Charlie and the Empty Chair

0518-bo-obama-dog-value_full_600 - Copy

Pelo menos não tenho os papéis!

[At least I have papers … which is more than Empty Chair has.]

Je suis Charlie

Bo’s name was originally Charlie, until it was changed by the Obamas.

Bo’s legal name is “Amigo’s New Hope”, according to the AKC.  (Like his owner, Bo has multiple names.)

And yet Bo is a natural born canine citizen, having been born in Chicago, IL, of parents born in Texas (mother) and Pennsylvania (father).

Just something to chew on while we wait, and wait, and wait.


56 responses to “Charlie and the Empty Chair

  1. NOT in the line of fire. Sharyl wonders why it seems to matter more that a news anchor is a liar than that a potential presidential candidate is.

  2. Why you should home school. Three strikes and this little boy is out:

    Labeled as a racist, a sexist, and violent, to boot! HOME SCHOOL.

    “Dozens of posters plastered across the University of Michigan caution students not to say things that might hurt others’ feelings, part of a new “Inclusive Language Campaign” at the state’s flagship public university that cost $16,000 to implement.

    Words declared unacceptable through the campaign include “crazy,” “insane,” “retarded,” “gay,” “tranny,” “gypped,” “illegal alien,” “fag,” “ghetto” and “raghead.” Phrases such as “I want to die” and “that test raped me” are also verboten.

    University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told The College Fix in an email the campaign aims to “address campus climate by helping individuals understand that their words can impact someone and to encourage individuals to commit to creating a positive campus community.” …”

    And who decides what’s inclusive and what’s exclusive?

    Black lives matter? Now there’s an INCLUSIVE slogan for you.

    I suppose it will be fine to scream about WHITE privilege.

    “Queer” is just fine, apparently, as is “cisgender” instead of tranny.

    Turley continues to surprise me:

      • That is freaking unbelievable. LensCrafters now “spies” for Barry, too? I think I’d shop elsewhere. Since when does an optical STORE keep people’s “medical records”? What business is it of anyone whether or not you’re “interlocutory”? What if you’re separated but not “locutory” at all? Hey. Wouldn’t it be great, though, to see the responses of people like SAD and BHO Sr.? So do they send the sheriff if you admit to polygamy?

        I’ve seen one of these forms lately. They DO force doctors to ask race/ethnicity now, but the thing is–the form I was given didn’t allow for multiples, had no “other”, and didn’t have an option for mixed race, either. So anybody of multiple races/ethnicities is forced to choose, like Barry chose black. You can probably go ahead and write on the form, but no doubt whoever transcribes that to the database makes the “choice” for you. I know that’s probably true because I always list all or choose “other”, and yet when I get the record to “check and update” next time I’m at the doc’s, it invariably reads “white”. So either they choose for me or they overrule what I say, based upon the “evidence” of their own eyes, which, as we know, can be deceptive. (See, e.g., Obama, Barry.)

        As freaking NOSY as that form is, notice that there’s no option for gay marriage, just married, etc. Are domestic partners also “roommates”?

      • I could tell stories about my “white” ancestors’ experiences that make that person’s pale in comparison. The funny thing is that most of the people accusing others of benefiting from “white privilege” are themselves enjoying a free college education at an Ivy League institution simply because of their own “fill in the blank” racial privilege.

    • ‘Black lives Matter’ just seems so condescending to me….who are they talking about doesn’t think blacks matter. If I were black that would be so debasing to think one would have to say this. It’d be an insult!!!!!!!!

      • Exactly. To be more precise given the current situation(s), maybe they should simplify and say, “Black thug lives matter.” I mean, it’s in the context of Trayvon and Michael Brown that this meme arose.

        As you say, who ever says black lives DON’T matter?

        Lives of Vietnam immigrants and Bosnian immigrants who were MURDERED in cold blood by people playing a “game” ALSO MATTERED.

        People are being criticized and even fired for saying that ALL lives matter.

