Doubles, Liars, and Traitors, and one honest man in Israel.

  12. @ freerepublic.com … March 19, 2015 ~by trisham
    Zen is not easy….. It takes effort to attain nothingness.
    And then what do you have? Bupkis.

    ~ To: cuban leaf
    As far as I know, Cruz is the first senator to openly accuse Obama
    of assuming tyrannical powers. …..
    Cruz, who has The Federalist almost memorized is preparing public
    opinion for a solution.

    ~ by Jacquerie ( Article V. If not now, when? )

    ~ To: 2ndDivisionVet
    Emperoro Barry Soetoro

    ~ by Lurkinanloomin – Know Islam, No Peace – No Islam, Know Peace

    ~ To: 2ndDivisionVet
    Barack Hussein Palpatine Obama I .. & his consort Moochelle Wookie Obama.

  13. Ted Cruz…. @WND …. the Usurper Achieved the POWER….OF
    an EMPEROR …..??? ^^^^


  14. CAN we JUST HAVE our ….. B L A C K ….. COFFEE ???
    Starbucks fighting??? Racism as it Fights …. B A C K !!!


    • “If you need a conversation starter with your Starbucks’ barista, try this: What’s up with all the black mob violence?”

      OMG, good one!

      “The kabuki theater of racial denial was on full display on St. Patrick’s Day: Hundreds of “troublesome teens” rampaged through downtown Minneapolis, punching white people, firing guns, destroying property, defying police, stopping traffic and menacing parade-goers. Some of it on video.

      Police even held a news conference during the riot, where a spokesman assured reporters that a “majority” of the downtown was under control.”

      How ridiculous!!! That’s like authorities saying, on 9/11, that the “majority” of U.S. cities were not under attack.

      • ~ A brilliant point …. IS MADE BELOW …. GO STAR~ “DUST” !!!
        a fallin’ … cup of CHAT – OUT .. back 2 the Drawing BOARD … BOYS

        If Starbucks wants us to talk about RACE, let’s start with WHY…. they
        Don’t have Starbucks Coffee Houses in some of America’s cities that
        are mostly B L A C K S ??? … or have had a Racially Charged History?
        ~ Various cities SHOW that there are “NO” Starbucks Coffee Houses in many of them……
        Places like Highland Park, Michigan, which is at the center of Detroit, is inhabited by a population that is 94 % African-American. Or in Benton Harbor, Michigan, which is almost 90 % African-American. There is NOT…….. a Starbucks in Either town.
        There is NOT… a Starbucks in East St. Louis, Illinois, in which 98 % of the population is African-American. Nor is there one in Gary, Indiana, whose population is 85 % African-American.
        The recent remembrance of the march on Selma, Alabama had the president walking down the street with many people who fought for civil rights, but once again,
        …. “Selma doesn’t have a Starbucks” ……..
        “Neither does Ferguson, Missouri” ~ HAHAHAHA BUCKED YA!!!!

  15. ~ The Joy of Hating ~ by Reeves Wiedeman @ the new yorker

    “Nature seems (the more we look into it) made up of antipathies,”
    William Hazlitt, the British critic, wrote in his 1826 essay, ……
    “On the Pleasure of Hating.” …… “Without something to hate, ….. we should lose the very spring of Thought & Action.”
    Hazlitt was in his forties when he wrote the essay & had suddenly realized that he hated a lot of things—more, it seemed, than he loved—& for reasons that didn’t seem very good. He hated people for how they dressed; he hated books, even some that he had once liked; he hated himself.
    Were Hazlitt born two centuries later, in this country, the chances are good that he would have added the men’s basketball team at Duke University to his list.

    • Memorial to William Hazlitt, in St Anne’s church, Soho. The memorial restores the original text which was written on Hazlitt’s gravestone: Here rests WILLIAM HAZLITT Born April 10, 1778, Died September 18,1830 He lived to see his deepest wishes gratified as he has expressed them in his Essay, ‘on the Fear of Death’. Viz.: ‘To see the downfall of the Bourbons. And some prospect of good to mankind’: (Charles X was driven from France 29th July, 1830). ‘To leave some sterling work to the world’: (He lived to complete his ‘Life of Napoleon’). His desire That some friendly hand should consign Him to the grave was accomplished to a Limited but profound extent; on These conditions he was ready to depart, And to
      have inscribed on his tomb, ‘Grateful & Contented’…. He was The first (unanswered) Metaphysician of the age. A despiser of the merely Rich & Great: A lover of the People, poor or oppressed: A hater of the Pride & Power of the Few, As opposed to the happiness of the Many; A man of true moral courage, Who sacrificed Profit & present Fame To Principle, And a yearning for the good of Human Nature. Who was a burning wound to an Aristocracy, That could not answer him before men, And who may confront him before their maker. He lived & died The unconquered champion Of Truth, Liberty, & Humanity, ‘Dubitantes opera legite’. This stone Is raised
      by one whose heart is With him, in his grave.

