Fat Tuesday 2015

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Today is Fat Tuesday:

Mardi Gras, literally “Fat Tuesday,” has grown in popularity in recent years as a raucous, sometimes hedonistic event. But its roots lie in the Christian calendar, as the “last hurrah” before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

That’s why the enormous party in New Orleans, for example, ends abruptly at midnight on Tuesday, with battalions of streetsweepers pushing the crowds out of the French Quarter towards home.

What is less known about Mardi Gras is its relation to the Christmas season, through the ordinary-time interlude known in many Catholic cultures as Carnival. … 

Carnival comes from the Latin words carne vale, meaning “farewell to the flesh.”

Like many Catholic holidays and seasonal celebrations, it likely has its roots in pre-Christian traditions based on the seasons. Some believe the festival represented the few days added to the lunar calendar to make it coincide with the solar calendar; since these days were outside the calendar, rules and customs were not obeyed. Others see it as a late-winter celebration designed to welcome the coming spring. As early as the middle of the second century, the Romans observed a Fast of 40 Days, which was preceded by a brief season of feasting, costumes and merrymaking. …

Enjoy yourself this Fat Tuesday. Some folks apparently do, no matter what they preach to the rest of us.



162 responses to “Fat Tuesday 2015

  1. Perhaps it’s a mistake to expect Obama to live up to what he said in his campaign (& repeated later). He is a politician. And don’t they all fall short of their campaign promises? Yes, they do.

    But Obama has put himself in a higher class, morally speaking. He did this with his 2004 speech at the Democratic convention. “There is not a liberal America & a conservative America—there is the United States of America,” he said. “There is not a Black America & a White America & Latino America & Asian America—there’s the United States of America.”

    Great speech. Too bad Obama acts as if he never spoke those inspiring words.

  2. What about Barack? …..?????

    That, too, is an Arabic name. Barak means “blessed” and is related to the Hebrew “baruch.” It also means, in Arabic, to kneel down, to stoop, or to cower. Coincidentally, the name Obama, popular with the Luo tribe of Kenya, is also derived from a word (“obam”) which means to lean or bend.

  3. Topazinator Maddie • 4 hours ago
    Aw, Maddie, lighten up. You want to get rid of racists? Clean out the White House.

  4. Obama Blames Terrorism on ‘Older People’ Who Are ‘Boring,’ ‘Not Connecting’ with Youth
    By Craig Bannister | February 18, 2015 5:49pm ET

      Geoffrey Grider | February 19, 2015 | 13 Comments + ^^^


      “Let his days be Few; and let Another take HIS Office.” Psalm 109:8 (KJV)

      President Obama Loves to MOCK & Taunt the American people, & what happened at the start of Day #2 of his Phony Summit On Violent Extremism is just the type of wicked irony he derives so much Pleasure From. A Muslim prayer WAS Recited at the Start of the 2nd day of the White House summit on “Countering Violent Extremism,” but NO Other religious text was presented during the portion of the event that was open to the press. !!! ??

  5. Rosemary…. is this GOOD NEWS?? … OBAMA …TOLD 2 Choose
    Illegals ….OR….. AMERICANS !!!


    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      Of course, Zen. Hanson’s timing of his decision could not have been more perfect.

      The weakest branch of our government, IMO, is SCOTUS. Obama stacked it as best as he could. Congress just confirmed practically every appointee Obama set before them. Why? Because he’s “historic”.by virtue. of his being mulatto…He gets a pass on everything because no one wants to appear racist..It’s ludicrous.

      It was my position back in ’07 that it would be “race uber alles” & that “black would be the new Teflon” Believe me. . I’m not being smug. I wish to our Father in Heaven that my predictions were wrong!

    • That article mentions mahdiwatch, which reminds me to ask: Do you think it’s bizarrely paranoid of me to wonder WHY so many “journalists” were calling Tuesday MAHDI Gras instead of MaRdi Gras?

  6. ~ Washington Post: 50% Of Americans ~ Believe In
    Conspiracy Theory; Most Popular ~ Include Birther

    Shhh. Don’t tell anybody, but we’re “surrounded by”… conspiracy theorists, & we’re not all Crazy!

    Professor John Sides @ WaPo:
    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/02/washington-post-50-of-americans-believe.html#dZdvJcViWodeF5fL.99

    • No surprise. The BIGGEST conspiracy theory out there, imho, is “global warming” aka “man-caused global climate change.” They used a 5-year-old poll to report that 25% are “birthers”. But check it out, circa 2015:

      “According to 2015 poll, 47% of the American people still are not sure if Obama is even a U.S. citizen

      It is not a theory that Obama is a using a Social Security Number reserved for Connecticut applicants

      And, it is not a theory that Obama listed himself as being born in Kenya for sixteen years…”

  7. According to 2015 poll, 47% of the American people still are not sure if Obama is even a U.S. citizen…

    It is not a theory that Obama is a using a Social Security Number reserved for Connecticut applicants…

    And, it is not a theory that Obama listed himself as being born in Kenya for sixteen years…

  8. Rudy Giuliani slammin’ soetoro …ON meg kelly show…words like Communist…frank Marshall Davis…Alinsky…Wright….Wow!!! ^^^ ha

    I guess the Powers that Be have gave the Green Light ….. “YES”!!!!

    I PRAY SO! …. Now is a GREAT time 2 thank your LUCKY STARS! ha

  9. O’….. BARRY’S
    T R O J A N


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