        Recently, I read a story where a black preacher/activist said that “all lives matter,” so now I wonder whether the usual double standard will apply and he’ll get off the hook and/or even praised for his inclusiveness and compassion.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I repeat, Orwell was a prophet (or in the know 😉 )

    • Not surprised – my Alma mater. Brings back that nauseous feeling I feel when surrounded by…oh wow I could say a lot more…but it has grown so much worse under the influence of the present regime.

  4. The main reasons for Obama’s “net neutrality” as imposed by the unelected and unaccountable FCC: TAXES (the Internet equivalent of the Al Gore tax–estimated to be $16 a month! to provide free Internet service to the “poor”) and imposing the Internet’s version of the “fairness doctrine”, meaning that they will suppress conservative views and censor everything, leaving ONLY their communist, “progressive”, evil points of view. All the better to control you with, my dears:

  5. ANOTHER ONE…. BITES the DUST… BUTT’ not nearly ENOUGH!
    tell US MO’ of your yarns…Brian …It was SWELL…. goodbye…

  6. Willie and the Empty Chair.

    Wonder what he did to p. o. the regime. Yeah, it just cropped up and instantaneously blew up all at the same time. mmmmmkay.

  7. I don’t do facebook so I didn’t have another good way to spread this, but I thought people here might be interested in a GoFundMe campaign to help the bakery that wouldn’t make a same sex wedding cake and had to close.

  8. Small correction, it’s (obviously) a campaign, not gofundme

  9. Forget ISIS.
    Beware the girl Scouts. 🙄

    OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – After the recent Black Lives Matter protests, there is a new brownie troop in Oakland. Instead of selling cookies, they are spreading a message.

    On a Saturday afternoon in Oakland, a handful of 8 to 10 year old girls are gathered, in brown uniforms, giggling and eating cupcakes. They look like Girl Scouts, but it’s not just fun and games.

    And it’s not just fun and games. “White policeman are killing black young folks such as women, men and children,” one of the girls said.

    Another girl said, “Mike Brown. He was shot because he didn’t do nothing. Only the police officer shot him because of his skin color.”

    • ~ Sam • an hour ago @WND
      Oakland, California is home to the fascist SLA, the fascist Black Panther Party, the Bey Family criminal enterprise, and Multimillionaire hypocrite Jerry Moonbeam Brown. It is the most dangerous, for white people, city in California. It is home to communists and anarchists. It is a black hate city, like Detroit. Oakland is where minority haters blame their slovenly lives on hard-working white Americans. This new girls group is indoctrinated by black haters. Hitler liked to use the quote,”Give me a child for the first seven years and he/she I mine forever.” Radical Brownies are a fascist indoctrination group.

      • Don’t you think it’s interesting that Beyonce uses the nickname “Bey”?

      • I do note that all the girls are “persons of color”. Their berets remind me so very much of that uniform Barry wore when he was in the dictator-supporting “boy scouts” in Indonesia.

        I would think the GSA has a copyright on the term Brownies. Is this groups somehow intended to resemble the Brown Shirts, I wonder. Seems the goal is similar: Teaching children to hate the “other”.

  10. Rosemary Woodhouse

    No white pushback. .Then again, if there were it would likely result in another civil.war. Enough eating Minnie’s sht pie (The Help). . Of course, “privileged”.white “folks” (Obama’s pet code word for white people) couldn’t praise that movie and, in particular, that scene enough…Self loathing idiots!

  11. War with a timeline. 😯

    • Would be interesting to know what Bob Simon was working on.

      • Ebola, according to the CBS story:
        “He was working on a story for Sunday’s broadcast with his daughter, Tanya, a 60 Minutes producer, about the Ebola virus and the search for a cure.”

        • Thanks. I was curious. Now there’re some weird questions about the cabbie. He seems to be Middle Eastern. He inexplicably accelerated into the back of the car in front, causing the accident, which killed Simon but not the cabbie. He had a “record” with the DMV. Oddly enough, it also sounds as if he did not have a correct license and had only one functional arm.

