Baby, It’s Cold Outside!!! Welcome to January 2015

2014_North_American_polar_vortex_NOAA_map_ua_nhem_500p - Copy

Another polar vortex? Nope, just winter.


Pond_in_winter - Copy

BRRRRR!! It’s cold outside!

800px-Icicle_close_up - Copy

Whatever happened to “global warming”?



131 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!!! Welcome to January 2015

    Suspects spotted, manhunt continues…
    Kouachi Rap Video…
    Police find abandoned car with Molotov cocktails, Jihadist flags…
    Converge on small town…
    Fear, paranoia in wooded area where suspects hunted…
    REPORT: Cop Executed In Street Was Muslim…
    Female cop killed in separate Paris shooting…
    Before attack, French began ceding control of neighborhoods to Islamists…
    Jewish residents fleeing…
    LIVE: FRANCE 24…
    Europe’s anti-Islamisation groups look to spread movement…
    Le Pen: ‘Time’s up for denial and hypocrisy’…
    Muslim Cleric Defends Slaughter…
    Islamic immigration to USA on rise…

  2. Amazing turn of events in Egypt. A first ever, President Sisi attends Coptic Christmas Mass !!!!!


    ~ the KILLERS ….BIRTH DATA ….
    Cherif ~ Kouachi Born 11 – 29 – 1982 ~ age 32
    Said ~ Kouachi Born 9 – 7 – 1980 ~ age 34

  4. ~ Anjem Choudary
    Britain’s most notorious Islamic cleric has taken to the U.S. AIR-waves to issue a warning to ANY……. American…….. NEWS outlet Thinking about depicting Muhammad or Mocking Islam. …….
    Doing SO will Most Likely RE-sult in a jihadist Attack Similar to the DEAD-ly massacre at the Paris office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, declared radical British Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary.
    Choudary Warned Americans to Take Lessons …… from the Case of Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker killed by a Muslim in 2004 after making a film critical of Islam.
    Choudary was speaking today to weekend talk radio host Aaron Klein of New York’s AM 970 The Answer, who this week launched a daily audio online feature.


    • ~ Mychal Massie ~ January 5 at 1:48pm ·
      “When I see Obama and his wife I see not only communists, intent on dismantling our country, but I see murderers. How ironic that Michelle Obama, who is shown swilling food and drink, and who treats being First Lady like her personal American Express Black Credit Card (arguably the most prestigious of credit cards) – is supposedly pushing anti-obesity for children, as her husband fights to maintain rigid laws that oppose saving children aborted alive and that allow partial birth abortions.”
      – Mychal Massie (


    GO ….. MASSIE ….GO!!!! right on ~ right on

  6. Mychal Massie at undefined ~ 4 hrs ·
    .My late grandmother used to say, “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and the following photo proves her bromide to be true. Obama’s daughter has posted a ‘selfie’ wearing a shirt that promotes a ‘rap’ or ‘hip hop’ organization that is well known for it’s anti white, anti police violent views. I know the three tooth liberals will fein insult and cry foul pursuant to my/our pointing this out but the only reason a pig squeals is because it is being hurt, and in their case the truth hurts and they squeal. I say a president and his family are held to a higher standard than the rest of America. Just as the family of Rev. Billy Graham, etc. With position comes the demand of propriety. The children of those of us in the public spotlight are held to higher standards and they should be. Even with a serial lothario and molester for a father Chelsea Clinton comported herself above reproach. When the Bush daughter went off the tracks for a brief period the left condemned her behavior. That said there have been no instances in history of the child of a president, showing off their affection for anarchist hate mongers like this girl has done. And even worse, she shows affection for those calling for police to be killed at the very time police are being shot and killed by black gangster trash. But like her mother she probably hates America too. – Mychal Massie (

    • that was in January 2014. What have you heard since? except for arresting the anonymous dude so everything is squelched on these efforts. Heard anything? Funny too, I had just been reading about the guy who started the first electricity for Israel during the Palestinian Mandate(Still exists today). Wow….a Russian Zionist founder with help from the Rothschilds too, and the US and Churchill(who later despised the zionists). He was a member of the Socialist Revolutionary party before he went to Israel and set up the first of the military for Israel. He knew Lenin( was a revolutionary buddy with Lenin) and Trotsky. This article mentions the mossad and the israeli intel criminal cabal. I believe it , but don’t see anything coming of it.

      This is the vet guy Gordon Duff ….the real scoop of ISIS, yep!

  7. U.S. Speaker “BO”-ehner says doesn’t like being called ‘spineless’
    OK….. pain in the spine – spite-full of drink & tears double-backer?

  8. Surprise!!!!! 😆

  9. ~’s avatar – Go to profile ….js/js · 2 days ago … @BR Expel Boehner
    Add also to the mix, (per Orly & Butter/Nellie), the names and SSN of:
    Virginia Ballantyne (mother of Harry Ballantyne, SSA), Illinois & Missouri;
    & also Renee L. Obama, ….. the dead baby daughter of “David Obama” .. Maryland, his alleged brother. … ( Did WE know THIS???)
    Have to be inclusive & diverse, nowadays. Especially in criminal fraud matters & identity theft

  10. PARIS WARZONE… @ DRUDGE (another set-UP day in HELL? O’)
    Algerian Officials Gave Early Warning…
    AP: Al-Qaeda Member in Yemen Says Group Directed Attack…
    Britain’s MI5: Al Qaeda planning mass attacks on West…
    All shops in famed Jewish neighborhood ordered closed…
    Landmark Paris synagogue shut on Shabbat first time since WWII…
    4 Hostages Killed at Kosher Market…

    • Oh, hey. That’s okay. Now they can go to college FOR FREE courtesy of Barry, who plans to use YOUR MONEY to pay for it!!! Not that there will be any jobs for them when they get out, but at least they’ll be occupied for two years on your dime. And guess what? Expect Barry to announce that the Internet is now a public utility and thus subject to THE AL GORE TAX!!! ‘RAY!!!! You will pay a surcharge on your ISP bill in order to supply FREE INTERNET and FAST BROADBAND to the likes of the Ferguson protesters. ALL THE BETTER TO ENABLE THEM TO COORDINATE THEIR “PEACEFUL PROTESTS” NOT TO MENTION THEIR KNOCKOUT GAMES!

  11. ~ Toxophilite • an hour ago

    What if it was a muslim florist that refused? How far do you think a lawsuit would go against them? I’ll bet one wouldn’t even be filed.
    ~ Reformed Rationalist • an hour ago
    Truth is considered to be hate by those who hate the truth.
    Christians are being intimidated and hated through bullying, threats, intimidation, laws or lawsuits

    It’s happening more and more – so it’s not just about “equal rights” anymore.
    it’s about eradicating any ideology that disagrees with homosexuality.

    You want to talk about hatred…? Look no further than the “tolerant” homosexual…

  12. Despite claiming to be a Christian in 2008, Obama said in his speech, as referenced by Shapiro:

    So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

    …Islam is a part of America…

    Quoting Obama on his intention to promote a “partnership” between the U.S. and Islamic nations or “enlisting leaders in the Muslim community” to assist in such endeavors, Shapiro then states that “Article II” of the U.S. Constitution, which defines the role of the president and how he is elected, contains no mandate to “do outreach on behalf of Islam in the United States.”
    Read more at ……^^^^^

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