To All Our Dear Friends, A Very Happy 2015

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Auld_Lang_Syne - Copy

 We wish the very best in the coming year to our “auld” and dear friends, and to our new friends, too, but especially to those who’ve been here, from the beginning and even before the beginning.


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Happy 2015!!!!



146 responses to “To All Our Dear Friends, A Very Happy 2015

    • Screw Sharon R. and her inflated ego that led her to go to a subscriber basis. Lazy way out. If want to do for profit do the old and tried route of advertisers. Ooops, she did not have enough viewers perhaps to get any???? Why would anyone pay for her to write on such old, old, old information with the only “new” being the straw poll?

      • yikes…. I brought over the message Only…. usurpers…. flocking
        about fast & furious & no I won’t B the 1 screwin’ SR butt’ whatever
        all in fun…I guess any 1 can charge for their time as I have wasted
        millions play with A SET-UP…they call a pre$ident in chief.. O’!

        • Don’t get me wrong: I do pay for some subscription based sites but their content is original and new and up-to-date and not a rehash of stuff already out there and pretty much common knowledge and old news. Plus, I was just plain cranky yesterday!

          • What I don’t understand is that if one goes subscription and takes ads, then one has to be THAT MUCH more careful about copyright, etc. Seems to me to be a recipe for a lawsuit.

  1. BARF… on ELLEN O’…. ha … BUTT’ DOGG-‘IN Sarah ….
    Sit with your dogs & find a stool BUTT’ NEVER EVER EAT THEM!

    • yeah, and gnawed his face off. In a word: gall.

      Man’s Best Friend.

      Run, Sarah, Run. If that whack job-no nothing fraud in Massachusetts can, you can too.

      The only thing about Warren that’s true is it’s deBlasio’s real first name.

  2. sorry for the double post. :facepalm:

  3. lots 2 read O’ when will it get better?


    GO ~~~ N Y P D !!! ~ I HONOR your MOVES!!!!!

    I SO WISH they would have followed UP with A BIG FAT “MOONING” !!

    yes, the families may have said don’t BUTT’ SO DID THE RIOTERS
    family’s AFTER they LIT THE FLAMES !!! so who’s worst or BETTER?
    as we saw up front & PERSONAL how that HAS WORKED OUT !

    • “Soon Malia Obama will whose where to apply for college …”

      WHOSE? Let’s hope she has more brains than this writer. My guess is that she’ll be whizzed into wherever she wants to go, regardless of IQ, scores, and grades–just like her parents. OH, those legacy admissions and set-asides for elites and “persons of color.”

      They know what’s on HER passport? Then let’s see the writer find out about Barry’s.

  5. D I G ….. because THEY CAN! how about STOP Look & LISTEN

    SO every 28 Hours A Black Body ….STAYS STANDING ..or sitting?

    • I’ll stay sitting, butt if I do get up, it will only be to sit on the floor so they really know which “side” I’m on.

    • What I don’t understand is (1) WHY people ALLOW him to disrupt their vacations so QUIETLY and (2) WHY this isn’t publicized more. Some freaking gall he has to make everyone LEAVE these beaches. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: These people whose lives are disrupted may be on the TRIP OF A LIFETIME. Unlike Barry, they may not have OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to use to pay for them to return to Hawaii at a later time in order to enjoy the beaches and other attractions. WHY do they ALLOW him to get away with this? WHY don’t they SEEK OUT THE MEDIA with their stories of ruined vacations? btw, I’d be giving “Dear Leader” a hand signal, too, but wouldn’t use so many fingers. Just one.

  6. thelantern • 10 hours ago ^^^

    Quite a summation, Motus, on His Royal High & Mighty ness. And then
    back to his usual activity of flying to Detroit & then Tenn. He has the Wander-Lust. Butt’ of course, ValJar makes all the really important moves, anyway. ……………………… O’ ha

  7. 2015
    Hey little Kindergartner want some candy? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Sign on the dotted line, my child. Uncle Sam cares about you.

  8. ~ Barry Soetoro, ESQ 123p · 22 hours ago ~ ….@ BR

    Another Banker relocated today. Whoever wrote this episode of Fleeing Nazis is asking the audience to buy a tall tale.
    Thomas Gilbert, founder of Wainscott Capital. Allegedly “shot dead, by his SON, ……. Thomas Gilbert Jr.”
    Wherever these (30 or 40 so far) “dead Bankers” are going, it must be a nice area. ….??????

    ~ ohhhdear 77p · 7 hours ago ~
    What is your opinion as to why all these wealthy bankers are getting killed or allegedly committing suicide?

    ~ Barry Soetoro, ESQ 123p · 7 hours ago ~
    They are crooks, relocating. They aren’t dying.
    LIBOR; Treason; & so forth.
    Perhaps China (or whoever) had various bankers rigging things for them. And before they get rounded up (and squeal) it’s time to “kill them off”
    (aka Relocate them). ……?????
    CIA is either deeply involved, or picking their nose watching it happen (aka deeply involved).


    • The Police who Protested de Blasio’s presence at the Funeral were
      SEND-ing a VALID Message. The FACT they attended the funeral showed their Respect for the Families. But they Don’t have TO Honor anyone at
      the service, Especially Some-One who is PUTT-ing their LIVES in DANGER! …… de BLASIO …U go OUT for 1 DAY and DO their JOB..

      SO if NOT THEN…WHEN do WTPOTUS really GET to SPEAK OUT???

      • It’s interesting that the same people who criticize the cops for expressing their opinion of de Blasio in a peaceful, quiet, non-violent way praise the “peaceful protesters” for “exercising their First Amendment rights.” They love the First Amendment, except when it’s used by those with whom THEY disagree. Then they want to force their opponents to shut up.

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