  16. Samuel Langhorne Clemens ~ 11/30/1835 ~ 4/21/1910 ~
    MARK Twain’s frankest views on religion appeared in his final work Autobiography of Mark Twain, the publication of which started in
    November 2010, 100 years after his death. In it, he said:

    There is one notable thing about our Christianity: bad, bloody, merciless, money-grabbing, & predatory as it is—in our country particularly & in all other Christian countries in a somewhat modified degree—it is still a hundred times better than the Christianity of the Bible, with its prodigious crime—the invention of Hell. Measured by our Christianity of to-day, bad
    as it is, hypocritical as it is, empty & hollow as it is, neither the Deity nor his Son is a Christian, nor qualified for that moderately high place. Ours is a terrible religion. The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilled.
    ~ Twain was a Freemason. ~ He belonged to Polar Star Lodge No. 79 A.F.&A.M., based in St. Louis. He was initiated an Entered Apprentice on May 22, 1861, passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on June 12, & raised
    to the degree of Master Mason on July 10.

  17. Glenn BECK is leaving the Republican …. Party?.. & give them a swift
    kick or 2 before you exit !!! now WHAT??? do we do???


  18. Here’s a funny one and a new variation: Barry Satera Kenya. 😉


    Leave it to Charlie.

  19. GO LADY-BUGGED” GO…^^ I feel just like HER…. let’s get it OVER!

    Dem support for Hillary softens…
    ’50 SHADES’ Producer Spanks: ‘Not for President’…
    NH voters pan Bush…
    Jeb Refuses to Rule Out Tax Hikes…
    MAG: Past expiration dates…
    Was Hillary running her own rogue intel operation?
    Congress subpoenas emails of a dozen aides…
    Senator Presses for Info on “Huma’s”….. ‘Special Gov’t Status’…

    NOW would that not.. BE a MIND BLOWER….it could HAPPEN!


  22. YOU GRIND .. it BACK in the “CLINTONS” … FACE .. 1~2~3~ ha
    Monica Lewinsky… is LOOK’in GOOD!!!!


  23. ~ Monica Lewinsky Dares To

    Correct Beyoncé: Actually He ‘Clinton’d All On My Gown’


    The Huffington Post | by Paige Lavender

  24. Musician Pharrell Williams has been working with former US vice president Al Gore to organize global concerts in June to build public pressure for a UN-backed agreement on climate change at a conference late this year in Paris.

    “You should know that happiness is your birthright,” Williams told the hundreds of assembled children, whose placards all read
    instead of the usual names of UN member states.

    “If you don’t take care of your home, you don’t have a life, so we have to now transition from climate change to climate action,” he said.

    Environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr …… joined Williams to warn that climate change’s effects were looking even Worse than initially feared, pointing to Cyclone Pam, which recently ravaged the Pacific island of Vanuatu, as well as the rapidly melting Arctic ice.

    “One of the scary things about climate change is that all of our predictions have been too Conservative,” said Cousteau, the grandson of legendary French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau…….

  25. ~ heather ~ March 20, 2015 at 10:02 am ~more of this @drkatesview

    He nixed the voting statement–someone said something to him & he turned the conversation around and said he meant to say in Australia–(yeah right).

    Rick Santorum may be a citizen but that is all he is..he is not a NBC & he knows and we know.

    And the others, Cruz, Jindal, Rubio are not NBC & they know we know &
    so far the only 1 who may come forward is CRUZ.
    But they cannot ever be NBC. …… ????

    Trump, Carson, Carlie F are all NBC. And all 3 would make good potus’s but will the media destroy them all for the uninformed voters?—of course they would. Although I wonder how many of the fake media people actually vote for a dem once they get into the voters booth or handed the ballot. After all in their private moments are they really all FOR him?

    Barry Soetoro is not black. QL-you and I have said this for 6 years now going into 7. He has orange tint to his skin just like the Indonesians & his facial features are not that of a black, plus his purple lips are a dead give away for all that notice the color difference. He is far from Black. And Indonesians are also muslim–one doesn’t have to be Black to be a muslim. Barry’s skin color is the dead give away.

    • ~ saksin jmc • 2 hours ago

      Are we even certain of THAT parent??? I recently read about the book of a British ex-spy in which he claimed that shortly before the 2008 election, the CIA ran a DNA test on Obama (off a glass of his at a fundraising dinner), and it did not match that of Stanley Ann Dubham (don’t know what DNA they used for her, but there are various indirect ways through relatives). Given the forest of questionmarks lining Obama’s past, I don’t think we can be sure of ANYTHING in his case. As far as I am concered he might as well have been fatherd by Malcolm X on someone other than Dunham, or Dunham, or by Frank Marshall Davis, or even the founder of Subud during Dunham’s Indonesia sojourn. I am listing these possibilities simply because I do not believe any of them including the ex-spy claim, but I am convinced that we don’t know enough about Obama to exclude any of them… His past is made of nothing but assumptions and hearsay, we have no hard evidence, and a lot of Americans and American institutions have not exercised due diligence in his case..

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