Simple Irony, and Hypocrisy …

Obama's "New" CERTIFICATE of Live Birth

Obama says,

If you break the rules, then you break the rules.

The story linked above also says, [emphasis added to quotes]

President Barack Obama is weighing into the controversy over deflated footballs and says the NFL should be considering how officials can control game balls.

Obama says until the New England Patriots used deflated footballs in the AFC championship game, he didn’t realize each team prepares its own footballs and brings them to the game.

He says he’s assuming the league is going to figure out how officials will be in charge of the footballs from start to finish.

Another story provides a direct quote. Says Obama:

I’m assuming one of the things the NFL’s going to be doing, just to avoid any of these controversies, is figuring out how the officials are in charge of the footballs from start to finish.

So let us paraphrase:

Citizens are weighing into the controversy over ineligible candidates running for the presidency. They say Congress and the Courts should be considering how state officials can control keeping ineligible candidates off the ballot.

Citizens didn’t realize each political party vets (or doesn’t vet) its own candidates and places them on the ballot, unchallenged.

Citizens assume (hope!) that Congress and the Courts, just to avoid any of these controversies, will figure out how state officials will be in charge of vetting presidential candidates from start to finish.

Then nobody else can “break the rules.” Then nobody else can CHEAT.

Our laws are “rules”.  The Constitution of the United States is a set of “rules”.

Obama, as we know, has a history of breaking the rules. It is the height of hypocrisy that he criticizes the ironically named Patriots for breaking the rules.


164 responses to “Simple Irony, and Hypocrisy …

    • I read all of it and earlier I read histories of most the Israli leaders…..One should real Stalin’s “zig-zagz support and hostility on the jews. He flip flops many times for various Political and then person beliefs as well. It certainly makes sense when you read this. Most the first jews to Palestine were old Trotskiites or Zionists.
      Do notice the name Izaak Greenbaum. remember all our searching on the two Greenbaum brothers that owned a furniture company where Stanley supposedly worked? Just wondering…just wondering whether to explore that again. Seems we don’t do the research we used to do. It is exhausting isn’t it?
      I read “None dare Call it a Consp.” years ago, by Gary Allen who is mentioned in the article you posted. One should look up and listen to Gary Allen today, who studied much of this. He, by the way wrote a speech for Barry Goldwater (the real republican hopeful at the time). That speech became Ronald Reagan’s( aWorld Federalist) speech instead. Interesting true parallels anyway.

  1. ~ Asynchronous “Lock ~ Step” … protocol …(this may pertain?)
    To Overcome the Obvious drawback of the simple Lockstep Protocol, an asynchronous Variant of the Protocol Exists wherein players advance in time free of … any negotiations …… with other players until interaction between players Exists, known as a “Lockstep Mode.” ???? This Mode may be defined by a certain area around a Player, ( or NON Player?)
    such as a sphere, in which the “Game World” ….. may be affected by
    the player.

    Such an interaction can only occur when, for example, the areas of influence surrounding two players intersect.

  2. Notable Subjects & Related Theories ~
    (as This was THEN BUTT’ NOW …. we HAVE…. MORE PROOF)

    Several notable people were unknowingly involved with Project MKUltra. Theodore Kaczynski (right) was a researcher for Harvard University between 1959 and 1962 when the school was carrying out experiments for MKUltra. He would later of course go on to become more well-known as the Unabomber.

    Author Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) was one of the volunteers for the LSD-testing program of MKUltra, although at the time he thought it was just a research study conducted by his local VA hospital.

    Grateful Dead member Robert Hunter was another volunteer for the program, but years later admitted he thought it was harmless research for an innocuous study at Stanford.

    The attorney for assassin Sirhan Sirhan asserts the convicted killer was under the influence of hypnosis from the MKUltra program when he shot Robert Kennedy in 1968.

    Even more fringe theories exist. Some have proposed Jonestown in Guyana was actually one of the test sites for MKUltra, and that it was no coincidence outspoken CIA-critic Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated on his visit.

  3. ^^^^ interesting.. YES… & more 2 follow from last nights they MUST find out HOW 2 control
    the UN ~ CONTROL ~ABLES… 4 THEY will have NONE 2

  4. Dr. John Hall, a pain management physician specializing in stem cell therapy, spoke about his activism against non-consensual experimentation & intrusive surveillance technology conducted on US citizens. His interest in the topic began when a woman he knew in San Antonio, was stalked & electronically harassed by a former FBI agent. He learned that this wasn’t an isolated case, & that there were Thousands …of other similar incidents, which involved such things as organized stalking, & attacks with directed energy & electromagnetic weapons. In 2010, the NSA admitted it was using a ground wave-based weapon that was playing havoc with the electricity in the San Antonio area, he reported. The NSA has a base of operations known as TAO in San Antonio, which uses a technology to access computers, as well as people’s brains, he added.

    The goal of the experimentation has been to figure out how to remotely control a human being, & seems to be moving in the direction of controlling the population at large, he revealed. Victims are often placed in a difficult position when they report these crimes, as agencies like the FBI are aware of the technology & know that the CIA and NSA are funding the research, and giving access to subcontractors to conduct experiments on a wide sample of the populace, Hall continued. Some of the victims report hearing direct voices in their head, describing accurately what they are doing or wearing, for instance. These occurrences play out differently than what a schizophrenic describes when they hear voices, he noted.

    ^^^^ SCHIZOPHRENIC ? ~~ R ~~THEY “ALL’ or R they MAKING
    GUINEA PIG…. of US ALL…. lock-step or ELSE!

    Picking Doctors Lawyers Teachers one of each and every group
    also just plain RANDON… like saw U in a STORE… & PICKS U!
    trying to BREAK the CODE on WHO they CAN’T BREAK…. YEP!
    W T P O T U S ???? YIKES!!!!

    Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species
    The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis
    ~ ” Guinea Pigs: ” ~ ….Technologies of Control
    A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism

  5. what’s… NOT 2 B Believed? ~ O’ …list the ways… ha – “ZERO” !

  6. Past shows….. of show & TELL! ha … Dr John Hall ….

  7. Mr. Sabato said he believes most left-leaning Web loggers & activists have Adjusted to the Idea that the key change Mr. Obama offers is the symbolism of electing a president of African Descent & that any other change will be Incremental. “He’s going to govern as most Democratic presidents would. ……….. That’s what the selection of these people indicates,” the professor said, referring to the vetting team.
    “There will NOT be major change, except ….. in the racial sense.” !!!

  8. Dr Luck …second wife of Valerie Jarrett’s X-HUSBAND… we read
    1 before …might be the same 1 …oh well… read on Dr Constance Shabazz… was her friend….

    • Did Orly ever figure out Constance’s relationship, if any, to Malcolm X? She’s way involved in Muslim causes. Hmm. What a surprise, given her connection to Val-Jar.

    • And they say conservatives eschew science! The thing is, though: (1) Barry and his peeps have no qualms about breaking or bending laws and (2) Hawaii allows within its laws the creation of a birth certificate for anybody so long as there’s an excuse (such as, protecting the life of the person). In his case, it would be quite easy for these people to rationalize that his life and national security are at risk from those pesky, violent “birthers”. h/t butterdezillion for that theory, which is also very scientific.

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