All Lives Matter

Huxley_whites - Copy

Black lives matter.

White lives matter.

Red lives matter.

Yellow lives matter.

Brown lives matter.

Tan lives matter.

Olive lives matter.

Pink lives matter.

Did I leave anyone out? Oh, yeah … gty_nypd_police_officers_jc_141203_16x9_992 - Copy

BLUE lives lives matter. (h/t Papoose)


fetus - Copy

Pre-born lives matter.




It’s not racist to point that out. It is racist, however, to exclusively focus upon the value of one subset of human lives, delineated solely by skin color, as if all other lives don’t count as much. As if some humans are more equal, more important, more valuable, than others.

We don’t cure racism by becoming racists.

We all matter. Stop dividing us!

Every individual human being’s life matters.



173 responses to “All Lives Matter

  1. moneekwa John K • 13 hours ago
    It’s already happened in north America. Churches vandalized in Indiana, a woman beheaded in Oklahoma. It’s going to escalate, too, because every time it happens it has “nothing to do with Islam”. ……… O’ !!!

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