Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, 2014

pearlharborday - Copy

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day:

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which is observed annually on December 7, is to remember and honor all those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

On August 23, 1994, United States Congress … designated December 7 of each year as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. … It is a tradition to fly the Flag of the United States at half-staff until sunset in honor of dead patriots.


May they rest in peace. May God bless the USA.



138 responses to “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, 2014

    I will bring them over as we check um out….

    • They’re talking about offenses that would disqualify him from staying, and yet in the WSJ today, there’s a story about how Obama’s peeps are reassuring illegal aliens that they won’t be disqualified from his illegal amnesty because they ILLEGALLY USED “MADE-UP” SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!!! You try that. You try defrauding the government and LYING to the government (like the IRS). See if YOU get away with it and actually end up REWARDED for it. So they’ve committed at least two crimes already (illegal entry AND document fraud) and yet Obama will allow them to stay. Oh, wait. I take that back. Jeh Johnson is taking the fall, should the courts step in. Under the bus with Jeh.

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  3. I honestly feel for anyone whose private emails become public…it would be horrifying, like having people read your mind. I mean, who hasn’t said something privately that, if made public, would make you want to crawl into a hole? But, this is hilarious because it was Obama DONORS talking.

    • I agree about private emails. It’s appalling that anyone would even print emails that they know were purloined. imho, this is an extremely serious CRIME–to violate someone’s privacy. It’s TOTALLY RIDICULOUS that they have apologized for what they wrote in their personal emails that were STOLEN and then published. Who ought to apologize are the people who published what they know was STOLEN. Scarlett Johansson would probably agree with me. How different is this than some guy doing insider trading off info he knows was stolen? Who the hell is Kevin Hart?

  4. yo Boehner, did you know about this?

    i guess its okay that American taxpayer can’t count on Social Security Benefits and in the meantime don’t have one nickle to rub against another.

    T R E A S O N


      4. Millions More Muslim Refugees

      Syrian Refugees $3.06 billion has been provided, $1.01 billion above the President’s request for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. (P. 52 Democrat summary). Recall that in September Simon Henshaw, deputy assistant secretary of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, announced: “Next year, you will see thousands [of Syrians] entering the US. We are committed to a large program on a par with other large [refugee resettlement] programs in the past… Our commitment is to do thousands a year over many years,” he said. There are over 1 million Syrian refugees in Turkey who have fled Syria’s civil war. “Our resettlement program from Turkey is one of our largest in the world, and it will continue to grow,” he added. Refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran will also benefit. So if you like Dearbornistan, prepare for many more towns like it.

      • 5. Aid to Syrian Rebels

        Half a Billion to Nice Terrorists “$500,000,000 … to provide assistance, including training, equipment, supplies, sustainment and stipends, to appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition and other appropriately vetted Syrian groups or individuals for the following purposes: defending the Syrian people from attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and securing territory controlled by the Syrian opposition; protecting the United States, its friends and allies, and the Syrian people from the threats posed by terrorists in Syria; and promoting the conditions for a negotiated settlement to end the conflict in Syria.”. Weren’t our friends in Libya “appropriately vetted” too? The bill denies use of these funds for “procurement or transfer of man portable air defense systems.” But how does DoD plan to enforce that? (PP 426-427).

      • We were warned of the influx of refugees from the middle east back in 2009. Remember all the videos depicting this? I do.

      • Isn’t it lovely? Obama’s “change” evident in all corners of the USA. If that’s not bad enough, GP has answered the question I asked last week: If fees are funding Barry’s illegal illegal-alien amnesty, then where is he getting the money up front? Answer: FROM FEES PAID BY LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Including, probably, those who’ve applied but will NEVER now get admitted, although their “fees” will be used to allow ILLEGALS in at their expense, in more ways than one:

  5. OK, so who’s upset about the House passing the funding bill until next September?
    I can’t get too upset about it.
    The alternative, forcing a government shutdown until the New Year would have been successfully used by Obama to wreck the holiday travel plans of anybody who wanted to fly anywhere for Christmas and the blowback would have been on the Republican Party.
    I am OK to wait until the new Congressional term and thinking we need to fight smart, not stupid.
    We have achieved some things, like blocking hostile court nominees or more draconian legislation, also ratification of dangerous treaties like L.O.S.T. or carbon trading binding to the UN as ultimate authority,
    but we don’t have the Presidency and our most important struggle for the next two years is get someone decent into the WH. We ought not to do stupid things.
    I said before that the amnesty thing is bad but it is not the worst thing obama could do.
    Without any need to consult Congress, he could just order the military to dismount all nuclear weapons from delivery systems and proclaim unilateral nuclear disarmament, in which case the free world will only last a matter of weeks unless impeachment can be used very quickly as an emergency remedy. I remind that Britain now has no aircraft carriers, France has one.