  12. ~ Timothy Anderson · Top Commenter ~ AL…..
    Sharpton should be Rotting in a Prison Cell. BUTT’ since he’s Black &
    democrat, laws don’t apply to HIM, & he’s also allowed to be as Racist, Hateful, & Deceitful as he wants……. O’ !!!!! REALLY?

  13. AX-$EL-ROD…. New Book ….new twist ? Reveals O’ LIED about his
    CHRISTIAN …… Faith? ….. O’ cool

    • You got to get a Facebook ……use a friends or something…….I just connected that house in Massachussetts with previous occupants to Joseph Ndesandjo…..then from there I found this girl again(she writes books…like one she wrote after spending a year in Cuba in 2009). She writes just like Mark, at least that’s what critiques were saying of her writing…they were saying the same type stuff about following her poor writing skills. Also saying she was a Cuban sympathizer). Well , guess what …I go t her page and I thought the girl with her sure looked like Mark’s wife…sure enough it was and then there were two or three of this girl with Mark….and then two photos of her with what looked like two brand new high powered rifles. If you guys could go to her site , I’ll give you her name….somebody save the photos before they’re gone!!!!!! Mark is standing with her in a couple photos doing the thumbs up thing he does. I can’t tell where the photos are taken, but perhaps more than one place. There’s a couple weirder photos too, but you just have to see them. This girl is from the Boston area and lived at the same address where Ruth N. had an address at 32 Holman Rd. THere’s some other interesting names associated with that address too, but too long to go into.

    • Can’t tell. So far nothing has.

      • Miri, if you’ve got FB check out Lisa Wixon, who was on Joseph’s FB as a friend. She’s chummy with Mark. THen do a quick check of Lisa Wixon’s books…..can’t think of the name right now but just put her name and Cuba in the search you’ll probably get it. Then find some reviews of her book……two or three of them relate the same stuff about her writing as they do Mark’s first book. Maybe she helped him write his first book….he sure knows her(there’s proof of that). And he seems to have known her in 2009 and way before too. One of Ms. Wixon’s relatives(I think actually a brother) is a David Mahlowitz…..who speaks mandarin fluently and is a hotshot big, big time lawyer, used to work for Morgan CHase too. He sold real estate in China too.

        • Ms. Liza Mahlowitz Wixon.

        • This all very interesting, alfy.

        • I don’t use FB, sorry. I think they spy too much. That’s just my opinion. I’m not reassured by their “privacy” settings, either. Too much cooperation with and too chummy with Barry’s peeps. Mahlowitz sounds like a combination of a Hawaiian name with a Jewish name. It would not surprise me to learn that Mark had a ghost writer, like the rest of them, although he seems articulate enough and perfectly capable of writing a book. But, like his brother, he also seems to speak in memorized paragraphs, so who knows?

  14. I know this girl is the same girl as I had already checked all the names from that address. The owner of that house, it appears has owned that house since 1999…says it’s the last time it sold. The owners live in Palestine and are social justice activist for a sustainable open society Palestine and Israel. That’s the Nora Lester Murad lady, a professor of cultural diversity relations stuff…..philanthropy volunteerism peace advocate…..Mark has to know her too.

    • Actually the Old owners live in Palestine. THe lady that owns the house now is a piano teacher of some special music school. Saschiko Asarif (something like that, I’m not looking at it right now; it’s Jap. I think). THere are some Indian or Pakistani people associated with the house too.

  15. NICK GORDON ….interesting….. (does he keeps the car?? etc….)
    Bobbi Kristina was living with Gordon at the townhome where she was found in a bathtub. Police say Gordon performed CPR on her while a friend called 911. Houston brought Gordon into her household as an “ORPHAN” ??? at the age of 12, or was it 16 – or 17 ?
    ( Didn’t his DAD kick him OUT …. for using marijuana/ DRUGS? )
    raising him & her daughter after divorcing Bobby Brown in 2007. Gordon wore a large tattoo of Houston’s face on his arm and called the singer “mom,” but she never fully adopted him or included him in the will. Bobby Brown says his daughter isn’t & never has been married to Gordon.
    ( & ..She may be worth $100 Million + with OUT A WILL??? ) yikes

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