    So what about this Boehner guy?
    I don’t really trust him. Guys shouldn’t cry at the podium.
    Maybe we should get a new Speaker of the House when the House reconvenes?

    • I’m inclined to mostly agree with you, Dave. Cautiously optimistic that there will be some change that WE can believe in, once the new Congress is seated. I don’t trust Boehner any farther than I could throw him because, it seems to me, we have far too much evidence already that he’s been compromised. Too many betrayals to date. There’s SOMETHING that “they” have on him (which might be connected to his crying). Whenever the going gets tough, they use whatever it is against him to haul his ass in line. He’s a puppet of the regime, whether a willing one or not.

  6. We Those Other People. A Government for Those Other People, by Those Other People.

    How dare They steal our wages to fund Those Other People?
    Is this war on American soil against American citizens?

    Show me one dime that is allocated for the American taxpayer!

    • In addition, amongst all these protests allegedly because they believe police use excessive force, there’s not one mention of any WHITE “victims” or HISPANIC “victims” of police brutality. In the case in Salt Lake City, a “white Hispanic” was killed by a “non-white” cop. That case was also not sent to trial. Why is there NO MENTION of Dillon Taylor when the activists scream about police brutality and excessive force? They include Trayvon Martin, who was NOT killed by a cop, and exclude Dillon Taylor. Why? His skin color alone? They’re racists and hypocrites.

  7. weir laura ……let me know if you can see this. I’ll make my remarks about her later but save this. Very important. I don’t see Miri anywhere this morn. She should recognize this. We never could find a good photo of her. This lady taught school or worked in the library at the jefferson high school in San Antonio. Her daughters went to school there too! at this same time. Notice the hair(closely). Now think , where have you seen hair like this in a photo??? One in particular I’m thinking of was with B.O. Sr. standing in the road somewhere. Her hair was up but it had these same light tones at the top. Remember? This lady in my post has been dead for many years now, but her old photos remain. I have some more of these off the wall photos, but they serve a very important piece to the puzzle of who Ruth is likely to be. Another very important characteristic is the brows ,between the eyes and also how the eyes slope at the outside edge. Now go look at you know who.

    • very interesting, alfy. Looking forward to the photos. I think we have that picture of the hot date and long shadows somewhere here. Its etched in my mind.

  8. I see the photo didn’t post. Shucks, back to the drawing board. I’ll be back!

  9. weir laura I need midi’s help on how to get this to post.

    • excusse me I mean Miri’s help. …And Papoose unless I can post the photos, You won’t get what I’m trying to show. I’m sorry, but I’ve tried copying/posting. I’ve tried screen shot of what I saved. Now maybe if I go back to the school alumni place….but usually unless you sign up there, I bet you won’t get the photo either of Laura Weir

      • file:///Users/mac/Desktop/weir%20laura.jpg

        • highlight that/copy/ and paste it in the address bar. You should get it that way. If you do let me know . If you do save that address

          • that worked,now if you can remember my remarks.there are some features very distinguishable that only a few people could have these traits unless they were closely related. Maybe you’ll see it too.

      • alfy, if you can see the photo on a website somewhere, even if on a search engine, then right click the photo and select “copy image location.” Then paste the location in a comment here, and we can take it from there.

        • thanks Miri, I’ll see to it next time. This photo, which I did get to you if you copy and paste the url , was one that I sent to my other computer via my email. It was something I had gotten off one of those yearbooks that you have to register with to get access to. So somehow the photo wasn’t configured probably for it to simply copy and paste to yu guys. I lost a bunch of stuff after a new insidious virus , except this one. You Really must compare this photo (I had a couple more of her) with another picture I pointed out to you a while back. THe person with blue eyes. THe eyes are the same. THe mouth really too, if you compare various others of the person in question. I had a good photo of the sister too and the hands are incredibly the same as well as the brow/eyes again. ANd the hair similar too. Had a photo of the son (hard to find), and again from the brow/eyes, the smile, the nose, all so incredibly similar. No question in my mind, which spells a “Conspiracy” among other crimes , which goes to various players; and if I’m correct, then most everything else is probably a LIE too. At least half of everything for sure.

  10. typistjan December 12, 2014 at 7:56 pm @drkatesview

    Remember Lorretta Fuddy? Tonight on second hour of Hagmann, Butterdezillion conducted many searches (FOIA) & requests from law officials in Hawaii & what she has uncovered is rather amazing.
    Mostly what we all thought in the beginning that L FUDDY “SUBUD”
    is NOT really dead. … O’ ….. ha ….not REALLY DEAD?
    The program is recorded so you can listen later

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